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Fandom What is your roleplay pairing desirement?

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Lucifer morningstar
Welcome To Hell Lucifer Morningstar GIF - WelcomeToHell LuciferMorningstar TomEllis GIFs

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Hello everyone, welcome to a thread where things are different as others are asking for characters for their own ideas or trying to help others....i am creating a thread that not only helps me but also helps you find the character you are looking for to roleplay with.


1. Can reply twice a week
2. Pairings: fxm or mxf. Mxm only if its platonic.
3. Ooc is required that way i can know if you like how the roleplay is going or if you like to try something else.
4. Please keep me up to date if anything is going on, like if you are going to be gone for days let me know. And i will do the same for you.
5. I can write two or more paragraphs depending on the rp
6. you don't have to double if you dont prefer it

Who I can rp as for you:
Lucifer series: lucifer morningstar,chloe decker, Amenadiel and maze. (Im only caught up to season two)
Who will you be: your oc or anyone

Miraculous ladybug: marinette, adrien, chloe, alya, nino, natalie, gabriel agreste, master fu or etc.
Who will you be: your oc or anyone

magia record: Iroha
Who will you be: your oc or anyone

Danny phantom: danny, danielle, jazz, tucker, sam, vlad or any.
Who will you be: your oc or anyone

Case closed:
conan edogawa, jimmy kudo, and kaito kid
Who will you be: your oc or anyone

Who will you be: your oc or anyone

Series i am familar with (ask me about characters to rp as for you)
Cloak and dagger
Birds of prey
Power ranger beast morphers and samurai
Carmen sandiego
Teen titans vs justice league
Superman/batman Apocalypse
Superman/batman public enemies
Superman vs the elite
And static shock
Ask me

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I hope to hear from all you lovely ladies and gentlemen soon, may your roleplay desires come true.

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