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Realistic or Modern β˜Ό 𝕨𝕖𝕀π•₯𝕨𝕒𝕣𝕕 π•“π• π•¦π•Ÿπ•• ☽

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Adventure, Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural


//I love you, don’t you mind?//
❊ π–ˆπ–”π–’π–Š π–”π–“π–Š π–ˆπ–”π–’π–Š 𝖆𝖑𝖑 ❊

before we get to the plots/pairings; i am mainly looking for doubling. this also isnt a requirement but what i prefer: google docs for actual role playing. i also can do pm’s! : D discord for ooc, potentially.

hello there! πŸ‘‹
( i write in all lowercase for aesthetic, but i promise, i am literate)

truly, i am looking for all the fluff and romance-y stuff that will make your stomach turn with just how CUTE it is. i love having characters connect and fall in love over time. slow burn baby, slow burn.

this being said, i also like to keep things spicy 🌢, if not, i tend to loose interest over time and things just fall off, as i’m sure happens with a lot of you, too! : ) i don’t mean anything bad by β€˜spicy’, just some drama and things like that.

okay..i’ve had a couple people message me over lgbtq+ pairings. that being said, i do not do anything other than mxf. it is nothing against lgbtq+, so please do not think that. i have tried countless times in the past (many) years of role playing to get familiar with non-hetero pairings, but they just don’t make any connections with me. on that note, your characters can be as lgbtq+ as you desire them to be! mine just will not be. but:

this is mainly a romance thread

as you can tell; my name is artriba. my real name is taylor, so you can call me artriba or taylor or tay or anything you like, really. i recently just got back in to role playing, and boi have I missed it.
i consider myself to be literate. i can write anywhere from 500-2000+ words. it’s all according to my partner, as i like to mirror their responses for the most part. i would like if you were the same way, able to write, a lot, if the plot calls for it. i am in est time zone.

i am on almost constantly. i’m out of school at the moment so i’m just chilling, haha.
if we have wrote together before, and you ditched or i did, i am always willing to restart! i have so much more free time now, and if you don’t, that’s okay! i’ll reply even months down the line, LOL.

i love usual angsty romance role plays, if you couldn’t tell, lol. if none of the plots are your cup of tea, but you’d like to work up a plot together, please feel free to pm me with your ideas!

  • please do not god mod. i despise when people try to take over my characters actions., as they’re my character for a reason.
  • i am ditch friendly. if you just don’t want to roleplay anymore or got busy, just let me know and i will happily move on to the next, no hard feelings.
  • i have a pet peeve for anime/cartoon face claims ?? (i use realistic) they just are not my cup of tea.
  • i prefer the female role in my role plays, but i am MORE than willing to double if it means we get equality. just ask :-)
  • be 18+ please

the italics mean it is my preferred role. bold means i am craving.

singer x photographer/stylist
singer x singer
singer x fan

god x human
teacher x student (college age only...)
werewolf x human
x commoner
artist x muse
vampire prince x human

bold is preferred muse
current cravings: falling, vacation

all i do, is sit and think about you
if i knew what you’d do
collapse my veins wearin beautiful shoes
it’s not living if it not with you

muse a and muse b have went through a horrible break up in the past. they were 16. muse a believed they were pregnant, but it ended up being a false pregnancy. muse b cheated, with muse a’s best friend. 6 years later, they’re reunited in a chance meeting. muse b is thriving, rich and popular. muse a is just living a normal life. but, muse b isnot happy, they have all the money in the world but it can’t buy what they truly want, their old love back. heroin became their lover over time.

what’s wrong? you been askin but i don’t have an answer. how come?.........
we could stay at home and watch the sunset, but i can’t help from askin are you bored yet?

muse a and b are friends, really great friends. always have been. when b starts acting a little weird and distant towards the other, a invites their friend to go camping for the weekend. a little reluctant, the friend accepts the offer. their weekend is filled with sunsets and a small camper set up in the beautiful wilderness, with a fire burning.

oh, baby, oh man
you’re makin me crazy
you’re really driving me mad
that’s all right with me
it’s really no fuss
as long as you’re next to me
just the two of us
youre my, my, my, my kind of woman

muse b is obsessed with muse a. a just never gives muse b the time of day. even though muse b clearly has feelings and just wants to make a happy, a isn't willing to give in without some kind of chase. a flirts with the obsessed muse, but they don’t mean anything serious, until one day, a gives in and kisses muse b.

i thought that i was dreaming
when you said you loved me
the start of nothing
i had no chance to prepare
i couldn't see you coming
the start of something new

muse a and b knew each other their whole lives growing up, but lost contact over the years. now, both being in college, they rekindle their friendship. muse b always felt love for his friend, but pushed the feelings away as they grew older. before long, muse b lets his long lost feelings for muse a come out.

you said you cared
and you missed me too
and im well aware i write too many songs about you
im fallin again

muse a and muse b were lovers all throughout middle and some of high school. a tough breakup endured when muse a left the country and moved to france after getting a huge modeling break. years later, now in their mid twenties, the two star crossed lovers meet again. muse b is now a famous singer, has anything he wants at the snap of his fingers. muse b is still in love with muse a, but it seems she’s moved on. but, has she really? will the two fall for each other once again?

*muse b can be harry styles or an oc!*

muse a and muse b are best friends. they do everything together, they have since they were babies. they have a small group of friends, who go on random adventures and just enjoy life while they can. muse b is in love with muse a, but could never admit it. his thoughts are filled with her, he does drugs to find a peace of mind through his anxiety of being rejected by her. muse a just got out of a toxic relationship, and doesn’t want anything relationship wise. the group are all getting college offers and such, so they’re taking one final trip before heading in separate directions.

bold is preferred role
current cravings: his daughters keeper, fake love

muse a is a nerdy,bookworm type of girl living on the outskirts of rainy washington. one day,as apart of her online college grade,she is assigned a soldier stationed in afghanistan,whom she will write to every day until he is sent home. muse b is the soldier. he's a nice guy,a hopeless romantic,and terrified he won't make it home. when he is assigned muse a,he starts deeply caring for her after some letters are exchanged. will he make it home,and what will happen to them if he does?

muse a has always lived in the small town of pineville, washington. the town is quiet, and everyone knows everyone. the peacefulness is disturbed when a string of murders begin happening across the town, but who could it be? muse b is fairly new to pineville, and he's holding a dark secret. he is a dark soul, with a taste for blood. it just so happens his neighbor is muse a. she's curious of him, but doesn't go to extremities. (could be vampire x human, werewolf x human, or demon x human)

muse a is a girl who has a very protective father,as he is the priest of the local church. she hates it,she isn't allowed to do anything,have a boyfriend,basically live. muse b is known as the "bad boy" of the town,and he is absolutely infatuated with this girl,even though they've only talked a couple of times. will he be able to have her,and will he leave once the chase is over?

muse a's father is on his deathbed. when she goes for the final visit,he reveals he is the leader of the mafia. to keep her safe,he sends her off to live in a remote location with another member of the mafia. she refuses at first,but soon gives in. muse b is the cocky jerk she's sent to live with. he's blunt and uncaring about most things,but in the end would do anything to protect this girl.

muse a is a writer, muse b is a painter. they’re both pretty young. the two happen to be in neighboring private beach bungalows at the same time. the island is small, with only one restaurant and golf carts or bicycles for transportation. the ocean is a bright blue, crystal clear to the bottom. sea turtles come here to lay their eggs. muse a and muse b come out one night to see turtles hatch and make their way to the ocean. the two quickly strike a conversation, realizing they have a lot in common. for the duration of the summer, they hang out every day. what will happen when summer ends and the leaves begin to fall?

muse a is a powerful supernatural being(werewolf, vampire, etc) with a taste for blood and killing. muse b is a frail, tiny little thing who likes to take late night walks in the woods. one night, on a full moon, the two meet. for the supernatural, being around muse B is like tasting the sweetest blood, even without touching a drop. quickly, they start a friendship, and begin to meet every night. one night, muse a asks muse b to come away with him, to his home.

muse a is a popular musician. he plays sold out shows, and has everything he could want. except a normal life. while on a break from touring, muse a finds himself online, connecting with fan pages of his. there, he meets muse b. she’s a sweet girl, who is obsessed with muse a’s music, and has her own fair amount of followers, for posting aesthetic outfits and landscapes, all while playing muse a’s music in the background of her post, and shouting him out. he’s never noticed her, but she continues to try. little does muse b know, her knew found best friend is her favorite musician undercover.

muse a is a small town girl. she grew up on the same old farm her whole life. she barrel races and rides through open pastures of colorado. muse b is new in town. his father left his old ranch to him. muse b grew up in the city, never having been to the country because of his parents divorce. he came to the town to sell the ranch, more money hungry than anything. what happens when muse a and muse b find out they're neighbors for the time being? can muse a change his mind about the country life, and maybe even make him find a small town kind of love?

muse a and muse b had a fling over the summer. now that the weather is cooling, and the leaves are beginning to brighten in color, they decide to end things abruptly. muse b has to return home, as does muse a, for school. muse a is an upcoming freshman at a new college in a new town. muse b is...older than what muse a had originally thought. imagine the look on both of their faces when muse a walks through the door of muse b’s classroom on the first day of college. (age difference, muse a is 20+, and muse b would be mid-late twenties/early thirties..nothing crazy/gross)

muse a is a newly discovered model, trying to find her way throughout the newfound fame and money. muse b is a rockstar, he’s cocky and the picture-perfect meaning of β€œbad boy”. he’s been falling off the tracks lately, acting insane and lashing out, which means crazy paparazzi photos plastered all over every magazine. muse a and b are complete opposites, which is why their management comes together and forms a β€œlove pact” between the two. they must pretend they’re dating in public eye, in hopes to clear up muse b’s attitude and reputation a bit.


muse a is a small town girl. she’s fairly new to the area, moving for college. having came from a strict family growing up, she’s excited to get away from following rules and being β€˜good’. while on many of her late night rendezvous with friends, she meets muse b. they hit it off, and soon begin to start hanging out more and more. muse b is a prince. yeah, you read that right. he’s a prince who left his home country to experience life as a β€˜normal’ twenty something year old. he enrolled in the college, and is living like everyone else. it’s different, but he’s adjusting, with the help of a certain girl.

muse a had always been the type to help someone without anything in return. and muse b takes that to his advantage, using muse a to make his ex jealous. muse a willingly agrees, knowing that it wouldn’t hurt her anyway. but what muse a never expected is the fact that muse b would fall for her in the whole process. muse b knows that muse a would never feel the same way, but muse b doesn’t regret falling for muse a. she just thinks he’s still in love with his ex.

you always hear about the β€˜rebel’, β€˜outcast’ kid with the β€˜bad boy’ persona trying to convert the good little muse into taking a ride on the wild side. what about the roles reversed? muse a thinks muse b is the cutest thing since sliced bread, and know that he’s bad for her. does that stop her from flirting with him and leaving him flustered (and unknown to muse a, flattered)? no. muse a wants to make muse b better, and show him how to live on the calm side of life.


muse a is a princess from the united kingdom. now, twenty one, she is pressured into marriage by her parents and siblings. her suitor? muse b, a prince from another country in the same situation. they are arranged to be together, and once they’re married, will they stay for the sake of the throne? or will they run away together? if they do, will they stay married or go their separate ways?

β€’ i really want to do a band themed plot ! : ) doubling would be required for this. they can be rival bands, or even two fans and two members of the band or three members, one fan...so many options, lol. (inspo is greta van fleet lolol)

pm me if interested, or tag me in a comment below with your preferred pairing/plot!
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//I love you, don’t you mind?//
looking for:
β€’ooc on discord, then moving actual rping to google docs. will do pm’s on rpnation if discord/docs isn’t an option, though!

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