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Experiences What was your first Roleplay?

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My first Roleplay involved Undertale. It was so long ago I can’t really describe it.


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The most epic original story ever. Multiple spinoffs, people writing ENTIRE chapters that influenced and effected each others characters and chapters---even if the characters werent in the same place in the story. It was awesome.


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My first RP rodeo was a yugioh, halo, ocs high school AU.

That eventually weeded out all the high school and fandom and became a melodramatic family supernatural fantasy verse.


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fourm-wise, some warrior cats roleplay, didn't wait to be accepted or anything and went straight to posting four/five times in a row because writing multiple sentences in one post was a foreign concept to me. pretty sure i killed the thread.

before that, i just did a bunch of dumb rps on roblox and club penguin.

Optimus prime

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings
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fourm-wise, some warrior cats roleplay, didn't wait to be accepted or anything and went straight to posting four/five times in a row because writing multiple sentences in one post was a foreign concept to me. pretty sure i killed the thread.

before that, i just did a bunch of dumb rps on roblox and club penguin.
I’m not exactly great at rping with a bunch of sentences, but I’m working on it


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My first roleplay was one a site that worked a little differently from this one. It was a digimon fandom site where instead of making individual roleplays with their stories like here, the whole site was a huge interconnected roleplay and you simply made a character, got mod approval and made your own segments of the story as threads. In my first thread my character was lost in the human world and was literally living on garbage when they encountered a new digimon tamer whom they befriended.

There is a lot more to it, but that's the gist of it.


I think it was Harry Potter rp.
It was a group rp that took place on my own forum which had a rp section dedicated solely for this rp (kinda like Hosted projects here). It was set during the rise of Voldemort (prior to the main HP story and very AU-ish). I was GM, had a few co-GMs, and also I played two characters. One of them was Voldemort and another was a student in Hogwarts. Pretty much everyone played two characters - one in Hogwards (students or teachers) and one in Voldemort's faction. So we had two separate storylines that converged sometimes.
It was fun and I even wrote a fanfic based on that rp, which is still my only Harry Potter-related fanfic. I never posted it online aside from that forums, since it included other people's OCs as well, but I still keep it somewhere for the sake of nostalgia (and lulz).

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Warriors was my first rp, I pretty much was awful at the start till I made a few friends and they offered advice on how to improve my writing. Rped with them for a long time after that before eventually losing touch. It was great fun, just make a character and get straight to posting.


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My first RP ever was stumbling into the old WoD chats. It was a freeform room of an old cathedral. I started a vampire character with amnesia, because I barely knew what was going on. A mage befriended my vamp and gave me his dog when his char died. It was sweet. I kept the dog throughout learning what was going on and joining the official Camarilla game. I was the only one of the Sheriff's hounds that had a hound. heh


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I believe it was a Vampire Knight roleplay, my character was a "night/vampire" student. If not it was a dragon rider roleplay where my character was accepted into dragon rider school.
It started out as a beach party, turned into a fantasy story where some pirates from another kingdom came to the island to abduct a set of twins that were connected to some kind of magical essence thing (it is been a very long time I can't remember the exact details).

So the start of the RP follows these two pirate ships in pursuit of one another each of them having one of the twins on board, and both trying to get the other twin in their custody.

Eventually I believe one ship manages to get both twins. But that ship has been attacked by a sorceress. And this sorceress is trying to capture the twins and was the person who sent the other ship after the first ship.

And this sorceress is going to war against this big Grand kingdom that is ruled by three siblings.

The next part of the RP is this Grand magic fantasy battle, where one of the ruling princes dies and then he comes back and no one knows that it's him. And he gets involved with his siblings as like a soldier and like metals in their lives but they still don't know it's him and then he goes to war again and he is assumed dead. But he shows up again anyways and a whole bunch of drama happens and kids are born and people are together then not....

Then there's also this realm of limbo where characters who die go, because me and my partner couldn't just kill a character and let them just be dead. No we had to create a limbo world where Dead characters spirits go and in that limbo world there's like a dark and light realm/kingdom who are also kind of warring with one another and those two kingdoms are also heavily involved with the people in the mortal realm that are alive.

and people in the mortal realm can do a magic spell to bring the souls of the Dead back to their bodies and revive them and so we ended up with like a cast 60 characters and no one ever died and it was as massive dynamic klusterfuk of a story.
I'm about to voice to text this entire post and I'm not going to edit anything cuz I'm too lazy to edit all of that on my phone. . .maybe I'll go back and edit it when I get home and I'm at my computer but I apologize for the massive amounts of typos.

To be honest we did many many RP's where characters never died and there was a limbo realm. We also did many rps where there were like 15 + characters each and we jump between all these characters and all these places and spanned across an entire realm.

Like the second RP we did was set in a realm that had 10 different kingdoms spanning two large continents, add four different small island countries. There was also a fairy realm.

And the gist of the story was there was a human King trying to gather something like in 19 different souls together and sacrificing them in order to open the three differences celestial Gates that would allow him to contact the gods because his ultimate goal was to become a God himself and he felt he needed to beseech the gods for the power of the gods.

and he needed a specific set of 19 different people because they were born with the essence of the gates inside of them.

these 19 souls are scattered across the realm.

the three gates are one in the heavens, one in the mortal plane and one in the FAE realm.

and then it kind of filters down into several different groups of characters and their story.

There was a prince and he is to assume the throne when he turns 18 so on his 17th birthday he goes on a pilgrimage across the different continents and islands of the world. Yes very final fantasy 10 inspired. and he takes his two personal guards with him one of them is a lifelong childhood friend of his that has been with him since they were small children. And this friend happens to be the son of this human King and no one knows it.

this friend was spirited away by his mother the queen of the human kingdom who realize that he had magic powers but no humans have magic and all magic was banned from that kingdom and anyone found to have magic the king had murdered. so when she realized that her husband the king of the human realm is actually a magical being of some sort she fled with her son and left her child with the king and queen of the fire/lava inspired kingdom and then disappeared.

And as it turns out the son of the human king is one of the keys to open this magical gate.

And then there is a princess of a kingdom that is basically like Australia where I like all of the the prisoners of all the other realms or kingdoms were like sent to this island and a king rose amongst all the chaos and he just continues to take prisoners.

and the princess of this island likes to befriend the most dangerous and lethal of these prisoners and take them as her personal guard so she has like a combination of like the most dangerous personal guard and most threatening but also probably the most powerful yet still potentially the most unpredictable.

And then there's a princess that's heavily inspired by the czar's. Because this was during the time when I was in high school learning about Russian history so I had a real thing with the czar's and fucking I think the prince Alexander or whatever that had hemophilia. so the princess had that disease and she just wanted to get away and like live in the world but she was like sheltered and protected her entire life and she ends up fleeing with her personal guards and they're like being chased by a bunch of kingdom guards trying to get her back to the kingdom and she's also one of the core essences that the human King is trying to find.

And then there's also a princess from the fire lava kingdom, yeah sister to that previously mentioned prince. Yeah she went on a pilgrimage but she never ever really return home and it turns out she's working as an assassin trying to like hunt down people.

And then there's like these two friends on this one island and it's just like a desert islands like the whole island is a desert and all civilization either exists in underground cities or in a floating city that floats above this desert island so like the land itself is not like habitable. And these two characters fall from the City in the sky and are traveling through the desert but they're also being pursued by some of the human Kings assassin's and they end up befriending a grounder who lives under the ground and they're on their own like quest and like fleeing adventure.

and then there's another character who ends up figuring out that the Fey do exist and they locate the FAE gate that takes them to the FAE realm which has for the longest time been assumed to be locked and that the Fey just didn't exist. and when this character gets into the fairy realm she almost instantaneously activates all the souls for the Fey gate, but then she also becomes this super powerful entity that now has like ten individuals surrounding her and are like these really powerful Fae and she's going to go counter the human King.

so it's like a really fun story I remember really loving it and I still have the hand-drawn map that I made for that role play.

we did it by pen and paper so the notebooks were actually lost they got water damaged and molded and I couldn't even open the books anymore so I had to throw them away despite wanting to keep moldy books.

but I was able to salvage the map so I still have that nap and it's like a little nostalgic to take bit of my liked role play history.
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Mine was on a game called Pyrce High. I spent a while just spectating before joining. I didn't really contribute much to the round since I didn't have any roles, though. I don't really remember details about what my character was like, but he was probably a self-insert considering it was my first attempt, and it's a realistic-ish murder mystery game set in a high school.

My first failed attempt was by submitting a character for a Fire Emblem RP, who got rejected due to me trying too hard to make him seem special. But I don't think that counts.


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Mine where you interact with actual people through a character would be Open Aura Half-Life 2 Roleplay on Garry’s Mod, back in 2011/2012. The setting was to be serious roleplay and I got hooked after my first session.


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My very first roleplay was a group rp on a site that has unfortunately been deleted by the owners. There were 4 of us, and our characters were all wolf-shifters. We were all really bad at role-playing but I remember having so much fun, every day when I came home I would rush to check the thread. I found out that it had been lost forever pretty recently and feel sad that I can't go back and read it, but it was a really good introduction into roleplaying.
My very first RP, hmm?...*thinks hard*... Wow, that was so many years ago. I was a little kid, interested in Lord of the Rings, and I somehow stumbled onto a LotR RP site that was largely deserted. One girl player reached out to me, and we began doing our own RP via email. I remember...I was an elf riding a black horse (can't remember the other girl's character, maybe also an elf) and our characters met at a river. I don't think our RP got past 5 posts, it ended very shortly, but if I recall correctly, that was my first RP experience.


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My first RP ever? Some RP on Neopets back when I was 11. I honestly don't even remember what it was.
Same here. The less said about it the better....(it was probably Pokemon RP though)

I haven't really roleplayed since then but I want to try to get into it now.


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Man... Mine was a while ago.
Like, years ago.
I remember that it had to do with... College. Yeah, college. It was pretty bad, but fun at the time. Ever since those days, I tend to steer clear of group RPs. They never work out for me.


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Oh, sweet baby Jesus. I've fallen in and out of RPing several times and remember thinking "wow, I'm not just rusty, I'm snapped in half" each time I re-entered the scene.

If we're going to get technical, I used to RP Hetalia OCs on an old Facebook group with friends that extended even outside Facebook, both as cringey, weeaboo style pretending we were the characters IRL kind of RP and literally writing our characters with asterisks and text speech on paper and passing it around class.
And no, I'm not proud of that phase of my life.

After an eternity of Hetalia OCs and barging into random Chatzy "RPs" that just devolved into cancer because some idiot decided to crash the whole RP, I wandered aimlessly until I stumbled onto a forum roleplay site. The first "real" RP I entered was a Pokemon Gijinka one where we had to stop Darkrai from infecting and destroying the world. I was an Absol. Good times.


Oml you've taken me back to a place I've almost forgotten.

My very roleplay was a group effort. We were all wolves in a pack. Some healers, leader, loner, etc. I remember I was some really pretty white wolf from a random photo I found. It was SO BAD but like, one of the best times of my life?

It was literally on a site called PonyIsland. PONY. ISLAND.

Thank you for the flashbacks c':


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I can't remember all of the details - not through and through - but it was a fantasy-adventure story that warranted two reboots, a prequel, and a second story after the first one ended. It was... Quite a wild ride. That roleplay took me through my first 3-4 years of roleplaying. I sadly have little contact with those I roleplayed with, but I will always thank the puppet-master who orchestrated those stories. I loved them so much.

Since, I have been thinking of transferring some older characters from those times to here, but I'm not sure if they'll see the light of day, as they are horribly outdated and in serious need of redesigning.


I’ve mentioned this RP before in other threads... but nine years ago, when I first started forum RPing, I joined a group in which the “”plot”” was a bunch of cats all gathered together in one big house. There was no consistency and nothing tying everyone together, so the whole RP was essentially tons of cats interacting with each other in various ways and opening up their own mini side plots with each other.

I joined this RP as a cat named Ayuthayara, who was a very cocky character and refused to let anyone give her a nickname... and also didn’t want to socialize with anyone. So obviously my character was completely ignored because nobody wanted to approach and interact with an antisocial jerk and be forced to type out “Ayuthayara” every time they wanted to address her.

I made a few posts and eventually dropped the RP since nobody talked to me lol


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Pokémon RP on a pokemon board. That wasnt edgy enough for 13 year old me though so I went for some dark fallen angel crap with a greedy merc OC and an edgy Illusionst Sorcerer

I still have these OCs but I changed them so much they arent anything like that anymore.

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