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Fantasy When wolves howl - Long term

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Hello Everyone! As the title suggests, ( or at least hints) the story will center around werewolves. More, specifically werewolf packs located at North America. My idea was that this story is revolves around 2 battling packs. That's right, 2. I'm warning you ahead of the time, I've done a LOT and I mean A LOT of stories that go around one pairing. Alpha meets a rogue and the story goes on. Those are not bad at all! In fact, I enjoyed every single one. But, after a while we all seek something new. And For this I intend on creating multiple main characters that interact with each other in flow of the story, a lot of pairings. 2 packs, mean 2 leaders, possibly even more enemies right? So this is sort of a big story with character development, relationship development and harsh plot twists. I believe this gives us a lot to work with, but before I get into detail about this, let me set up some things you should know for this to be enjoyable for both of us!

* I am a detailed in depth writer. I tend the flash out the story and describe what my character is doing and her surroundings pedantically. I write a lot. And I mean a lot! Specially when i'm into the story and what is going on. My writing reaches from 3 paragraphs to 10 or more. Really, I can write you a book. XD Though I do like to keep the dynamic, so If I feel that too much description could kill it, I won't include it. For a story as big as this, I need you to be able to match and write in depth. Don't think you can manage? Well...good luck on your search! ( I know it sounds harsh, but I'm sort of fed up with 2 barely managed paragraphs of three lines each. That doesn't make a story go and will cut my interest to the core.)

*I write in third person, past tense. Please do the same if you're signing up for this.

*I write as a Female for a Male. No offense, I don't do FxF or MxM.

* Side characters are a must! I like to build the world around our characters and that also means creating side characters, starting from close friends and enemies to a random drunk in a bar. For this role-plays I intend on creating many characters that follow along the story and are quite solid so to say, and I will expect you to do the same. On a side note here, you can control my side character and even nudge my main character if there's need. I won't do the same unless I am allowed to and if you plan on doing it, please do ask first.

Wow, have you actually gotten through this entire sheet of text? Congrats! Now, let me add before we get to the plot itself. You don't have to like everything mentioned below. Any ideas? Any changed you want to make? Please do come to me! Even if it's not concerning this plot, but you'd like to do a role-play similar to my suggested setting, go right ahead and we'll discuss it!
~~Werewolves~~ I imagine you're wondering how I picture werewolves to be like. What I had in mind was them being humans that can change into large wolves. Beautiful beasts. Perhaps they can perform a half shift where they are only partly a wolf and is somewhat humanoid, but mostly it's either wolf or human. ~~Time~~ I planned on this taking place in now days (modern times). However, if you have any other idea, you also have a chance of convincing me otherwise. ~~THE PLOT!~~ Dark woods hide many secrets, the whisper of wind telling secrets no human knows of. Secrets of howling wolves. Of how they raise their heads to the full moon, of how they bare their teeth to their enemies. There's world hiding in the shade of foliage, one dominated by 5 clans. The Howler pack, The Red Moon pack, The Black claw pack, The Shadow pack and finally The Blood pack. All have been rivals to one another for as long as time goes, but times also change. Rogues and Hunters had killed more these days than the packs have battled each other. Many lives torn apart, no alliances made. They're quickly driven into corner and left with not much more than to start forming those said alliances. It's not an easy road, revenge and hate mixing with desperation. And of course, then there's another thing. Seeking their mates. No wolf is complete until he claims a partner, until then, they're weaker than they could be. And strength, as well as hires, is something very needed at such harsh times. * This is the very base of the idea. And since we're talking about 5 Alpha's, I was thinking of creating 5 pairings that could go like this: Female / Male Alpha x Rogue Female / Male Alpha x Hunter Alpha x Wolf from the enemy clan Alpha x Shifter that's not a wolf Alpha x Human It's all up to discussion, so I won't give the plots for each pairing just yet. That will allow us something to brain storm together as well. I'm waiting to hear back from you!

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