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What Happens When the Perfect Life Turns to Hell?


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*Warning* Kind of a dark roleplay if you're very innocent minded please do NOT read.

Society is difficult. You are rich or poor, single or taken, a slut or a virgin. Each block consisted of drugs, sex, and alcohol. The walls vandalized with mafia names trying to scare their enemies away but in the real world, the people who lived normal lives, all they had to do was sit back and watch as the clouds rolled by.


Her past

The warm summer breeze blew softly around the open patio doors. The crystal clear hallway now cooled and echoed the blow of the wind. From a room at the end of the corridor a young girl around 11 escaped and wandered happily, whistling and humming, out onto the open porch resting on the bottom floor of the house.

“Good morning sweetie”

A friendly voice broke from the side of the young girl. Her name was Madison. Her soft blonde curls blew with the wind and her stunning eyes flashed a gentle smile in reply to her fathers kind morning words. She had a simple life, riches and a loving father who always seemed caught up in his work to support the household he owned, a house worth around £3 million dollars. He only worked to support his daughter and himself. Madison’s mother had died a few years before, luckily when Madison was a little girl and didn’t really understand what was going on. But she never knew who her mother really was, being too young to get to know her like a teenager would.

“Morning, Daddy”

Madison’s cutely toned voice sprang as she skipped past and down to a little shed at the bottom of the long garden. It was more of a play house for children but being nearly 12 years old Madison used it for more grown up things like keeping precious pictures of her mother pinned to the walls and art she had created. After smiling wonderfully at her art and her mother she exited the shed once again and returned to the house, past her quite worried looking father staring down at his watch each second.

A distant sound struck Madison, it came from the entrance of their driveway and it sounded like a few motorbikes and a van or as it came closer, a car.

“Dad, I think some of your friends are here”

She innocently shouted, smiled and returned to her daily life in her room. She slipped on her riding boots, being the weekend she usually tended to her horse on the other side of her land near the pool house. But as she buttoned the last button on her shirt her father rushed into her room and picked her up rapidly. He covered her mouth and ran outside, down to the shed where Madison earlier had placed some new art. Her father stared into her eyes and placed his finger to his lips as a ’sh’ motion and let his hand slip from her mouth. Obeying her father’s commands she sat on the small stool and just watched her father tremble with fear. There were so many questions she wished to ask but such little time to ask them. After a few minutes just staring through the netted curtains, her father turned and took her small hands into his own. His eyes held a few tears, some stained his face as they fell but the simple eyes she had always looked into had now been broken and for once Madison saw emotion from her father.

“My sweet daughter. I know you are a big girl now, you’re not daddy’s little girl anymore and I want you to stay strong for me, whatever happens. Now, daddy has to attend some business in the house, you stay here and…

I promise I will come back”

He whispered softly, his voice trembled. Then before the little girl could even give her father a last hug, he exited the playhouse and stood full structure, staring endlessly towards his pride and joy. For some reason, Madison did not believe he would return, she failed to think her father would keep his promise.

Hours passed, Madison continued to wait for her father’s return. It was quiet, too quiet..

Only a few minutes passed before a man’s voice mumbled to another outside the house. Frightened and pretty upset, Madison backed into the corner of the house and kept her eyes on the door handle which parted her from these 2 strangers. A tear cried down her cheek and she sniffled a little but unfortunately enough for the men to know there was someone hiding inside. Madison paused, trying to think of a simple solution, there was no lock and she was too young to put up a fight against 2 grown men. So she just sat, rocking herself, hoping they would not find her.

“Check the shed.”

A deep voice sounded by the window Madison was sat under. Her tears fell faster but she wiped them away each time and began to frown. The handle bent downwards and Madison’s anger began to drool from her chest. Her eyes squinted and her arms stopped hugging herself and now supported her body from underneath, holding herself from the wall. A tall, well built man around 23 years old leaned in, his body arched due to the height of the kids playhouse.

“I think I’ve found his daughter”

The man spoke to the other standing outside. Instantly, Madison stood, being small she did not have to bend which meant she had a bit of an advantage. She ran for the small gap between the man and the archway of the door but his long arms gripped the back of her t-shirt and stopped her from escaping.

“Please let me go!”

Her more forceful voice spoke as she punched and kicked backwards to try and restrain the man’s grip of her. He only laughed, his other hand now covered her mouth and he picked her up to save himself from dragging her. Madison met his eyes, they were dark and mysterious. They oozed with hatred and war like he knew what a hell life was. The other man wasn’t as tall but was as strong built. She had no idea who these men were or what they wanted but all she knew was all her life her father had hidden this from her, and that was something she may never forgive him for.


15 years old

A dark old house sat at the edge of the mafia lands. Scanning around, women walked with short skirts, knee high boots and tops which you could barely call a top. Men carried guns, wore tight shirts and each corner held a fight between rivals. This was the Gang lands.

The dark house, named the Roulette house, held one of the biggest gangs throughout green street. It had the largest amount of allies and the largest amount of members. Women were not usually classed as members, they were only used for bringing money into the households or seducing the rival gangs. On the basement floor of the Roulette residents held a prison. The large space with barely any light was owned to 8 cages which were used for either men who owed money or women who did not give the guys what they wanted. In one cage held Madison. Her blonde locks were now forced a light brown color but her eyes still remained as beautiful as they were. Her dress code of dresses and pretty girly frills were now skirts, tight pants and a vest top. Her father was also a prisoner here for around a year or so but being the lucky bastard he was he was let free and returned to his life of luxury. Since then, Madison heard nothing from her father nor of his riches so she changed. Unlike the girl she was before, she was now a cruel minded woman who glared each person she saw up and down, admiring their clothing as she spat upon their wealth. For 4 years she had rotted away in a cell cage, seeing women and men of all sorts being brought in a set free whilst she was left to change. Her curvy figure was now skinny and bone-like but luckily for her she still had the body of a goddess.

“Get my kitten.”

The familiar sound of her boss called from the top of the stairs. Madison stood slowly, her hands curved around the bars of the cell and her mouth snarled in reply. Because of the color change of her hair, forced of course, her eyes stood out even more and glowed bright but evil color of blue. Her face was always natural, no makeup of such, but still held that scary look as she growled past each person. The guard opened her cell door and she glided up the stairwell towards the man she was suppose to bow down to but after 4 years of hell she refused.

“What would you do if I let you free?”

He questioned and grinned towards her, shutting the door to the prison behind him and walking into his room. Madison laughed, not happily but sarcastically.

“Find a way to kill you.”

She snarled, her head cocked slightly and her mouth open in a brat like motion. The man stopped grinning and sat on the desk behind him, his arms folded. Obviously, Madison’s bad@ss behavior was well known, the men didn’t bother reacting to it any more but just simply let her plead alone. She wandered around the room, admiring each sculpture or gazing out of the window.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen day light, how…Different”

She commented and turned to face him. She sat on the window, wearing only the clothes she was provided, lacy panties and a tank top. Her eyes scanned him as she usually would to anyone and then she stood from the wall.

“You should thank me for getting you out of there, Madison”

He spoke and stood also, looking a little uncomfortable with her approach. Her eyes did not leave his until she met foot to foot with him; her fingers traced his well built chest and then stopped at his neck. A simple smile appeared on her face which seemed pretty normal to people who didn’t know her too well.

“You kept me in that cell for four f*cking years”

She spoke calmly, her eyes keeping on her finger to his neck. Then she chuckled a little and backed away to watch his face tilt with confusion.

“I will never thank you. You ruined my life. You changed me into
this. I am not who I used to be because of you. Now if you think I am going to say thank you, you can f8ck off”

She growled a little louder, her head looking down now and then to keep her building anger in for a while longer. But he stepped forward, gripping at her arms and smiling. His spare hand traced up her thigh and caressed her softly. His eyes locked to hers and her teenage strength struggled to keep him off. Swiftly he turned her around and bent her over the window she was once sitting on. His mouth leaned to her ear and coldly he whispered

“I deserve some sort of thank you.”


18 years of age

The cold hearted woman stood from her creaking bed. Her life was hell, maybe not as bad, but enough for her to fear every step she’d take, every move she’d make. She wore a simple plain black tank top, being the warm weather she needed to wear as little as possible but enough to not give people the wrong idea about her. Her legs were covered with plain jeans which were given to her a few months back by a caring woman who had taken interest in her and cared for her for the night.

Yes she was a pretty girl, had something going for her, but nobody cared if you had no home or if you were starving, looks meant nothing on the streets.

Madison dressed in her usual clothes and exited the mans house she had slept in the night before, stuffing a few dollars into her pocket that he had rewarded her for her package. She didn’t like doing what she did but having the towns biggest mafia on her back meant she had to keep hiding. She earned enough to pay for food and the rest she saved.

Glancing up to the sky a simple rumble echoed through the town. A sigh released her mouth but she continued walking, rubbing her naked arms from getting cold. Sometimes she wish she’d use her spare money to buy herself a jacket. Since last seeing her father, Madison had only received news on his where abouts. Before running from the mafia lands, her leader told her of her fathers breakdown and the loss of their house. She was told he now lives in a 1 bed roomed home a few blocks away from where she had been roaming for a while.

Walking lazily down the street, Madison glanced up once again then back down, guessing it would rain sometime soon she decided to find some shelter. Her eyes did not glare at people much anymore, she knew she was nothing to the public but just a slut or a homeless girl. Although you couldn’t really tell she earned money the way she did, her homelessness stood out quite well due to her clothes and her thin bone-like structure. The rain started to fall softly to begin with and Madison rapidly began to look around and finally saw an ally way which was better shelter than standing out in the open. As the rain grew heavier she ran towards the alley and leaned against the wall, slowly she slid down until she sat against the ground just looking up for a few second then brought her knees to her chest and sighed. Her eyes never met whoever companied her in the alley, not because she was scared, just because she didn’t care.


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