Other What are your guys’ favourite animal?

A favorite animal of mine has to be the red fox...
Yeah, maybe just foxes in general. You can blame Disney for that...
It's really hard to pick a favorite. So I will go with the one that's held the 'favorite' spot for the longest in my life, cheetahs! Fast and pretty cats with high success hunts but unfortunately poor ability to defend their own kills.
Blobfish. Used to be pandas but now I'm committed to blobfish. It's stupid, derpy looking and I love it.
Arctic Foxes

Horses, dogs, elephants, deer, and I collect owl merchandise. I hope to eventually live out in the country so I can own several animals including dogs, horses, lambs, rabbits, and goats.
Definitely Foxes! (They're very silly in my opinion)
Dragons, but alas, they are not real.
Capybaras - they’re so chill and unbothered even if their life span is kinda short 🤨
Traditionally my answers have been 'red pandas, corsac foxes, and clouded leopards' at least insofar as which ones are the cutest looking. But presently, I'm kinda feeling golden eagles and orca's instead. I tend to like things that are cute and predatorial.

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