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Digital Wert's Stuff


The drawings are so EPIC
This one though has tugged on the heart strings, it's so cute.
I know this is off topic of the kind of drawings you do, but this one reminds me of the bible story of the lost lamb that was found
Thank you!!
That's also neat! I believe I was listening to the Prince of Egypt OST at the time, so that's pretty fitting.


Excuse me, but pls mind the language in the forums on RPN,, we don't want to corrupt some minds...
Language as such does not violate the rules of RpN. We're not a strictly PG-13 site.
If we see anything that breaks the rules, we'll handle it. ^^ If you see anything that breaks the rules, we'd really appreciate if you reported it and steered clear of the situation. We'll handle it from there. It's easier on everyone that way.
Thanks <3


Re-used the "holding the sun" idea for this one. It's a concept(?) drawing for a deity in a roleplay. I had a hard time deciding what to do with the background, and decided not to add anything else to it in fear of messing the entire drawing up.


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