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Other What is your Dere type?


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I don't know, it possible that somebody asked this question previously... But I am curious, so I thought that I open a forum topic for this.

Nowadays I became anime fan again and I am watching lot of animes, new and older too. And these have an effect on me... I like to thinking about the dere types.

I don't bring quiz or test because I would like to ask you to share your own opinion and choise.
I know that this isn't an easy topic therefore you can point on more types, not just one. But important that you must choose the types what are the closest to your personality

Well... Then I am who have to start it.

As I see there are four types of dere types which are mirrored my personality. Yeah, four.

First what could fit to me is kuudere. Actually I have the main features of this type and a lot people see me similar like a kuudere.

Otherwise I am also very like a dandere. Just because I am very shy and I have not too much self-confidence. Plus, I am socially awkward too.

The third is Hinedere. This type could be the mixture of the first two a little bit. That's why I feel it close to me.

The last one is Utsudere.
Because of the strong tendency to being depressed.

I am interested to your future posts! :)


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The results I've gotten from quizzes always say I'm a kuudere. I'd say I'm a mix of kuudere and hajidere.


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I don't really... believe into dere types, per say, but if I had to choose then it most likely would be an undere or dandere- or perhaps a mixture of the two-

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