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Viewpoint What is your favorite RP Time period/setting?


A Lost Undead
I don't really have to explain this, do I?
I love me a good SciFi gig every now and then, but if I'm crunched for time and don't have a lot of opinions to offer, one time period never fails to get me involved: The Great War and WWII.

There is so much to work with behind these horrifying events it's almost impossible to come up with an idea that isn't at least a little interesting. I've even learned a thing or two from these Roleplays!


Ultra Nerdy
I like the early 1900s. It’s a good time to add in magical technology to create an alternate reality.


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I don't specifically have one, but I love Victoriano/Edwardian times, Cyberpunk, Retro-futuristic and dark fantasy setting that sets in the real world like World of Darkness.
I also love some fandom worlds.


The Pun Tyrant The Gif Hydra
My usual preferred time periods are pseudo-medieval (not actually medieval, just the fantasy kind of medieval), mixed time periods, and what I call "alternative" (a setting which is so different from how our world is that there isn't a direct parallel in terms of time period). I also often enjoy modern and futuristic settings.


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Ooooh I love most settings... depends a lot on my mood and current muse levels when it comes to what I go with.
That said, I'd say this is probably my shortlist for favourites?

- Medieval (whether AU or realistic)
- Fantasy (Tolkien-esque worlds specifically)
- Sengoku Japan (whether AU or realistic)

This covers a broad range of settings (especially when I'm being as broad as "fantasy" LOL) but I'd say it mostly sums up what I enjoy.
I like having class conflicts, potential for political drama and complicated settings in general and these three tend to allow for all of that.

The Inquisitor

The Empress of the Pen

My favorite settings are a little all over the place and, in truth, with the right story I like just about any but my favs would have to these:

*Medieval (Fantasy or not, I like the time period)
*Ancient (Romans and such, perhaps with an added fantasy edge which I would also love)
*1920s (Gotta love some gangster RP)


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I'll go as far back as ancient Greece (even further in one case where it took place in biblical times like Moses if he was an actual person....for the record not saying he was or wasn't just using him as a timeline marker (?) lol) all the way up to maybe like 20 years ago. But I'm also one for dystopian future/post apocalyptic type roleplays.

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