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Fantasy When Worlds Collide [Character Sheets]







Age (18-25):





Face Claim:

Eye Color:

Hair Color:


Body Mods:


Personality [traits or paragraph]

Likes: [3+]

Dislikes: [3+]

Fears: [2+]


Bio: [1-2 paragraphs]

coded by natasha.
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  • the basics

    name: miranda sinclaire.

    nicknames: mira or mimi.

    age: turned at 21.

    gender: female.

    sexuality: bisexual.

    species: vampire.

    hair: brunette.

    eyes: green hazel.

    height: 5'2.

    weight: 133 lbs.

    body mods: info.

    faceclaim: danielle campbell

    the persona

    positive: flirty. confident. outgoing. ambitous. loyal.

    negative: stubborn. blunt. ruthless. jealous. too daring.

    likes: strawberries. tequila. yellow roses. crop tops. sex.

    dislikes: oatmeal. bats. pink cotton candy. animal blood.

    fears: losing her immortality. drowning.

    the history

    miranda's human life is clear as day to her even though it had been over a hundred years since she was turned. she had just turned 21 and so she was set to take a husband. it was part of a royal process in order to officially become the queen of the small country her family ruled. of course, she wasn't so thrilled about the idea of marrying just for a title. when she protested the idea to her parents they told her she would either pick her own husband from the three suitors presented to her or they would pick one for her. they made sure to make clear that there was no getting out of it and even went so far as to threaten her life if she didn't do what they wanted. she believed them since they had always been manipulative, abusive, and controlling. they didn't even care about the country they ruled, all they really wanted was the power and riches.

    feeling defeated, miranda gave in since she truly felt there was no other choice. when the suitors came, she was ready to pick a random man and live miserably ever after but one of the choices stood out to her. he was mysterious and interesting, something just her drew her to him. upon getting to know him better, she opened up about her initial unwillingness to choose a husband and her desire to be free of the life she was forced to live. that's when he offered her a way out, one she thought he was joking about at first. turns out, he was a vampire who had been sent to infiltrate the royal castle. he was supposed to take over the kingdom as a new home for his fellow cult of vampires and he promised her freedom and immortality in return for her help.

    one might think this was a hard decision but it wasn't, not for miranda. she quickly jumped at his offer and chose him as her husband which led her parents to believe that she was following through with their terms. on the night before their marriage, he turned her and in turn she killed her parents to complete her transformation.the king and queen being taken down along with her being missing would give him a better chance at taking over. miranda fled off into the night and never looked back. she has no idea what happened to her country nor does she care. she had done her part and she was free of all the shackles she once wore. the transformation was enough to change her appearance slightly as she escaped to a completely new place and changed her last name to sinclaire.

    when she was first turned, she had no idea what she was doing. she fed of whoever and didn't really conceal herself very well. she didn't have anyone to explain things to her and so she had to learn on her own. eventually, she met someone who did help her, they saved her from exposing herself. logan. he taught her to feed more discreetly, how to use her strengths and to know her weaknesses. after years with him, she confessed that she had fallen for him only to be rejected and told she wasn't the type a guy fell for. so in a fit of anger, she killed him and went back to her ruthless ways. unfortunately, this led to her being caught by the higher-ups after she wiped out a village of humans and she was sent here as some stupid reform policy.

    Code by @Goldieloxx
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Name: Magnolia Jones
Age : 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Witch


Face Claim: Jessica Parker-Kennedy
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height/Weight: 5 ft. 4 in. / 135lb
Body Mods: 2 ear piercings per ear, and belly button pierced


Reckless- She's been known to be on the wild side of things. along with her spontaneous nature she doesn't always think her plans or experiments completely through. She's not sure if she's not afraid of danger or if she just feels confident enough in herself that the dangerous outcome won't happen. Either way she's a girl who doesn't mine risking it for the biscuit.
Spontaneous- She's a free spirit so if it pops into her mind to do it she does. This can be something as simple as randomly going for a swim or trying out a new potion mixture. She keeps those around her on their toes since no one truly knows what to expect next out of her except to expect something.
Loyal- She is fiercly loyal to those she considers friends and will go to bat for them all the time every time even if you're in the wrong. She might tell you privately later her opinion if you're wrong, but in the heat of the moment she's got your back through and through.
Lazy- She would much rather take a nap then study. If something doesn't excite her you're gonna have a real hard time getting her to focus on it and do it. Luckily for her a lot of things come natural to her, but for the things that don't she's terrible because she never feels the need to work on them on her own especially if it's class related. Just because she is usually on the go and doing something doesn't mean she's doing something productive.
Honest: She doesn't like to lie, and nor is she good at it so why bother? The truth is also a lot less work to have to try and remember. It may hurt more at times, and be uncomfortable, but it usually is still the better course of action. This being said if she must keep a secret she would rather say nothing at all then have to try and lie.
Headstrong: Once she's gotten something in her head, or set her mind to something for better or worse it'll be hell for you to change her mind. She can have very strong convictions even though she isn't usually in your fact about them preferring to keep them close to her chest, but in the event they do come out it's there to stay.

Likes: Comedy and action films/shows, Being out in nature, Exotic animals, Music, Steak
Dislikes: Homework, Bitter food, Liars, Manual labor, Odd sounding vegetables
Fears: Being trapped alone inside of something and unable to get out and giant spiders [she hates spiders in general and will try to get away from one, but if it's huge she might just pass out from fear.]


Bio: [1-2 paragraphs]

Theme song: Keeps getting better? [?]
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cassidy moreno. ❞
she would rather walk alone in darkness than follow anyone else's shadow.​
❝ basic information. ❞

full name— Cassidy Moreno.
nickname(s)— Cass, Cassie.
gender— Cis-female.
age— 21.
sexuality— Bisexual.
d.o.b.— November 6th.
species— Witch.

❝ appearance. ❞

face claim— Ana Golja.
eye color— Dark brown.
hair color— Dark color.
height— 5'3" (160 cm).
weight— 117 lbs (53 kg).
tattoosx | x | x | x.
piercingsx | x.
scar— a scattering of smaller scars along her arms and lower legs from witch training; a long slash mark scar across her palm; surgical scar down the side of her left leg.
stylex | x | x | x | x.
galleryx | x | x | x | x.
theme song— "Everything I Wanted" by Billie Eilish.

❝ psyche. ❞

positive traits— Adventurous, selfless, observant, brave, curious, dependable, confident, intuitive, organized..
negative traits— Fearless, untrusting, easily addicted, cynical, irresponsible, anxious, pessimistic, reckless..
likes— Alcohol, cigarettes, running, kickboxing, blades, rain, traveling, photography, danger.
dislikes— Styrofoam (specifically the sound it makes), bees, dancing, maps, crowds, dolls, children, mushrooms.
fears— Flying, dying, hospitals.
quirks— Pulls her hair back into a ponytail when in a serious situation, left-handed, easily gets lost.

❝ background. ❞

Cassidy Moreno was the second child born to Sean and Estela Moreno in her father's hometown of Galway, Ireland. For a while, she was a normal young girl, oblivious to the world outside of her happy and bright childhood home. But that facade as broken shortly after her sixth birthday. Sean had been away on a "business trip" for a week or so, leaving Estela at home to care for Cassidy and her older brother, Declan. He returned late at night and, in her excitement to see her father again, Cassidy had stayed up past her bed time to wait for him. She rushed downstairs into the foyer, a huge smile on her face. But what she found was far from what she expected.

Sean stood in the foyer, removing his mud soaked boots and jacket. Behind him was a circle surrounded by what seemed like dark flames, in it a mirror world that seemed to be a castle-like building with people meandering about. In a flash of light, the portal disappeared, the foyer returning to it's dim state. Cassie wasn't sure what had just happened. But it terrified her. Happiness entirely gone, she screamed and ran from her father, hiding for the rest of the night. Sean had wanted to keep his daughter from the life he and Estela led. But their secret was out.

From that day forward, Sean and Estela began to train their daughter as their son had been trained. They taught them about the wretched beings that hide among the living, bloodthirsty vampires who senselessly murdered people. Sean was in charge of the physical aspects, the martial arts and self-defense spells. Estela, on the other hand, was more motherly in nature, teaching them first aid potions and traditional schoolwork along with the lore and charms. Cassidy and her brother were groomed into be a brother-sister spell-casting duo.

When Cassidy was 16 and her brother 17, their parents took them on a trip to the United States in order to meet with a higher up vampire and securing a partnership. It wasn't out of the ordinary, as the family had been travelling together off and on for a few years now. But it was the first time they had been so far away from home. The vampire met them in a dark alley, and it immediately felt like something was wrong. A few angry words later, and a fight was on the rise. All Cassie had to do was hit her target with a weapon killing stake and it would be fine.

But she missed.

And it cost Sean and Estela their lives.

The stake had missed the vampire's heart, sinking into the brick wall just inches off target. In her jet lag haste, Cassidy hadn't aimed properly. Angered by the attempted kill, the older and therefore stronger vampire easily ripped Sean and Estela's throat out while their children watched. Cassie would never forget the amount of blood and gore that speckled the grass, the image forever burned into her mind.

Cassidy and Declan barely escaped, not without their own injuries. Cassidy fell from a rather steep drop, snapping her lower leg. Somehow, through the adrenaline of the hunt, she was able to continue running until the pair made it to their vehicle. The injury required surgery, landing Cassie in the hospital and physical therapy for almost a year. In that time, a local witchcraft school had been informed of their situation, and so they invited them to join the school in hopes of continuing their witchcraft training.

Cassidy, fueled by rage, has made it her life's mission to find the vampire that killed her parents, even going as far as forming a blood pact with Declan. And when she inevitably does, she won't miss again. Maybe being selected to go to the School of Night wasn't as bad as she originally thought.

&&— ❝ the witch. ❞


Definitely a Wine Aunt
declan moreno. ❞
A knight in shining armor is a man who has never had his metal truly tested.​
❝ basic information. ❞

full name— Declan Moreno.
nickname(s)— Dec.
gender— Cis-male.
age— 22.
sexuality— Heterosexual.
d.o.b.— September 19th.
species— Warlock.

❝ appearance. ❞

face claim— Williiam Moseley.
eye color— Blue.
hair color— Blonde.
height— 5'10" (178 cm).
weight— 168 lbs (76 kg).
tattoosx | x.
piercings— None.
scar— A scattering of smaller scars along his arms and lower legs from warlock training; a long slash mark scar across his palm.
stylex | x | x | x.
galleryx | x | x | x | x.
theme song— "Everything I Wanted" by Billie Eilish.

❝ psyche. ❞

positive traits— Resourceful, wise, ambitious, brave, chivalrous, composed, dedicated, disciplined, intelligent, calm, instinctual, leader.
negative traits— Hot-headed, apathetic, cruel, hostile, cautious, rash.
likes— Camping, black coffee, the color green, reading, learning new things, fixing up old cars, hand-to-hand combat.
dislikes— Sudden movement, mannequins, being up high, waking up late, sweets, the ticking of clocks, overly strong smells.
fears— Losing his sister, confined spaces, heights.
quirks— Always carries a picture of Cassie and him in his wallet, brutally honest, can't lie to save his life, stoic and detached, rarely shows emotions.

❝ background. ❞

Declan's upbringing was a little different from his younger sister's. While their parents had initially intended to hide and protect her from the witchcraft world, Sean was dead set on his son following him in his footsteps and taking on the family business. As soon as Declan was able to walk and talk, he began to learn how to construct spells and harness the energy of the earth to oppose the creatures his parents hated so much. What started as boogeyman stories like those parents tell in order to get their children to behave evolved into factual lore and strategical planning.

Once Cassidy unintentionally uncovered the family secret, things changed around the Moreno household. There wasn't as much fun and smiles that his parents had put on in order to keep Cassie safe. In some ways, Declan disliked his parents for the differences in the way he and Cassidy were raised. He believed them to be unfair, having never stated himself that he wanted to be a warlock. But Dec was disciplined, and did as he was told anyway.

On that fateful night, Declan had a sinking suspicion that something bad was going to happen. Call it intuition or a gut feeling, but he just knew. Sean and Estella had seemed that they were more stressed than usual, but wouldn't let their children in on why. Dec later found out that the vampire they were attempting to work with was old, powerful, and notorious for having it out for witches and warlocks. More than one of the vampire's witchcraft associate had come up missing or dead. So it was likely that they were pretty much on a family suicide mission, one that their parents had no intentions of telling Cass and Dec about.

For this and a few other reasons, Declan was not as affected by their deaths as Cassidy had been. He knew she blamed herself for them dying, having missed the spell cast that would have kept the vampire from killing them. But Declan knew it was more than just one shot, it was poor judge of character and trusting the wrong people. Cassie paid the price with the injury of her leg. She was intent on killing the vampire that killed their parents and, in order to appease his sister, Declan agreed to the pact. But he refused to let Cass or himself die in the process. So, when Cassie was randomly selected to be sent to the School of Night, there was no way in hell Declan was letting her go alone.

&&— ❝ the warlock. ❞


Your future Supreme Overlord :3 <3
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Name: Blake Felicity Caster

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Species: Witch


Face Claim: Dasha Taran

Eye Color: Honey/Amber brown

Hair Color: Naturally brunette (but sometimes dyes it black)

Height: 5'2 (prefers heels to make her taller)

Weight: 115 lbs.

Body Mods: (I'll come back to this)



Personality: Quick wits and kindness are two of Blake's most seen qualities. She's intelligent and book smart, her nose always buried in anything she can get her hands on to read and broaden her mind. Her exterior persona is quite stand-offish and she has a difficult time socializing but never really bothered to make it a priority to practice. Blake makes sure to keep her nose out of other people's business, but if asked she will give her most honest and unbiased opinion as possible. She isn't shy, per se, but there's no denying that she's a bit closed off than most. The girl makes sure she trusts someone before revealing personal things and this can sometimes be taken as being a little snobby. Most who know of her think she sits on a high horse, too good to affiliate herself with anyone. But those who actually take the time to get to know her find a very sweet and compassionate center. She's a gentle and understanding soul, and always willing to help others to the best of her abilities. Events in her childhood forced her to build a barrier to guard her vulnerability, but it isn't hard to penetrate, you need only ask, and safe passage will be granted.

Sometimes she can be a little naive. While she may have trivial and academic knowledge, she lacks in real world experience. She's never gone out to do normal things young adults her age do. Blake doesn't know how to act in a social setting and will often make any excuse to not take part in it. "Its a distraction," she tells herself, "I can do something better with my time." Barely turning 20, she's only begun to blossom out of her teen years. A new adult in the vast world with limitless experiences ready for the taking. The idea makes her a little nervous, but the curiosity and buried adventurer in her brings a hint of excitement in the shadow of her anxiety.

  • Reading
  • Nature (an element where she feels most comfortable)
  • Moon, stars, night time in general, astrology

  • Being touched (by surprise)
  • Group settings
  • Feeling out of place or tense
  • Violence
  • Her middle name (its her mothers name)

  • Confined spaces
  • Dark rooms
  • Public speaking


Bio: Blake's parents were more than unkind to her. They were abusive, mentally and sometimes physically. Her mother was born from a family of witches but the abilities and traits did not pass to her. Because of that, Blake's mother saw her own sister and mother as monsters or freaks. She removed herself from their lives and almost never mentioned their names in the household. It was almost like they never existed. When Blake's mother married, the couple lived normal, non-magical lives and vowed to never allow their children to venture into that world. However, when Blake turned six, her abilities became apparent, and her parents did not approve. Mentally, they tore her down, called her names, said awful things, threatened her if she used magic. The poor girl couldn't help it, at times she would accidentally use her abilities and her parents were lock her up in their dark, damp basement. A terrifying place for any child. When that wasn't enough they resorted to physical harm. Throwing heavy books down onto her fingers and hands, slaps on the face or arms, hair pulling, were just a few examples. The poor girl didn't know what she was doing wrong, and felt as though just existing was enough to bring her pain...

When Blake turned 10, her parents had no feelings toward wanting to raise her further. Strange occurrences continued to happen, and more frequently the older she grew. Finally, her mother called her long forgotten sister and with out taking no for an answer, demanded she raised her daughter instead. Blake was handed over to her aunt and was taken care of by her since. Her aunt, with frequent visits of her dear grandmother, raised her with love and patience. She taught her how control her abilities (at least the basics) and made her feel loved for who she was. Since then Blake rarely mentions her dark upbringing, and wrestles to accept the fact that she's so closed off and fearful of others because of her childhood. Being surrounded by others like her is all she ever wanted.

However, while in her care, Blake's aunt warned her about the dangers of Vampires and for a long time Blake was unaware of their existence. Her aunt knew that one day Blake could possibly cross paths with one, and she needs to be prepared. Blake has read books and journals about the fearsome creatures, and prays she wouldn't have to put her knowledge to use. When the young girl found out she was elected to be in the School of Night, her heart froze and sank to the deepest pit in her stomach. "Why me..." was all she could ask. Poor girl doesn't know what's coming....

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Scarlette Joanna Woods. ❞
❝ basics. ❞

【full name】— Scarlette Joanna Woods
【nickname(s)】— Scar, Jojo
【age】— 19
【gender】— Female
【sexuality】— Pansexual
【species】— Witch
【face claim】— Sofia Carson
【eye color】— Hazel
【hair color】— Brown
【height】— 5'4
【weight】— 140lbs
【body mods】Wrist tattoo

❝ persona. ❞


+ leader
+ honest
+ brave
- proud
- impatient
- critical
【likes】— being first | inspirational posters | vision boards | her music playlist | writing
【dislikes】— dancing for others to see | sharing her personal writings | being ignored | gold jewelry | pineapple
【fears】— not being the best she can be | losing her family

❝ bio. ❞

Scarlette is a natural born leader. She's got an older brother, and four younger siblings. Her older brother, Luke, lacks the leadership qualities that she inherited from both of their parents. More on the lazy side, he much prefers skating by and doing the bare minimum to survive. Those are qualities that drive Scarlette insane, but she loves him all the same. After Luke and then her, there's Bonnie, the quiet yet contemplative girl who overthinks everything. And then there's the twins, Molly and Michael, and then finally, little Greg.

Because of her brothers lack of leadership skills, alot of things naturally fell on Scarlette as she grew up. Even when Luke was left to babysit, he pretty much just sat there while Scar did all of the work. She never hated him for it, though there were periods of strong dislike and frustration. She's snapped at him plenty of times throughout their lives, especially during the time directly after the loss of their father. Luke should have stepped up, but he never did.

Gifted both in intelligence and in magic, she always wanted to be the best, both for herself and for others. When the opportunity came to volunteer to go to the vampire school, she was the first to sign up.

&&— ❝ the witch. ❞
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Antonio Francis Griffith. ❞
❝ basics. ❞

【full name】— Antonio Francis Griffith
【nickname(s)】— Tony
【age】— appears to be in his early 20s
【gender】— Male
【sexuality】— Heteroflexible
【species】— Vampire
【face claim】— Cam Gigandet
【eye color】— Hazel
【hair color】— Brown
【height】— 6'0
【weight】— 211lbs
【body mods】— yes

❝ persona. ❞


+ adaptable
+ friendly
+ determined
- impatient
- possessive
- impulsive
【likes】— being active | body modifications | bloody marys | whales | killing floofs
【dislikes】— witches (both male and female) | losing | reading 'for fun' | wall art | being touched
【fears】— eternal death | being burned alive

❝ bio. ❞

If Antonio remembers anything about his human life, he doesn't let onto it. He tells people he doesn't remember, mostly just to get them to stop asking. He doesn't care to remember or think about the time in his life when he was weak. Defenseless. What he won't tell you is that before becoming a vampire, that's exactly what he was. Soft spoken and someone who never stood up for themselves or others. Also a bit naive, wanting to believe the good in the world. And it was all of that that led to his downfall.

It's an age old story. He met the 'love of his life' shortly after graduating, only he could never have her. She belonged to his brother, but that didn't stop her from flirting with him on the down low. At first, he didn't even notice. Not until she stopped by his room one night and dropped her towel. From then on out it became a competition as to who would win her heart. In the end, she chose both of them. She turned them in the dark of the night. They woke with a strange thirst, and nearly killed each other in confusion until she stepped in and explained.

That was the last time he saw her. Disgusted, Tony walked away from both of them to start his own life as a vampire. It would be a few years before he would enroll in a school in a vampire run town, learning more than just your basic math and english.

&&— ❝ the vampire. ❞
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Arya Graham

AGE: 20
GENDER: Female
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
SPECIES: Vampire

FACE CLAIM: Madelaine Petsch
EYE COLOR: light brown
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5'5'' / 119lbs.
BODY MODIFICATIONS: wrist; side of her right middle finger; back; left ear; right ear
STYLE: 1 2 3 4 5

▲ jealous
▲ impulsive
▲ reckless
▲ stubborn
▲ arrogant
▲ proud

▲ loyal
▲ caring
▲ friendly
▲ outgoing
▲ helpful
▲ cheerful

▲ silver jewelery
▲ matte lipstick
▲ her big brother
▲ taste of coffee
▲ cheesy rom-coms
▲ dresses and skirts
▲ scotch
▲ Netflix
▲ mint cigarettes

▼ being forced into things
▼ neon colors
▼ wearing pants
▼ chauvinism
▼ hand cream
▼ early mornings
▼ feeling threatened and/or trapped
▼ lipgloss

➹ fire
➹ being helpless

THEME SONG: Alicia Keys - Girl on Fire

Arya Graham had that generic life before. She was a college student, business major and was pretty good at what she did. Her family was proud of her and she had a bright future in front of her as she would most definitely join the family company alongside her father. Arya worked hard and even though she was regarded as one of the popular girls, she herself thought she was just your typical girl-next-door type. Success was important to her and she could be considered an overachiever.

No wonder, the Graham’s were all like that. Well, all but one. Her brother was the one exception. But her parents couldn’t be more exhilarated that their daughter took after them. Arya was planning on having it all and magna cum laude graduation was just another milestone for her. Until the day she died…

Obviously, she didn’t die. At least not really. But she did stay at school until it was dark. There was a project presentation she was supposed to prepare and her partner slacked. And if the redhead hated something, it was slacking. She decided to finish it on her own, or at least finish as much as possible. The library was already dark and the school security had to literally push her out of the door. Arya wasn’t all that excited since there was much more for her to do but there was no choice, she had to leave.

Her car was parked at the back of the parking lot and walking towards it, she realized how tired she actually was, yawning several times in a row. The road was badly lit and it started to rain. In combination with Arya’s fatigue, it wasn’t the ideal condition. As expected, it was no calm drive home. Her phone started to buzz and even though Arya had strict no-phone-while-driving policy, she looked aside for a spilt second. And that one brief moment was enough to miss the car and it crashed into her.

Since the other car hit the driver’s side, Arya was brought to the hospital in an extremely difficult state. She underwent several surgeries right away but her condition didn’t get better. She was lying in the room full of machines and beeping and it was clear that in the end, she wasn’t going to make it. And that’s when her brother intervened. Despite being different, Aiden loved his sister to the moon and back. And there was only one way to make sure she was going to survive.

He closed the door of her room and after that, no one actually knew what happened there, only Aiden and very vaguely, Arya. Yet, the result was the most important. Once Aiden was done with her, Arya opened her eyes and her life changed forever. Aiden has already been one of the immortals and now he gave that gift to his sister as well. That was ten years ago. The siblings now live together, Aiden helped Arya through her transition and she never went back to school. Their parents were not excited but there was nothing they could do anyway. And after all, they have no idea both of their children are vampires.

coded by natasha.
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Aiden Graham

AGE: 21
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
SPECIES: Vampire

FACE CLAIM: Colton Haynes
HAIR COLOR: light brown
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5'9'' / 152lbs.
BODY MODIFICATIONS: right forearm; back
STYLE: 1 2 3 4 5

▲ hot-headed
▲ selfish
▲ wild
▲ lazy
▲ addict
▲ hyperactive

▲ witty
▲ daring
▲ flirty
▲ smart
▲ (over-)protective
▲ honest
▲ nerdy (wouldn't admit it for the world)

▲ dancing
▲ smoking
▲ Jordans
▲ magic tricks
▲ running
▲ fantasy genre
▲ beating people up
▲ pranks
▲ sunbathing

▼ drama
▼ authority
▼ complaining
▼ cold and rain
▼ waiting
▼ posers
▼ cats
▼ clowns

➹ losing his sister
➹ spiders

THEME SONG: Eminem - Not Afraid

Aiden has always been the black sheep of the Graham family. He was born three years before his little sister, though he loved her more than the world, every since mom brought her back home, automatically getting this big brother syndrome. He felt like he needed to protect Arya all the time. But with a new kid, his parents felt like they got another chance to raise their child to be like them.

Aiden was a child of overachieving parents, they had certain standards they expected their kids to hold and Aiden never did. He was no exceptional wonder child or something. Not that he did bad at school. But he never stood out either. In one word, he was just the average guys. Average at school, average at football, average at life. He never minded though, being all satisfied with how his life was going.

The biggest hit came when he decided to not go to college. His parents were desperate as Aiden would be the first Graham without the degree. But he decided to travel. The biggest reason for it was…her. Aiden met a girl right after graduation. She was the most beautiful girl she has ever seen, smart, funny, adventurous, daring…and she loved -him-. Out of all the guys she could have, she chose him. For the first time ever, Aiden felt appreciated more than ever.

The two of them were on the road for three years, traveling the world. They went through Europe and Asia and Aiden never felt more alive then with Vanessa by his side. Though the petite brunette had a secret she was hiding in front of him. It wasn’t until they decided to travel to Australia when Aiden walked on Vanessa while she was feeding herself. Well, she never killed people, that was her strictest principle. But she was basically waiting for the right moment to tell him. This was not it.

At first, Aiden was terrified and was prone to leave. It felt like he didn’t even know her. Vanessa became a completely different person to him. He was just regular 21-year-old guy who wanted to see the world. And he was actually considering proposing to her. But at this point…he really didn’t know what to do.

It took the whole night for them to make up, Vanessa explained everything, what happened to her, how long she was around and that she hasn’t killed a person for seventy years now. The more they talked, the more Aiden was intrigued. He loved the girl with his whole heart and the idea of losing her was…no, he couldn’t. So there was no surprise when he insisted on her turning him. Only after his change the real adventure began. Vanessa taught him everything he knew and for the next year, they lived like they owned the world. And then…she was gone. Fucking hunters…

Aiden returned home, hiding what he had become. His parents accepted him though he was still just the prodigal son. He got himself the place and tried to live his life the best he could. Until his sister was in danger and there was no other way except turning her as well. Despite everything, Aiden was extremely happy since he wasn’t alone anymore. He taught Arya everything Vanessa had taught him and the siblings became more inseparable than ever.

coded by natasha.
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The Skeptic
Name: Piers Andy Harlow

Age (18-22): 22, turned at aged twenty-two

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Species: Vampire


Face Claim: Colin Woodell

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Chestnut Brown

Height/Weight: Five-foot nine and a sold mass of one hundred and sixty pounds.

Body Mods:


Personality: Uncertain and nervous— two traits that are quite, perhaps polar to what a vampire might be. Charisma is more so understated and nestled between a composed tone, projected through words that are carefully aligned to remain neutral. He's a quiet shadow, in companionship and doesn't like to raise a fuss. He's peaceful and passive, both of which can be an advantage and yet undermined him in situations where his initiative can be lacking, distrustful of himself to make the right call. He's wise that caution is his friend and wariness is the one he calls upon. He is surprisingly intuitive, following alongside with logic that's branded him "intelligent," and can do so even when he's underneath pressure. It's the very impulse that he woefully lacks and the confidence to make his findings into something. Inspired by his books, and prefers the comforts of such, the weight of knowledge pressed between his fingertips is much more compelling than anything else he's found in his life. Thus, he's also labelled as studious and academic centred, the focus to succeed in his life and doing so in the silence of his own perfectly placed world. He isn't the antithesis to being sociable but under a layer of awkwardness that does circulate his every word. He doesn't mean to be— comes off as disjointed and jarring speaking to people, too formal when he's engaging. Partially from an upbringing that made sure his literature and facts were the only notes for the years to come, settled into reading and amassing collections as a result of this. He's also simple and casual in nature, leading Piers to dress in a way that reflections that— wearing black jackets and grey shirts, bland, but still resembling something close to stylish — very much more low-key and muted, choosing colours that blend blacks and greys. A splash of colour, mostly green to compliment his eyes.

He wishes to merely a life in peace, and nor doesn't wish to be involved with any type of conflict, carrying his own guilt has made him shy away from that and that is a pillar for why he's so uncertain. To be passive, and refuses to be violent- never, not even if his own life is on the line.

He enjoys the different scents of tea aromas and flowers ;
He likes reading in his spare time ;
He's taken a certain fondness for watching old documentaries and likes to binge history shows, to learn more and "knowledge," he says ;
He likes photography, to capture a moment of your life is precious ;
Taking pictures has become a recent hobby of his and likes the old feel of cameras, feels more natural in a way and a lot more sentimental.

He doesn't like cocky people, go figure and nor recklessness ;
The only one to be smart in a situation and voice of reason ;
Rumours or gossip ;
He absolutely detests trying to work technology ;

Losing control is pretty scary to Piers ;
Being isolated from what little friends he does have ;
Going into another feeding frenzy ;


Growing up, Piers was from a small-time family, nothing overtly famous but were comfy and was raised in a world of the late 1890e - where time was exponentially different and sheltered in his home, living a peaceful life in the country, away from the outside world and his father made a living, managing businesses across England, mostly political work and kept his family isolated from the means that might endanger his family and his wonderful wife, Margate Harlow. Unfortunately, this type of life was strained for Piers, isolated in his company, he grew nurtured to silence and being muted, doted upon his sisters— spoiled comes to mind for the young male, but alas. Growing into his teenage years and attending a private academy, his home and life that once was so peaceful weren't so anymore, on the brink of war — there was a stranger in his home, one his mother invited in gladly and had an affair, this stranger was oddly enchanting, in a way that made his spine cold and couldn't live with the idea of his parents being separated, that his mother was unfaithful to his father and shattered expectations he long had since childhood.

Alas, for once in his life, Piers confronted the stranger and his sisters warned him against in doing so, to leave this alone and wait for his father to return home. In a careless pursuit to remove him— Piers ended up being turned during the attack, bleeding and killing his sister had been traumatic to Piers, ostracized from the family manor and went into hiding shortly after, to escape his crimes and unknowingly completed his process into immortality. Jumping around the years, no one place ever felt like home to him and yearned for the droplets of time to once more grace his fingers. He live a few different villages, settling down merely six-seven years and moved once again, fabricating new names for himself, however- soon he did find a place to settle and just wanting to live his life in whatever peace he can, internalizing his guilt. He was invited by the school of night and thus, uprooted his life and in search of a fresh start, entirely new.

Sorry, been a little awhile since being on rpnation, not the most code inclined when creating profiles lmao.
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Your future Supreme Overlord :3 <3


Name: Jonah Marshall Archer (prefers Jonah by his peers, Marshall was used as a childhood name and feels it is used to belittle him)

Age: Turned at 20

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Species: Vampire


Face Claim: Lucas Jade Zumann

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Very dark brown

Height: 5'11

Weight: 143 lbs.

Body Mods: (I'll think about it)

801582991d2f6a32f166d2e4ec3c09e4.jpg 5958f19da73128590724163a8c077117.jpg


Personality: Jonah is an old soul with chivalrous values and is the living embodiment of what a gentleman is. The way he carries himself is almost princely. He's polite, courteous, and yet still quite humble. When he talks, his words have purpose and his voice is very sincere. He's honest and tries not to be brutal with his honesty so you'll often find him trying to let someone down as easily and gently as possible if the time calls for it. However, he can stand up for himself, and others, if need be. A true knight, he believes in defending those who can't defend themselves. He's a generally positive and optimistic guy, but there are somethings that can bring him down pretty deeply. He doesn't really know how to deal with negative emotions such as grief, rage, or any painful memories.

His charming nature can be mistaken for being flirtatious with women, but he's just trying to be nice and attentive. Jonah carries himself with confidence, not to be mistaken for narcissism, he just knows himself very well and has been around long enough to learn the value of self-worth and not really care what anyone thinks of him. He has a very open mind and tries to be a modern thinker but finds that he struggles with his old ways and habits, but he's quick to apologize if he offends anyone unintentionally.

  • Drinking (responsibly)
  • Learning new things and ideas
  • Talking to people (strangers or friends)
  • Being helpful

  • Being unable to help others (against his will)
  • Small minded people
  • Unmerited authority/arrogance
  • Selfishness

  • Losing anyone he's grown attached to
  • Painful memories


Bio: Jonah has lived for a good amount of time, thanks to his vampiric immortality. He has loved and lost, watch friends grow painfully old, and has seen his fair share of war. Jonah was born in 1744, 19 years before the battle of the American Revolution. He was brought into the earth during the colonial era, experienced life during the Western Expansion, and watch civilization advance their technology. Before turning, Jonah was the son of a war General and the Archer family was particularly wealthy. The patriarch ran a weapons business in preparation of the inevitable revolution and sold to not only American colonists who wanted the break from British regime, but smuggled to France and Spain who also fought against the British. Other high rollers and wealthy men invested in the illegal business and boomed when it finally came around war time. Their wealth almost saw no end and the Archer family came to live in a large colonial manor by the time Jonah was about seven.

At 18, Jonah followed his father's footsteps of war and joined the ranks. He made his father proud and fought alongside him. However, after just two years of battle, in the middle of an all out shoot out, Jonah was hit and fell. His father, usually only focused on winning the battles, saw his son hit the ground and felt compelled to run to him. Half way to his son, The general suddenly gained a bullet through his head and died not the spot. Medics came and took the bodies, when they discovered Jonah was still alive (but barely) they transported him to a hospital. Word got out to his father's partners that the newly made heir was barely clinging onto life. The men decided to pay him a visit and talked over the idea of saving him, or leaving him for dead. Alas, for the sake of money, they agreed it was better off to keep him alive and on that night they broke into the hospital and surrounded the boys bed wearing black, hooded cloaks. One of them raised the boy's left arm, turned it over and sank their teeth into the inside of Jonah's wrist. With the deed done, the group of powerful men were quick to leave, leaving Jonah to recover.

The next morning Jonah awakened with full gasp of air, and a surge of unnatural strength frightened him. He went into a panic, got out of his bed and made for the door. Nurses and doctors tried to hold him down but to no avail. Jonah ran back home, feeling more alive than ever. Once he reached the manor and entered, the same group of men were already there waiting for him. They sat the young man down and explained everything. The death of his father, the reveal of their vampiric heritage, and now he would be one. It was too much to comprehend, but the men stressed that Jonah would have to continue his fathers works and reassured that they will groom and teach him how to cope with being a vampire. The rest was history.

For a quick recap, Jonah was thrown back into war but defected a few years later. He didn't want to fight, seeing as how thats what killed his father. He continued the weapons business but after some years when it was getting too suspicious that the boy wasn't aging, he packed his things and left (bringing along his money and treasures of course), the money hungry men in tow. For years the wealthy pack moved from place to place across the US, creating new identities, starting new businesses, etc. Jonah never had friends for too long, how could he? They grew old and he remained the same. Often times he would fake his death and live amongst them, watching as they built families and lived their last days. Jonah could recall a few times he fell in love, and one in particular that completely ripped out his heart but they all ended the same...he doesn't like to talk about it much...

Now, here we are, present day. Jonah was invited into the School of Night and he was more than happy to surrounded himself with people like him. Excited even. Of course he still has his business on the side, to which is...pretty much his only secret. He is fully aware of the strife between witches and vampires but, after countless experiences with war, he hopes that one day they could coexist in peace, and he's going to prove that its a possible goal to accomplish.

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The Duck Overlord

  • Angelika Vesper
    (Marina Laswick)

    Basic Info

    Full Name: Angelika Maeve Rosalie Vesper

    Nickname: Mae/May, Angel, Lika

    Age: 19

    Birthday: May 17

    Sign: Taurus

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Species: Vampire


    Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

    Eye Color: Crystalline Blue

    Height: 5'8"

    Weight: 135 lbs

    Tattoos/Markings: Diamond Heart on Back of Neck

    Distinguishing Features: Looong Legs, Fans (Obviously)


    Angelika is exactly the type of girl who knows she's beautiful and works it. It doesn't help that to blend in with human society, she worked as a model, and so she makes sure she's always ready to pose... even when she's changing or sleeping. When at the School of Night, of course, she's always got her fangs out, and she often says her fangs are actually her best feature - after all, biting one's lip is one of the most seductive poses one can use.

    Despite the poses she may use and the things she may say, Angel is exactly like her name: an angel. She believes in the goodness of the world and has an aura of innocence that comes from the fact that she would rather forget any darkness in her past. While most seem to assume by her public behavior and clothing that she has had many lovers, she in fact has had none and is actually afraid to love anybody as more than a friend. Witches and vampires may be trying to make peace, and she loves that they are, but she has yet to make peace with herself.

    Even though she's a model, Angelika is incredibly insecure, and she's waiting for someone to take her down and put her in her place. She may know she's pretty, but she's afraid that there is someone who thinks she isn't, which is why she works so hard to look the way she does. It's exhausting, but it's better than feeling like everyone scorns her for not trying.

    She's been known to twirl her hair in what others think is a flirty but is really just a reflex. Also, Angelika reflexively poses whenever she sees something that may be a camera pointed in her direction.

    Clothes, Warm Showers, Fuzzy Blankets, Kittens

    Mean Comments, Completely Nude Photos of Herself, Fighting, Feeling Helpless

    She fears succumbing to the darkness or even falling in love with the wrong person.


    Angelika was not born into a world of vampires, but she might as well have been. She was born with a rather weak constitution and was homeschooled almost her entire life, avoiding sunlight unless it was in her family's garden or through a window. Anemia followed her throughout her life, but she tried to make the best of it. Her parents were protective of her, to the point of possessiveness whenever there were visitors to their mansion, and Angel started suspecting there was something more behind the façade of their happy-go-lucky family.

    When she was a teenager, she found out through the whispers from the workers at their estate that she had never had anemia or a weak constitution. She had been prone to illness when she was younger but had grown out of it, but her parents had lied to her about her body's condition in order to keep her in the house. They didn't want anyone else to have her to themselves, for she was their precious daughter, and they were going to keep her to themselves for as long as they could.

    Angelika was horrified. Why on earth would her parents do this to her - keep her from the world? She tried to avoid them following this discovery until one of the younger male servants came to her and asked if she wanted to leave. She said yes, and he helped her escape.

    His name was Alfred, but she affectionately called him Ally, and he revealed to her on the second night of their escape that he was a vampire, and she'd been convinced she was, too, for a while. She tilted her head and asked him to turn her, and after some hesitation, he refused. This life wasn't meant for her, he said.

    The more they ran, the more she began to love him, and he found he loved her, too. By the time she finally worked up the courage to kiss him, they'd been found by a warlock that had been after Alfred for years, for reasons unknown to both of them. The warlock cornered them, and Angel insisted he bite her, and he finally did. While she was turning, he was killed, and Angel held his dying body in her arms. Before he died, he told her he loved her, and she reciprocated his confession, crying when he finally died. Satisfied, the warlock left, and Angel tried not to feel vengeful.

    It was hard surviving on her own, but she eventually became a model to hide her true nature from the world. When she found out about the School of Night, she leaped at the chance to go, even though a part of her didn't want to see other vampires again, but the idea of peace was beautiful to her, and she hopes that it can be achieved. Now entrenched in the world of vampires, Angel's hoping to broaden her idea of peace while also coming to terms with the exact circumstances surrounding her entrance into this world of nighttime.

    Theme Song: "Two of Us" by Louis Tomlinson and "This Isn't The End" by Owl City and "Stay Young" by We The Kings

    Coding by @AnimeGenork

k o r o l

-- the king of thieves --

  • Kendall Davio Resse
    Name: Kendall Davio Resse

    Nickname: Ken, or Honey

    Age: nineteen

    Gender: cis-female

    Sexuality: bisexual

    Species: witch
    Face Claim: Nyane Lebajoa

    Eye Color: soft hazel

    Hair Color: she actually doesn't remember her original hair color, it's been dyed so many times

    Height/Weight: 5 feet and 10 inches. 160 lbs.

    Body Mods: she has nose piercing, and septum piercing. Kendall also have several tattoos. x - x -x - x
    Vices: cold, manipulative, blunt, stubborn, spiteful, and fearless

    Virtues: charming, loyal, selfless, observant, calm, and dependable

    Likes: sex, books, magic, and nature

    Dislikes: math, blood, dancing, people, and pizza

    Fears: losing the people she cares about, and losing control of her magic again
    bio: From the moment she lost her parents, she was trained to defeat witches greatest foe, which was of course vampires. They were unnatural and didn't deserve to be alive on this earth for a minute longer. She was always told by the woman who took her in, that her parents were brutally killed by vampires. She was orphaned by vampires. Her mistress was the only one she trusted. They lived in a small town, where it was safe and without vampires but it wasn't like that lasted. Vampires kept coming into their town and trying to rule it. Her mistress took all of them down, and Kendall watched in glee or was that disgust. She could never decipher what it was but it wasn't something she needed to worry about. She was 14, when she took down her first vampire. Normally this would be something she was proud about but..this vampire didn't enter the town on their own choice.

    Her mistress felt like she needed a push. Something to make her want to kill. Until this moment, Kendall only ever defended and injury. Her mistress always killed and always told her to but she couldn't do it. So her mistress gave her no choice the next time. She drew in a vampire, a young one who hadn't control their blood lust as well yet. And let them attack her..Kendall had no choice. She had to..she had to kill the vampire. After the deed was done, her mistress told her what she had done and she was angry. The vampire was INNOCENT. They didn't come into the town of their own choice. She was always taught that you don't provoke a fight with a vampire and her mistress had done exactly that. That's when she left. To discover things on her own.

    Kendall was attending school and haven't visited home in a while when she was selected to go the School of Night for..vampires. She may have hurt an innocent vampire, not all of them are innocent so she doesn't know why she was selected but this may be a chance to see if vampires were truly worth her guilt. Or should she be proud that she killed a vampire that day...should she go home then and ask for forgiveness.

    coded by galactic​
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Wayward Son

𝘤𝘢𝘳𝘳𝘺𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘰𝘯



Name: Ambrose Maximilian Cross
Age: 21
Gender: CisMale
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Warlock (Male Witch innit)


Face Claim: Ross Lynch
Eye Color: Autumn-colored; browns swirling with green and greens ever-changing with hues of orange and sienna
Hair Color: Naturally brown but bleached blond.
Height/Weight: 6'0; 165lbs/75kg
Body Mods: Ears pierced and a few nonimportant tattoos


Outgoing → Energetic → Confident → Condescending → Opinionated → Somewhat Impulsive → Ill-Mannered → A little Lazy → Arrogant → Stubborn → Vain to an extent → Prideful

  • Napping
  • Partying and everything that comes associated with it: drinking, sex, getting into scuffles for the hell of it, etc
  • Playing cards(especially poker and goldfish)
  • Breaking the law (they wouldn't have made rules if they didn't want them to be broken)
  • Annoying people when he's bored
  • Prisses
  • Class
  • His family (long story)
  • Being without anything to do/forced to be seated
  • Not being able to practice magic/being told how to practice magic (he likes to experiment with it)

Probably the one thing Ambrose fears most but won't ever admit to anyone (unless you're a close friend of his) is the concept that we don't do anything special in this world and won't matter when we're gone. He hates that notion and fears he'll never leave his footprint on the world.

Another thing he fears is less philosophical (but equally terrifying for him) is being alone. He relies on crowds to keep his mind occupied. For reasons not as obvious, he hates to be alone and fears he will one day due to how aggressive his nature is.


Ambrose hails from a long line of witches and warlocks (though mostly witches). His family is ancient, dating back to the days of the Salem Witches. His family originally comes from what is now Berlin, Germany, but they settled in what is now Manchester, England. In the early days where witchcraft and sorcery was punishable by being burned at the stake, Ambrose's ancestors kept their magic quiet and very much "in house". Only those who bore the X-shaped insignia of the Cross family would know of the existence of this side of the family. They were mostly healers, but every other generation, which to them was every twenty five years, a different magic-user was born into the family. They were ones that were to be groomed to lead the family into the next cycle of its life.

This is the history on which Ambrose's family and life were built upon. He descends from the same people who could do more than just heal. In the Cross family, a lot of traditions and terms came with being educated, but there was always one term that seemed to resonate with the family (at least when describing this unique class of Cross witch: The Light. Ambrose grew up hearing tales about The Light and in every tale, he couldn't help but pick up on certain details about how every single one was a woman, which made sense given the fact all of the major figureheads of his family were all women. Witches led the Cross family, but that wasn't the case now.

The day he was born, some saw it as a curse on the family while others saw it as a rightful change in the ways of the old family. Either way, one thing was certain: Ambrose Maximilian Cross had a tough life. All of the elders treated him like an outcast, they shunned him and made him feel like he was less than dirt. Ambrose was robbed of a mother's love because they thought she had committed the ultimate sin of bedding outside the chosen partners. They were like the Church of Scientology but not a farce.

So, it was no wonder Ambrose grew up and eventually became the kind of young man who had a lot of hate in his heart, acting as though he should treat others the way he had been treated. Karma loves her justice and she's the only source of love that Ambrose would ever come to know. And as he would be enrolled at the School of Night, regardless of how he was before, even if there was a small glimmer of hope for the young man, there he would find if he was any better than those who labeled him "The Darkness" all his life or not.

coded by natasha.

Out Of Words

Words: Lurking


Vampire | School of the Night

Name: Key Stone
Nickname: Reaper
Species: Vampire
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Whatever
Age Turned: 24
Height | Weight: 5'4" | 145lbs
Hair | Eyes: Dark Brown | Gold
Body Mods: None
Face Claim Hideto Takarai

Appearance: Perhaps to make up for a lack in height, or just an innate desire for attention, Key enjoys dressing up. Some would call it costuming, others cosplay, Key calls it living. The style varies greatly, from some truly outrageous outfits, or a tuxedo with tails, to a hoodie and ripped jeans, his wardrobe has almost everything one can imagine. Yes, even fishnet stockings, maybe he'll model them for you if you ask nicely.

Having a name of Key Stone, naturally imbued the owner of said name with a degree of humor, twisted as it may be at times. Most of the time, it can be difficult to see past what he wants you to see. When he isn't 'performing', some say he has a resting 'fuck off' face. However, when he has his pet black rat with him, he's more prone to showcase a genuine smile without 'acting'.

Key does seem to take great pleasure in throwing people 'off'. Fangs are often displayed, as they are easily passed off as part of his costume. Some days he strives to see what types of reactions he can garner. Key loves to make a chittering sound, which consists of a guttural growl under his breath while rapidly clicking his teeth together. He's also known to click his tongue when thinking.

Aside from his costumes, finding little things that give him joy, and his pet rats, everything else feels more like one of those 'optional side quests'. He always hated those in the few video games he's played.

  • Romance Novels - The cheesier the better, like those old Harlequin Romance novels. He frequently stops in all night book stores looking for more.
  • Bloodletting - Nothing wrong with a little bloodletting. A good cut can bleed slowly for so very long, Key enjoys watching the blood well up before finally trailing down in rivulets.
  • Costumes - Key is a huge fan of dressing in costumes. Some call it cosplay, but he isn't trying to imitate someone else. He's just doing his own thing.
  • Limitations - Life shouldn't be filled with an abundance of limitations placed upon a person. Life should be lived. Needless to say, he sometimes has issues with too many rules.
  • Conforming - Key likes to stand out, not necessarily be the center of attention, but not to conform to society's beliefs on how others should act, vampires included.
  • Pixies - Totally believes pixies are a thing, and they are the reason things suddenly go missing, only to turn up again later in a spot that has already been searched. Pixies are nothing but troublesome pranksters and he'd eat them if he ever caught them. He's also done his best to train his pet rats to attack pixies on command.
  • Being invisible - Despite all his costumes and 'crazy' behavior, he fears one day being ignored as if he was invisible.
  • Growing bored with life - Key is still young enough he enjoys life, and finds new and strange ways to do so. He fears running out of ways things to enjoy and growing bored.
"Said we'd live forever."

Key's past was forgettable, not something he talks about anyway. If pressed, he'll give the Reader's Digest version. Left on the doorstep of a church as a nameless, unwanted babe, only to be given a name that fit together too well to be anything but someone's attempt at dry humor. Didn't fit in, so grew up on the streets of London with a small throng of other urchins, living on what others threw out. Stealing to survive became a lifestyle, one that ended with Key's death and rebirth as a vampire. And that's where he would normally stop.

Maybe the process caused something to snap inside, Key wasn't the same in more ways than just no longer being human. For a while, everything died around him, so he could live. The rampant killing spree gave him a peculiar fondness for watching blood spill, and his love of costumes. The latter might have happened when he killed everyone at a small play and tried on all the outfits while the blood congealed across the handmade stage. The articles called the perpetrator 'The Reaper', and he liked it to the point of claiming it as his nickname.

The enjoyment in mass killing actually faded faster than Reaper could have predicted. The number of deaths also drew the attention of too many hunters, and he relocated across the sea to America. However, old habits die hard, and his next small bloodletting spree only managed to get him caught by a member in the School of the Night. For some reason, they believed Reaper could be rehabilitated if he was taught the 'correct' ways of the vampire. Ways to ensure their kind could maintain an existence within the modern human world. With humans. And witches, apparently.

Now, he's trying to unlearn decades of 'bad behavior' while still enjoying the 'life' he has. Rules and limitations are two things Reaper has always had difficulties accepting. But he is trying. Maybe he'll get points for effort?

Are you ready to dance with the Reaper?

Theme Song: Don't Fear The Reaper - The Spiritual Machines

"You may be a king, or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later, you dance with the Reaper."
coded by natasha.


Vintage Glamor Guy

Bellamy Quinten Spellman
Ezra Miller for Playboy - photos by Ryan Pfluger (With images ...


: Bellamy Quinten Spellman

Age 24

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual

Species: Witch

Ezra Miller Pictures - Rotten Tomatoes


Face Claim
: Ezra MIller

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Black

Height/Weight: 5’10”, 130lbs

Body Mods: N/A



Likes: Spontaneity, Lore, Zoology

Dislikes: Exercise, Conflict, Bullies

Fears: Water, Darkness, Drowning

Pin em Art that I love


Bellamy was born to Violet and Clovis Spellman, a witch and warlock with very little in the way of fame or power, but both were loved by their friends and loved their friends. Bellamy came around when his parents were both in their early 40s. By then they were both experienced in their fields of magic and ready to settle down and start a family. Bellamy came about after their first try and since then they’d never been happier.
Bellamy was a rambunctious toddler who spent most of his time racing the wind and playing in nature. His family’s farm was the perfect place to raise a wild child with magical potential. All the ruckus the family stirred up with their spells went undiscovered by their distant neighbors As a kid Bellamy was actually more careful with his use of magic as he was scared of hurting any of the animals that called the farm home. His use of magic revolved more so around entertaining himself or helping his parents with the farm work. One day while he was out by himself,Bellamy was practicing a water spell that was meant to summon a sphere of water. He had hoped to water the crops all at once, but instead the giant bubble engulfed the 10 year old and he began to drown. His parents were busy in the house working on delivery papers and such for their clients. They didn’t notice that their son was in danger. Luckily for Bellamy when he began to lose consciousness within the bubble, the farm’s protective enchantments were activated and a spell went off to make the farm a magic free zone.
Finally Violet and Clovis were aware of the danger as many of their in-home charms stopped working. Right away they rushed outside, eyes darting around the land in search of intruders or any threat. When they started to comb through the fields of corn they happened upon Bellamy, cold and unresponsive. Violet was quick to act as she dropped down and tried to resuscitate her baby boy. Clovis raced to the edge of the farm, sprinting to the gate where the protective wards were in place. Pressing his hand to the fence Turned magic back on within the premises and when her magic was back, Violet didn’t hesitate to use healing magic to restore Bellamy to a healthy state. Drowning was a horrific experience for Bellamy and after he came to all he could do was cry and scream.
As time went on Bellamy learned he had a fear of the dark that seemed to suddenly arise. His parents hypothesized that it was related to the time he spent unconscious. Now they kept the farm and home lit throughout the day and Bellamy no longer cast water-based spells and all the water on the farm was dried up, and water spells were never used in Bellamy’s presence. For the most part his life slowly returned to normal, with Bellamy becoming his old rowdy self. He began to practice magic again and study as normal. Then when he became old enough, he ventured off to the Witch school in California where he started to expand upon his knowledge.
When the Headmistress began picking students to travel to the School of Night, Bellamy volunteered himself for the adventure.it was a chance to try something new, and possibly grow as a person.​

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