Music What music gets you going?

i feel best when listening to those rpg town + village themes.i also get a good swing from genres like electropop and alternative rock.
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Hmm, it changes from day to day. Lately, I have been on a Thirty Seconds to Mars Closer to the Edge, Walk On Water. I also lean towards classical to get me focused...lately for me that has been Smetana (Ma Vlast and the "From My Life" String Quartet...cannot get enough of the Viola solo in the first movement.) Of course I fall back on Rush...a couple of obscure songs from the album Hold Your Fire always get me going "Prime Mover" and "Second Nature".


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this is going to sound like a really annoying answer but its very hard for me to pick one genere. It really counts on the mood I am in but I tend to move more to edm especially one without words but there are also some really lovely some songs with lyrics but my mind get racing a little better with edm

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