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Fantasy Welcome to the Rangers (Another Guild RP)

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yeah we still vibin
Niro is a land of beauty and repulsiveness. You're bound to get your fair share of chaos and adventure if you're traveling and if you wanna know how to survive, join the Rangers.


Formerly dubbed the Royal Secret Service, masters and mistresses of unconventional warfare who served a kingdom that once ruled all the humans of Niro but it had fallen due to internal strife and corruption. Afterwards, when the Kingdom split and the RSS was dissolved and many of its members found refuge in the nations of the former kingdom, training their militaries or living simple lives as artisans or farmers, while others resorted to banditry. However a chapter of the RSS had decided to form a mercenary group called the Rangers who've based themselves in the human centric regions of Niro. Being one of the toughest mercenary guilds in all of Niro, they get a lot of experience and notoriety. You'd see them at a lot of train stations or on the road in small towns and villages but never in the cities unless they're paid to be there. Have a lot of armored mercs walking around with guns in big cities and people get nervous. They had been an all human organization but only recently did they allow other species such as elves, faes, dwarves, and orcs along with a bunch of other species. Thanks to their less-strict application requirements, the Rangers have been able to branch out into other countries and make themselves more sustainable.

Thanks to their boost in ranks they’ve been able to act independently and take on more risky contracts and independent operations. They’ve taken on werewolves, vampires, and different types of monsters that you’d be wise to avoid. While they pay well, these beings have special aspects about their biology. For example raw vampire blood makes a great sex enhancement and can heighten senses. But refined vampire blood is universally transfusable across all species of all blood types. The Rangers only deal with refined blood and is one of many processes that have kept them afloat, keeping their members alive and selling them to clinics and hospitals.

Under the rangers ones options are almost limitless. They can be making a decent profit fighting bad guys or going on adventures to distant lands. No matter your species or creed, the rangers accepts all.

Ok hi, if you made this far thanks for stopping by. What I wanna get going here is a cross between band of brothers and elder scrolls (or any fantasy rpg I guess). So essentially the setting is a WW2 era fantasy world. There’s still a lot of lore that I need to add such as the world itself and other factions and races that exist. While I do have bits of lore pre-prepared I don’t mind y’all chipping in to add anything, just run it by me in ooc. That being said if I get enough interest I’ll set up ooc and cs.

Important things to consider:
-Follow rpn rules yada yada
-No godmodding or op chara’s
-This rp has a one post per week requirement so we can keep this rolling
-Let me know if you can’t post for some time so we don’t have to wait on you, if not I’ll just skip you
-18+ characters only
-Don’t have faceclaim requirements. Go nuts lmao
-Five sentences minimum per post
-if you have problems with me or one or more player take it to dms. Unless it’s a huge majority of players than do it in ooc lol
-I’m very much interested in any questions or feedback you guys have and will do what I can to accommodate y’all
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yeah we still vibin
Ok so I know that I put the forum-server thing to a vote but since rn we're pretty small (which is chill), I'm just gonna put a forum up and if we get more I'll have a server up

y'all have enough time to make characters since I have L O R E to put up
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yeah we still vibin
If there's anyone not in the discord yet, the lore has been updated so you'll have an easier time making your characters (:

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