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Welcome to Varerin | Interest Thread | Politics | Magic | Fantasy |


RPN’s Residental Villian

Welcome to Varerin...
The realm of Varerin, one of splendor and of sorrow... From the mountainous empire to the north, the Argonians, to the tribal folk of the South, the Ugravarians. The Argonian empire’s tenure within the mountain valleys have existed almost as long as the region itself, however its ability to progress with modern society blazes proudly. With proficient use of gunpowder, as well as other resources help the empire keep its firm grasp upon the region...

The Ugravarians, a egalitarian nation with mixed regions promote a quite opposite view than the mighty Argonians. But, is this such a bad thing..? Magic, politics, mystery...

The question is, do you wish to explore the realm...?

Basics Hi guys! This idea for a world RP has been created by a dear RPN friend of mine, @RiverGamer and myself! We’re very passionate about this idea, and we’ve built up a hefty amount of lore, social rules, and political ideologies for this rp! It’s alot, hence not me including them in the main interest thread, but if this gains traction I’ll gladly make a lore thread!
credits @RI.a

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