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Hello there! It’s been a little while since I’ve had the chance to roleplay, but this seems to be a hobby that I always end up missing too much to stay away from forever!! And so here I am, hoping to find a couple new stories to escape into with someone ~

About me;
- 28
- Expect replies every other day on average
- Lazy-lit, 2-4 paragraph replies are my happy place. I don’t have the energy for novella length replies anymore lol
- I’ll play any gender, but please do not expect me to play the only male to your female as that - isn’t very fun for me.. Doubling is cool and good though!
- I do tend to prefer m/f pairings, but am open to any others if that’s what you’d rather do!
- PM (or discord) > threads

Who I’m looking for;
- 18+ for comfort reasons only
- Semi-frequent replies please, at least once a week if you can help it!
- Willing to play male characters / open to doubling
- Not a requirement, but liking to talk ooc is a big bonus c’:
- Please contribute, I am begging!! Do not make me do all the work in terms of plotting or moving the story along!!
- Please no ditching without letting me know beforehand! :c

- Lately I’ve been especially craving something set in the mid to late 1800’s! I have a couple specific plots, but would love to hear any other ideas as well!~
Rich rancher’s child (A) x Outlaw (B)
Outlaws posing as interested cattle buyers come to make an arrangement, only for A to catch B attempting to steal a valuable possession of their father’s. When the once peaceful visit takes a turn, the group makes off with A in a somewhat desperate act. They hadn’t planned on a kidnapping, but surely they could get a high ransom for their safe return. Where the story goes from there, whether the ransom is paid or not, is up to us to decide!
Farmer’s child (A) x Newly hired hand (B)
As A has gotten older and are on their way to starting their own life away from home, there has been less time to help with farm chores. So, their parents hire B to assist. Born of jealousy from the attention B receives and the feeling of more or less being replaced, A isn’t exactly friendly at first. However, as time goes on and things change, the two become much closer than they’d ever have imagined.
Arranged marriage
A has been intended to B, who is quite a bit older then them. Old enough to have a son C who is much closer in age to A, both of whom are invited to spend a week with the family so the proposed couple can properly court and get to know one another. However, C is quickly very much interested in A for himself..
Werewolves during this time period I think would be super fun and cool!! I have no specific plot yet, but am so down to come up with something together!!! c:

- I’ve also been wanting to do something Disney related! Probably will be at least a bit AU, I have too many ideas to list them all here lol.
Something Dreamlight Valley based??
(please play Bruno for me I will cry tears of joy)
Peter Pan (play Hook for me and I will also cry tears of joy)
Posing as members of high society, Hook and a few of his crew attend a party held by MCs family. Things are fine at first and the two become surprisingly friendly with one another. However, things take a turn later on in the evening when MC catches him and/or his crew stealing valuables. None as valuable though as the map they discover (could maybe be a missing/stolen piece from a map of Neverland? Or a different map, if you’d rather), which had been what had brought them to the party in the first place. Either on impulse, or because they need MC to help with the map, they end up taking her with them too.
MC was very small when she first arrived to Neverland, her brother not willing to leave her behind when Peter had invited him along. The pair had always been close and remained that way for the rest of their days spent with Peter and the other Lost Boys. However, when they got much older, her brother disappeared suddenly one day. No amount of searching ever brought him back, but it did lead to discovering what happened to the kids when they got too old. With a new view of Peter, and a fear that her time may be soon, MC runs away.

She’s able to live a few years like that, in hiding from everyone and everything. Until one fateful day she’s finally discovered by pirates. Upon meeting Hook himself, he’s surprisingly sympathetic to her plight. The fates of the Lost Boys were something he’d always known, was intimately familiar with himself even. Even so, it’s hard convincing MC to aid in his efforts to stop Peter for good. I don’t want to over-plot or over-explain everything here, so we can talk more via PM!
Tangled inspired
Lady and the Tramp inspired

Please, let me know any ideas of yours as well!!

- And finally, here’s general pairings I have varying degrees of ideas for
Pirate x Mermaid
Mermaid x Human in general
Mermaid x Werewolf??
Werewolf x Vampire
Prey hybrid x Predator hybrid
Centaur x Cervitaur


That’s all I have for now, I think! Please PM me if you’re at all interested, and I hope to hear from some of you soon! c:
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