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Viewpoint What Makes You Decide To RP With Someone?


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The title just about says it all.

What makes you want to rp with someone? Is there something in particular you look for in interest checks, or any red flags that are an instant turn off for you?
And once contact is made, how fast do you decide if this person is going to mesh with you and your writing style?

Personally, I find that if someone messages me and our communication OOC is stilted, awkward, and it seems like we struggle to understand one another I don't have high expectations for things going anywhere.

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I swear I'm going to answer you today x.x this question is just too good not to be answered

What makes me want to RP with someone :
Their writing style (either in their interest check, or because I saw their post by chance), the fact that we are both willing to write a similar story in an agreed setting together and the fact that their requirements match mine.

In interest check, I often look for specific fandoms or theme that I enjoy, then I look for age and length requirements. I prefer people around my age (or least least adults) to RP with and for length, I personally have a sweet spot of 300 to 1200 words and if the person expects less or more than that...well I'm not a good fit for them.

For red flags, anything that shows me it's less about writing something together and more about writing something FOR that person. I prefer doubling if we go the romance way, and if not I need to feel that my OC is going to have as much screen time as theirs. Something a bit more personal is the overabundance of angsty plots. Personally, I write to relax, to change my mood or simply to distract myself, and what I write tends to influence how I feel afterwards. So for that, angst is a big no in my book, even if the person writing it is a god and has everything I'm searching for.

I've only contacted someone once without an interest check, and it was because I really liked how he wrote outside of RP, his style was quirky, yet still had weight. And to this day I still love how that person writes.

After contact, how fast I decide if I like it or not :

Between the first exchange of MP and the two first posts. If someone is fueling the plotting and the back and forth it's a good sign, but if I have to carry all the character development it's a dead end for me. If it passes the plotting part, then it's a bit like when you try new shoes for me, the first time can be a bit awkward, they still need time to adjust to your feet (here their oc), but if after another post it doesn't get better (aka after interaction between our two characters), I can usually conclude this person is not for me. Some people (hello bun) charm me with their intro post, other with how they can interact almost naturally with my style of writing.

Bref, it's complicated but oh so satisfying <3


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This is a very interesting question!

In interest checks, I tend to look for the person's writing style and wants. Obviously, I want to make sure we actually like the same genre and the same type of stories, but more than that I like to make sure we have a similar writing style. But the red flags that I always search for in threads? Well...

1. "I'm searching for a male/female (usually the former) to play against my OC!" Usually, that means they are looking for a wish -fulfillment RP. That, in itself, is fine. But anyone that isn't fully on board (I.e. having the same wish to play the exact character they want to play against AND ALSO play against a character like their own) well they aren't going to have fun. There will definitely be a fun imbalance which is not good in my opinion.

I also will not double with these people, even if they offer because I am in two RPs rn and I can say they, and two others that I am not Rping with atm are the only ones who are giving a fair balance between all their characters. Most of the time trying to double with people leads to me having complaints that they only care about their own female character and that's it. I have had several rps where they definitely are constantly trying to make it all about their character. Let me just say that it is not fun, and after having it happen to me many, many times, I have learned to look for the flags.

2. "I only play females/males sorry not sorry". Not really a red flag, if you only like to play one gender then that's what you like and I am not mad at you for it. But I like to double and play multiple genders, not for the sake of romance, just because that is what I like. I like having a pretty decent sized cast.

But what get frustrated by is " I can't play males, sorry" like... What? You're physically incapable of writing males? What? How? You won't play males, is the correct terminology. There is a large difference. However, I semi-understand where it comes from, as people have been lambasted for only wanting to play one gender, but I think that is what needs to stop. You using correct terminology shouldn't.

As for OOC:

1. If they only talk about their own characters or always turn the conversation to their own characters. It tells me they are not going to be fun to Rp with as they really only care about the RP as far as their own characters and how mine interacts with theirs and that is it. It gets even worse when they try to shame me for trying to get my characters away from theirs so my characters can actually have some spotlight for once and their own arcs. This has happened countless times.

2. If they are very stilted. There are some people that trying to brainstorm ideas with them is like pulling teeth. They seem like they took a downer before they started talking to me they lack so much enthusiasm when we talk. The convo usually fizzles out between us before we can even start it is so hard to get anything out of them. Even after I say again and again I am trying to have a proper ooc chat so we can all be happy with the RP.

3. They are constantly breathing down my neck for a reply. This just irks me. I will probably go slower out of spite if you do this, even if I was half way through the reply. I'll probably even go and work on a reply for a completely different RP on a completely different site.

Well that's all I have to rant about today, haha.

Lovely question!



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Actual involvement before the RP is a good indicator that the RP partner is really wanting this RP to happen, which is an indicator of them sticking around and actually contributing instead of being dragged around. If someone hits me up for an RP and they give only short or one word answers and have no ideas for what THEY want to do with the RP ("I'm down for anything"), it's not gonna work for me. If you want to do this RP, you have to at least have spitballed a few ideas in your head....... ESPECIALLY IF YOU INITIATED THE CONTACT FOR THE RP.

That isn't to say that they have to be chatty the whole time. Just before the RP starts.

One thing I'm big on in 1x1 RPing is ensuring that my partner is comfortable. Comfortable with the subject matter, comfortable with the world, comfortable with the direction it takes, and comfortable with the romance parameters if romance is to be a thing. I don't want discomfort in the RP. If that potential partner only gives short and one word answers, it shows that they may not have the interest they initially expressed.

I've been in too many ghosted rps to take just anyone on


It's a good question but not that easy to answer. Sometimes it seems like you'd never get along with a person and you end up with amazing rp lol Or the other way round.

As the first step, I look at roleplaying preferences and rules. If they match mine, I look at fandoms/plots a person is interested in. If all of that match my preferences, I can consider the person as potential rp partner.
The next step is OOC communication. If I feel like we're on the same page, keep exchanging ideas and ideas are - wouldn't say similar, but rather complimentary - it's a good sign. Bonus points if we have similar interests outside of rp. Even if the rp doesn't work out, chances are we can become friends anyway. And maybe try a different rp.
Then is the writing style. For me it's somewhat less important than the first two things I listed but still important, of course. If writing styles match or at least are similar enough, then it's all good.

Red flags and reasons why I wouldn't rp with someone would be:
- attitude, if they come off as elitist or some sort of character I know I do not mix well with, instant no
- 'I can't rp males/females'. Having a preference towards a gender is alright, it's more about the way you present it.
- Need to reply every day / multiple times per day. While it's not a bad thing for some, for me it's a no. Sometimes people don't say that in search threads and yet start messaging every 30 min for replies. NO. I state my reply speed preferences clearly from the very start and they're not fast.
- Age. I'm sorry about that, really, but if I see someone is a lot younger than me I'm more likely to not contact them about a rp. There are exceptions. But as a general rule, I'm looking for rp partners closer to my age.
- Focusing on their character/ideas only and completely ignoring mine. Well, if it's your story why do you need a rp partner then?
- In OOC it feels that we don't connect at all. It's hard to explain this one, on the surface everything may seem fine and a person may even match all the things I was looking for. But sometimes it's that sort of feeling when you just don't connect in either personalities or ideas, or the way of presenting ideas, or I don't know what else. When you have to pull the ideas out sometimes, even though the ideas are good... I usually give those a chance anyway and sometimes it gets better as we pass the initial awkwardness.

lol I agree, it's easier to say what makes me not to want to rp rather than what does. But anyway I have a list of very definite criteria I look at to determine whether any kind of rp is possible with that person or no. And then go with the flow.


Mostly instinct, but it helps if I've talked to them OOC and we get along, or if I've seen their IC posts and I think I would enjoy playing with them.

I've found that choosing to rp with someone just because you enjoy the same setting or fandom is way more hit and miss than I like.

But honestly it really is 90% intuition. Not sure how much that helps though.


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What makes you want to rp with someone? Is there something in particular you look for in interest checks, or any red flags that are an instant turn off for you?
And once contact is made, how fast do you decide if this person is going to mesh with you and your writing style?
I'll be assuming this is referring to 1x1s specifically.

1.Things I Look For
The first thing I look for in a partner is passion. A good sense of humor, being invested in the RP in general, curious or excited even about the world and characters... all ways of someone showing passion for our RP. My partner being happy won't automatically make me happy, but them being happy and invested in our RP is certainly a requirement for me to be happy with it as well. The purpose of an interest check is to bring in the players who are interested in roleplay and way to roleplay that you want.

That, however, isn't usually something assessed by the interest check (albeit the way an interest check is written is a lot of the time a good indicator, as interest checks from people who will display more passion usually have more personality to them). Matching RP preferences, on the other hand, are usually found in the interest check. If a partner isn't interested in the kind of RP I am interested in, one of us at least is going to come out with the short end of the straw. Now, it doens't have to be an exact 1-1 match on every single preference, but the vast majority has to, and even those that don't still have to be inclined in the general direction of mine. You don't need to match my length minimums exactly, but I do want you to at least prefer doing longer and more detailed posts so that the middle ground can be satisfying for all, instead of unsatisfying for both. You don't have to be a big planner like me, but I prefer not having to stress over potential plot holes by being told stuff- even if that means ruining a potential surprise.

As me and my partner converse and in the early stages of the roleplay, I need signs that the RP is sustainable. Much factors into this, but if my partner can't keep up with what they agreed to or doesn't seem to be having fun at all, the that is something which can really make an RP just not worth it.

Last but not least, the concepts proposed (or just your personality in general) have to get my creative juices flowing. I am WAY more interested in RPs to which a fun character concept comes to mind immediately, or a magic system which I quickly see a fun way to spin, or even good writing that gives me an urge to write as well. If you can do this with your RP, you got me by the hook, now you just need to not spltit it apart with an unworkable turn-off. Speaking of which...

2.Red Flags
Me being someone who reads waaay too much into things, there is no end to the potential red flags. As I grew to understand myself better as a roleplayer, my selectiveness with partners has also increased.

-> They say "I will do anything". There is no such thing as a person who legitimately has no preferences or turn-offs. If someone tells me they will do anything, or that they will roleplay any plot, or any other variation of that thought, then they are either lying, desperate, or have a complete lack of self-awareness. None of those sound like people I want to work with.

-> "Hi wanna RP?" messages. 99% of the time, they didn't even bother to come up with a reason for wanting to RP with you. Forgive the language I am using, but I am not so cheap as to just take anyone who selects me by lottery without knowing the first thing about me or my interests. Furthermore, I do detailed RP, heavily detailed RP by some standards even, and people who send those kinds of message don't usually respond with more than one liners even in just normal OOC conversation.

-> Too much focus and specificity given to things like mental illnesses, sexual orientation, and the like, or using terms like "misoginy" and "racism" in interest checks. While those are relevant real word topics and can be interesting thematic aspects to explore, such focus usually denotes the kind of person who cannot detach themselves from those topics. It at least feels like a ticking time bomb, a matter of time until I inevitably step on their toes and they go off on me, either because of my sense of humor or because of my political views differing from theirs.
In an example that happened to me fairly recently, a friend brought up a person who had similar concerns to my own, and voiced those concerns in a somewhat rude fashion. When they brought that conversation up to me, something which they had been doing with a bunch of their friends who were all dogpiling (privately) on this other person, I told my friend that I thought the guy was rude and wrong in his assumptions about my friend, but that I couldn't blame him for his concerns.

My friend seemed outraged that I didn't immediately denounce this person as a piece of human garbage, so they kept insisting "how can you even think that?" and other such questions. I was friends with this person for months now, and it took this one thing to spiral into an argument and they blocked me. It wasn't even because of the argument. It was because of political views that the argument forced me to bring up.

Now if this can happen even with someone whom I would consider a good friend, what is there to be said of others?

-> Things getting boring while we are still discussing things. As I mentioned before, I am someone who likes to plan. Planning, especially planning involving worldbuilding, can take time and drag on for a long period, but if nothing else I will still at least be interested in the core idea or my character concept or something like that. If I can't even sustain myself through that, however, then I don't think the RP would be sustainable.

That is more or less what I can think of for today...

3.The Interest Check Matter

This time around, I tried to avoid stating things directly from my interest check, which has a long list of stuff I want and my limits. While included (in the case of stuff I want) or potentially still being a problem (limits), there's more of them than what listed here!


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Mainly if they tell me they agree with my rules and we click when discussing characters and plot.

A turn off is if they approach me in a way that tells me they either didn't actually read my rules or start testing my resolve on the rules. "I know you say you don't play script but" Or "You say no romance but I need a little romance."

On the other site I actually go and look for warning signs on their page. Like if it's wall to wall fetish art or a bunch of journals and status whining about partners dropping them for things that sound like drama I know better than to accept.


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My criteria is simplified, the big five.
-Are they an asshat? If in the OOC, they are a hardcore memer with disregard to what's actually happening, trying to persuade players to do their bidding in meta, making fun of others for actual issues when they knew of those issues, etc, we done. I don't care if they're a modern 4channer, but they gotta be respectful to some extent.
-What is the RP or it's premise? If it's literally "Loldunno", I'm busy, or I'm not interested, I'm not going to join it.
-Are they into the OOC? If they're rarely involved at all, or they never respond unless it's to complain about a single event, it makes me believe they don't care.
-What is their estimated post? If every post they make is a one liner, and I'm in an RP with them and doing more for them, I'm gone. If they post that much as necessary, but usually higher, I'm cool with that. I don't care if they write a trillion words, I read it all.
-Do I see myself in a community with this person? If I cannot join or make a server with them in it, I'm not interested to begin with. Without a community, everything is nomadic. Every RP on this site I've been in was involved with a community of players or friends, which guaranteed a longer lifespan. If I see someone as a nomad player, I'm not going to bother with them. They might be in an RP I just so happen to be in, but I don't have hope in them staying.

My goals are finding people I can stay with for prolonged periods of time, so a RP can progress. If they end up as my friend, that's cool too. But people going from RP to RP, lonewolfing it, there's no real sense of needing to stay. If they have no one they know in the RP, there's little incentive to stay especially if some knob rushes in and causes anarchy. Therefore I don't like RPing with nomads, as I don't like RPing in settings with no form of commitment. It's guaranteed death. But sometimes, just going in there anyway is necessary. This as to be capable of forming a group.

Though if asking about mod stuff, then they gotta have a good ruleset, no mandatory code hogwash, etc.


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1. Did they read the damn interest check?
2. Are they interested and willing to learn?

That's pretty much all I ask. But I mainly run group RPs and the weak drop out before they even finish characters.


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While I will say I personally do not view myself as super picky, I obviously have preferences.

For one, I obviously look for people who give off a good energy. Like jokesters! I myself like to crack jokes and share memes in OOC chat- those who present themselves in friendly and/or humorous ways always catch my interest. I am very expressive through OOC chat, and I would love it if my partner was, too! Of course, I also seek those who share my interests- though this one is sort of breakable. If I find somebody likeable but my interest isn't on their page, I'll just sort it out via pms! Chances are we do share knowledge of something, and they merely forgot to list it or something along those lines.
I also look for individuals who appear to have good grammar. Obviously, not everyone remains on top of their capitalization outside of role play, but things such as proper spelling, at least some attention to punctuation, and some of that other good stuff is a goon sign to me! i can't stand reading 'you're' and 'your' get mixed up, or 'to' and 'too'. It really ruins the whole thing for me.

Now onto red flags.
One of the best ways to alarm me is to come across as unenthusiastic. Completely lacking interest in OCs/pairings that are not your own is one example of this. It's a bad sign that my partner will really only be invested in their side, if the RP at all. Additionally, lack of wanting to plan out the RP is worrisome as well- freeform can really only bring you so far, and as much as RP is exciting due to all of the possibilities, I do want some kind of plot to draw boundaries and some kind of predictability. Little to no planning can also signify that my RP partner isn't the greatest at communication, meaning I'm probably going to get ghosted at some point. (I can understand shyness- but please! Give me some ideas at least...) However, it's also entirely possible that they are impatient- which brings me to my next point!
Impatience. Wanting to start the RP immediately. Red flag! It's a sign that my RP partner is impatient- and possibly has no concern of trying to continue the RP instead of ghosting me. It's also possible that they're a bit young- I am a bit foolish for this, but I don't have an age preference for my RP partner. I know that there are young people out there who are very mature- so I would adore giving them a chance! Even if it means I get ghosted a little. I have so much sympathy for those guys, just because I too was one. And by some's standards, may still be.
The next red flag isn't necessarily something that will get me to 'freak out', but it certainly means a bland RP. And that is- people with little to no tolerance. Relating to a previous reply on this thread, when people don't want to address certain topics (let's say racism), it leads to fewer conflict ideas or problems for the story to contain in general. Bad things can be used to spice up stories! As a bisexual, I can say that something like homophobia in an RP won't send me trembling on the floor, trying at all costs to avoid it- because an issue like that can really make things interesting! It can test characters, progress a plot (which always requires at least ONE problem!), or just brings something interesting to the table. Either way, it's entertaining- hopefully for the both of us!
Another is would be literally starting the pm, with no previous discussing whatsoever, with the RP. This has always been exclusively by script RPers or those who write one or two liners. I never respond to those.
This might not be considered a red flag, but it's just a pet peeve of mine- and that's when someone starts out the RP without doubling (cough cough, just their side, cough cough) up unless it has been discussed that our (and by that I mean my, haha) OC(s)/Love interest(s) would appear later. It means something similar to the first thing I listed- my partner only really cares about their side. That is sure to leave things very bland for me, especially when I put an equal amount of love into both sides! In fact, I often put a little more into my parter's side, either to be polite or because I'm genuinely really interested in their character/pairing! Most seem to lack this passion that I have, and I find it upsetting :'0

This all being said, I'm sure that there are plenty I have not mentioned, but I'll just leave it at that! ^^


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I have been pondering over this question for a while. Write an exhausting long list of things or get straight to the point. For me, the attitude is whether I bother with you or not. Attitude is reflected in the request thread by what people say or don't say. Romance is a requirement. You have to play the male lead. You must use real life celebrities. These are the only plots I'm willing to do. You can give ideas, but don't be mad if I reject them.

Where is the compromise? Where is the part where you actually are looking for a partner and not someone to just do what you want?
This can be considered a red flag along with if they mention former partners in their request thread ghosting them or unrealistic posting requirements-basically means nothing you ever do will please them and one skipped post they think you've abandoned them.


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Honestly, scarcity in partnership. I call myself an RP Merc because I like to do the job. I have 0% qualms playing literalu anything with anyone. But what makes you a more attractive prospect is if NO ONE wants to play with you. I like to challenge myself as a writer and what better way than to ensure that my partner is enjoying themselves?


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I'd love to throw in my two cents on this:

Things that make me want to RP with someone

An easygoing personality, plots/interests/ideas that click with me, a willingness to collaborate, and decent grammar in the interest check. Honestly, if you seem like a courteous person with similar interests, and I can understand what you're saying, we're probably good to go.

Things that make me not want to RP with someone
These aren't so much red flags about the RPer themselves, just signs that our styles won't click.

Detailed Muse A/Muse B plots
In RP, I enjoy creating and exploring my character's backstory and collaboratively building worlds. When an RPer proposes a plot that says something like "Muse A is a princess. Muse B is her servant, an leukemia-stricken orphan taken from a conquered territory. He has 15 pet corgis all named Sam, aspires to be pastry chef, and wants to fight crime. You will play Muse B." Even with a non-ridiculous premise, I don't want to feel like I'm stepping into a pre-written role in someone else's story. I'm sure the amount of collaboration varies from RPer to RPer, but I find these to be turnoffs. That said, I can understand why some players enjoy prewritten characters, it's just not my cup of tea.

Demands for a partner of a certain IRL gender
"I'm an X, so I want to RP with a partner who is Y." Perhaps I'm misreading this, but when I come across an RP interest check like this, it concerns me a bit. If my IRL gender is playing into someone's ability to enjoy RPing with me, I worry that they may not have a healthy separation between a fictional plot and real life.

No OOC chat
I like an open line of communication with my RP partners. Whether it's casually bouncing plot ideas around, fangirling over something cute/funny in the RP or talking about video games, it's nice to feel comfortable with the other person you're writing with. If someone specifies no OOC chat in their interest check, I feel like we won't be able to collaborate on storytelling as well.


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The title just about says it all.

What makes you want to rp with someone? Is there something in particular you look for in interest checks, or any red flags that are an instant turn off for you?
And once contact is made, how fast do you decide if this person is going to mesh with you and your writing style?

Personally, I find that if someone messages me and our communication OOC is stilted, awkward, and it seems like we struggle to understand one another I don't have high expectations for things going anywhere.
I look for positive attributes like, an ability to communicate well and an ability to resolve problems is key. I don't always narrow in on someone's ability to write. I look at their ability to handle themselves. Very red flags for me are people telling me how to run my role plays. Sometimes you run into this when making a new role play on a brand new format. They assume that you are an amateur and have no idea what your doing. Condescending you know. This can be very subtle but the feelings are often brought across as " I know better than you *pat pat* it's okay you don't know anything." It's a really agitating theme. That's one red flag. How they interact with others in like out of character chat is another. The topics and themes they bring up. Are the confrontational or abraisive? This is a hit or miss. I don't consider it a red flag if someone brings up an issue but when they do it to bring you down. When things become a power play. You'll feel when its a red flag. You also want someone that has an ability to work well in a group. They are flexible and easy going but can stand their ground when a point needs to be made.

This also depends on who you enjoy surrounding yourself with. This vary's from person to person. I certainly have to enjoy the peoples company of the people I work with. I'm a bit no nonsense. I get protective of my gang .


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Im not looking at anyones post so you may hear a lot of the same things and themes. Im on my phone so forgive the wrong punctations and such.

Whenever i search for a partner i first look at:

what kind of scenarios theyre going for.
It must be interesting enough to hook me and descriptive enough to make me believe i could really build on this story.

Their grammar in their post must be decent as ive seen so many people who have listed their postings and have numerous grammatical errors. Im not a grammar nazi but if there's a post that has more errors than not its an instant no.

Fluid writing that isnt repetative.
Ive rpd with a bit of people so far and some continue to use words to describe what their character is doing over and over. Ie. She looked at him and said. She looked at the window. She looked at whatever it was. She could at least glance or stare or something... ; v;

Ive had a few people who just didnt click with me...and when it feels like someones just holding you hostage for an rp its just not meant to be.
Id rather people rp with me because its fun and pleasurable. I have about 3 that im in that i actually super look forward to seeing replies to.

Descriptivenes and effort.
If im the only one creating the premise, surroundings and people its a giant pain. I dont mind doing it in the beginning but if im the only one making the effort to create your story and push it along its just so sad. I also love descriptions. Little things can go a very long way! Ie. The building before them towered over the others and sparkled a pinkish glow that almost seemed to radiate warmth all around them.

And i dont really know what else to write x3 hope it helps tho.

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Friendliness. I cant stress it enough I feel it's super important we get along well enough. I find that whenever that happens everything else just falls into place and were almost always able to come to an understanding a d meet in the middle somewhere.


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Honestly, I do not really care about the other person's interests, unless there is a few big no's from me. I'm quite open with any ideas, but few certain ones, and if someone wants to play those, I won't message them ever. Even if they do not ask that rp to be about it, I just really do not want to. Not gonna mention them here, since they are quite often played and favorites of many.

It is hard to find a good rp partner, since most either play selfish or with no feeling at all. I hate it when someone writes good, but then just does not ever write about their character's thoughts. Why not? I want to know what they think! Not just what they do or say. Easier for both of us to go on with the story or make anything interesting happen, if I know as a player if their character would hate, love or fear the decision.

Anyhow, it is important for me that my rp partner has imagination, likes plot twists and doesn't want everything to go like their secret script. For me, rping is like writing a book with other people. That makes it exciting.
Getting super nicely along with me aka. having shared interests and way of thinking in life is important so the writing comes naturally.


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Me? Oh, I just throw darts on the board when I see some things that interests me. If I end up hitting off very well with some Roleplayers, we RP more often with my circle of friends that I got through similar means, and that's the secret to the perfect RP (not really).

The best RP partner is one that you're close to that can enjoy the hobby with you. That's how you get one - by Roleplaying with many.


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Boy howdy, what a question!

First impressions are really important for me, but not in the way I think people assume. It’s so important to me that we click in OOC. I consider myself a good writer, and I want to connect with good writers, but at the same time overt formality in OOC is really jarring to me. I want OOC to be a place to gush about our writing and be stupid, basically. Part of the fun of rp is sharing it with other people and getting mutually excited about what comes next! I’d much rather get a note like “I saw ur one x one ad and I screamed in excitement because I’ve been craving BLANK forever!!!” Than “Greetings, my name is BLANK, and I’d like to formally request a BLANK rp” Like. Stop!! It’s okay! Relax!

I think another person pointed this out very well, but I want to feel like I’m writing *with* someone and not *for* someone. I’m here to share creativity, not to co-write your dream fanfic. That’s why I insist on doubling in any fandom rp, because there are a LOT of people who say they want an rp, but what they really want is to replay the entire plot with their character as the hero and with you as their favorite love interest. I love OCs and love having them in rps to spice things up, but in these rps I invariably am expected to pick up all the slack in playing side characters, villains, and other canon characters.

I never expect my partners to do anything I wouldn’t want to do in an rp, and so I like when that respect is returned. Ergo, if you want me to play a canon character, I expect you to play one as well. If you can’t or won’t, then we’ll both purely be using OCs. Fair’s fair!


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The contribution is what works for me when wanting to roleplay someone, to plot, progression and overall detail that can be somewhat semi-evenly matched. Interest can be fleeting, but if someone is excited as I am! I know we can create something amazing and makes me wanna go the extra mile— the effort is a key factor in determining how much of my time and energy goes into something. It's super hard to continue something when the other person isn't feeling or vibing, in turn, makes my responses feel a little bleh in that respect. I consider myself per average somewhat as a writer, and grammar isn't a huge concern for me.

Understanding what matters actually, the flavour and the intent of what you write!

And most importantly, people who understand my busty schedule — those specifying someone to be quick is an instant turn off. Not because it's bad, but simply a matter of incompatibility and we won't mesh well on the rp front, when we want different things.

I think that's another important factor, someone who shares my love in genre and expansive universes.

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