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Summer is something that most people don't want to forget. It's something that we all want to cherish and look back on during the school year. But not her. Not Claire. Her summer was one that she wanted to hide forever and never speak of again. She really hated her summer. Which was why she was sort of happy that school started up again. She would be with her friends again and everything would be fine... Right?

The usual routine was what she faced on the first day of school. Her mother was already at work, leaving a sweet note, wishing her only child good luck on her first day back to school. "One more year" she said as she put the note down and proceeded to get breakfast. And by breakfast, she meant a green tea smoothie and half of a banana. While drinking her smoothie, the girl took her hair out of the towel, the damp locks tumbling down her tiny shoulders in elegant waves. She quickly styled her hair, letting it be wavy for once, only straightening her bangs.

Claire wasn't that adventurous when it came to fashion. She wore similar clothes most of the time, and her makeup was relatively the same. She rarely changed. Pulling on her tall socks, the girl put on her boots and looked at herself in the mirror. The overall shorts were baggy on her frame, despite being one of the smallest size. Or was it the smallest? She couldn't remember. She still turned away from the mirror, not enjoying what she saw at all.

It was the same every morning. Everything hung on her body in her eyes. She looked awful. Yet people still would compliment her. But those comments were just a courtesy. After all, she was best friends with the queen of the entire high school. Savannah was by far the most popular person that Claire had ever encountered, and how they became friends is a mystery to her.

The teen said goodbye to her large dog after giving him breakfast, kissing the top of his head. "Bye Mongie, I'll see you after school" She smiled and left the house, locking the door behind her. Another year walking the same way to the same school to be around the same people. Only this time she was considered 'more popular' than the previous year as she had hung out with a bunch of popular college kids over summer. Joy. It was all so boring to her, and even the building that was only a few blocks from her house, made her want to leave immediately.

Student populated the front lawn and building in general. Normally Claire would've had a difficult time getting to her locker, but one look to the jocks who were blocking the building entrance, made it a hell of a lot easier to go into school. People moved out of her way, without even hearing a word leave her lips. The only thing Claire gained from school, despite really good grades, was the ability to be intimidating to most of the students, despite her size and appearance. "Oh it's shitty to be back" She sighed and rolled her eyes as she headed towards her locker. She really hated high school. But then again, so did most of the graduating class.

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If there was something Kurt Deville hated, and everyone who knew him was sure of this, it was being surprised. He liked things to be told to him normally, not with someone jumping in his face, and this is regarding good surprises. Finding his mother in bed with a schoolmate's father was not at all a good one, or so the shoutings that followed indicated.
Neighbours through the years had become used to Kurt and Alice's screaming sessions, but it was a wonder no one called the police that night.

"Are you fucking kidding me? Who else of my friends' fathers have you fucked?"
"It is none of your business who I-"
"How is it not? Think it's fun going around being told your mother's a who-"
"I don't care what your little friends say about me, I do what the hell I want."
"What the fuck would dad think?"
He had seen something pass over his mother's face, something cruel and rage induced, something she would come to regret soon.
"What would dad think?" A smile, pitying "You don't have a father, Kurt, when will you grow to accept it?"

Summer had not mattered to the eighteen year old afterward, since it mostly passed in a drunk or cocaine induced blur. It did not matter how many times Alice apologised, tried to explain the truth behind her words or to mend the crack they had caused, her son slipped away farther and farther.

Who the fuck is my father? I have no idea.
I'm sorry.

"Ready for school, honey?"
Kurt's head snapped upward, his eyes focusing back again on his mother.
"Yeah." He grumbled, moving his eyes toward the half-empty bowl before him, letting the spoon fall from his fingers. He had been so lost in thought, he'd consumed it without even noticing. The eighteen year old raised from his seat and headed for the door, but was stopped by Alice, who caringly took an hold of his hand.

"It's your last year, aren't you excited?"
She smiled hopefully, caressing his blonde hair.
He offered a small smile, and a similarly small nod, before letting the woman hug him.
"Have fun, and be careful. I would like to not get any principal' calls this year, ok?"

"I'll try." He whispered in the small of her shoulder, before finally heading out of the door.
Truth to be told school had never been among Kurt's priorities, and this year it had eventually fell to last place. He had always had issues concentrating, and now with these new doubts and insecurities studying would have surely been impossible for the teenager.

He pulled up in the parking lot, a smirk overcoming the hard line of his lips. New years were nervously standing in front of the school, some of which Kurt would probably become the nightmare of this year.
Good, he thought, I'm making them a favor.

He walked into the school with his usual air of carelessness, students who knew of him not daring stand in his path, while others just raised their head in wonder at the tall blonde.
Kurt didn't mind any of them, he didn't feel like creating trouble yet, and simply went for his locker.



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warmth enveloped veronica's whole body as she curled into a small ball, a faint smile forming in her face. yet as seconds ticked by, a wave of nausea crashed over ronnie, waking the girl with the need to vomit. veronica leapt out of her bed as she raced to the toilet, tears were already welling up as veronica slammed the bathroom door wide open and rushed to the toilet, releasing her tears and vomit. veronica felt light headed as she cuddled the toilet, throwing up every now and then as tears stained her rosy cheeks. after the wave of nausea passed, veronica stood up slowly, her knees ready to buckle underneath her weight at any moment. she slowly made her way to the sink, glancing at the miserable sight of her; her brown hair looked like a nest, her face blotchy and red and the stream of tears were staining her red cheeks. a tired sigh escaped her lips as she began to start her school routine once more.

veronica slowly made her way downstairs and into the kitchen where the young girl noticed her father, theodore, typing mindlessly on his computer. ronnie took a deep breathe as she wandered towards her father, placing a small peck on his forehead as a small 'hello'. theodore grumbled tiredly in reply as he took another sip of his coffee, his cold gaze staying focused on the laptop in front of him. "how long have you been up?" ronnie asked as she made herself a bowl of cereal, placing herself across from her father as he peered to look at his daughter. "all night, this report is going to be the death of me." theodore murmured as a yawn escaped his lips. "go to sleep, dad." veronica sighed as she chewed on her lower lip. she stood up from her seat, placing the bowl into the sink and slinging her backpack over her shoulder in a silence. "have fun at school..." theodore groaned as he watched his daughter stroll out of the house.

ronnie jumped into the front seat of her father's black car and pulled out of the driveway, throwing the bag in the seat next to her as she made her way to school. the drive wasn't very long besides, she needed to talk to someone before school started. veronica parked the car into a free spot, switching the car off as her shoulders relaxed against the leather seats. her dainty hand picked up her phone and began to dial her mother's number.

"mom it's me, ronnie."
"oh hello, baby, what's up?"
"i just wanted to ask you if i can live with you for a few months."

veronica only heard silence on the other line before her mother spoke once more.

"i'm sorry baby but you can't, david and i are moving to vegas with charlotte."

veronica couldn't help herself, tears began to form in her eyes once more as she tried to choke out a sentence.

"david? charlotte? mo-"

but before she could utter another word, her mother hung up on veronica. the girl wanted to scream out at the top of her lungs, it felt like the whole world was against her. yet, she still had to put a smile on her face, even if no one ever noticed her. veronica wiped her tears away from her eyes before hopping out of the car and began making her way to the school. the brown-haired girl couldn't help but feel invisible, her hand resting on her stomach as she dodged her way through the sea of students and stumbled towards her locker. a wave of nausea slowly hit her once more as she tried to stay calm, slowly breathing in and out as she ignored the background nose behind her.

this was going to be a long year.
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Moon Tae Kyung

Feeling the warmth of sunlight across his face made it scrunch up in momentary confusion. He knew that his room would not allow any sunlight in due to the blackout curtains draped over his windows. Tae-Kyung cracked his eyes open as slow as possible while he took in his surroundings until everything clicked and he immediately knew where he was. Red walls lined with different posters of star athletes ranging from ice skating to football were everywhere. Tae sat up rather quickly once he heard a rather deep moan beside him and began to gather his scattered clothing knowing that he had to get home as soon as possible to get ready for school. Being late on the first day was not something he wanted after the pretty rough summer that he'd experienced. "If I want to get up with you later, I'll text you. Don't contact me first," he closed the door behind him and drove home to hop into the shower.

Once Tae emerged, he put on a simple yet stylish outfit and allowed his hair to air dry which left a few hairs to curl up near the tips. His outfit was fully completed with his signature pair of fake glasses that he often wore. He offered his pet ball python, Snixx, a final goodbye before heading down to say bye to the rest of his family. By the time he pulled up into the parking lot, plenty of students were still fumbling around and taking their time. A few of his past flings waved at him in longing and Tae responded back with a warm smile although it only gave them false hope. He mentally picked out a few that he would definitely remember to talk to later on before heading straight into the designated chorus room. He'd always loved how spacious it was and would usually sing in here before classes even started. Tae ran through the usual scales before playing a familiar tune on the piano. It was a song he'd heard recently by Sam Smith, "Safe With Me". Tae's voice naturally came out clear and precise, the sound escaping through the opened door and flowing into the hallway. A few of the freshmen had gathered around the door to see who that angelic voice belonged to which served to boost Tae's confidence.


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It was like a woman screeching "bloody murder" in his ear, only less brash and more annoying. Beckett's body had jolted awake from the sound of his alarm and went from a limp trance to a sudden shiver. His house was always kept a few degrees below the norm, leaving him in a chilled state for at least ten minutes upon waking up. It didn't help that his alarm was a walking distance away--courtesy to one of his good friends trying to cure his bad sleeping habits. Of course, cool air was nothing compared to a raging fire truck alarm--another great idea suggested by his friend-- so he quickly removed himself from heaven and ran to turn it off. After doing so, he slithered his way under the warmth of his gray duvet and his eye lids immediately felt heavy. As soon as the young adult was about to slip away, however, he felt a welcomed but not-so-welcomed wetness on the left side of his face.

Groaning as he realized it was his dog, Beckett flipped over and strategically positioned himself between a wall of pillows. This only seemed to excite Nala more as she began to aggressively jump on Beck with her two front paws, barking nonstop. A normal reaction would have been to scold the two year old Corgi but Beckett's love for her was stronger than the love between Angelina and Brad (while it lasted), so he took it upon himself to pop up and swoop the creature into the air. With an adoring yet tired grin, he showered the dog with kisses and tickles, wooing her with praises. "Good girl, Nala. Don't listen to your human and make sure he's not late for school. What a good girl!" He had continuously said, although the last part was clearly stretched.

It wasn't long before Beckett was ready to go. He'd obsessively brushed his teeth for five plus minutes and blow dried his brown locks to his liking, although it was a bit difficult to work with. Clothing wise, he threw on some original hightop Converse, black fitted jeans, and to his dismay, a semi-dark green hoodie with the white caption "4 your eyez only" in the top left corner. Being forced to wear long sleeves was the only downside with having tattoos while still in high school. He could have covered it up with foundation but that took more time out of his morning and time was something he hated wasting. Besides, he already had to have someone cover the ones on his hands once he got to school. Why go through even more trouble?

After whipping himself up with a protein packed smoothie and a couple slices of toast, the 18 year old got into his mother's Audi Q-something--he could never remember all the different models. All he knew was it was Moonsoon Gray and that his mom bought three years ago. He was just driving it now because well... reasons. The SUV was also a little girly color-wise but a car was a car and Beckett's not the type to complain. Plus he liked it secretly.

Eight minutes later, he was pulling up to the school driveway, stopping every now and then because people wanted to say hi and chat. There wasn't much to say to them, however, because unlike them Beckett's summer wasn't anything he really wanted to dispose. It was just one of those things that he didn't want to talk about simply because he just didn't. A majority of the students understood but there were those that seemed a bit agitated by Beckett's lack of personal-life-spilling. He, of course, laughed it off and continued towards the parking spot he's had since his sophomore year. It was number 3, in the front row, and right by a lamppost, which were all convenient because not only was 3 his favorite number, but Beckett had the memory of an underdeveloped baboon so having his own special place was a blessing.

Five minutes and twenty-something people later, Beckett was finally free of distractions and on his way towards the school's front doors. His eyes were immediately greeted with waves of both familiar and unfamiliar faces. One of those familiar faces was a particular Korean who stood out, funnily enough because of her munchkin height compared to his, in the seemingly never ending hallway. The cheeky smile that grew on his face was indescribable and he quickly scurried towards her, arms wide and physique like a giant.

In one swoop, he picked the girl up and swung her around, a child-like happiness radiating off him. "Claaaireee Beeaaarrrr. How are you this fine morning?" Beckett sang.

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the sight of juno roberts hanging upside down from her roof was an odd sight to everyone but herself. when she was ten, her mother installed a metal pipe on the roof, which juno could use to hook her feet through and hang like a bat. she considered it her "think tank", because she always did her thinking there, even if the blood rushing to her head was blocking off some vital thoughts. she'd been up since five in the morning, dreading the first day of school. the idea of doing so much homework and looking for colleges with the start of her senior year left juno wanting nothing more than to hide under her bed all day.

but here she is, hanging from the roof, trying to decided what outfit to wear, and what teachers she can bribe with paintings. (honestly, she came up with that strategy for junior year, and she had some of the best grades she's seen since she was in elementary.) juno was just about to figure out what shoes she should wear, when her alarm blared out some random wake-up tune she downloaded on itunes. it was enough to scare the blonde, and she fell off the pole, landing on her side, her temple being the first part of her body to come into contact with the hardwood flooring.

"fuck!" juno yelped, curling into a ball, trying to not think too much about her throbbing head. she spent the next five minutes, sprawled out on the floor, taking deep breaths then cursing under each breath. this is more or less what her mornings are like, but with a less amount of tension and fear for the horrifying first day of school.


ever since the accident, juno couldn't look at her car. it was the one thing that remained in her dreams (or rather, nightmares), and she couldn't seem to let the image of the poor man bleeding out on the street out of her head. but, she'd have to take the honda civic to avoid being late. her school was almost a twenty-minute drive away, and walking there would take forty minutes.

juno swings the driver side door open, throwing her bag in and hearing it land on the passenger seat. it was a routine that she memorized after the first week of having her car. she first got it in her sophomore year, barely driving it with only a permit, but now she had a license, and she could take it anywhere she wanted. turn the car on, turn the radio on, turn the air conditioner on, back out of the driveway, and drive to school.

while she was in the middle of tapping her fingers to 'i will wait' by mumford and the sons, her beloved high school came into view. already, students of all grades littered the parking lot, making their way inside. juno turned into the lot, hazel eyes searching for a parking spot.


"excuse me... sorry... oh! i love your hair.... pardon me!" juno squeezed her way through the crowds, long and lanky limbs trying their very best to not collapse. the last thing she needed was to fall in the middle of a crowded hallway. she found her locker near the art room--how convenient--and put in her combination.

in the midst of grabbing her books for her first period class, her gaze flickered to the left, where she found her best friend, and ex-best friend (if you could call it that), gazing into each others eyes, and acting like they're not flirting with each other. "o-t-p," juno happened to whisper, leaning against her locker, and watching the interaction between the two, not minding if it seemed creepy.

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For the past half hour, his alarm had been loudly going off, it pretty much disturbing every living thing in the house. Well over than the youth who was passed out on his bed, looking like a starfish. He was short compared to most guys at his high school. Hell, he was only 5'8 and was awkwardly skinny. He wasn't athletic, and he wore dorky glasses all the time due to him being too lazy to put contacts in. How he managed to proceed to the next grade was a miracle to most. Yet there he was, approaching graduation. He had recently turned 17 as well, so things were starting to look up for him.

"LEVI! GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED!" The loud voice of his mother, more like a shriek in his opinion, made the ash grey haired male groan loudly. He hated morning. However after two minutes of mental preparation, Levi dragged himself out of bed and into the bathroom. Looking at himself in the mirror, he scrunched up his nose, not liking the sight. His hair was sticking up everywhere, he had dark circles under his eyes, and he seriously looked like he had lived in his car for like three days. Great.

Yawning, the 17 year old, scratched the back of his neck lazily. "I showered last night... My hair is fine" He mumbled before washing his face and proceeding to get ready for school. Oh was a joyous thing to get up in the morning for. Once he was looking cute and ready to not trip on his way down the stairs, Levi got dressed. His sense of fashion was a bit odd as well. It wasn't uncommon to see the boy wearing hot pink shoes or even a feminine shirt. He was a total odd ball.

Dressed, backpack in hand, phone in pocket, the lazy boy made his way downstairs, easily dodging out of the way of his older brother, grabbing a sandwich that had been prepared for him, or at least he assumed it was for him. "Levi! Stop being such a rowdy thing and sit down for breakfast" His mother scolded, looking like she would rather kill her youngest child than eat with him.

"Nope, I'd rather eat at school. Plus he's under house arrest, right? So why would I want to eat with him?" Levi questioned with a smile as he walked out of the kitchen, his mother scolding him for his rude behavior. Honestly summer wasn't that bad for the Spanish boy. His oh so perfect brother had basically been put under house arrest by his mother for finding a shit ton of drugs in his room. Wonder how those got there. "And I am so not driving or walking" He said with a mouthful of sandwich. It was a good morning.

Walking up to the school, Levi sighed heavily. Okay he may have been a bit too sassy with his mom. Aka his long board was taken away. Slowly he walked into the crowded building, having to duck and dodge the flying limbs of the tall ass students of the school. Even some girls were taller than him. He hated it. But obviously Levi got the shitty genetics of the family. What else is new. Heading for his locker, he opened it, still seeing books and assignments that he never took home over summer. "Oh shit that's where it was!" He exclaimed as he pulled out a half written, mostly crumbled essay. "Damn, at least I redid mine on better paper. Though the quality was just as shitty" Once again, it was amazing he moved on to the next grade.

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downtown queen


location: home > school tags: @thepression outfit: x

Miranda had been up since 3 A.M. Her fingers were aching as they curled around the brown, precisely cut rolling paper. Sunlight was just beginning to spill through the cracks in her curtains causing a cascade of shadows to spin around her room. The air around her smelt like nothing but weed.

For Mir, the first day of school meant back to business. It was without a doubt her favorite time of year. She'd pre-rolled at least 70 blunts in one night and bagged most of her bud. Of course, she was also stocked up on the popular stuff; xanax, adderall, and vicodin. Her night had been filled with organizing, stressing, and organizing some more. She didn't take her endeavors lightly.

"Mira," a fragile, cracking voice called out from somewhere downstairs. The voice was followed by footsteps and a tentative knock on her door. Quickly, Mira gathered her inventory and hid it beneath her covers. The stench still wafted throughout her room but she prayed her mother would simply ignore it.

"Come in," she shouted. The door cracked open in response and a familiar face greeted her. Her mother's dark hair fell to her shoulders in short, curly strands. The rims of her eyes were red and her cheeks flushed. She wore the same wrinkly, stained shirt from the day before.

"Mom, you look like shit." Mir rolled her eyes and moved to gather her bag.

"Thanks, I love you too darling," she ran a hand through her hair before examining Miranda's room. Her nose crinkled in distaste. Without warning, she entered the room, heading straight for the bed. She peeled back the blanket to uncover a pile of bagged pills and neatly rolled blunts. "Jesus, Mir. You're not bringing all of these to school are you? Please tell me these aren't my new pills, I just picked these up yesterday-"

"No they're not from you're bottle and no I'm not bringing all of it. Just most of it." She picked up a handful of bags and shoved them into the front pocket of her backpack. Then she concealed the blunts in a black cloth and placed them into a large ziplock bag. "Grab me ten of those tea bags off my desk."

The dry teabags balanced out the overwhelming smell that accompanied the drugs. It was a little hack she'd picked up after years of experience. Her mom anxiously handed her the herbal scented bags. Mir arranged them throughout her backpack then sprayed everything with a citrus spray she'd snagged from Bath & Bodyworks.

"There's a bagel and orange juice downstairs, drive safe and don't do anything stupid." Mei tenderly kissed her daughter on the forehead. Worry etched itself through the subtle lines in her face.

Mir mumbled a thank you before speeding out the room, leaving her mother alone to bask in a puddle of concern. She shrugged on her flannel and grabbed the toasted bagel. The orange juice, which her mother had knowingly spiked with vodka, was conveniently poured into a steel canister. She made a mental note to thank her mom profusely. Quickly, she scurried out of the door and into her barely-functioning car. It sputtered and groaned as she keyed the ignition but, slowly, it roared to life.


The student parking lot was hell. It was a labyrinth of irritated teenagers and horrible drivers. Mir took a sip from her 'enhanced orange juice', as she like to call it. She sighed as the liquor hit her lips.

"Fucking move," she stuck her head out the window to yell at the person ahead of her. They didn't dare say anything back, just glared at her through their rearview mirror. After what felt like an hour, Mir pulled into her designated parking space. The day hadn't even started and she was already exhausted.

Her car came to an abrupt, mess stop and she quickly hopped out. She'd left half of her stash in the glove compartment while the rest of it was tucked perfectly away into her backpack. The orange juice container stayed glued to her hands and a half eaten bagel was carried in the other. She chuckled a little as she looked over her parking job. The front half of the car was over the white line while the rear was centered. Someone was going to be pissed off. She pulled a scrambled piece of paper out of her pocket and scribbled on it with a dull pencil. "Sorry, not sorry for the parking xoxo Mir."

Entering the front door was like walking through the streets of New York. For some reason, everyone felt the need to catch up with their friends right in the middle of the steps. It was obvious who the freshman were. They were the only ones who didn't look at her with the usual glances of fear and respect. They'd figure out soon enough.

Many people greeted her in the hallways, most of them being her customers and casual friends. There was only one person she was even vaguely interested in talking to, though. As she made her way down the hall she spotted a familiar, towering blonde. She casually strolled towards him, carelessly shoving her way through the swarm of people trying to figure out their schedule.

"You look edgier than ever. I'm loving the whole 'don't talk to me I could kick your ass' vibe you have going on." Her voice was tinged with playful sarcasm as she looked up at Kurt.

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After putting her books in her locker, Claire closed it with a sigh, not really looking forward to school. It's just studying and politics. Well in her opinion anyways. The popular students succeed, even if they have shitty grades. They are popular. Untouchable. And she's grouped with them. The only difference is that she doesn't wear her popularity on her sleeve. Rather she just tries to pass her classes, keep up with all of her extracurricular activities and keep her social life in tact. That's what most people do, or try to do.

As the girl was lost in her thoughts, just staring blankly at her phone, she failed to notice the rather large student that approached her. She didn't need air right? Air was obviously overrated. When she was suddenly picked up, Claire squeaked out in surprise, unable to process anything for a few seconds. Now it wasn't as traumatizing as she told herself (and everyone else) that it was, but it was enough to make her cheeks burn in embarrassment.

Normally Claire hated being picked up because she's pretty touchy about her height, but every time Beck has picked her up, she doesn't get angry. Unless she's in like a skirt, then she gets annoyed. "Put me down you oversized goofball. People can hear and see you doing this to me. I don't need more rumors on my first day back" Claire said with a soft smile as she patted the super tall boy's shoulders to signal her being put down.

"And my morning was okay I guess. Mom left for work really early again so I didn't get to see her again but I mean it's Mom. And I had a good breakfast." She pocketed her phone and noticed a few students staring at them and whispering. God she really hated high school. "What about you? I'm assuming you had a decent morning as you acted like a 12 year old as soon as you found me" Claire teased as she fixed her bag and looked up at him.

The two were crazily close, Claire having been only one of the various people Beck met in middle school. She wasn't around him all the time either which made their relationship history a bit plain, in her opinion at least. High school was the time she really got to hangout with him. Well mostly. The previous year things were rough between them. Claire mostly didn't hangout with Beck during a small period of time which caused stress on their friendship. But whatever.

Peeking around Beck, she noticed a familiar face, causing her to wave slightly. "Did you meet up with anyone yet?" Claire pointed to Beck's hands and raised an eyebrow. "Make sure you cover those up before a teacher catches you. I don't feel like saving you from getting in trouble again" Smiling slightly she pulled out her phone and ended up sending a quick text to a certain someone.

To: Ju Ju
'What are you doing over there???? You look like you're casting a curse or something on everyone. LOL. We should meet up because I'm in desperate need of your great artistic skills to brighten my day'

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interacting_ juno and beck
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Gabrielle Chase

Gabby's eyes fluttered open. She turned to her phone to see '5:47' on her screen. The sun was just rising. She groaned and finally rolled out of her bed. She was the only one wake in her house. She tiptoed to her bathroom to brush her teeth and get ready. She had showered the night before so she wouldn't wake anyone up in the morning. You may wonder 'why the hell is she up so early?'. Gabby was trying to avoid something, no someone. Gabby threw on a sweater and put some jeans on and went downstairs to her kitchen.

Gabby checked her phone to see it was 6:15. She left a little note for her mother on the table, that said she had to pick up her friend early. She grabbed her bag and walked towards the door. "Gabby?" A voice said from the staircase. Gabby instantly recognized the voice of her step-brother and froze in the door frame. "Gabby what are you doing? Why are you up this early?" He asked. 'Dammit', Gabby thought. "I'm going to school, Mason" she said coldly. "At this time?" He asked while walking up to her. "Are you gonna keep on interrogating me or can I go to school now" Gabby said, now she was really irritated. Her step-brother looked down for while and said "Is this about that night 'cause-" "No just shut up already! I told you to never mention it ever again, now I have school to get to" Gabby said cutting him off. Gabby held onto her bag and went out the door.

Gabby pulled into the schools parking lot 30 minutes early. She stopped by a close cafe to eat breakfast and relax before she went to school. Gabby was actually excited for school, she never wanted vacation to end so bad in her life. Gabby shook away her thoughts and started to dig in her purse. She then pulled out a joint and began to smoke it. She glanced at her phone and saw 3 messages from her step-brother. Gabby sighed and deleted them. Soon kids started to enter the school. Gabby stopped smoking and put on sunglasses to cover her red eyes. She left her car and entered the school. She looked at all students in the hall talking among themselves. She smiled and walked towards her locker, ready to start her day.

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Moon Tae Kyung

Once Tae had felt that he had practiced more than enough to be relaxed throughout the day, he stood away from the piano and stretched his arms up above his head until he felt a satisfying pop. As he bent over to gather his belongings, a shadow loomed over him and it sent a shiver down his spine. Tae began to move at a quicker pace and sent a small wave to the male he left standing in the music room.

Tae took in a very shaking breath before replacing his troubled expression with his usual angelic smile. The walk to his locker seemed longer than usual and he had begun to question why he didn't just stop by there first. 'Getting to the lockers is such a pain in the ass, I definitely didn't miss this over the summer.' Flashes of summer went by, a lot of partying and fun hooking up but he was still haunted by that one mistake. He knew it was going too far and now he's stuck in a rut of secrets and potential blackmail. He shook his head and turned to face his locker, taking notice of the boy standing at his own locker. After a quick look over, Tae realized that it was none other than Levi Garcia. Levi was the same height as Tae, but he appeared to be lanky and pretty dorky. It was cute in a way to Tae and he was actually shocked that he hadn't made a move on him, maybe it's better to have some friends without benefits. He heard Levi talking to himself and saw a horrible looking essay that was crumbled up, "Morning Levi, you really should clean out your locker at the end of the school year to avoid that mess. It honestly looks like you haven't taken anything out since freshmen year." Tae let out a light laugh before shutting his locker, careful not to close any of the pictures of Snixx in the corners.

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A yawn escaped Levi as he lazily looked at the person who spoke to him. Who was he again? He didn't remember. Hell he barely remembered what he did the day before. "Nah, I usually clean it out every other year... bro?" He said with a tilt of his head as he shut his locker. "Do we know each other or something? Like I think I saw you in a class of mine last year. Maybe..." Levi squinted his eyes as he fixed his dorky glasses. "Or maybe it was someone else. I think so. I don't know. There's a lot of people" he said and stretched his arms above his head. "See you around blueberry hair" he said with a wave of his hand as he walked away from the lockers.

Levi really didn't have any plans, other than sleeping in the library. Heading to the room, he yawned again, checking his phone on the way. He didn't have many friends as he didn't get along with people. He was sarcastic and had a weird sense of humor. Not to mention he hated the fact his older brother was like the most popular human being in the entire town. He despised it. So Levi distanced himself from people, forgetting the names of most people within the same day. But it didn't bother him. The less people he was attached to, the better.

Which was why when he entered the library, he was thankful for his lack of a social life. He didn't have to meet up with anyone, all he had to do was find a desk in a corner and sleep through home room. The idea itself was solid enough. On the way, Levi noticed all the kids who weren't even reading, much like him. The only difference was that nobody was alone. They all had company. Huh. Must be a drag. In Levi's opinion, having friends at this school was the stupidest thing you could do. Once mistake and your life is over. Which is why the ash haired boy avoided becoming attached. Attachment in high school was overrated anyways. Most relationships in high school died immediately after graduation anyways.

Finding his desk in the corner, Levi plopped down in the seat and grabbed his emergency hoodie out of his backpack. Slipping it over his head, he laid down, earbuds in, blasting music loudly. Another year in hell. Of course he wasn't going to conform to the rules for another year. He was damn sick of it. Well not that he ever listened anyways. Even as a child the Hispanic boy never listened. He was constantly trying to be himself, have his own image, own identity, instead of the failed shadow of his perfect prince like brother. "I hate school"

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Moon Tae Kyung

The more he listened to Levi, the more it dawned on him of why he wanted nothing to do with anything involving him. The only perk he had besides his dorky appeal was his overly talented older brother. Tae became slightly pissed off at the nickname given to him and the fact that he had no idea who he was. No matter what happened most people knew of him as angel amongst mere mortals or the one that gets around often regardless of social standing. Tae clicked his tongue as Levi took his leave and readjusted his bag over his shoulders and spoke out loud, "He's such an ass, no wonder he's a loner."

Tae felt his phone buzz silently in his pocket and quickly fished it out, it was a text from his sister with a selfie of her leaning on his car that said 'what happened to us riding together TaeTae?'. It was always nice that they had been pretty close ever since her family welcomed him in but he had completely forgotten about giving her ride on the first day of school. He laughed as he read the text and responded, telling her to hurry up before she ended up late since she usually spent most of her time hanging outside and talking to everyone she knew. Tae leaned his back against the lockers and scrolled through his social media as he went through the unread notifications.

Anyone near the lockers

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Golden State of Mind

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Savannah sat at her vanity applying highlight to her defined cheekbones with her favorite fan brush. She was finishing the last touches of her makeup and was about to continue on with her everyday morning routine which included waking up, doing a few minutes of morning yoga, cleansing her face, choosing an outfit, doing her hair and makeup, catching a slight breakfast, and driving to school, when her dad opened the door and walked in with Dakota and Sushi trailing behind him. He was the headmaster of the school, and he took it very seriously. Her father wore a suit everyday to school, and he was usually the first of the staff to get there. He made it clear that he was in charge and that the school would not even exist without him.

"Hey honey, just wanted to wish you good luck this school year before I leave. You know I'm expecting the best from you," he said as he walked towards her vanity to give her a quick kiss on the forehead. "Are you ready? Make me proud."

"Yeah, of course I'm ready. When haven't I been?" she lied ignoring the the giant pit of guilt sitting at the bottom of her stomach. "Anyway thanks, but you should probably get to work now- don't wanna make you late on the first day. I'll see ya later."

"That's my girl! I should get going now. Your coffee is downstairs. Love you," he said as he left her room.

Once her father left, Savannah sighed and looked at herself in the mirror, "Just one more year... then I'll be off to Julliard." She took one last look at herself before getting dressed in her favorite romper.

Every year Savannah was excited and ready to start the school year, but this year was different. As she made her way downstairs, she thought of the reasons why she wasn't looking forward to this year. First off, she'd have to see her ex everyday and pretend everything was alright and that their friendship would work out. Second, she was still working on mending her relationship with her best friend, and hoping that she would be forgiven. Third, she went too far and caused a girl to lose their scholarship and move away.

The guilt of what happened to Amy Jacobs lingered on her and wouldn't go away. Even her matcha soy latte, which usually fixed up her mornings, couldn't help calm her thoughts. The whole time Savannah drove, she felt her guilt sink in more and more as she neared the school. Sure, Savannah had a right to fire back at Amy, but did she go too far? Amy had spread lies and rumors about her, try to ruin her reputation, accused her of things she didn't do, try to dethrone her, and tried to sleep her way to the top and take her spot. Savannah got a hold of those texts that Amy sent to the jocks which proved that Amy was plotting against her and sleeping with the jocks so that they would help her. Savannah only sent it to a few people, but eventually others sent it around to the whole school. The news got out, Amy lost her scholarship, and Amy moved out of the state in a week. Savannah tried to save herself, but she never meant for the texts to be sent to the whole school. She didn't realize how much power she had over people, and it scared her.

Savannah was so lost in thought that she didn't realize she was already pulling into the school parking lot. She parked her Mercedes convertible at her usual spot under the tree that was always left open for her and stepped out into the sun. The brunette grabbed her school cross-body bag and began towards the school. Students stopped and stared when they saw her step into the hall and lift her Ray-Ban aviators onto the top of her head. As she effortlessly made her way into the lockers, people automatically parted to let her through. The freshmen followed, obviously confused as hell.

"Who is she?" she heard a freshman say in awe. "Did she get her hair dyed?" another student whispered. "I heard she met a Spanish lover on her trip to Ibiza," muttered a student. "What? I thought she took a cruise to Santorini."

Savannah ignored the comments and continued on her way to her locker. She greeted and waved to the friends she passed. It was sorta an everyday routine.

"Hey Gabs, I've missed you," she said with a warm smile as she passed by a girl with purple braids.

She eventually made her way to her locker which was right next to her best friend Claire's.

"Heyyy you twooo," she sang sweetly as she approached Claire and Beck. "What'd I miss?" she asked with a genuine dimpled smile.

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jacob abbott
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jacob didn't understand why he constantly woke up early, maybe it was a habit he earned from his father or maybe his mother. maybe it was because his baby sister was usually up and crying at the stroke of four o'clock in the morning. whatever it was, jacob was staring at his off-white ceiling with a joint dangling from his lips, shirtless. dark bags formed underneath his brown eyes as he lost himself in thought, wondering about the big questions in life such as 'what is the purpose of life?' or 'is juno roberts hot or not?'. these were the important questions in life, especially the latter but before the young male could even light the joint that had been hanging between his lips, his frantic mother slammed the door open.

"jacob elliot abbott, get ye bloody ass out of bed an' get ready for school!"

the boy stumbled out of his bed in surprised, tripping over his dark sheets and falling to the ground with an oomph escaping from his lips. his mother's scottish accent flooded through her words as jacob's baby sister began to cry once more. in a huff, jacob's mother glared at her son once more before rushing off to stop the baby's crying. jacob stood up from the ground, dusting himself off before getting himself dressed in yesterday's clothes. the dark hair boy dodged the chaos his mother and baby sister caused, grabbing an apple on the way through the kitchen and quickly raced outside of the house into his clunky truck.

the ride to school was just like every other drive to school, fucking boring. the radio was static through most of the drive, only allowing jacob to pick up bits and pieces of sentences as he tried to listen to the radio. jacob slowly parked into a free space before jumping out of his seat and headed inside the dreaded building with his head hanging low.

jacob dodged his way through the sea of hormonal teens, listening to other students conversations as he made his way to his locker.

"she was so hot, bro."
"melissa is such a slut."
"i worked during the entire summer."

jacob finally found his locker after shooting away two blonde girls gossiping about their friend. he opened his locker and stuffed his bag into the locker without a care. his brown eyes trailed across the hall to see juno stalking claire and beck. a small smirk formed on his lips as he slammed the locker door shut.
"freak." he murmured before finding himself walking towards the girl.

"what the hell are you doing?" jacob asked with a raised brow, stuffing his large hands in his pocket.


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While Claire was practically lost in her usual Beck induced day dream, she failed to notice the one person she wasn't too thrilled to be around at the moment. Licking her lips, she made the distance between her and Beck much bigger than before, leaning against the lockers, her slender arms crossed. "Hey" she spoke casually as she messed with her bangs, lips pressed together tightly as she didn't feel like talking much. Honestly Claire had a hard time being around Savannah and Beck, especially when they were both together. It made her stomach twist in the more uncomfortable way and she just wanted to jump out a window.

"You didn't miss much but I have to go. I guess Alex wants to sign us up for a competition or something so I should go and help her" Brushing her dark hair over her shoulder she smiled. "See you guys later" Her usual blank expression adorned her soft and innocent features as she turned her back on the two students and began to walk away. 'Just don't look back or think about it. There's nothing you can do or say that'll make it better'. Claire had to tell herself that every time she saw either of them. She was still upset. She was hurt more by those two than she had been by anyone, well anyone other than her father. It just made her feel like she really should've minded her own business in middle school and not have gotten mixed up with either student.

The sound of the intercom turning on barely caught Claire's attention as she walked down the hall, clearly not going to meet up with anyone, having just wanted to get away from the pair. "Good morning students of Westview! It's a wonderful day isn't it? I mean the sun is shining, we've got new students, everything. It's beautiful. You all got your schedules right? You're finding your way around the school right?" The voice was one that Claire hadn't heard before. But she didn't think much of it, she just kept walking. "Everyone had a good summer right? Well I certainly had a great summer. It was filled to the brim with secrets I never thought I would find out about."

Slowly stopping, the Korean female raised an eyebrow, clearly confused by what the feminine voice was talking about. "You all know our beautiful Korean princess Claire Taylor right? She's like a mini queen. She's good at dancing, music, and singing. Not to mention she can speak two languages. Pretty impressive right? Only that 4.0 didn't help her much this summer. Our dearest princess has been starving herself over summer. Well honestly her anorexia started due to the traumatizing relationship of the people she trusted the most. Speaking of trusted people, did you know that neither of her precious best friends Beck and Savannah noticed? How the hell didn't you notice your friend drop to under 100 pounds? Remember honey, nobody wants to sleep with skin and bones. Even he will get turned off by it eventually"

SCROLL DOWN (btw strong language will be used)
"Speaking of which, our queen, our beautiful ruler, Savannah Madison is much more of a devil than we thought. Other than showing Claire up in everything, she got into a bit of trouble, but she obviously wasn't caught. At least not till now. Our precious queen caused the scholarship student Amy Jacobs to drop out of the school. That's right. This girl went as far as getting black mail on this precious student and sent them out to different students. Now I'm sure she will say that she didn't mean for it to get that out of hand, but it wasn't like she wanted her to stay. But why does she have to the right to ruin this poor girl's life? When she herself should be the one paying for the pain and betrayal she's inflicted upon the student body? You know what I'm talking about my darling queen"

"While betrayal and self harm are one thing, becoming a mom in high school is another. Most of you guys probably don't know her. She blends in with the damn walls of this school. But she so cute, it's a shame nobody notices her. Veronica Hawthorne is the registered nerd at this school. Great grades and cute looks. But that's it. I mean other than the fact she decided to be some hot guy's tutor this summer, only to get knocked up by him. At least he was cute and not your teacher. Because then you'd be too mainstream. You belong in the shadows babe. You were put there, so it's best that you stay there"

"Now sweet sweet darling Gabrielle Chase, nobody would ever peg you for a bad girl right? You're too sweet, too innocent, too pretty to ever do anything wrong. Only you didn't do anything. In fact you were the one getting done. Yes, ladies and gentlemen it seems sex is the only thing on these kids' minds these days. This lovely hipster slept with her own future step brother. Of course it's not like they slept together before their parents were seeing each other, oh no. They had sex the day before the wedding. Nothing says official like church bells. That's one hell of a 'welcome to the family' gift sweetie"

"Of course nothing say high school more than drugs. Now I'm sure you all are aware that Miranda Merna is the chick to go to when you need a fix. She's got everything you want. It's just drugs and more drugs. Such a good little girl. Though it's not like she picked this up out of nowhere. Oh no. She learned from someone super close. Her mother. Yes, her mother is a fuck up just like her. Spending all Miranda's money on her own drugs. What does it feel like, having to take care of your drug addict mother that spends all of your cash for her drugs? Does it make you feel special? Or does it remind you that you don't belong in anything good or innocent?"

"Rosalia Martinez, you have such a beautiful tumblr page. It's always up to date with the coolest things. Hell, even I am an avid fan. You'll make it big one day. Or at least you would if it weren't for the fact you majorly screwed up. Now it might just be me, but I'm pretty damn sure that breaking into the head of the school's house and totally ruining it with spray paint and every other goddamn thing on this planet is bad and illegal. You should really think more carefully next time. One wrong will get you a slap on the wrist. But two, well I'm pretty sure you'll land that cute ass in an orange jumpsuit if you aren't careful enough."

"Juno Roberts. I'm a really big fan of your's. Like for real. If I wasn't so busy learning all about your shit life, I'd have time to buy your artwork. Oh well. But honestly, I'm pretty sure this artist needs to be given a round of applause. Have you ever been able to paint correctly while high? Well this girl could probably do it if she was higher than ever and had just down three beers. She's a beast. But sometimes that beast needs to be contained. Hitting someone and being too much of a fucking loser to check to see if they are okay is oh so wrong. You hit a person and without a second thought you sped off. You are such a fucking coward. Why would anyone waste their time with you? That's right, nobody does anyways"

"She's hot. She's talented. And she fucked with our English teacher. Now I usually wouldn't spill the beans on who is sleeping with who, but Mr. Meyer gave me a C+ on my paper so I really don't give a shit. Our precious and talented journalist Rosalie Voss has been writing shit about everyone in this damn school. She doesn't care. And now we know why she suddenly became the head writer for the newspaper. She's been sleeping with the man in charge. Great priorities babe."

"Wow that was a lot. But I'm not done yet. Did you know that Levi Garcia is a literal failure in this world? He was a mistake. His family doesn't want him. It's clear as day. Oh I'm sorry, you don't know who I'm talking about? I'm talking about the punk ass kid who can't get out of his brother's fucking shadow for a single second. In order to get payback, this kid bought a shit ton of drugs from none other than our resident dealer and hid them in his brother's room. Levi got a summer of freedom and his school year free of his brother, who is at home under house arrest. Fair trade right?"

"Whores are unavoidable but this one is the worst I've come across. He's gay as fuck by the way, but he's also the biggest slut I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Sleeping with whoever he pleases, this boy doesn't care. Why should he? He's got one bitchy ass attitude and a set of pipes that some people consider angelic. I on the other hand think he's just another whore that wants to be popular. It fits doesn't it? Tae-Kyung Moon, what do you have to say for yourself? Other than you shouldn't be too eager to do a guy when the only reputation you have relies on your mouth."

"Kurt Deville. God is he hot or what? Well not only hot, but he has one hell of a temper. Kurt would rather kick your ass into the '90's than actually make a friend. However this bully has more issues than you would think. Aka he doesn't even know who his dad is. Perks of having a slut for a mom. Now this would explain why he's such a dick to everyone. I mean who wouldn't? Most kids know who their parents are. But you, you are just a bastard son that doesn't belong anywhere in this world"

"Beckett De la Rosa is honestly so funny and cute. You've got everyone wanting to date you. Hell, even the queen was interested in you. But you've got a bit of a problem. You know Juno right? I mean you two were pretty tight right? Well looks like that bond doesn't fade. You heard that she hit a guy right? As he was walking home? Rest assured that honestly it was pretty much your fault. Just like Juno, you got into an accident. While you didn't hit anyone, you totaled this guy's car and sped away without a second thought. If only you had paid more attention, then maybe he wouldn't be in the hospital now"

"I'm getting low on kids, so sad. But Nero Mills certainly doesn't disappoint. This resident hottie certainly is the casanova of our school. Too bad he took it too far at a party this summer. Slipping a little something into a hot girl's drink is pretty low. Like who the fuck even does that? Looks like even this boy is so desperate he has to drug someone to sleep with them. What did he do to her? Oh sweetie, I certainly won't tell you. Not yet anyways. It's too good to tell you now, after all, I'm not that fair."

"Last but certainly not least, Jacob Abbot. You're like the king druggie honestly. I mean in my opinion. Hot, fucked up, pretty much every girl's dream guy. But you come with more baggage than you let on. How does it feel to find out you're adopted? I mean it must be pretty shitty. Your parents were never your parents. Sure they raised you, but they created the monster that you are today. That must suck right? Being such a burden on people who wanted you, and being the product of a couple who wanted nothing to do with your existence. Sucks right honey?"

"Now that's all. It was such a fun summer, I'm sad it's over. But don't worry, I have so much more in store for you babes you won't even know what hit you. I hope you enjoyed your summer as much as I did. Because I'm going to expose every terrible thing you've ever done. Say goodbye to the life you lived, and say hello to Hell. Let's see who manages to survive. Till next time lovelies~"

To say she felt sick was honestly an understatement. Claire wanted to throw up and die in a corner. She couldn't handle the disgusted stares she was getting. So what, she skipped a few meals here and there and lost weight. But she was okay. Nobody said that she was sick or anything, She was fine. But everyone was looking at her like she was really odd. She was no longer the intimidating girl everyone had come to know. Claire had been reduced to 99 pounds of insecurity as she pushed her way through the crowd and towards the place that she knew nobody would bother her. It was the old music room and it was in the part of the school that most of the storage rooms were. But that room, it was the only place Claire knew she would be able to be alone in and breathe. It was the only escape she had and knew she could be safe in.

Gentle brown eyes were filled with tears as she finally stumbled into the hallway where her 'escape' was. Her chest was tight, no it was on fire. She couldn't breathe properly. The voice seemed to follow her everywhere as it exposed so many people. People she knew and people she didn't know. Friends and enemies. Even Beck. Why would someone do that? What did these students do to someone to make this happen. Claire couldn't tell you. All she knew was that as soon as she closed the door of the empty classroom behind her, hot tears rolled down her slightly round cheeks that she absolutely hated. Slowly her body lowered to the floor, knees drawn to her chest, shoulders shaking softly. Claire hated herself, and that hate for herself, it was now painted on her, for everyone to see and to judge. She wished that she had never gone back to school and instead moved like she originally planned to.

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Moon Tae Kyung

When the strange announcement had started, Tae was trying to figure who the hell in this school was savage enough to put those poor kids on blast. He found himself shaking his head but chuckled at the messed up way that everyone's business was being put out for the whole school to hear. It was comforting to find out that everyone had a really fucked up summer and that their secrets were worse, "Damn that has to suck to have the whole school know how shitty you are. That's a horrible way to start your last-" Tae went deathly quietly when he heard his name finally being mentioned and he felt the eyes of those around him. In that moment, he regretted ever having a youtube channel that was under his real name. The more the voice spoke, the redder his face became from embarrassment and shame as the students faces changed from shock to utter disgust.

The roast announcement finally came to an end and he kicked off from his locker heading in the direction Claire scampered off to. Tae walked hastily while his hair hid the unshed tears of frustration as some of the students made gagging noises when he passed them. "What the hell did I do to cause this! One more year, I just had one more year until I could leave and never deal with anymore petty high school drama I know Claire knows who did it, she must be pretty close to the snitch since they knew all about her and bs friends," he aggressively whispered to himself the more he walked. Tae took in his surroundings and realized that he was getting close to the old music room that they closed off their freshman year due to its smaller size. He basically rammed into the door and scanned the room,
"I know you're in here Claire, I want answers now about what that actual fuck just happened out there! Who made that announcement?"


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The laughter that left the six foot Spaniard was warm as he lowered the smaller girl. He'd noticed that she felt lighter but chose to brush the thought off. Beck usually got guesses wrong and somehow he always ended up getting scolded whenever he did speak his mind. It was like a curse to be the guy that's always bright and funny, but at the same time it had it's perks because he made some great friends along the way, Claire being the best.

"I couldn't be Mom," Beck commented, his Spanish accent crisp although it had faded a bit over the years due to him trying to perfect the American ways. "She gets up so early in the morning. I don't know how she does it." For years Beck has gone to Taylor household for God knows what. His and Claire's hangout spot was usually her place and while the plans are usually to chill and watch a movie, somehow he always found himself waking up the next morning by her mom--whom he calls Mom now since he practically lives their.

He shook his head with a smile when Claire brought up his morning. "Nala woke me up but that's probably because I slept fifteen minutes passed my alarm." At this point in his life, he didn't know why he still used a morning alarm when his dog practically thought it was her duty to wake him up. "I'll see someone after my study period. Coach said he's going to make me swim nonstop since I missed morning practice." It was joyous to have a coach that cared so much, yet was stern like a degrading father. Beck honestly didn't have a problem with making up for practice but first period was his study period and he really didn't feel like swimming at that moment.

His ear then tickled and for a second Beck thought he'd heard something directed towards him. Curiously, he turned his head to the side and noticed a very familiar face, one that dated back to lame movies and homemade burgers and fries. He offered the dirty blonde girl a small smile, which was what he always did when he and Juno crossed paths. Their friendship was long gone by now, like a forgotten memory that's actually impossible to forget. There was nothing he could really do to mend their relationship either, after all he was the reason they'd drifted apart in the first place. Perhaps he was just to cowardly to say anything, though.

The sound of people shuffling away attracted the teen's attention to the doorway, where another familiar face was strutting her way towards the two. "Morning, Savannah," Beck greeted, his smile still in place although it had faltered slightly. It felt strange being around the girl because of their past dating history. Normally, the girls he dated would cut off relations after breaking up, but with Claire being their mutual best friend, it was difficult to not do that. Them dating clearly put a strain on the trio's friendship, which was understandable from either direction. However, Beck was too oblivious to realize that his best friend had probably gotten the worst of it.

After Claire had spoken, Beck waved her goodbye as she walked away. He couldn't really remember whom Alex was and it kind of bothered him that he didn't remember one of Claire's acquaintances. It made him feel slightly terrible, but he prioritized Savannah in an attempt to forget it. "Nothing much but coach said he was able to fall his one friend to get that Olympic swim recruiter to come watch me for a couple weeks." His smile was big and clearly thrilled, but the sudden intercom turned it into one of curiosity. When he heard Claire's name being mentioned, his heart instantly dropped.

Was that why she's been feeling so light? It's our fault? But why? Beck had frantically thought to himself, wide eyes looking at Savannah's in shock. A second later he was already rushing through the halls in search of his friend. The girl on the intercome was going through people, spilling their secrets like a lottery as he did so. He'd never felt so appalled by act before and the fact that he knew and was either close or used to be close to these people was insane. That was when he heard his own name, his feet instantly stopping and his body suddenly feeling like a thousand tons of sorrow.

It was something he really, really wanted to throw away into the darkest parts of his mind. He was high off his ass when the accident happened and the road was so narrow when he was driving through. His left hand had pulled a bit too strongly and hit the car into a nearby pond. Beck was more scared about being caught on drugs than totaling a car at that moment. That's a normal reaction, right? But Juno... Juno actually hit someone because of him. That's so much more worse than what he did.

The heaviness of his body drove him towards the school's indoor pool. Water was the only place he felt safe at, and as much as he wanted to go to his friends and apologize to Juno, his body felt too heavy. After changing into the school's swimming uniform, Beck searched through his backpack and pulled out a small, blank canister. His hazel green eyes stared at it in hesitance before popping it open, taking a pill, and then diving into the cool depths of what he wished was a dream.
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Beckett De la Rosa
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still engrossed in her intense people-watching, juno hadn't noticed that she received a text until about two minutes later, when she--like most teenagers do--felt the urge to check her phone. a closed-lipped smile lit up her face as she opened her phone, thumbs tapping away at a response to the text.

"me, casting a curse!? what!? no, of course not. i mean, if i was casting a curse, it'd be that school just ended right now, and left us in summer. definitely! let me just grab my stuff from my locker!" juno sent the text, then shoved her phone back into the pocket of her shorts, and turned away to put in her locker combination.

while putting in her combination, she didn't notice that a familiar boy was stood next to her, smirking. he always had that damn smirk on her face, and half of the time she didn't know whether to kiss him or smack him. juno's gaze flickered to meet his warm chocolate eyes, then flickered back to her locker. her attempt at acting like she didn't care for his presence was horrible, considering the fact that her heart threatened to come out of her chest.

"i'm not doing anything. i'm simply putting my locker combination and watching my best friend and my... friend, pretend like they don't like each other. is that a problem, abbott?" she asked, not looking at him. jacob was one of those guys that no matter how hard you tried not to, you ended up crushing on him. and he was either too oblivious, or he knew and didn't care.

"i-i have to get to hom-" juno stopped talking when the intercom went off. an unfamiliar voice sounded, and her first thought was that either some freshman was asked to do it, and there was a new member to the school administration. something about the announcement--either the voice or the words--sent a chill down juno's spine and made her toes curl. then, one by one, a handful of students were exposed to the entire school.

juno included. as soon as the secret of the car accident was sent to the entire school, dirty looks were being sent her away. finally, she looked up at jacob whom held an unreadable expression. eight names had gone by, some of their worst secrets exposed, but the anonymous voice was not done yet. a sob was caught in juno's throat, hot tears threatening and pushing against confused blue eyes.

then, she felt betrayed far more than she was confused. her head snapped to where beck was, now alone since claire had run off. it was his fault. his fault for the car accident. his fault that she could've killed someone. juno balled her hands into fists, and was just about to walk over to beck to give him a piece of her mind, but he was gone, and she had no clue where.

she was stood in the middle of the hallway, surrounded by a bunch of angry and confused students, but they all had the same look. how could the sweet and kind artist do such a thing? she was a sobbing mess, and in under ten minutes of arriving to school.

"what the fuck, juno? you're a druggie and a murderer?" were it not for the comment she just made, juno would've considered evelyn figueroa to be a good friend of hers. the two often bonded over art. juno stared at evelyn, frantically shaking her head.

"i-i-i can't do this. i need to leave. i-" juno ran off down the hallway, looking for the closest exit. she couldn't think about how much pain the other students were in. she couldn't think about how much trouble she'll be in. she could only think about how hard it was getting to breathe, and how if she wasn't outside in the next few seconds, she could faint.

not once did she let a tear spill.

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Gabrielle Chase

Gabby turned around to hear Savannah greet her. "Sup girl" she said as she turned back to her locker. She heard an announcement on the intercom, but she just turned away. Usually she doesn't listen to morning announcements, but something was different about this one. The voice wasn't recognizable and it didn't mention the regular reminders. Instead the mystery person starting spitting out other peoples secrets. Gabby heard a few of her friends names, but not hers. She started walking in the direction that Savannah went to check on her. The more secrets she heard, the more nervous she got. 'Could they reveal my secret?' She thought. She finally saw her friends in the crowd, but stopped dead in her tracks once she heard her name. Gabby froze and looked around to see other students looking at her. Even the confused freshman gave her dirty looks, and they didn't even know her. "Who knew she was a slut" she heard a girl near by said. Tears were starting to form in her eyes and before anything else happened she ran down the hall.

Gabby ran into the girls bathroom. Once she rushed into a stall, she burst into tears. "My life is completely over" she said to herself. Her makeup was ruined at this point and her eyes were more red from the tears. She could still hear the intercom outside the bathroom. "How could this happen? I didn't tell no one" she sobbed. Gabby finally left the stall and walked up to the mirrors. She looked like a mess. Gabby closed her eyes and wished for it to be over. This was like a never ending nightmare for her.

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beep, beep, beep. beep, beep, be-.
The loud screech of an alarm clock, followed by the slam of the snooze button echoed annoyingly throughout the bedroom of an already awake teenager. Sometimes she wondered why she still left it on, considering the fact she did not sleep very much. Rosie basically lived in front of her laptop, staying awake for hours while writing her next article that was meant to capture the eyes of those that attended school with her. Sure, it probably wasn't the most healthy option to stay awake for so many hours on end but the girl had no one to impress so she could look how she wanted.

She had never been the one that everyone sought out, hell not even her mother gave a shit about what went on in her life. That was the whole reason she'd gotten into writing, to express her feelings without being known and still being recognized. Her only friends were her laptop, her journal, and the beloved Avery. He was the family she'd wished she had been able to have. He was the only person who asked about her day. Even if it wasn't the army of friends that followed people like Savannah and Claire around, he was all she needed. He didn't bash her for writing about others and he didn't judge her. He made her life a little less lonely.

After showering and getting ready for school, the girl was on her way. She had a car but didn't know how to drive so it usually just sat in the large garage that was the size of a small home with two levels. It was a clear demonstration of just how much money her mother had. Instead, she preferred to walk, her messenger back at her side as she entered the learning facility. Her thick glasses rested a bit lower on her nose as she navigated through the hall, her gaze to the ground while keeping an open ear to any buzz. Being it was the first day of school she was hoping people were unrolling all the gossip from the summer. Of course, she hadn't really seen her only friend during the vacation so just for today she would find him before the scoop.

With a gentle push of the door, she made her way into the library, the strong smell of old books hitting her nose a little too suddenly, causing a dainty sneeze to erupt from her nose. Of course her bad luck caused a canyon of blood to begin descending from her left nostril, causing Rosie to immediately bring her hands to her face. A small whisper escaping her lips before leaning her head back. "I hate life... honestly." A few drops lingering on her shirt as she approached the male, her nosebleed coming to a smooth end not without having left it's mark. Pulling a tissue from her bag she took a seat. "Are you incognito now? I thought that was my thing.."
"don't you understand? i have nothing but this newspaper."
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Softly crying to herself, knees pulled up to her chest, Claire tried to forget everything that happened. She really didn't know what to do or how to respond. It took her a bit before she recovered from the utter shock of the announcements and took a moment to compose herself. "I should find Beck and Juno" Claire mumbled to herself, more worried about her friends than anything. Of course she was mortified about what had been told about her, but she didn't want to focus on herself. Like usual, she didn't try to think about herself. She thought about her friends. How much they were hurting, how much they needed a shoulder to cry on.

Pulling her phone out of her pocket, Claire sniffled slightly, checking her makeup, wiping away the smudged eyeliner before standing up. Dusting herself off, she cleared her throat, smoothing down her hair. "You're fine Claire Taylor. You can get past thi-" Her motivational talk was cut off by the loud noise of a door connecting with the wall behind it. Jumping in surprise, the small girl looked at who would so violently open a door. Well her curiosity was murdered when she heard the familiar voice. "Tae-kyung, what the Hell are you doing? You know you can actually break shit if you are so violent" Claire spat out as she picked up her backpack and slung it over her shoulder. "Also to answer your rather rude question, I don't know who made those announcements. If I did, do you really think I would be trying to have some fucking alone time? Now if you don't mind, I'd like to get back to my life instead of wasting time with you." Her words weren't as harsh as usual but that was because she was more concerned about her friends than being like her usual self.

Pushing past the tall Korean, she only stopped for a moment and turned around. "Also, if you speak to me again, don't expect any form of civil conversation. I don't like it when brats throw temper tantrums over things nobody has control of. See you in class" Brushing her hair over her shoulder, Claire walked down the hallway, head held high, not daring to look at anyone directly. She was putting on a front of being confident, unaffected by the situation at hand, but inside, she wanted to run away. Her composure was quickly disappearing as she made her way towards the place closest to her. The pool.

Her legs felt heavy as she approached the location of the school's indoor pool. Anxiety, worry, fear, it was swallowing her confidence whole as she turned the doorknob and pushed into the room. She could hear the breaking of the water as someone swam in it, chlorine harshly stinging her nose. Swallowing thickly, Claire walked to the pool, setting her bag down on one of the benches. Her heart could only hammer in her chest as she raised her head to finally take in her surroundings. She wasn't a huge fan of pools because she felt very nervous around them (she blamed the horror movies) but still she would watch Beck's practices and go to his meets to cheer him on.

But this time it was different. She had to help him with something that she hadn't dealt with before. He was involved in an accident. That would've been easy to comfort him honestly, just hitting someone's car, nobody got hurt. But the driver did get hurt because he was walking and Juno, well that was another thing she had to deal with. However Beck was so fragile in Claire's mind, she didn't know how he would handle it if she even tried to speak to him. Maybe she should just hug him? She didn't know, but soon enough, her shoes and socks were off and she was sitting on the edge of the pool, feet in the water. Warm, dark brown eyes, the color of fresh espresso, were locked on Beck as he swam. Claire didn't want to rush him, she wanted him to come out of the pool and come to her once he was ready. But she would probably draw the line once she got tired of sitting on the hard ground.

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Moon Tae Kyung

Once the overly rude Claire brushed by him, he'd finally realized how bad the ones placed on the top of the hierarchy were. They didn't give a single damn about anyone besides their own friends, screw the rest of the kids that had been harmed by this shocking revelation. Tae stood with his back flush against the old door that barely managed to hang onto it's rusted hinges. If news of this reached his parents it would be hell for Tae, sure they were open minded about gay kids but they would not accept one of their own being a 'homo'. It was a sick double standard that brought Tae to the breaking point of tears.

While he stood their choking on his sobs it was at that moment he realized how truly alone he was. No one in that school gave a damn about him or the inner turmoil he'd been dealing with ever since he had begun to question his own sexuality. Tae released a frustrated scream and felt his phone blow up with concerned texts and calls from his sister. He couldn't even find the strength to reply to her questions and threw his phone at the wall in anger and watched it bounce off without any damages due to the life proof case on it. Tae felt heavy yet empty at the same, his feet seemed to be glued to the floor while he felt as if this was horrible dream that he was unable to wake up from. It was silent as he slumped to his hands and knees while he screamed out in the hope ridding himself of the sickening feeling that seemed to come from his heart.


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Honestly speaking, Avery didn't hear much of the beginning of the announcements, but he certainly heard the rest. It really wasn't on purpose. His earbud fell out of his left ear, meaning the damn voice woke him up as it was surprisingly more distracting than his A+ quality music. Rubbing his stormy grey eyes, Avery sat up a bit more, fingers lost in his mess of dark blonde/brown hair. "Some people really have no nerve" He mumbled, another yawn escaping him. You see, half of the names that were called fell upon deaf ears. Now if the person said "Death Bear" or "Bo Peep" or "Macaronnie" then immediately the male would've known who they were talking about. But damn full names, he wasn't awake enough to deal with that shit.

Once the announcements ended, Avery sighed, slouching in his seat again. He really didn't care that he had been exposed as a liar. His brother was on lock down and technically nobody had any proof that he bought the drugs and hid them in Simon's room. So there was no problem. For awhile he just rested on the table again, not really caring about the people who were entering and leaving the library, nor the chatter about all the secrets that were revealed. However Avery did lift his head when he heard a familiar voice. Smiling lazily at the short female who stood beside him, he couldn't help but roll his eyes.

"Yes Bo Peep, today I decided to be like you. Hiding in a corner is really super fun" He teased before yawning and stretching his arms above his head. "But you know we should really find a new thing to do. Like maybe we should ditch school today" Avery suggested casually, not mentioning the fact that he had heard about how Rosie had been boning with their English teacher. "Or we could hide in like a trashcan or the bushes all day. The demon doesn't return from his mountain adventures for a bit so I mean, that means we can have quality time together."

For once Avery wanted to be a good friend and protect whatever reputation Rosie had left by keeping her out of the lime light. He didn't want to see her get hurt by others, and he knew that bullies would be bullies and she would end up having to talk to the principal about the whole ordeal, but he figured spending time with her was the best thing to do. "Blooding from the nose again? What'd you do? Read yaoi while coming to school?" Laughing at her slightly reddened nose, he stood up, trying to help wipe away whatever blood was left. He really needed to get a hobby.

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