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Fantasy Werewolf pack


The White Willow
All right so this rp will be a group werewolf pack rp, and first ill need a description about your character... I will post more about the plot of this rp and im willing to take any idea's from others.


Age:(Human looks age, I know Were wolves age much slower than humans)

Human Description:

Wolf Description:


Alpha:Can only be two Alpha's

Beta:Second in Command and there are four Betas

Gammas: The Eldest in the Pack and are the wisest.

Epsilons: The Warriors and defenders of the pack.

Omegas: The common wolf and servants to the pack.

Also with ranks when in wolf form, all pack members can mentally communicate, Alpha's have the absolute control of this mental bond in the pack and can command orders to all pack members. Beta's have a strong mental bond and can belay orders of the Alpha to the rest of the pack, Gammas have a relatively strong mental bond, Epsilons bonds are extremely sophisticated in a way where tactics and commands from the Alpha are linked to each Epsilons. Epsilons may only return reports through the mental bond to the Alpha. Omegas: Have a decently strong Epsilons yet cannot give commands to the entire pack yet to a number of individuals that are near them. They may only receive large commands


Also You may be a Normal human that could possibly transformed into a Werewolf we can further discuss the ceremony later in the rp.
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The White Willow
Name: Blaise Ferris (Also known as "The White Willow" for her unusual white fur)

Age: Looks around 19/20

Human Description: A Light Silver haired female standing around 5'9 with an athletic build, and light green eyes.

Wolf Description: A bright white wolf with green eyes, she has a small frame for a wolf yet strong muscles lay underneath her white fur.

Personality: She strong and built for a leader yet hides her own emotions to strengthen the Pack she is also a strong headed leader.

Rank: Alpha Female

Bio: Since being the only pup to survive a sudden outbreak in the pack she was the only heir to the Alpha pack and once her Alpha's had died she assumed command of the Pack at a early age. Putting away her desire's, emotions, and her own time she lead the pack till now she is quite young to be an Alpha but has lead the pack with the help of her Beta's. Being a single Alpha she has never had the time to go to group meetings with other packs to find a potential mate, never finding the time or always being dutifully leading her pack her Beta's often get worried about the empty Alpha Male position. Her closed in emotions and her problem with expressing her self to others may be a downfall to her...
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