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(What's in a) Survival Pack


Kaerri's Man. =)
So, maybe you're like me and wondered what in the heck is actually in the survival pack that's stored inside of yourmecha?

So what's in a Survival Pack for our intrepid heroes? Well, it comes in a satchel with a hard case and soft case in it. Inside the satchel is the following:
Some items from the UEEF Military Survival Pack (but not all, as the UEEF is not the ASC). (Reference: Shadow Chronicles, page 93).

Bivouac Bag
High Intensity Flashlight
Compass/Internal Mapper
Mini First Aid Kit
Survival Knife
Small hatchet
Collapsible maul
Collapsible entrenching tool
4 signal flares
2 smoke grenades (yellow)
30 feet of rope
One pair of climbing gloves
Concentrated Sanitizer (48 uses)
Canteen (1/2 gallon/ 1.89 liters) of water
Food bag (10 day MRE-style food rations).

And what's in the hard and soft cases? Well, thanks to our reliable friends at Time Magazine who have spoken with Navy Seals, I say, this is what is inside!

Yes, the universal handcuff key is included. =)

NOTE: I intend to write out the list when I have the opportunity. Until then I'll leave you with the article. EDIT: Here it is! The Navy SEAL survival pack comes with a hard case and soft case.

(In Hard Case)
Mini-multi tool
LED Squeeze Light
Fire Starting kit (with Ferro Cerium rod)
Water storage device (2 liters)
Water Purification Tablets (40)
Electrolyte Tablets (2)
Signal Mirror
Thermal Blanket
Kevlar Line (15 feet long)
Safety Pins (4)
P-38 Can Opener
Stainless Steel Wire (2 feet)
Duct Tape (Green)
Magnifying Lens (4x power)
Waterproof Note Paper
Ink Pen (black)
Antibiotic Ointment (1/32 oz foil pack)
Cotton Pad

(In Soft Case)
Hacksaw Blade (about 3 inches long)
Ceramic Razor Blade
Moleskin Adhesive Patch
Kevlar Thread (24 inches long)
Fishing Leader/Downrigger Cable (24 inches long)
Suspended Navigation Magnet (suspended from string)
Ferro Cerium Rod (for lighting fires)
Cotton Ball
Bobby Pins
Handcuff Shim (Pick)
Universal Handcuff Key

The Ferro Cerium rod is mentioned twice (one for each case; I suppose there are two then?).
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