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Other What compels you in terms of giving to charity?


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Is it because you feel sympathy/empathy for those who find themselves in a disadvantaged state? Or is it because you feel duty-bound to give some of your income to the less well-off? Does the emotion, whether it be sympathy or maybe something more malignant, or lack thereof, matter when giving to the poor?

These past few years I have re-evaluated a lot of things, not least among these my motives or reasons for charity, so it would be interesting to see your views on the subject.

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If I have it I'll give it. I don't feel it as a duty more like how would I feel if I were in that situation, and I have been, so I like to try to remember that no matter where I am financially I have been in tough spots it's really easy to get back there too. Like I said, if I have it I give it. I feel compassion and understanding. No one I think is immune to getting in less than ideal circumstances of living I don't like to judge or question it just do my part when possible.


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Most of my charity donations come from going to local thrift stores and buying stuff there. Although I usually only go there to get stuff for cheap, I do feel good about the donations I make to these stores.


Justice, mostly.

Poor old people who worked their entire lives but are retired and with no money, locked in homes, with no one to look after them. And all they want is some clothes and crayons, and a card that someone cares. It's unfair that they don't have happy retirements after spending their lives in factories and wars.

It's not fair that there are still places where they shoot or poison stray dogs and cats, and shelters are like torture chambers. An animal is not responsible for stopping being cute and fluffy ad growing up. It's not fair they were kicked out of their houses to fend for themselves. I want them to have good food and nice beds in their shelters before they find their humans.

I don't earn that much, but I always jump into opportunities to help the elderly or the animals.
Honestly, I don't typically give to charities. For example, when I order from Domino's and they ask if you want to give a couple pence to a charity I say no, but I've grown up very poor. I've been homeless twice, my mum has never been able to take us abroad, she struggles to pay bills, we've stayed in so many relatives houses because we had to leave our house or didn't have the money to survive on our own.
However, if I see someone homeless on the street and I have some spare money which I know I won't need for lunch or anything important, I will go to a store and buy them some food or water. And if I did have a full time job, or any job at all, didn't have responsibilities or tons of bills to pay, I would. If I had it, I would donate it. But I'd only give to charities I knew did good. There are too many scammers around now a days, so I'd do so much research.

And then after I say no to charities, I do feel guilty. I feel like people make you feel selfish and that you're meant to donate and help others, but I don't have a lot and neither does my family. If I were in that situation, sure, I'd love for people to donate through a charity to help me. But if they were in a bad financial situation, I'd want to give it back.
because i get things to get rid of? I only ever donated to a charity because a)school projeect that had to be non profit b)door to door kinda people c)i felt bad about throwing away so much old shit when i knew that they had some utility.

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