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Fantasy When The Wicker Comes || 1x1 interest check <3


Hey reader :)
My name is Ava, and I've been away from roleplay for a little while. Recently, my love for writing has been rejuvenated-- specifically for one idea I've been dwelling on for years now.
Here's a condensed version--
It would take place in the small town of Oceanside. It is a quaint tourist town, inhabited by a handful of friendly people who have generally lived there their whole lives. It is located in a bowl of sorts, in the middle of a valley that is bordered by a towering pine forest, and opposite the forest, a gray, sloshing ocean. From the outside, it appears to be perfectly normal, and that's what every townsperson would have outsiders believe.
However, there's something sinister in the forest. One sinister thing, to be more specific-- the Wicker.
It is the amorphous form of a collection of a few vengeful, bloodthirsty, evil spirits that once ruled the land. Hundreds of years prior, they were reduced to nearly nothing at the hands of one single paladin, a divine warrior favored by god. He is dead, though. A lone few spirits survived-- barely. Over the centuries, they recovered their strength, melded into each other, and have been terrorizing Oceanside ever since they were able to.
Essentially, our roleplay would consist of our characters discovering, hunting, and hopefully destroying the Wicker, to put it into very short terms :) Your character doesn't have to necessarily be knowledgeable; they could be a simple tourist, a new resident-- pretty much whatever you please haha
If any of this intrigues you, feel free to continue reading my "about me" and my preferences for partners ^^
- I am a fairly experienced roleplayer and I have a strong preference for medium to long responses with proper grammar and spelling and such, to the best of our abilities. I'm an English major but I am definitely not perfect so I would love a partner who has a cool writing style that I can strive to match :)
- I would love to be in contact with you on discord; I prefer to consult you when writing my posts. I'll often ask for character responses, reactions, or your opinion on the story, if that's alright with you!
- I do have a job and go to school full time, so my response time can vary. Typically, you can expect a response every 1-2 days, but I'll definitely keep you updated on when I'll be posting.
- I would prefer to post our responses here on rpn, but my bbc isn't very good if I'm being honest...
- This is definitely a long term thing :) I personally love having consistent partners to make a really nice story with.
Thanks so much for reading, and I'm excited to meet you ^^
You can contact me here or on discord at "ivy_avs"

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