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Experiences What was your first rp? :3


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argh! I remember mine like yesterday XD it was about magical knights being trained on a floating island and fighting, everyone was so nice to me as a newcomer even though i sucked at that time XD haha. I still remember some characters and the gm XD Kalin Scarlet Kalin Scarlet


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Oh man, I remember my first RP quite well too. I think I was around 13 at the time- and I had no idea what RPing was. I wasn’t quite sure what OCs were or what character I was supposed to play as either XD

(I should also mention that my first language isn’t English so I struggled greatly with communicating in this language back in the day. My spelling was, overall, plain horrible and my understanding of the replies... yikes.)

Anyways- it was a Harry Potter RP and boy oh boy did it end fast. I think it lasted about 3 days? It wasn’t because my partner ghosted me though- we just decided to leave it as a ‘one shot’: a small, finished episode about a day in our characters’ lives. The RP was on another site, on an account I have forgotten the name of so, sadly, I can’t go back to it and cringe at my 13 year old self.

I quit RPing after that since I couldn’t really see the appeal... only to pick this hobby up again, around 4 years ago I believe?

Anyways, I’m still very grateful towards my first partner who was patient and nice towards me, despite how much I sucked XD

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My first roleplay was the epitome of everything bad about a roleplay. I basically played a self-insert and used brackets. Certainly not my proudest moment, but hey, thirteen-year-old me was LOVING it.


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My first RP was in another site, a digimon forum RPing site, which had a bit of a different system from RPN. The system there is that you make a single character per account, and the whole site is one huge roleplay, with individual threads being just a segment of it.

The character I was playing in that roleplaying was a wild digimon, no human partner, but currently lost in the human world. He'd made his home in a polluted river, as he was quite content with literally eating the trash. There he encountered a human and his partner, and confronted them due to being territorial, only to put a pathetic display and ultimately get invited to the guy's home out of pity.


My first roleplay on RPN was different. It was a simple fantasy roleplay in which I played a character that was an Alphonze Elrich (I'm not sure if that's how you spell it, but eh) from full metal alchemist RIP off (with a bard class attached) and my partner some kind of elf, I'm not super sure about else there was about her. It was a simple adventure sort of roleplay, but it ended fairly quickly and accidentally, as I accidentally caused my partner's character to commit suicide, which in turn we decided would be the end of the roleplay.

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argh! I remember mine like yesterday XD it was about magical knights being trained on a floating island and fighting, everyone was so nice to me as a newcomer even though i sucked at that time XD haha. I still remember some characters and the gm XD Kalin Scarlet Kalin Scarlet
Aww you're making me blush! I'm glad I was able to make a memorable experience for you ^~^

Since I'm posting here, I may as well share my own experience...

It was a Dragon Ball RPG that the creator had homebrewed with rules for creating techniques, racial stats and abilities, and all kinds of cool stuff. We played on a wiki back then. My first character was a Saiyan-Android hybrid named Moeru (don't ask me what that was supposed to mean, I don't even know how to properly pronounce it some days). He was created to be a merciless killing machine, like androids in that world usually are, but one of the scientists responsible for him helped him escape, and even raised him as their child, until they were killed for it.

At first, Moeru was just a character from K, with a bunch of fire based techniques and a giant sword forming in the sky above him when he went all out. But eventually, I changed his moveset into a variety of sword based techniques, with the ability to counter attacks and, as his ultimate move, turn a single attack into a possibly infinite flurry of sword strikes.

Moeru went from being one of the weakest characters in the cast of 20 or so characters when he appeared, to perhaps the third strongest on the wiki by the time we reset everything. He was married, twice (marriage being the method by which we could make new characters) and had two children, both of whom became legendary, a status characters could get upon being created that basically supercharged their racial abilities and transformations.

i have so many stories I could tell about that game... I miss it sometimes, along with all the people I met, back then.


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Lol my first rp was on another site and was a 1x1 about a group of campers whom had wandered into the territory of a vicious chupacabra. I was inexperienced and all of my characters died 😅 Fun times.


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Mine was a roleplay about wolves in space O.o it's as bad as it sounds
I was eleven and didn't understand how roleplays worked so I kept getting in trouble (and eventually kicked out) for making other people's characters do completely unrelated things to what they were posting about...


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[div=line-height: 14px; font-size: 13px; text-align: justify; text-transform: lowercase;]oh fuck okay so.
oh boy, I was 13 at the time and had no knowledge of drp or erp. not that my partner (whose age I don’t remember but he was probably somewhere in his twenties) ever insinuated that our rp was going to eventually go there but...yeah.
anyways, it was your everyday high school rp where I played this feisty character with an a t t I d u d e who fell in love with his absolute sweetheart chara. It was so bad oml i remember I sent in a one liner in that one too it was wack and incredibly cliche bc at one point, an ex was introduced to add to the angst but her presence changed absolutely nothing (except maybe aggravate mc more.)
istg, ocs hadn’t even known each other for 2 in-game before the my partner’s chara started acting all “nervous” and giving mc “bedroom eyes.” it made me so uncomfortable dude you don’t even wanna know. I kinda may have ghosted the dude but like... I’m not mad cause at some point he started patronizing me for the way I talked in the public feed (i swore sm like I think I thought fuck was a decent substitute for a comma or smth) so yeah lol there’s that[/div]


My first rp was on a forum of my own that happened to get a rp section because frequent users decided to try roleplaying together. The forum itself was not about roleplaying.
It was a Harry Potter AU which took place during the rise of Voldemort. It was a group rp, the characters were divided into two 'factions': 'Voldemort and Co' and 'Hogwarts'. I was playing Voldemort and also some OC in Hogwarts faction.
It was full of op characters and OOC, but still fun. I even wrote a few fanfics based on it (and oh, re-reading those fanfics later was an unforgettable experience! I don't know how I came up with those ideas.)
Despite some lack of organization, it lasted for quite a while thanks to the core players that were really into it. Had a couple of reboots, but eventually died out.
I haven't roleplayed anything in Harry Potter fandom, or in a group rp of such big scale ever since, so this was my first and last rp like that.


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Depends on what roleplaying era you’re talking about.

If you’re talking about the good ol’ days on Pixie Hollow Online when little Erin roleplayed families and other such things not knowing what it was, then most likely it was a high school rp.

If you’re talking about the mistake that was roleplaying on the Monkey Quest forums, I’m not sure. There was a lot of roleplay like things floating around, but I guess you could say that the island survival where I played the worst cringefest of a self-insert character was my first “official” roleplay there.

If you’re talking about Roblox it was “Tear in the Multiverses: The Voice’s Event”. I joined very late in the lifetime of it, and it kicked off a lot of nonsense that I really regret. But, it got me into a world of crossover fandom roleplaying I might’ve otherwise not touched.

If you’re talking about Animal Jam, it was probably the whole pillow room thing where I pretended to be a baby and get “adopted”, or the opposite end of the situation where I was the adopter.

If we’re talking about this site, it was Skin to Scales, the sad trainwreck of the first thing I’ve ever GMed. It was a nice idea, but I’m the wrong person to run a roleplay.


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It was some time ago so I'm not sure exactly which one was first.

It was either a Vampire Knight roleplay where I played a cringey Asexual Succubus OR it was a dragon rider one-liner roleplay where I just played a fairly bland character who was a dragon rider.


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Oh my goodness (I think that's everyone's immediate reaction to their first rp XD), I remember mine all too well because I was soooo confused. This was back to when I was 14 years old and just made an account on Quotev (a writer's site, like Wattpad). I used to be super shy and hardly talked to people over the internet. But, when someone followed me, I couldn't help but to send them an appreciative message.
Me and this person continued talking about random things until suddenly he started putting scenarios into our conversations. Like him turning into animals and a random enemy appearing from nowhere. Honestly, at first, I thought he was crazy XD. Like, what the heck are you doing?? So, I didn't respond for a couple hours, and thought about never replying. But, deciding to give it a go, I tagged along on his journey that he for some reason made. I think it only lasted that day, but I thought it was fun once I figured out it was rp.
I used to play pretend a lot when I was a kid, like medieval, werewolves and vampires, animals, etc. And when that happened, I was like, "wait, I can continue doing that kind of stuff???" Thus began the long road of rp for me XD


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I'm still playing my first RPG.

I played the Anime Ghidorah in this god rp (really really great) and almost caused three apocalypses. And in an alternate timeline he actually caused two.

It's damn fun.

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Quotev! Which at the time was Quizzaz. It was a cringy script style group roleplay for fruits Basket. It was- baaaad. I believe my second one was a twilight first person roleplay and when I started dipping my toes into descriptive. Now I'm a pretty literate third person only roleplayer. XD

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The first roleplay I ever joined was on a wiki for warrior cats fan clans. It was called NightClan and I vividly remember struggling to complete the joining page, because it was just a wiki sheet and required you to edit in your cat's bio & personality. I accidentally did the edits at the top and the mods got mad at me for failing to comply with the "edit in your cs at the bottom of the page" rule.

The first "proper" roleplay in which I actually knew what I was doing was on the official Warrior Cat Forums (WCF, which shut down in August of 2016. RIP). It was called FrostClan and I played a character called Barrenpaw.
It's honestly comical how good I thought my roleplaying skills were, when in reality those posts should never have seen the light of day.​


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i'm just counting my first forum roleplay;

i was fresh off of roblox, new to a warrior cats site called wcrpg. i had no idea they had forums or roleplay groups at the time, so the concept of a forum was entirely new to me. i made a clan called lakeclan. i managed to figure out how to make a thread and character sheets, but it all goes downhill from there. i didn't get the concept of waiting for others to reply, so i kept writing post after post, and the majority of the thread was basically just me roleplaying with myself. the only time i would wait for others to reply without writing another post was when my character was interacting with others, which was pretty rare. i think i even had my character wander off if i decided the other people weren't replying quick enough to me, but i don't know. that was back when i was 12, so my memories are a bit fuzzy. i'm more surprised that i didn't get reported for spam, or that none of the people in that thread got annoyed with me, since the amount of posts i had in a row got pretty bad.
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I still vividly remember mine. It was in the 'Animorphs' chatroom on AOL. At first, everyone would only play canons - people would pop in the room and ask, (( Hey, is anyone playing Rachel here? )) or whatever other character, then jump in as an open character. Random, day-to-day interactions. I watched for probably a day or two? At least it seems so in my mind? Before I jumped in a RP as Ax. It was fun, but even then I didn't really care for writing canons.

At some point, not long later, people started writing their own OCs. Mostly all other Animorphs; I wrote one of the first OC Vissers (a villain) that I can remember on that scene. I think I was the only one for a while, because that only made it all the more fun, honestly. Everyone against me, freaking out when I entered the room. XD I've been addicted to writing villains since.


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Oh man, it was probably 12 years ago... I don't remember all the specifics, but it was one of those cheesy generic role plays that was like "You got a free ticket to an island vacation, but when you get there, you find out there's no vacation, and you're stranded with a bunch of other people! What happens next? Do you make friends? Enemies? LOVERS????"

It was really horribly done and all the replies were crappy one liners, but god I remember it was a lot of stupid fun with a large group of people. Though I'd never be able to do that again now, looking back on it makes me laugh and appreciate the simplicity of things. It was just good fun with a bunch of dumb young kids, and honestly that's what roleplay is all about.

It's actually why now, while I write gigantic paragraphs for responses now, I don't judge anyone based off of their roleplay style and defend the people who get a bunch of shit from literate role players. Everyone has a style, everyone has their preferences, rp is meant to be for fun! Let people do whatever they want with it, even if it isn't your cup of tea.

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I started role-playing about 14 years ago when I was around 11, so it's hard to remember which was my first, but I do remember it all taking place in AOL chatrooms. There was a Pokemon one where I played various annoying pokemon (I remember playing a Jigglypuff who thought too highly of herself when she was, in actuality, a nitwit who kept picking fights with others way too powerful for her and she bragged about "knowing her ABPs!"), a Harry Potter one where I played various OCs (and I remember playing a dog running rampant in the castle for some odd reason, and a house elf who had a pet dust bunny named Fubsy), and a general wolf one (our OCs got more and more ridiculous to where my wolf was pink and had huge white wings, oh God).

These all happened around the same time because I was obsessed with role-playing once I discovered it and couldn't get enough. Some things haven't changed, haha.


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I was maybe ten or eleven. Loved reading and writing and was bored one day, decided to join a website called Movie Star Planet (v v v cringey) and done a prison roleplay lmao. One liners all day long. I have come a long way from those days.


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I usually consider myself having been seriously roleplaying since about a year ago when I joined this site, but years earlier when I was 12 or so I did start doing roleplays on Neopets as, y'know, my neopets.

Pretty cringey looking back but everyone started out in cringey RPs, right? xD


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i'll give two examples, the first being the first thing i would count as a roleplay, and the latter being my first "official" rp

back in grade school (think 2nd to 4th grade) my friends and i would larp a number of different games, the first being a traditional medieval/fantasy setting. (i played an elven archer named lifia). a few other ones from the same friend group were: warriors, PvZ, and a dark fantasy/mage cult thing

however, my first official roleplay was on the Amino site. it was formed from a group of individuals- including myself- who were quite active in text-chat rps. we formed this chaotic chat which was eventually called ZHM. i do not remember the specifics, but i played no ocs- only a character from canon. the rp itself eventually became a psychotic mental hospital. we slowly left the chat, and ZHM was there-on used as another name for "hell"
(a few of us rejoined and gathered new people, creating the TAF rp. stars above i have fond memories of TAF)

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