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Rage Incarnate

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Well, I'll cut to the chase. It's been quite a while but I'm here to challenge myself. I'm pretty open-minded and quick about my wits (generally). Although, having not RPed in quite some time....i may be a bit rusty.

Anyways, if anyone's down for something, let me know and we can set it up.

Should probably sleep soon, though...gotta work soon. X.x
I'm down for something!
I apologize if what you were looking for was a PM, I can't exactly START a PM yet, Haven't done my 10 posts on the site yet :/
But I would be glad to do the rp stuffs

Rage Incarnate

Exodus. Insanus. Nocturnus.
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Oh hey lovely!! I love darker grittier plots, full of heart break, drama maybe eventually a happy ending? If maybe you’d wanna write I have plots, and too much time!
I would love to hear them. I think I'm at my best on the fly, but like i said before...may be a bit rusty. =p I work 3p to 11p weekdays so would have to work around that.

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