Music What Are You Listening to Right Now?


Resident Metalhead
I see a few music threads but not any that are specifically about the songs, albums, or playlists you're cranking right now.
Share a link if ya wanna. I mainly use Spotify. All types of music are welcome, but full disclosure I'm a metalhead who mainly listens to...uh...metal and hardcore XD

So RIGHT now... I'm listening to:


Resident Metalhead
More stuff. I listen to music around the yeah XD
Hopefully I won't get in trouble for bumping or double posting, in order to mitigate that I'll just...edit my posts with all the stuff I'm listening to for this day. Hopefully that will be okay?

Nate's Listening Log 7/8/2022:

Basically today's assortment is just a massive playlist of mine on shuffle

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(All of these are in my head rn, so technically I am listening to them)
1. CheaterCheaterBestFriendEater by Never Shout Never
2. Mary on a Cross by Ghost
3. Dog Days Are Over by Florence + the Machine
4. Would You Love a Monsterman by Lordi
5. Ibuprofen by Bears in Trees
6. Grow Back by the Happy Fits
7. All She Wants by MIKA
8. Daft Punk by Pentatonix


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i listen to this song religiously, her vocals are * chef's kiss *


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My Interest Check
I have adhd, so when I'm working or drawing I have to listen to something instrumental on repeat to be able to focus. Game and movie soundtracks are perfect.

I never get bored of the Skyrim score. 😊



I haven’t had 8 cups of coffee yet today :(
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I’m currently listening to my dog bark and “yodel” at me so I’ll get up and give her a treat… music is subjective.

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