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Robin | 19 | They/He | Non-binary Transmasc
I'm semi-lit to literate i can write 2-3 paragraphs as the minimum but am capable of writing more if my partner writes alot. Though i've never roleplayed with anyone who has done novella i would love to be given the opportunity. I reply very frequently to roleplays as right now im unemployed and seeking a job however i still deal with things in my personal life that may prevent me from replying every single day. Im lgbtq+ friendly and im also open to talking ooc. I like communication and think it's important that we know each other boundaries and such.

What im looking for

  • Open minded and respectful partners
  • 18+ partners because im more comfrotable with that
  • Same writing level as me or above
  • no one liners
  • somone who isnt overly senstive to mental health as my characters do deal with certain things
  • People who love doing romance just as much as me
  • Openess to discussing ideas of what to do for the roleplay
  • Im open to picrews and face claims for peoples ocs as long as i have a clear visual or description
  • 3rd person

I want to do a romance roleplay with my Oc Merri cross who is a non-binary masc presenting [AMAB] who goes by They/He. Thier a werewolf tattoo artist who i made recently and i genuinly love them so much and want to exsplore other parts of them through rp so i am going to be rusty with them since thier a new character and it has been a while since i roleplayed. As much as i love romance it doesnt have to be the main focus but i still want it in there it can be a slow burn or quicker just whatever way the roleplay goes. We can come up with a plot together based on what character you use or if you have an idea for a plot that could potentially fit the characters i would be down. Heck id even be down for a prince x werewolf scenario just whatever you want to do and feel down to do. Merri has a lean towards men or masc presenting people so please keep that in mind along with the fact that merri is non-binary i would like that to be respected. If you wish to know more on merri feel free to ask more questions im open to answering. Dm me or comment on here if intrested doesnt have to be a long term thing we can just see how things go.
Here is a link to Merri's info!

Art and character design by me
merri ref.png

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