What trait(s) annoys you most in characters?

Discussion in 'Roleplay Discussion & Advice' started by DrTrollinski, Nov 1, 2016.

  1. DrTrollinski

    DrTrollinski A writer and a speaker of honesty.

    Personally, for me, it's 2D characters. It's the worst because you can identify them SO easily, or at least I can. It's especially annoying when one person has more than one character, and they all practically are the same because they have the same personality structures and behaviors. 
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  2. Captain Gensokyo

    Captain Gensokyo "Danmaku's All About Firepower!"

    Might have a hard-wired problem involving this.
  3. Lambda-11

    Lambda-11 Fleur's Pervy Neko Bot

    Any characters without real Combat Strategy or Emotion

    Good for Me: Infernal Rapture into Hungry Coils (i believe thats the name)

    Bad for Me: Gets into defensive position, ready to counter the upcoming attack

    Good for Me: My name's Poff! I live killing People!

    Bad for Me: Back off
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  4. DrTrollinski

    DrTrollinski A writer and a speaker of honesty.

    Do tell?
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  5. Captain Gensokyo

    Captain Gensokyo "Danmaku's All About Firepower!"

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    How can I tell if a character of mine is one/two dimensional? Granted, I haven't been in many rp's where they got past the beginning, but still.

  6. Flooffy

    Flooffy Malzahar's loyal servant

    Usually what annoys me the most are characters that get super offended at things that were not offensive in the slightest. 

    (Same goes for people, but yeah xD)
  7. Lambda-11

    Lambda-11 Fleur's Pervy Neko Bot

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    uwotm8 ill rek you in cod you stoopid 12 yer eld

    Yea sorry about that, but that grinds my gears as well

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  8. jinkx

    jinkx ain't your hollaback boy

    i'm not a fan of generic anime protagonist number one thousand and twenty seven. 
  9. DrTrollinski

    DrTrollinski A writer and a speaker of honesty.

  10. DrTrollinski

    DrTrollinski A writer and a speaker of honesty.

    A good way to tell is if they lack proper emotion, don't have a developed back story - If the character is also a perfect character with no tell-tale signs of flaws, that's another sign. If they have no history and they're very predictable then that's the usual sign of a character being two-dimensional. If they always carry the same sort of emotion, are always very logical rather than quirky... All of that sort of screams 2D. It takes some work to make a 3D character but honestly I think it's very much worth it. 
  11. Inner Power

    Inner Power One Thousand Club

    The damsel in distress characters right off the bat. 
  12. DrTrollinski

    DrTrollinski A writer and a speaker of honesty.

    Definitely in agreement with this, yeah. I can't deal with anime characters in general, to be honest, but I'm not criticizing. It's just not my preference in the slightest.
  13. DrTrollinski

    DrTrollinski A writer and a speaker of honesty.

    Yep. That's another infamous one - The "help me now and then later in the future some sort of romance can spiral from the fact that you constantly save me" types of characters. I feel like it's very uncreative - I think that's even closer to a 1-dimensional character, as it happens. Even though 1D characters are only really meant to sort of be someone you walk by in the street sort of thing, characters that are constant Damsels In Distress just don't really serve much use in my eyes.
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  14. Idea

    Idea The Pun Tyrant

    To me the most annoying type of characters to me, fall into one of two categories:

    1. The "arbitrary characters"

    These are characters created, sometimes under the pretense of "revealing things in the RP" or of "being complex" , in such a way that either due to vagueness, contradictions or both, can´t have a concrete personality/behavior to them. Often these are used by newer players who can´t bring themselves to compromise into a particular character or by players who (intentionally or otherwise) later end up using this as excuse for "legal" meta-gaming (using OOC information to direct IC actions) as the character easily changes depending on the mood of the roleplayer or on whatever is most convenient to them at the time.

    2. "Bitch" characters

    These are characters that tend to pop up as slaves, maids, princesses, basically any role where you could be the "underdog" or "submissive" in a relationship. The basic directive of these characters, almost irrespective of circumstance is "I´m gonna do everything in my power to be stubborn and hostile at anything you do or are" , coupled with some complaining obsession and some "rebellious" temperament. These characters tend to have 0 awareness or immersiveness in the culture that defines them, instead fighting or living for or through ideals they probably wouldn´t even have heard about, they have a tendency to stall plot progression, provide almost zero reward for putting up with them and some might argue worst of all, they are under some kind of impression that "love at first sight" is wrong, but only because of the "first", that is, that romance is fine, so long as you´re fighting in the first couple posts, and if you share a friendly relationship at the start you´re doing it wrong.
  15. DrTrollinski

    DrTrollinski A writer and a speaker of honesty.

    Couldn't agree with you more.
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  16. call me rae

    call me rae Closing this account

    All of this. Drives me crazy when a character is kind of half-assed without a thought to how they would implement the plot. I mean I half-ass characters too but I at least try to make 'em relevant to the plot when I do.
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  17. Thalia_Neko

    Thalia_Neko Seven Thousand Club

    This but its worse for me when its a "generic female protagonist". Its also why I tend to steer clear away from a lot of "modern" anime. I CANT stand the generic female anime lead that pops up all the freaking time.
  18. Umbrie

    Umbrie Adorable Little Nymph

    Anime is loaded with the second on this list. Bitch Characters Galore. they frequently get called Tsunderes, and sometimes Himederes. sorry to say this, but in any setting the concept of a maid exists in, said Tsundere maid would probably be Executed for Treason because at some point, she probably assaulted her master and got punished for the first strike already.
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  19. KillerQueen

    KillerQueen The Fucking Strong

    Flawless characters and absolutely useless characters. I don't really need to explain the first one, perfect at everything, no flaws of any kind, blah blah chosen one blah blah Kirito. Though at the same time, characters who think they are flawless and go out of their way to show it are one of my favorites. The other type that annoys me are characters with too much flaws. I think they are a bit more uncommon but I still sigh whenever I catch the scent of one. They offer almost nothing to the story, are good at nothing and that is their whole character. I think I explained that right...
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  20. Idea

    Idea The Pun Tyrant

    I´m not quite sure whether you´re criticizing or supporting my words, but regardless...

    Tsunderes and Himederes are in fact very popular and common aspects of many anime. However, while they admittedly CAN hinder plot progression, this isn´t the case in most non-romantic plots. In romantic plots, you usually WANT to drag things out. In non-romantic plots, the common case is that the tsundere character will actually be central to plot progression. Another key difference is that tsunderes and himederes alike while remaining pandering stereotypes, still keep the essential element of immersion by being in their own way, a part of their respective cultures instead of ignoring it. Lastly anime is a very different medium from roleplaying.

    That is all.
  21. DrTrollinski

    DrTrollinski A writer and a speaker of honesty.

    Another thing I don't like is characters that somehow know the answer to every question and the solution to every problem. It really kills atmosphere.
  22. Umbrie

    Umbrie Adorable Little Nymph

    i was Supporting your words.Tsunderes and Himederes are annoying character Archetypes outside of their proper medium or an RP group that is willing to be shaped by the Actions of the Tsundere or Himedere. they are great in an anime, a Bitch to deal with in Roleplay. it is Such an Easy Archetype to understand but such a difficult one to successfully pull off without annoying or alienating a bunch of people. the whole "You Will Lick the Mud off my boots if you want me to Notice you! Senpai!" gets annoying when repeated so many friggin times in roleplay.
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  23. Whisker

    Whisker One Thousand Club

    The Quiet-type done wrong: Not saying people who play shy characters annoy me. It's when your speechless character uses it to contribute absolutely zip to the story. STOP BEING A PASSIVE SPECTATOR, DAMMIT.

    BADASS (m & f) done wrong: These are your action girl/man characters that don't have an ounce of depth to them outside of blowing shit up. They live for killing. They don't have doubts. They don't act like real people. Quit making these types of characters for the love of all that is good and holy. 

    Obnoxious Cute: There are a shocking amount of these appearing in post-apocalyptic tales where things are gritty and grim. These characters exist for no other reason than to act as adorkable sidekicks and be sugar-sweet in a setting where no one has reason to be. Bonus points if these characters are also killing machines when aggro'd. 

    I'm sure I'll think of more ... 
  24. DrTrollinski

    DrTrollinski A writer and a speaker of honesty.

    The second and third ones are some of the most annoying ones to face. Very well said. 
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  25. Umbrie

    Umbrie Adorable Little Nymph

    Look at How Many Badasses are one Dimensional in modern media. whether Action Movies or Video Games.

    you can Blame Harley Quinn for that. she is a popular character who literally does this Very thing described.

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