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Realistic or Modern WGBH Character Sheets



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Y'all know the drill. Go nuts! The more descriptive, the better. Please be sure to include your character's job title, physical description, a brief history if you can, and any other info you deem pertinent!

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    5'7 feet


    122 lbs.

    hair c.

    dark brown

    eye c.

    dark brown

    hair styling

    you will never see her with her hair down. always in either a bun, ponytail, or braid.



    body mods.

    pierced earlobes, 3 piercing on each side.


    Ivy Li

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Barbie Schneider

: 23
Pronouns & Gender: Female, she/her
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Profession: WGBH News Anchor
Background: Barbie really wishes her parents had named her something different. Anything else, really. Throughout her childhood kids bullied her for her name. Telling her she was "too ugly" to be named after the doll, and when she got to high school "Hey, your tits made of plastic?". But through it all, Barbie was able to plaster a smile on her face and make it through her day.

Her role models were the women on television. Smiling at the camera as they turned letters on a game show, or showcased the newest shampoo. Barbie joined her churches theatrical performances, but found that it wasn't acting she enjoyed, so much as just being seen and heard by groups of people. In high school, she joined the AV club and got into the world of communication broadcasting. Being one of the student news casters for her schools announcements made Barbie feel like she had found her place in the world. So upon graduation, Barbie attended college for a communications degree.

Barbie Schneider is now fresh out of college, and has been hired on for her first official job as a news anchor for WGBH News. The fact that the television station is on the verge of collapse, and that she is taking the place if a former anchor accused of drug trafficking isn't going to stop Barbie from making the most of her new position. Will the world of WGBH get to Barbie and corrupt her, or is she going to smile and stick to her guns through this one too?

Likes: Summer evenings, small fluffy dogs, pumpkin spice lattes, the color green, make-up

Dislikes: Bullies, bras that are too tight, dolls, rap music, excessive drinking, men with mustaches.

FC: Erin Moriarty
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Christian Faulkner

Pronoun's and Gender: Male, he/him
Sexuality: Pansexual
Profession: Actor
Background: Christian went from the New York state suburbs to Julliard. JULLIARD. His name should be shouted from the mouths of adorning fans from Broadway theaters. He should be walking the red carpet for the premier of his latest film. Something thrilling, yet sexy. Something that earned him his star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

But where is he instead? On the set of "Collin's Camera", an insufferable children's program for a local Boston television station that nobody who has access to cable or the internet is paying attention to. For the past three year's he has had to play the part of Collin, a young photographer that goes around the city of Boston and photographs the daily life of everyday people. It's meant to teach children about their community, and the people that live there. Christian thinks there aren't nearly enough drugs, sex, and alcohol on the show to truly showcase what the real world is like. After all, the children who tune in every Saturday morning need to be told early just how fast their dreams will be crushed once they hit adulthood. But, the producer doesn't think his suggestions to make the show more realistic are "age appropriate".

Christian loathes his current gig, but it was the only steady one he has been able to snag since graduating. His manager assures him that if he just sticks it out, something good will come Christian's way. But Christian is getting pretty fed up with waiting. Did Christian mention he went to Julliard?

Likes: Attention, expensive alcohol, gossiping, engaging in internet drama, staying up until the early hours of the morning

Dislikes: Children, manual labor, old people, peppermint, the feeling of flannel against his skin

FC: Robert Sheehan​


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Angela Roman

Basic Info

Full Name: Anzhelina Romanova

Stage/Working Name Angela Roman

Age: 27

Birthday: November 15

Sign: Scorpio

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual Homoromantic

Country of Origin: Russia


Hair Color: bleach blond

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 50kg

Tattoos/Markings: A few scars from surgeries and injuries

Distinguishing Features: Wheelchair bound, intense piercing glare

Face Claim: Sasha Luss



She can come off as a bit of an ice queen at first sight, with a stiff taciturn manner and bearing making her appear like she is a classic Holywood diva that reluctantly forced to work in mud. However, that impression passes when she began to speak, revealing a gregarious, flirtation and energetic person willing to have a chat and laugh with anyone. She treats people as well as they treat her, and she has a sharp tongue and argumentative side, not afraid to put down anyone who would do her wrong. She might go overboard especially after being wheelchair bound holding an insecurity of being treated different or lesser. As Director, she is tough but tries to fair, trying to be patient but not suffering fools or slackers.

It should be noted that the accident, she had suffered is fairly recent and still dealing with after-effects. She is prone to periods of depression, jealousy of other actors and uncontrolled anger. In addition, she tends to overindulge in such times, looking for a way to drown her issues anyway she can, whether it is drink, drugs or other fun.

■ Cooking
■ Fine Red Wine
■ Fashion
■ Gossip
■ Movies

■ Reporters
■ Being though mainly due to her accident
■ Not being able to act
■ brawn over brains


It was not long into her life that it was certain that she was not meant to lead a normal life. Born in Russia to a model mother and designer father, and inheriting her mother's look, Angela quickly got into modelling early in her teens with help of her families influence to get her past the already tough entry to the overcrowded modelling business. Though she was deemed a natural and did well, it was still a difficult life and both parents who despite wanting her to learn from that sort of life did not want her to fully commit to the cut-throat business especially concerned with the attention she might draw. The pulled her out the moment she seemed to draw unsavoury character, sending her to leave with extended family to America where it was hoped she was drawn to other experience.

Angela however was well taken to modelling, she liked the fashion and the acting behind it, and quickly attempting to get into the American modelling scene rather than focus on her studying. Worried by this her family attempted various ways to draw her attention away with other interest with only minor successes such as cooking in her caregivers' restaurant. However, what draw her attention more and more from modelling was American cinema, she love watching movies and imagined herself being an action star. To her family it wast a much better interest than modelling but still used whatever influence they had to help her explore it. She got a few pit parts in the several teen films, though she was that good at first she found her stride and earned her more roles. She loved acting more than modelling, finding it more involved and challenging though still held an interest in fashion.

Her break out role came when she was 21 and she applied for a secondary role as a antagonistic Russian spy in a big budged spy film, known as Agent Omega, gaining the role thanks to a contact from a previous film. When she read for the role, the director seemed taken with her insisted she should take the main role. She never understood why and wasnt sure she had the experience to be the role but didnt feel like she could refuse. She took the role which became one of the most difficult in her life so far, taking on stunts and demanding work schedule, yet she loved every moment. The role brought her wide acclaim and a star overnight, in evening winning a couple of awards. More roles came to her and even contract to do several more Agent Omega sequels.

For the next few years she was living the dream until she filmed the third sequel in her spy film. In one scene, she was performing a stunt, repealing from a helicopter during an action scene. However, the various safeties were not checked properly and her line broke sending her plummeting several feet, though the ground was patted it's relative thinness and the equipment she wore meant she suffered serious injuries almost ending her life. She spent months in hospitals receiving various surgeries but despite the best efforts, it was clear that she had received irreparable damage to her spine and was no longer able to walk requiring the use of a wheelchair. This seemed to end her acting career however she was determined to return to movies somehow the moment she was able despite advice to otherwise. She had little luck but kept at even writing her own films and shows.

The only people who would take her was WGBH who would produce one of her role but only if she first take over directing one of their shows first.

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    full name
    Florence Verity Armstrong
    Cisgender Female
    date of birth
    October 27th
    place of birth
    Portland, OR
    Your Patience is Your Power

    Production Assistant and Aspiring Writer

    known languages.
    English, conversational ASL

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Set Eld

  • Set Mikael Eld 3.png

    Full name: Set Mikael Eld
    Date of Birth: January 29th
    Age: Twenty-Six

    Gender: Cisgender Male
    Pronouns: Whichever you prefer
    Sexuality: Heterosexual, but open minded


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Gwen Whitlocke

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    Full name: Gwendolyn Whitlocke-Mewler
    Date of Birth: September 17th
    Age: 48

    Gender: Cis Woman
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Sexuality: Bisexual (Mostly women, anymore.)
Diamond Savage
Daria "Diamond" Savage


Di, D, Dar


February 14




Dancer; Host of Dancing with Diamond

Monday, January 27
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face claim
Brandee Evans

Short curly dark brown hair, often wears wigs and weaves

Flawless brown skin


Very toned and muscular, a strong yet still lithe and feminine build, she's known as having a very well shaped and large butt

But happy endings only happen in fairy tales
Diamond is, by all means, a bad bitch. She knows her worth, she knows she's attractive and enticing, and she sure knows how to use it. As a former stripper, she's calculated and manipulative when she needs to be, with sharp eyes and all the know-how on how to work any person over. She's incredibly smart and a bit of know-it-all, known as an OG or a house-mom in the past, she is an expert at teaching girls how to do what she does and how to do it real well. Although she loves to teach, she has a short fuse and a hard attitude, she's committed and determined about her work and will drill that commitment and determination into anyone she works with, even if it pushes them, and even her, to mental and physical limits, she's hardcore. Diamonds incredibly hard working, and will chase the money, willing to do almost anything to achieve her dreams. (edited)

(TW//Sexual/Physical/Child abuse, Sex work, death) Diamond Savage was actually born as Daria Savage, an unexpected baby to a single mother in the city of Providence, Rhode Island. Her mother, as they say, got around quite a bit, selling her body to survive, so Daria's father was never made known to either of them. After having her daughter, Daria's mother quickly found a rich man, a sugar daddy, who set her up in motels and hotels all over the city and put food on the table, all for the price of her body and time. Daria was a smart little girl from a young age, and by the time she was 6, already being left home alone almost every night while her mom made her money, and she already knew what her mother was doing, knew about the men she would abandon her little girl to see. She resented her for it, and their relationship grew tense as the years went on. Daria blossomed young as a girl, flying under the radar for the first 10 years of her life, a quiet and observant girl who could beat the ass of anyone who tested her, that is, until she hit puberty. Everything grew fast for Daria, and she was one of the first girls to already grow a stunning body, one that made her look older than she was, and her mom saw something, something dark, a new way to put food on her table. She started dressing her daughter up and forcing her to dance for paying customers, beating and abusing her if she didn't obey her moms every whim. She would act out at school, fighting with everyone and anyone, even the teachers, or manipulating boys into doing her work for her. With her new stream of income, after begging and fighting tooth and nail, she finally put her daughter in dance classes. Daria found that dance was where she flourished, where she felt free, where she truly lived, it was her first love and her secret weapon. Daria suffered the abuse of her mom for years, her mother only relenting when the two got the shocking news of Daria pregnancy at only 16 years old. Daria tried to tell the truth of the matter, that he'd been doing her work for her before suddenly forcing himself on her, forcing himself in her, but of course, with the way she looked and her reputation as the school slut, no one listened, or cared, and Daria's mother forced her to keep the child. The boy, who had promised Daria he loved her and he wanted to be with her, convinced her of it, showered her in gifts, and attention, which was addicting to the lonely young girl. But as the pregnancy neared it's due date, Terrance became scarce, and by the time she had her baby, Daria was alone again. Using her powers of manipulation and powerful intelligence, Daria was able to finish High School at 17 to spend more time with her daughter. At 18, Daria found Club Desire, a strip club not far from her and her moms little, hole in the wall apartment, and after being hired on the spot, Daria was officially dead, and Diamond was born. Diamond was a natural, an instant money maker for the club, she was already strong, tough, and manipulative, she found her home, the place that made her feel most free, most alive, but as always for the girl, darkness was always right around the corner. After finding out about her new career, Terrence returned, and her fought Diamond for custody of their child. Despite fighting tooth and nail, Diamond was simply a stripper and the daughter of a whore, and Terrence had a whole family and a job behind him, and he quickly won, leaving Diamond with only partial custody of her child. Diamond was angry, frustrated, torn up by this turn of events, but she used it to push her, she worked harder than ever at work, determined to save enough money to make something of herself, be someone the court would grant custody to. Diamond became a star in the scene, people would come from all over to see her dance, to see her fly, and she relished in it. One lucky night at the age of 25, a WGBH casting agent was in the crowd, and Diamond mesmerized him. Within a month, Diamond recieved an official invitation to host her own show on WGBH, a dance fitness power hour, all led by the one and only Diamond Savage. The deal was too good to be true for the troubled girl with a dark past, but it was true, and before she knew it, Diamonds face was plastered on screens throughout the Northeast. Diamonds ratings exploded, and began the fight to get her daughter back.

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Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?

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