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    And the line goes static.

    A rhythmic pattern of buttons flash up and down the control panel foretelling the future ahead.

    “Can.. you.. me?”

    The fleeing feeling of familiarity broke open by panic and uncertainty crept in like a parasite burrowing underneath the skin. An existential timer starts counting down whilst every neuron fires at recalling the words of the emergency manual. Fingers fumble through the switches only to fail to operate on command.

    “Where.. Going?”

    Heat drew no mercy at the circumstance. Sweat dripped down from the pilot’s temple in the suddenly claustrophobic helmet. Their throat swallowed thick as if they’ve accepted their final fate. When all was said and done, they’ve completed their mission. They simply weren’t going to be there to witness it’s fruits.

    Eyes fluttered shut. Their seat quaked in darkened stillness. Rumbled thoughts converged into a smooth, singular stream of consciousness.

    I’m going home.


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