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Whats your worst fear(s)

Shigume -surgess-

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I think the title explains itself! I'll go first and I'm going to name 2 of them to start with! You can name as many as you feel like!

My first and most significant fear! Is being abandoned and then being alone for ever...

My second fear is more like a phobia is the fear of spiders.

Atropa Belladonna

Salt looks like Sugar, so don't trust all you see
Loosing/something bad happening to my children (or my husband, but that's not as strong :p)

With you on the spiders. Very arachnophobic >w<

Eye surgery or needles going into eyes (blegh)

Last, I have bad case of trypophobia. Just thinking about the surface of honey comb or a lotus seed pods makes me feel like there are ants crawling under my skin. Even mentioning it here... *Shudders* kinda feeling nauseous now.


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I'm not a bug person... at all...
I hate the thought of being truly left alone
The unknown is always... well unknown, so that makes me scared of death
and tbh, thats about it


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I swear... I like my avatar, I just hope I never actually find one in my house (black mamba). o.O
I also hate spiders and most other bugs .-.

O and heights. I'd hate to find myself on a Ferris wheel or any of those sorts.


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Fsr I've had a lingering fear of the THX logo that's manifested intensely every night before I go to bed. I constantly fear ill go to open my bedroom door and it will be floating there waiting for me and make that noise it makes at me. Had this fear since I was, like, five or something.

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