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Experiences what are the worst charatures/players you seen?

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The Gray Fox The Gray Fox I find basing your characters on real people helps with this. It gives you practice writing personalities and backstories that are grounded and consistent. Now obvious depending on the storyline the backstories will need to be altered but usually not so much the personality changes.

I know a lot of people are paranoid about “self inserts” but that is specifically a problem when people over identify with characters not necessarily when they play versions of themselves in roleplay. As long as you are okay with people interacting with your character in a negative manner it doesn’t matter how they are written.

I also find if you wanna get outside of your own little bubble and write more diverse characters that thinking about why helps. Why am I making character XYZ? What does that change about their experience or interaction with the plot?


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I will tell you that every "self-insert" I've made isn't even a self-insert. Like, a while back I made a lot of "Grumpy snarky antisocial guys" (Only one of which, a Butt Monkey/Cosmic Plaything by the name of Adrian Thane, has survived to this day) who I thought were self-inserts but really are nothing like me past or present. At the very least they weren't overpowered and I did get some use out of them.


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One reason why I don't make characters is because they are sooooooo bad. I don't know what it is about making characters in a role play but I always make the lamest OCs and I feel like I put effort into it but I didn't. One oc was just a girl with a gun, another was a guy who was a huge ripoff of Cole McGrath from infamous and my hunger games oc was like every male stereotype ever but the worst was my RE oc Heather Mason...oh god I hate myself so much for giving life to her, she was a Raccoon city Police officer who was so much like Leon it actually hurt the soul, she had a relationship with an actual good character and they had a family living in texas, I will say playing her was super fun even though she was not a good character.

The worst player I've seen is this girl who makes a shit ton of ocs (mostly MHA) and she would always use them and they were the worst characters I ever seen, no rhyme or reason like oh so and so fell out of the portal in New York, it was a Marvel forum and any crossover was allowed. She would not write enough and would give no backstory for her characters so I hated any rp with her because she would just have random people with quirks who show up and fight people.
Hey, I just wanted to say that characters don't need to be super deep or interesting in order to be "good". I bet your creations are better than what you give them credit for. Obviously the person who played the "good" character liked yours enough to have them in a relationship with her long enough for them to have a family. That doesn't happen if someone doesn't like their partner's character. Just sayin'!


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It low-key annoys me if a character looks NOTHING like their pareants, especially if the ethnicity is out. I'm sorry, but if both your parents are white and you're as black as someone from the heartlands of africa, you might've been adopted.
aaaa, i did this once accidentally. i had a son of two white characters and their son was vaguely hispanic, for some reason? i think it was because i was subconsciously relating him to a latino character he reminded me of, but still ( p_q)

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