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Experiences what's the weirdest thing you've ever been asked to roleplay?


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Out of all the odd ERP requests, and mistakes, the worst is still an event in a Naruto RP I was in back in 2010. I was the leader of the Akatsuki, and another member pulled a very weird thing where they put the two tailed demon in another character whom was canonically their characters daughter.

This person then approached me OOC and said it was fine for me to attack their characters child who was a different RPer, which to me was whatever because I was kind of expected to do as much as the bad guy and all. I assumed incorrectly this was discussed between the RPers and not just me. So here I am, the bad guy, then noticing this person's character in unclaimed territory on the forum. I go there, and uhhh the kid is there with the mother, another RPer (Chuunin or Genin, don't remember.).

I was waiting for someone to stop me, really I was. The guy was even online and talking in chat, and kept claiming while being very nonchalant that it would be meta to know where they were. After the deed was done and two bodies were made, I learned he was looking for a reason for his character to be single and without burden, and I was more or less used as a murder tool. Didn't sit right with me, and I can say with certainty it's pretty out of my interest to do away with children.

That was a case of rock and hard place, for sure.


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This person asked for an ERP and asked me to play multiple sex robots of different girls from random fandoms.


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The oddest RP I ever participated in was a space-opera-harem with all the other female chars belonging to the GM's girlfriends. Yup, plural. I didn't realize that bit until he tried to hit on me to add to his actual harem (apparently the relationships were 100% online type stuff). I noped out so hard, so fast XD


chick asked me to roleplay fluff with her, i was like okay cool i like roleplaying cute stuff. so we're roleplaying fluff, my character and the other one are play fighting and stuff like that, all of a sudden she just shoves her blatant foot fetish in my face.

starts making her character only talk about toes and stuff and i'm like ... a little bit grossed out but mostly intrigued so i reply (trying my best not to really address the elephant in the room because it was majorly uncomfortable and i'd probably implode into myself if i tried to write a paragraph about their characters toes) and i stop responding after they get pushier. they deleted their entire account after i stopped replying LOL all they sent was 'everyone hates me :(' before deleting

gotta luv tumblr right guys..


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they deleted their entire account after i stopped replying LOL all they sent was 'everyone hates me :(' before deleting
Well, I mean, they're trying to push their foot fetish and tumblr isn't exactly kind to that sort of thing so... yeah... everyone probably did hate them.


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Oh my god, it barely counts but I remember when I was younger some person on Habbo asking to do a mother-baby RP. They were sort of being a pest about it so I was just like "uhh okay." I was very young and it didn't particularly set off any alarm bells. Then it got real weird bc they were insistent on me being detailed about changing diapers and stuff.. I was like, 10, so I never realized it was probably a weird fetish thing until I was older and i felt u n c o m f o r t a b l e


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doesn't necessarily have to be sexual.
would be more interesting if it wasn't.
i just want to know!
what's the strangest thing you've ever been asked to roleplay?
i've come across a lot of size difference requests... primarily from male partners.
is that a thing for guys? having taller girls? i mostly get asked to play tall females, lol.
i've also seen posts for giant girls and regular sized males.
i dunno. there's some strange stuff out there.
i'm not here to bash whatever people like but...
yeah, i'm curious!
I'm laughing because i'm a giant IRL 🤣🤣🤣

ALSO, once I replayed as "The void" which was about as difficult as one might think. To clarify, this was not sexual.


Oh my god, it barely counts but I remember when I was younger some person on Habbo asking to do a mother-baby RP. They were sort of being a pest about it so I was just like "uhh okay." I was very young and it didn't particularly set off any alarm bells. Then it got real weird bc they were insistent on me being detailed about changing diapers and stuff.. I was like, 10, so I never realized it was probably a weird fetish thing until I was older and i felt u n c o m f o r t a b l e
that's gonna be a yikes from me dawg


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Now that I think about it, Habbo was just generally full of weird roleplays. And it was kinda one of those things where people wouldn't ask 'hey, wanna do a roleplay?', instead they'd just walk up to you and like. Start doing it. Like you've just randomly got pulled into this random internet users improv session, lol


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Yes! Pickup roleplaying is a thing! I have been vindicated!

Though, y'know, I was kind of hoping it would involve people asking first. You know, like pick up basketball.

Oh yeah, once I was roleplaying on a minecraft server (biggest mistake in my roleplaying career) and someone tried to turn my character into a sexual assaulter/stalker (which is also godmodding). The site has a super well enforced anti-ERP rule so I don't know how that happened and I don't remember exactly what happened. Oh yeah, and their character was underage.

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once i was asked for my charatcer in roleplay ( a middle aged, general in the miltary man) to be 4 '8 and to wear anime girl clothes...i was afraid as i saw the immage in my mind... goddamn


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I have always been a uh... Rated R roleplayed in terms of everything that's not romance. Ya know, people joke about the phrase "role-play" as it has certain connotations, but was never that kind of roleplayer and never hung out on those kids of role play sites.
Well once on roleplayerguild.com a very insecure and apologetic gay guy tried to guilt me into a pity mxm to with him in private messaging. Of course I declined and he had a knee jerk reaction like "Well jeez, I never said you had to." Yeah he hasn't posted to the site since, like he was there just for that.
Alright, I have been waiting for this day to talk about it. Sometimes it keeps me up at night, even though it's been 3-4 years.

My friend's ex-boyfriend (we all cut him off because of other reasons), asked me to roleplay a cute girl being so hungry that she opened up her mouth as wide as a snake. Wait it gets better. And he wanted to be the protagonist too and have her swallow him, and he'd live in her belly. Just the thought of it, made me shiver. Like I know it's vore and whatever, but like, the way he was talking about it to me, oh- oh man. I didn't tell my friend until much later like a year after they split up, and my friend was like "oh dear god I'm sorry."

And then I found out some of our other friends were also requested to do that. Yikes.

I think it was more awkward cause I was the person that was the one who introduced my friend to this guy, cause I only knew this guy to be a dorky artist like the rest of our friends, so you know when I introduced them things when smoothly and I didn't even foresee them dating in the beginning just being good pals. But yeah it was really awkward and I could rant about it all day, but I won't.

Needless to say, when I changed my number, he never heard from me again.


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Good God, I can't even read half of these without mega-cringe factor. You poor souls.


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I've been asked to RP erotica before which I realise isn't SUPER weird since theres a lot of people that like that sort of thing but if you're someone like me who's just not into it it can get really awkward really fast.


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I've talked about this in more detail before, but it started like a normal Warrior Cats 1x1 RP on Skype for two replies and then suddenly my partner was sorta suggesting for the cats to fuck...

Their response to me? "What else would you expect in a hot spring?"

And then I cut it completely. Can't remember if I even ever chatted to them again, probably not... That was tons of weird.
Awww damn that sucks. Read those books a lot as a kid and still have the first series. I dont blame you for noping out lol


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I got started talking to a new person after reading their post, which mentioned being interested in just about any genre as long as the plot is interesting and that sounded cool! So we starting talking things over and within a few messages it was apparent that they were really fixated on wanting to do a World War II (ok) body horror (uhh...) RP. And then they got kinda pushy about it. The conversation did not continue much longer after that.

(Oh, I also ran a D&Dish campaign for someone who wanted to be basically a Rabbitfolk Waterbender, which I guess is a little weird, but at least that was a fun weird instead!)


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There was one guy I roleplayed with for quite a while who always send pretty short messages (which is fine, quality > quantity) until someone in the story died at which point he would become very descriptive. 9 times out of 10, people in this story died by beung eaten: this was not particularly weird, it fit the story. The RP fizzled out and about a year later, I found out vore fetish is a thing. And everything suddenly made sense. Felt kinda betrayed tbh, as we strictly said it would be a SFW roleplay, but he still forced his weird fetishes into it without me even knowing.


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centaur kidnap role play erotica.

they wanted me to play the centaur. thinly-veiled bestiality justified by "hey this is a fictional AND half-human character". egads.


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One person I used to be friends with decided to start roleplaying with me. Except he decided everything for me without my permission nor knowledge. He made me a half-human, half-cow in an attempt to get me to satisfy some milking fetish for him? I nope’d out of that one really fast.


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I once was asked to do a Shaman King roleplay, which was awesome because hey, one of my older fandoms, neat! It quickly devolved into some weird vore fantasy and I nope'd out of there so fast. I'm still not sure how the other person got from point A to point B, but I was thirteen or so and very, very confused.

I've also had my fair share of giantess and inflatable fetish requests and just... no.


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This thread makes me realize there's a.. worrying amount of people out there exposing minors to their fetishes via otherwise completely innocuous roleplays, it's kinda scary


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Yeah, that's kind of concerning now that I think about it. I wasn't supposed to be on the site I was on due to the age requirement, but even so, the site's TOS forbid anything explicit. So I should have been safe but... well. There are probably sites out there for explicit roleplays (I wouldn't know since I've never looked), so why expose random people to your fetish on another site? It doesn't make any sense. Also it's just creepy.

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