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Realistic or Modern Westbrook




Attention Citizens of Westbrook!! This is your emergency broadcast system.

A English wolf has escaped from Westbrook zoo and is reported last seen near Westbrook High School. For their own safety, everyone is advised to seek shelter immediately!


The gym door promptly swung back and slammed the Westbrook wolf in the snout.


G-god dangit. Not again.

So he could never get his entrance right, but practice made perfect, right? The wolf readjusted its nose and slipped into the crowd. It searched high and low for Tatum, who was in charge of the prom. Yes, the wolf was running late, all thanks to Casper.

‘HELLO HOOMAN,' the wolf said, then waved its paw at the boy standing next to Tatum. 'Hi Caleb.'

'I couldn't find the KitKats,' the wolf confessed with a hint of desperation in its growl. 'Somebody must've nicked them!'

Without the KitKats to give away, what was the Westbrook Wolf's purpose now? Here's hoping Tatum would know.

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Basically Santa ^_^

The first feeling that went through Tatum was relief because Caleb liked what she had done. For her that meant something because she had fed off everyone’s approval as things had happened. She had gotten Grace’s in a way when she had become a cheerleader, granted she was still a little off put by being someone who had spirit. She was trying to be more out and active in school, trying to keep herself busy so she wouldn’t drink. She wanted to be better for herself and for Caleb and to her that meant drinking less. Caleb’s compliment made Tatum feel the butterflies rise back up in her and all she could do was squash them down. She could kill the butterflies in her, even though it bothered her.

The smile was permanently on her face and most everyone seemed happy with what she had done. Of course, she knew a few were upset about the theme but she had tried to make it fair by using a voting method. Her eyes scanned the gym for people. She had known that Stu was going to be coming as the Wolf, so she had tried to set up a designated area for pictures with him as well. She knew she had to try and have spirit now that she had been given an important task to handle. Drake was supposed to do announcements, Stu had pictures, everything was under control, she hoped.

She couldn’t help but feel a sense like everything was finally falling into place for her, “Well, I think we have a friendly visitor coming our way,” she joked, “But definitely a dance is what I want with you.” As the Wolf approached Tatum sent him the biggest smile. “It’s okay about the kit kats. I have a spot set up for students to take a picture with their mascot. If they ask. Would you take a selfie with me and Caleb?” Tatum had already grabbed her phone out. She wanted at least one good memory snapshot of the night.

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She stood quiet when Tatum was mentioned, it's not that Grace thought she'd do a terrible job... but... she just believed that she'd be planning prom this time around. Though, not that it was big deal of course. It's fine. Prom is prom, there will be others. Definitely. But this was her first prom so, maybe she just wanted it to be special. Questionable looks were thrown at Ash's way, if she was really 'fine.' She wouldn't of been so defensive.

Or... bring up Sawyer in that way.

And Keisha.

Grace's mind was already running while the guilt in her stomach starting turning. "It's not like that. It wasn't supposed to-- whatever, yeah you're right." Sawyer deserved better, so did Keisha. Grace didn't deserve either of them. But the whole Sawyer thing happened for a reason, she wasn't stupid, it wasn't... closure. It was something more than that and she was being ignorant to think that it wasn't. "Keisha and I aren't dating, kind of. We're just... I don't know, I don't know. I don't wanna talk about it." But she did want to talk to someone about it. Just not Ash.

She hesitated before pulling up Sawyer's contact and ignoring all their past messages that had brought way too many memories of their break up.

'Meet me in the classroom? I wanna talk to you.'

Grace knew exactly what Ash was doing. "Why haven't we talked about that argument we had that one night? Ash, there's something up with you and it's not just the dumb drinking." It was hard to ignore the way she acted, and how she's been so distant. The drinking has been going on since the musical and everyone including her had just... brushed it off. What kind of friend was she?
"Why do you keep denying that there's something wrong?"

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"Dance? Yeah, totally I could dance. I'm a real pro." He looked towards where Tatum was and nodded, giving a salute to the WestBrook Wolf. Also known as Stu. "Mr, wolf." He greeted with a smile. It wasn't very hard to figure out who he was, the kid was practically at every basketball game or school sanctioned event as him, but... prom? He frowned for a moment almost wondering why the odd British boy hadn't decided to dress up a bit for the fun of it.

Well, maybe this was his fun.

He's not judging. "Yeah, c'mon St-- I mean, wolf." Did he have a secret identity like superheroes did? Caleb decided not to risk it and gently took Tatum's phone, he had longer reach so the three of them could take a picture with all of them in it.

"Say... uh..."

Hopefully Stu would come up with a reasonable substitute for cheese.

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Her smile brightened instantly, shrugging in reply to his question. "Uh, yeah... really. I hope you kinda like it," that sounded so stupid. But right now it's all that she could come up with. Aaron was the first person she'd ever told about any of that besides showing Jesse all those months ago, too bad he moved away. "Poetry huh?" Her mind wandered as a glint showed in her eye, her gaze had fell to Aaron's lips for a mere moment before they returned back to his eyes.

He did have really nice eyes.

"Would you let me read your poems sometime?" She was genuinely curious, and well, she just wanted to know more about Aaron. As surprising as poetry was, it only added to his amazing personality. The song had ended and Maisie recluckently pulled away from him. "I... gotta go to the bathroom, I'll be back in a few." She hesitated before pressing a kiss to his cheek and making her way out of the gymnasium.

Sadly, there was a line to use the bathrooms because WestBrook suddenly became so much more populated because she wanted to use the bathroom, she glanced beside her and noticed Casper. "Hey, Casper. You having fun?"

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Her eyebrows rose in slight surprise, narrowing her eyes at the boy and a disgusted face as Sawyer sipped on the drink from a total stranger. "More than yelling? Y'know what? I don't wanna know." She returned back to her search and there was still no sign of Ava. Did she even come tonight? Prom wasn't really her setting and JJ wouldn't be surprised if she didn't show up. Especially after all the drama they'd went though. "I'd taste it to verify your accusations, but... well." She pointed at her stomach.

Being pregnant was really starting to get on her nerves, but it had it's perks maybe... like... not drinking dollar store value beer. "What? I'm not looking for anyone, you're stupid." It didn't take longer than five seconds before Juliette had given in.

"I'm looking for Ava. We haven't talked in a while, and I just wanted to see... her. I guess."

Well, maybe for apologizing in person instead of stealing a rose from Ash's locker and writing an impromptu 'please forgive me' note.

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Her hands tightened on the steering wheel at Grace’s words.

"There's nothing wrong. I'm fine."

She wasn't fine, but she would be fine. God, she had to be fine. Fine, or she needed to just die and be done. Some days she wished that she wouldn't wake up in the morning, but every time. Every. Fucking. *Time.* Ash found herself opening her eyes once again in the morning, laying there in herbe, wishing for some easy answer.

God, she was so sick of people thinking that they knew the best way for her to live her life. Ash reached forward, turning up the stereo to try and drown everything out.

She took in a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. Okay. It was alright -- they were almost to the school, and Ash could get out of this car. She could leave Grace, and then Grace would be so distracted by the dance that she would forget. Just like everyone else always did. Forget about Ash.

After all, she was forgettable, right?

They came up on an intersection and Ash glanced up, thankful for the green light. She couldn’t stand to sit at this intersection and wait any longer with Grace. The bright lights of cars waiting at the intersection made her squint for a moment, but then they were on their way to school.

In silence.


Finally, they were there. At the dance. Ash and Grace had just walked in and they now stood at the edge of the crowd, scanning the room. “I’m going to try and find Sean.” Ash called out over the pounding sound of the music before she slid into the crowd.

Was it her imagination, or were people whispering and looking at her? God, it just had to be her imagination or-- … No, people were definitely doing that.

Ash couldn’t find Sean anywhere, but god, she swore that she had made eye contact with several of the guys that she had slept with. Her heart was pounding. Why had so many of them ended up here as dates?

Ash had finally stumbled back in front of Grace. Her eyes pleaded with Grace’s to help her. “I can’t find Sean. What if something happened to him?”

But then someone’s voice sounded from the stage. “And this year’s Prom Queen is… Ashton West!” Their voice seemed to echo throughout the room.

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Grace didn’t know what more to say, it was clear that Ash had a problem and it was interfering with more than just her health, she wasn’t as herself anymore and she refused to see that. “You keep acting like you’re fine, you're acting like you're alone." She yelled, there was something wrong with her best friend and she just wanted to help Ash, it’s all she ever wanted. Grace just wished she’d intervened sooner. She lowered her voice and spoke her next words more softly, “You’re not. We can figure this out. We can get you help.” A long pause sat between the two friends and Grace’s heart ached to see Ash look so… broken.

“I won’t leave you.”

She opened her mouth to argue more as she was blinded by the car lights, and then everything just went… silent.

It wasn’t surprising that she ignored her. She just tuned her out just like Ash always did, she never cared for anyone but herself, even when Grace was just trying to help her— she was always the bad guy. Thankfully, they didn’t have to bathe in the tension that was left behind by their argument. They had made it to the dance not long afterwards, she followed Ash in and narrowed her eyes at the decorations. She hated them. But distasteful glares would work for now, it’s not like she was going to say anything about it.

“Sean? Relax, I’m sure another boyfriend hasn’t decided to just forget about you. He’s around somewhere.” It was true, Ash was so paranoid about everyone leaving her, she didn’t even notice that she was the reason they were running in the first place. Prom queen was announced shortly after and Grace scoffed. “Really?” She glanced over at the blonde and shook her head in disbelief. “I mean, no offense— but you? As Prom Queen? You’re the exact definition of a mess, who’d vote for you?” She crossed her arms and avoided Ash’s gaze.

“I’m going to go find Sawyer. Enjoy the crown or whatever. Long live the queen.” Grace rolled her eyes and left the gymnasium in hunt for specific classroom.

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Grace was being so... so mean. This didn't make sense. She was so confused, and hurt, but now the crowd was grabbing her and dragging her into the crowd. Pushing her all the way towards the stage, no matter what she did to fight them. Maybe she didn't want the stage, not without knowing where Sean was or knowing why Grace seemed to hate her.

But she was heading for the stage, and then someone's hand was held out to her. Drake's. His usual smile was gone as he took her hand and pulled her up onto the stage. "Congrats, Queen." He spat, his face hollow as he spoke to her. And then he held out the crown to her, and Ash reached out to take it, but recoiled immediately.

It was... pills. The same little pills that she had taken right before the dance, when she had been at home. She took the crown, but the pills just crumbled up and fell to the ground around her feet.

Ash looked back towards Drake, but he had disappeared, and then that's when she heard...



Screaming. She could hear screaming.

Ash's eyes fluttered open, and she almost lost her breath. Why was her steering wheel covered in... was that blood?

Who was screaming? Was it Grace?

She turned to see who was making that obnoxious sound, her gaze falling on Grace as she did so. She was still, she wasn't moving. There was some blood in her hair, streaked across her face. The window was shattered beside her and a horrible cold breeze was coming in through the window, but Ash couldn't feel it on her skin.

This time, her breath did catch in her throat, and the screaming stopped. That's when she realized it was her. Ash was screaming.

She tried to reach up to touch her forehead, feel her hair, try to piece together what had happened, but Ash couldn't move. Her gaze moved from Grace's prone form to look down at her chest and her dress. Blood. There was... so much blood. Fuck, Ash couldn't even see her legs past that crumpled metal of her car door. Was that her leg? Why couldn't she feel her legs?

Her arm was twisted in a... yeah, that didn't look normal. She couldn't move it. What the hell? Why couldn't she move?

The panic started up again. Ash was dizzy. It hurt to breathe. She couldn't move. "H... help... help..." Her voice called out weakly with the last of her strength, the sound of her strained. It hurt to talk, and it felt like it used up whatever oxygen was left in her.

God she needed to get help for Grace.

But she couldn't muster up the strength to yell. Not again. Her eyes rolled up in her head, she let out one last breath, and then her head fell forward, slamming into the horn on her steering wheel.

At least that worked and her wish was granted. Through the wreckage, the paramedics heard the horn from the center of the mess of cars.

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Sawyer had known the answer to the question before she even asked it. It was just fun to mess with JJ. A test of how far she could push without actually getting on the brunette's nerves. But, back to the matter at hand. Sawyer shoved her hands in her pockets and focused her own eyes out into the crowd. Redhead. Redhead. There. Sawyer opened her mouth to inform JJ that she'd spotted Ava when the person she was looking at turned around to reveal...a man. A man in a dress. Sawyer paused, quiet for a moment, reminded of someone who's left them a long time ago. She shook her head and went back to scanning the crowd.

"Ava. Just to talk to her uh-huh." Sawyer said, a sarcastic twinge to her voice, "What are you and Ava gonna talk about? No, wait, let me guess." Sawyer tapped a finger against her chin, "The weather? It's a cool 70 degrees outside and...oh, oh we're getting reports of a dangerously hot zone in Westbrook, Maine." She laughed at herself and had the smarts to step a good foot away from JJ to avoid being hit, "Sorry, sorry, couldn't resist. But I don't think she's here, and neither is Grace. I wonder what's taking so long." As if on cue, her phone vibrated in her pocket and she when she pulled it out she was greeted by a text message from Grace. Sawyer grinned when she opened it and promptly shoved it back in her pocket.

"Nevermind. I've got a rendezvous to attend. My lady." She bowed to JJ and turned to scamper off to the science lab. What she found there was disheartening. It was empty. No Grace in sight. Sawyer frowned and pulled out her phone to text Grace a 'Where r u?'. She lifted herself up onto a table to wait for a reply. A few minutes went by and Sawyer's frown grew deeper. She pulled up Grace's contact again and pressed the call button this time. It rang, and rang, and rang, and 'You've reached Grace-' Sawyer hung up the phone and tried again, and again to no avail.

"What the hell?" It wasn't like Grace to just not answer. Sawyer dropped to her feet and tried another number, Ash's this time. No luck. Although this wasn't uncommon, it was still weird. Sawyer just kinda stared at her phone, unsure what was going on. Something was up.

She tried again.

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The more Maisie spoke, the more Aaron unwound. This was fine. He was fine. Even as her eyes dropped to his lip, and his breath caught in an not entirely unpleasant way, he repeated this to himself.

Of course, then she asked if she could read it, and a moment of brief panic hit him, though he did his best to keep it from showing.

The song came to an end, and Aaron tried to push away the disappointment he felt as Maisie pulled away. It wasn't his fault- Really, it wasn't.

Still, as he nodded along to Maisie relaying her plan of action- See, it really wasn't about him- and Maisie kissed his cheek- And didn't that make the effort of breathing a battle- he found himself saying, "I have a few I could share."

He gave her a smile, and as he watched her go, he hoped that was enough.


Casper was in line for the bathroom not because Casper had to pee, but because the idea of running into anyone else was unbearable, and the easiest way to avoid that was to be perpetually in line. No one could talk to you if you were in line for the bathroom, right? And when everyone was so focused on their bladders, who would point out the redness of Casper's eyes and the tracks tears had taken down his cheeks? No one. Well, it was probably already no one. It wasn't like anyone particularly cared for Casper besides maybe Aaron.

And there was reason number two for Casper to be in line. If Casper were honest with himself, he'd admit the light tremor in his hands was from anger, and the scratching at his neck an effort to alleviate it. He wasn't used to the emotion, and if he stayed out here, well... No one would could get hurt from it. Right?

As long as he couldn't direct it, it would just drift away, harmless, and then Aaron and Casper could get back to their daily lives, as sad and treacherous as that felt.

Maybe Casper really wasn't best friends with Stu. Surely if he was, he wouldn't be fighting the urge to yell and scream and hurt, right? The stone in his stomach grew heavier.

And then, of course, someone had to go and speak to him. And of course it had to be Maisie. He wiped at his face on instinct, not turning to face her as he-

An idea bloomed in his head.

Why should Aaron get to run around with friends when Casper couldn't? That wasn't fair, and... Fair's fair, right?

"I'm not," Casper admitted. "And-" Casper bit his lip, fingers curling in his hair. This was right. This was fair.- "There's something I need to tell you." He fought the urge to preen at how resolved his voice came out.



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Well it was prom. The past few months had been quite difficult for Ian Evans. Nova up and disappeared, though he figured it had to do with her dad, still it would have been nice to have received a warning. Then again perhaps she wasn't able to. He had no idea how long she would be gone but he was going to wait for her. No matter what. He refused to give up on her, and if he had to he'd go to Seattle himself and find her. There were so many things that he was uncertain about in life, but one thing he knew was that he deeply cared about Nova, hell he might have even fallen in love with her. There was some weird things going on between her and Jace, but she had never actually expressed to him how she felt about it. If she chose Jace than obviously it would hurt but Ian would accept it. Her smile was the only thing that mattered to him.

In addition to his girlfriend's disappearance over spring break his band flew out to Westbrook to visit, with some news. They had not stopped trying to get signed with a label, and had even recorded a bit of Ian's singing to try and keep him a part of the group. The main purpose for the band getting together in Maine was so they could all be together in a video call. A label was willing to give them a shot but wanted to hear the group together rather than piece-mealed. They had spent most of spring break practicing, but as fate would have it, it was to no avail. The label decided they didn't like Ian, or at least the fact that he was on the opposite side of the country as the rest of the band, and gave the group an ultimatum; ditch Ian, or lose their signing. Despite Ian's insistence on the huge opportunity they would be passing up his bandmates were like brothers and wouldn't leave Ian behind. They ended up turning down the ultimatum. The last words the bandmates said before boarding their plane back to California was 'We'll be waiting for ya buddy. We'll make it big then.' But Ian knew better. Clearly he was the problem. They never got anywhere with him and then once they have an opportunity to be successful without him it slipped through their fingers because of him.

The only person Ian could even normally talk to, his sister Sierra, wasn't around enough to talk to. When she was around she was with her new girlfriend that she had met at the gym. Sure he was happy for her, but day by day he could feel himself slipping further and further into the darkness. Eventually it would be too late. Yes, needless to say these past few months had been extremely straining on the mental health of Ian.

Now, it was prom night and without Nova it seemed Ian would be going alone. Strangely enough he was being dropped off by Sierra. It was strange because she was also going to prom. Her girlfriend just so happened to attend Westbrook with Ian so his sister was going to a high school prom as a college student because she was a date. He was ready to go, was only waiting on Sierra, who was still trying to decide on a dress. He wanted to call out for her to just pick one and be done with it already, but he said nothing. In fact, he couldn't remember the last time he had actually spoken. It must have been a couple days now. Over the course of the past few months his grades had started to decline and he had become more reserved. He didn't eat as much either. He knew these were self destructive habits, but at this point he was tired of caring. Maybe even tired of existing

Finally his sister came out of her room. She was wearing a dress that was very reminiscent of Ione Skye's in the movie Say Anything, complete with a flower in her hair. The faintest of smiles came across Ian's face. At least someone was happy. "You look amazing sis." his voice was crackly and hoarse from lack of use. "Now c'mon let's go." and with that the siblings set off for prom

When Sierra's station wagon finally pulled up to the school Ian very slowly made his way inside, head facing downward for most of the way. "I'll text you in a few hours so we can leave!" his sister called out to him as she made her way over to her date. Ian gave her a lazy wave of acknowledgement without even looking back and headed straight for the gym. Despite his current state he admired the decorations. Everything was very well done. Had he been his normal self he would have found everyone who worked on it to give them compliments. Instead he stuck the outskirts of the crowd and leaned against the wall, just watching everyone move. It all seemed to blur together, Ian was barely even there. He might as well get comfortable because this was likely how he was going to spend the rest of the night. Why did he even come here? Just to give the lamest, and least believable excuse that he was alright? Who that knew him could honestly believe that he was actually alright? Who was he fooling? Well, apparently everyone. That's the thing about high school, everyone is so wrapped up in their own shit that they don't notice anyone else, even if they should. Just a few hours of this and then... Ian's thoughts wandered, creeping into dangerous, but not unfamiliar territories. What a statement he could make on prom night...


Sierra had been dating Jasmine for a little while now. They had met by happenstance at the gym and really hit it off. They became gym buddies, spotting for each other, making sure they stayed in their routines. Then they became good friends, until finally they grew closer and started to date. Sierra was more than thrilled to finally have more people to really talk to and be close with besides her brother. Most people at college that wanted to talk to her didn't really want to talk to her. It was incredibly tiresome. When Jasmine asked Sierra to go to prom with her she was a little hesitant about it, after all she'd be a college student going to a high school prom. That's weird right? But Jasmine was eventually able to win her over on the idea. Sierra really couldn't pass up and opportunity for a party, especially with such good company.

The night of prom came and Sierra was still stuck on two choices of dress. Her and Ian were probably going to be late because of her. Finally she just said screw it and went with the simpler, less wedding dress looking option. It was a simple white dress, conveniently suited to the prom's theme, that she always paired with a fake flower she would tuck behind her ear. She got dressed and headed out of her room. Ian complimented her dress and while sincere, he sounded off. The Evans sister had noticed that lately he had been acting kind of strange but couldn't quite place why. Was he uncomfortable with who she was dating? Probably not, he didn't really care about who she dated. Perhaps his depression was getting a better hold of him? But he had always come to talk with her about it before, so it couldn't be that right? Even if he did somewhat stop telling her things that were happening in his life recently. Even if it was coming up on the anniversary of the incident. He would definitely still come talk to his sister about what was going on if it was bad. He always had and always will.

The siblings took Sierra's old handed-down station wagon to the school, only slightly speeding for being late. Once parked in the parking lot Sierra handed Ian the spare key for her car, in case one of the two of them somehow was unable to drive tonight she wanted both to have keys, just in case. She doubted there would be alcohol here, but better to be safe than sorry. The pair hopped out of the car and headed up to school where Sierra spotted and Jasmine, her breath catching in her throat. She was absolutely stunning. They had both planned on wearing white, but Jasmine's dress was far prettier than Sierra's. Her face flushed a little in embarrassment. She walked quickly over to her girlfriend, face red, but grinning wide. "Hi, sorry I'm late I uh-...wasn't sure which dress to pick..." she looked downwards awkwardly before looking back up to meet Jasmine's eyes. "You look amazing." she said before leaning in and giving her a quick peck on the cheek. "Shall we head in?" Sierra had to admit she was still nervous about people staring and judging, but it would be manageable as long as she had Jasmine's hand in her own.


Sean felt relief as Jackson admitted to also being nervous. Though if it was perfectly normal then why did he still have this tightness in his chest? Well, it probably takes a while for the physical signs of stress to fade, or at least that's what he reasoned. When his sister's date looked up the stairs, Sean's own gaze followed. Seriously what was taking so long? Tallulah was never really one to worry much about makeup, and Sam was only one person, yet it felt as though they were putting on the makeup for an entire circus of clowns.

After a moment Jackson asked for a bathroom to wash of engine grease. Sean couldn't help but chuckle, he'd been there before. Not while also in a suit, but still he sympathized with his struggle. He pointed around the corner in the direction of the exit to the garage. "There's a small bathroom over there. Top drawer under the sink has pumice soap in it. That'll for sure clean you off. My dad always keeps a bar handy."

As Jackson left to wash his hands Sean heard movement, finally, from upstairs. It seemed the girls were finally done. The pair of girls made their way down the stairs and he let out a low whistle. "Well aren't you two gorgeous. It's about time. Jackson's here, he's just washing his hands." he looked to his sister as he continued. "When he's done, you'll do your thing and take pictures for dad, then we'll all head out. Sound good? Good." Mr. Woods unfortunately had gotten stuck at work that night so he couldn't be there for his kids as much as he hated it. They assured him it was alright though and they would be responsible that night. Lulu obviously promised to take lots of pictures, but that was a given. Lulu already had her polaroid in her purse ready to go. She couldn't wait to see the look on Jackson's face when he saw her and her dress. He always had a way of making her feel special.
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Maisie frowned at Casper's words as she leaned against the wall, she was going to press for more information before he continued. She'd like to consider him as a close friend about now, they've spent more time together than she has with anyone else if she's being honest. "Oh... okay, what's up?" She had to admit she was curious, he was shy to an extent and Maisie couldn't wrap her head around it that he'd actually want to tell her something.

She just hoped it wasn't a secret.

She doesn't do well with secrets... unless their her own.

Yeah, she knows it's a big problem.

"I'm listening."

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Casper felt like he was on fire, and again he told himself he was doing nothing wrong. This was fair, and right, and really, if Casper didn’t get friends, Aaron shouldn’t, either. And what Aaron had done was bad. Surely Maisie wouldn’t want to be his friend if she knew, and that made Aaron a liar, didn’t it?

He looked down, still tugging at his hair, then, again reminding himself that Aaron deserved this- That really, Maisie deserved to know- leaned up to Maisie’s ear, close enough she could likely feel his breath, and whispered, “Aaron’s the reason Stu went to the hospital.”

Once he started, he found he couldn’t stop. “He… He beat him in the bathroom… bad. I came in, and… he just… kept kicking. I think he would’ve killed him… It was really scary.”




The Westbrook Wolf threw his arms around the two as Caleb turned the camera on them. ‘. . . Say Kit Kats!‘ he said. Yes, of course he was going to say that.

He, too, gave the biggest smile he could muster, stretching his lips till his jaw began to hurt. And then, rather excitably, he asked to see the photo and – oh. . . he kind of forgot he was wearing the wolf head. So there was a snout where his smile ought to have been. Embarrassment.

‘I really like what you’ve done to this place,’ he told Tatum. ‘I wish the gym was like this all year round.’

He nodded at her instructions, asked for the directions then promptly waved farewell.

‘Bye Tatum, bye Caleb! Thanks for the picture. . . oh, and drink responsibly!‘

So now the lone wolf was on the move again, picking his way from one end of the gym to the other, howling as he went. Oooowhoooooooo. (If only one could get David Attenborough to narrate his great migration.) The wolf greeted a couple hoomans along the way, remembering all the time not to eat them. Um, not that there was any risk of that happening. The Westbrook Wolf was a friendly wolf, whose diet consisted solely of nuggets and kitkats. Rest assured he was perfectly harmless.

When he finally got to where he needed to be, there was a guy standing smack in his spot. ‘Hello hooman—!!‘ the wolf said as he clobbered the guy from behind. Much too soon. Because the guy turned out to be someone he knew, and that someone he knew turned out to be Jace.

Oh no.

He pulled back immediately. He had just, very accidentally, and very awkwardly, hugged his archnemesis Beanie Boy.

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He hated social... things.

So as luck would have it and in a very Jace fashion, he was in an unassuming corner of the gym, with cup in hand. His shoulders were hunched up, he was awkwardly looking around. And he was just... wow, was he an awkward mess.

Nova texted him and Jace's gaze scanned the message. He bit his lip, trying to think over how to reply, when suddenly something fluffy, gray, and small tackled him in a hug, causing Jace to drop his cup of punch that was definitely not tainted with cheap beer all over the floor in front of him. It splashed against the paints and dresses of a few people, but they were too distracted by their horny teenage hormones to notice. Thank god, because he didn't want to be punched.

He turned to see who had so rudely had decided to hug him, and came face to face with none other than the Westbrook Wolf.

Oh no.

"Ummm... hi? Where's the candy?"

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Principal Nona

For some reason, Drake wasn't up here right now to announce the prom king and queen -- but that was fine. That could come after Nona's big announcement. She hadn't originally been planning to make this announcement here tonight, but alas, she was being forced into. Hatred for Martin bubbled up inside of her.

Still, she forced a smile onto her face as she stepped up onto the stage where the DJ was playing music from. He silenced his music, and all the dancing and happiness from the night stopped as the students paused to look up at their principal. She walked up to the microphone in the center of the stage, taking in a deep breath.

"Hello, students of Westbrook." She began. "We will be announcing the Prom King and Queen shortly, but first, I would like to share something with you all. As you may know, this has been a... rough year." At least none of the students had died while Nona was principal, but that was a different story completely.

"The school board and I have discussed it, and we have decided that it might be best if there were a few staff changes. So I have resigned and instead, will be principal at Westbrook Elementary." A much better idea, in her opinion. What was the worst that a bunch of booger-eating children could possibly cause?

"So I would like to present Martin French."

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President Soap🧼

Maisie stiffened slightly as he leaned in closer, curiousity had took hold of her while her mind wandered to how secretive it really was if it meant he needed to whisper it to her, but nevertheless, she allowed Casper to say whatever he needed. Anything he needed to get off his chest shouldn’t be anything too big right?

She wasn’t expecting his words.

And Maisie didn’t expect to be somewhat involved in this due to her... feelings for Aaron. It couldn’t be true. “I... Are you sure?” She didn’t believe him. Of course she’d heard about Stu because by this time, well, who didn’t?

But Aaron would never, and the thought alone of him... hurting someone like that— Aaron wasn’t capable of hurting anyone in her eyes, he couldn’t be. She crossed her arms and leaned away from Casper. “N-no, he wouldn’t hurt Stu. That doesn’t even make sense, especially not...” because what he went through, who he was, and as soon as she thought it her brain had gotten to work on finding the lies that she’d told herself and the truth that dared to come out.

And she didn’t mean Aaron’s possible fight with Stu, Maisie meant her own truth she tried to cover up.

It kept replaying in her mind, there wasn’t anyway he’d actually hurt anyone on purpose. Right? He was sweet, and understanding and... he got her and not many people did, not many people she knew had made her feel that way, but maybe Maisie hadn’t gotten to know them as well as she thought she’d did.

And that’s the only thing that made enough sense of all this.

Who even was Aaron?

“Sorry, Casper. I... I need to go.” Where was she going? Maisie doesn’t know.

She found herself at her locker, unfortunately, the only thing running through her head was Aaron, so much of him in-fact she’d forgot her locker combination.

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‘Oh. . . I slipped,’ he said dryly – coldly – unapologetically.

Yes, he slipped. Yes, that’s what happened. No way he’d hug Beanie Boy on purpose, or by any accident short of slippage. Because he was still angry with him, as he had been for months. Very angry.

How very angry? Pretty very angry, actually. On a scale of one to ten? Eleven. Maybe twelve. In fact, the longer they stood there the verier angrier he got. And all that veriest angriest pushed steam out of his ears, which got trapped under his furry costume, and made him sweat, turning him into a de facto baked potato.

Still, Westbrook Wolf is a friendly wolf.

Westbrook Wolf is a friendly wolf.

Westbrook Wolf is a friendly–

Under no circumstance must Westbrook Wolf eat a hooman being, no matter how much he dislikes said hooman.

So, at length, the wolf cooled his blood, remembering his pledge of friendship to all hoomankind.

‘Someone stole the Kit Kats,’ he said with a shrug, then pointed demandingly at the floor. ‘You’re in my spot.’

Principal Nona took the stage as the music stopped. The initial screech of the microphone made the Westbrook Wolf turn to the source of the sound. Then she started talking, but he wasn’t really listening to her. In all fairness to him, nobody ever listened to Principal Nona.

‘T. . . that video,’ he said emphatically, turning back to Jace. 'Why'd you have to go and do such a crummy thing? Or was it Theo? . . . It was him, wasn't it?'

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Things were happening on stage, but Jace was too focused on the awkward conversation at hand to think much of it. Or pay any attention. Things were going okay, and then Stu's next question just caused him to panic. Like a deer in the headlights.

"I... yeah," Jace sighed, deflating as the memories of what had happened flooded back. He'd tried so hard to avoid thinking about it, but it was pointless. "It was Theo. And it was stupid. I just... I thought he was my friend and maybe something more, and I was so wrong. He turned on me as quickly as he turned on you."

And so had Nova, but Jace had forgiven her. Mostly. He was still a little put-off by what had happened.

"But we never released that video of you peeing on my flowers." At least, Jace hadn't, but he couldn't be totally sure that Theo hadn't. But Theo hadn't been at school when the incident happened, so how would he have leaked it?

"I'm sorry. You were my friend, too, and I totally abandoned you. I should've been there for you when you got hurt in the bathroom and everything else. I'm... really sorry."

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Casper's heart sunk as Maisie spoke, but as he pulled back, he nodded, eyes soft. She seemed hurt, and it was hard to tell himself this was for Maisie too when she wasn't taking it well. He wanted to say something, and he even began to open his mouth to do just that... only to have her speak again. He clamped his shut.

It felt like forever when she was quiet again, and Casper bit his lip, waiting for her to process whatever she needed to and respond.

And then she was leaving. He watched her go, then dropped his gaze. A moment passed, and he began to sniffle. That hadn't felt nearly as good as he'd thought it would.

In fact, it hadn't felt good at all.



Aaron waited. And waited. And waited. He grabbed a table, he got some punch. He saw the principal announce she would be resigning, which he didn't care about period to be quite honest.

That was when he decided it was probably time to get out of here. After all, he was in no mood for a speech.

So he left the auditorium, and went to the bathroom line... Only to see Maisie wasn't there. He didn't jump to conclusions, though- He waited some more.

Of course, once people he'd seen get in line exit, it was time to admit she wasn't there. He fought back a frown, corralling his face into something more neutral, even if his worry was making it hard. He'd done this for years, and he could do it for years more, regardless of Maisie.

So he started looking around the school, shoving down any worries that rose to the top of his mind, any concerns that felt like they might drown him. She was fine. She couldn't possibly not be- It hadn't been long enough for something bad to happen. Really.

He almost didn't stop when he finally saw her.

She was at her locker. Of course she was at her locker. Why hadn't he gone straight here from the bathroom? For a long second, he was quiet, watching her. One thing was for sure- She definitely didn't look okay.

He steeled himself, expression falling to that almost bored, in control look it favored so heavily as he slowly stepped closer.

"Maisie?" he asked, then paused. What else should he say? The silence made Aaron's skin crawl, but as he tried to move his eyes away from her hands, he forced out, "Is something wrong?"



Basically Santa ^_^

Tatum had been grateful for Caleb’s longer arms it would make for a better selfie, but she was glad to see that Stu was doing his duties and to her views enjoying himself. Of course, she wanted everyone to enjoy themselves. “Kit Kats!” she said and smiled with Caleb and the Wolf. She thanked the Wolf for his praise on her design and wished him a farewell before turning back towards Caleb. She carefully took her phone back and looked at the picture of all of them, “This one’s a keeper.” A smile played on her lips. Her attention was cut short as their principal made an announcement. She never really paid any attention their principal. Tatum was a good student and smart enough to not ever get caught so she never really had an interaction. Sure, the bullying had been out of hand but even getting an adult involved wouldn’t really fix the issue. They were teenagers and they were a dramatic bunch of people.

She leaned over to Caleb, “This speech from Nona wasn’t on the agenda for tonight.” Her eyes were looking for either Grace or Ash because they were both supposed to be in attendance at the moment. She figured they must’ve been running late, they both were busy girls and she knew they wouldn’t miss this event for the world, mostly because she knew that Grace would show up if only to judge how the décor looked. That didn’t bother her because Tatum had partially taken the full weight of the job from Grace, so the critical view wasn’t a big deal. Anyone would be critical in the same situation. She sent a message to Ash and hoped she would receive a response soon.

As soon as she hit send her phone went off not from Ash but from her childhood friend, Brayden. He was letting her know he was going to be staying at her place. He had gone through some troubles, so his parents had sent them to her place. Tatum was excited that she would get to hang out with one of her oldest friends, but she was still worried about Ash. Her eyes were darting around the gym waiting for either Ash or Grace to show up.

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Her eyes lit up when she spotted Sierra rushing up. Letting out her breath of nervousness now that she had arrived. Smiling brightly as she looked over Sierra in all her beauty. Letting out an anxious giggle as she wrapped her arms around Sierra. “You’re fine! I understand.” She said softly before her cheeks flushed pink as she felt sierras lips against her cheek. She happily returned the show of affection before nodding to Sierra. “You to Sierra.” She said softly to her as she stood a little closer to her. Letting her eyes look over Sierra again before she smiled some more. Moving to sierras side and entwining a hand in hers as she nodded while taking a step closer to her. “Yeah.” She said softly

Jackson had just started washing his hands when he heard the girls coming out. Mentally cussing as he rushed to finish up and dry his hands off. Quickly exiting the bathroom he walked back to the small group. Coming up behind the girls His eyes immediately set on Talulah a look of admiration slipping over his face as he slipped up behind her. Smiling brightly as he slid his arms around her waist from behind in a hug. “Hello princess.” He whispered softly into Lulahs ear before accompanying the compliment with a loving kiss against her cheek.
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Martin waited his name to be called and sure enough it was. There was something symbolic or prophetic about the way he marched up that stage, as if an old chapter in the history of Westbrook High School had been closed, and a new one opened.

Martin could not help but feel a sense of victory as he took the microphone from the despicable Principal Nona. Let’s be honest, nobody really ever liked that woman. All the parents he'd talked to were wondering how she'd ever got the job in the first place.

Fun fact: Nona in Latin means 9. Which meant that Nona didn’t give nine fucks about anybody. She never cared about the school or the students or their parents. She was pretty much useless in all quarters.

‘Thank you, Mrs. Nona,’ he said. ‘My name is Dr. Martin French—’ Yes. Rub it in.

‘It’s my pleasure to be with you here tonight. However, I won’t be attempting to bore you with a long speech, as I know you’re all keen to put your academics behind you tonight, and just enjoy the music. I know, I was young once.'

‘But I look forward to working with all of you and seeing you back in the next academic year,’ he said. ‘I’m sure it will be a great year for all of you – well, certainly for the most of you.’

He said this as he turned back suggestively to Principal Nona. She was surely going to run Westbrook Elementary to the ground, but hey, at least she was someone else's problem now.

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After Martin had stepped back, Nona took her place back by the microphone. "Thank you, Mr. French. Let me say that we are delighted to have you on board as our newest literature teacher." She smiled over at the newest teacher, then back out at the crowd. What a whirlwind this had been.

"And without further ado, allow me to invite my replacement up here." She really didn't need any kind of introduction, and had even asked to introduce herself once she was on stage instead of Nona doing it.

The replacement approached the stage, her head held high. Her heels clicked along the wooden boards. Disgusting. They would need to update this immediately, provided that the board gave them enough funding. But she was charming, and had managed to secure this new job without much question.

She stepped up, giving Nona a pitiful smile, before turning to the students.

"Hello, everyone. I am elated to be your new principal and I look forward to bringing Westbrook to the height of its former glory. There will be some new rules laid out, but we can get to those later."

Oh! How rude of her -- she hadn't even introduced her!

"How rude of me -- I haven't even introduced myself. My name is Elise Summers."

"And I will also be announcing the Prom King and Queen." Yes, she had stolen this from that little drug-head. Well, not stolen, because he wasn't even anywhere to be found.

Elise took the envelope, carefully opening it up and pulling out the winners.

"The Prom Queen will be going to my own daughter, Ashton West." A smile came to her face. Maybe her daughter wasn't such a mess after all.

But... she wasn't coming up to receive the crown.

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Although he was very angry at Jace, he decided to hear him out. And the more he listened, the more he believed him. Jace was crummy, but he wasn’t Theo-level crummy. Neck Tie never trusted that Theo; he didn’t know what Jace saw in him. He was a bully plain and simple, and a dickhead, meaning there was a dick where his head ought to have been. And dickheads do dickish things. You can’t have one without the other -- it was kind of a package deal.

Certainly Beanie Boy’s apology caught him off guard. He’d been so mean to him before, and suddenly he was. . . nice again? It was confusing. So much so his head started hurting. But an apology was an apology, and his heart wasn’t made of stone.

Rather it was made of chocolate.

‘I’m still mad at you,’ he said.

Then quietly he leant in and gave Jace a hug. It was an awkward one. But Jace probably wouldn’t mind it. He was gay anyway.

‘I’m sorry, too. . . sorry I called you a homo,’ Neck Tie said. ‘But you’re still a homo.’

Now his own Dad was on stage, making some announcements he already knew was coming. Followed by Elise.

Neck Tie sighed. Next year was going to be hell.

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Yes, he was relieved when Stu forgave him, and returned the awkward hug. His cheeks turned red when Stu called him... a homo. God, that was a whole thing in and of itself, and Jace wasn't sure he had the energy to even think about it. Maybe he was just plain gay, but who the hell he even knew anymore?

Elise took the stage, and Jace couldn't stand to look at her or hear her voice. "Hey, uh... you wanna leave? This whole prom experience kind of sucks." Jace admitted. This wasn't at all his kind of forte, and he doubted that Stu was having much fun, either. Going stag just sucked.

Jace headed out of the gym, with his best friend following after him. This was like the good times, the old times. He was so happy, and he couldn't wait to tell Stu that he was going to be moving after graduation. Jace couldn't wait to be able to get out of this town.

But then, his phone rang before he could. It was his dad. Strange. Jace answered it, a smile still on his face, but it faltered just as quickly as it had arose. He ended the call, looking at Stu for a moment in shocked silence.

"Ash is... she's in the hospital. With Grace."

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Neck Tie

Although the Westbrook Wolf had a noble duty to do, it wasn’t every day you won your best friend back, so of course he wasn’t going to say no. He was happy to tag along wherever Jace wanted to go.

He hated prom and wanted out anyway. He’d just have to explain it to Tatum later why the Westbrook Wolf mysteriously disappeared. That shouldn’t be too big of a deal, considering Tatum had been pretty nice to him so far. Anyhow, he seriously doubted anyone would notice that he’d gone missing.

Jace’s phone rang, Neck Tie stood about and waited, taking the opportunity to remove his wolf head. Which meant he now got a better look at Beanie Boy. The look on his friend’s face didn’t bode well. You could tell easily whenever he was panicking. He’d go pretty pale then he’d start stammering. Very typical Jace.

But then he heard what Jace was saying, which made him worry too.

‘W. . .what? What happened to Ash?’ he said.

He immediately thought she might have been sick or something. He hoped it wasn’t as serious, at least not as serious as Jace made it seem. The good news was Grace was there at the hospital with her, probably to keep her company, so that was good.

Still, they should probably visit, right?

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