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Fandom Welcome to the Phantom Thieves (Private with Axe2029)

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Squeak squeak
Ann pulled out her phone to text the other members what she had learned. They all decided after school they would meet up at the rooftop. During school hours, she saw a group of students laughing and throwing something at Nicholas in the hallway. Well, they would have a change of heart soon.

Akira met up with Ann and Ryuji, leaning back against one of the desks on the roof he listened to Ann explain what he knew about Nicholas.

"Shibai? Yeah, I know of him. He's a right bastard." Ryuji had told them from his spot on top of another desk. "Shibai Nakahara is his full name."

Akira inputed his name, it got a hit on the MetaNav but now they were just missing the keywords. "Any ideas?"

"Uh, bully?" Ryuji suggested with a shrug

"School?" Morgana said with a twitch of his ear

"Snake!" Ann called out.
It got a hit. One more to go.

Akira gave a moment of thought. If the guy had a gang what could be something along the lines of that? Gang..war? Couldn't hurt to try it.

The Metanav pinged as the world around them distorted into that of a Palace. I guess that worked, but it appears the four of them weren't alone.


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Nick would walk back from home room as he felt peices of paper be thrown at him sighing as it happened majorly just annoyed at this point. If he coukd he would break the guys face open but he had to keep his cool and not freak out. So he would continue walking.

As the day ended nick was a lil behind in leaveing for the day as he was trying to pack his things up in hid book bag. A lil upset that tjis constant bullying just keeps goin on and on. But he knew karma would take Shibai sooner or later. But he had to focus on doing what he dose.

So when he went to the exit getting closer but before he could leave the world around him would change his eye brow raised as the entire environment around him changed from a school to what looks like a heavily trenched Japanese military base from Wirld war 2!

Nicks eyes went big for a second as he looked around "uhh. What the? Where am I!?" He started to panic a little and before he could really make any kind if movement to leave he would find himself surrounded by japanse soldiers with peices of samurai armor on and rifles. And in the middle if them all shibai in a officers uniform "Shibai! You prick! What tje hell did you do! I know you like screwing with me but this is going to far!" The shibai wearing officer clothes would scoff "take this peice of filth to the cells!" Nick would find himself restrained and being dragged off "You bastard! Iam gonna break your nose for this you pompus fuck!" He screamed as he was being dragged away.


Squeak squeak
"Are we in a war right now?!" Ann shrieked as she looked around at the sight. Her bright red cat suit seemed to stand out amoung all the smoke.

"He must think of the school as his own warzone I guess." Morgana had said as he reached up with his tiny paws to adjust the yellow scarf around his neck.

Ryuji frowned and was about to speak when he heard someone yelling. "You guys hear that too?"

Akira turned and quickly made his way towards the source of the shout. It turned out to be Nicholas Castle himself, in the middle of what appears to be a group of soldiers. "How did he get here?!" He heard Ryuji loudly ask.

Ignoring the question for now, he ordered the thieves to get in formation. Moving quickly, he ripped the helmet off of one of the soliders, the rest came afterwards- morphing into a creature. It had similar anatomy to a human, but its skin was blue and a massive hole existed where a face should be. It held a sword in one hand.

There were 3 of them. "This Shadow is weak to lighting, I'm sure of it!" Morgana spoke as he summoned his own persona.

Removing his own mask, Akira summoned Agathion to send a strike of electricity. Ryuji doing the same using Captain Kidd. After about 10 minutes, the shadows were wiped out quite easily.

Afterwards, the group turned all of their gazes to Nicholas, who seemed to be in awe.

"Are you hurt anywhere?" Akira was the first to speak

(Sorry i kinda rushed on this post)


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Nick kept fighting as he was kicking in the soldiers grasp trying to break free "Your a dead man shibau you hear me! Dead!" With that shibai briskly had made his way back to the compound as nick would keep struggling to get free.

As nick struggled becoming a fruitless effort he soon see someone with a mask and trech coat ripping the helmet off one of the soldiers. The sproutjng shadow shocked him as the other 2 soldiers dropped him transforming as well. Nick would crawl backwards quickly into a rock. He would only watch as the group would fight them off as they were wiped out by the group.

Nicks face was just filled with disbelief at the sight of it all soon hearing akira ask if nick was ok. Shakingly he got up taking in a breath "Ok. Few questions. First. Who are you all. Second. Where the fuck are we. Third why dose shibai look like a japanse general. And 4th why is their a humanoid looking cat that talks?"


Squeak squeak
"I'm not a cat!" Quickly left Morgana's mouth at the accusation. "I'm a human that just looks like a cat!"

Meanwhile, Akira was contemplating how to explain this. Ann and Ryuji kind of just went with it so, "Well," The masked man began. "We're the Phantom Thieves. You're currently inside Shibai's heart, he apparently views the world as his own personal warzone." He paused to give a shrug. "Hence the whole Japanese general thing."

It was Ann's turn to speak. "But what do we do now? We can't keep going with him in here.." She trailed off, remembering how Ryuji and Akira had practically threw her out of the palace.


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Nick would hear Morgana speak. "Ok. Point taken cat is human that looks like a cat. Good god this is alot to wrap my brain around." Je would say holding his head josltling it from left to right but he composed himself onece more to listen as akira spoke.

He took it all in at first replying with a blink before speaking. "Ok. So this is how you guys got that prick komashida to talk. And i had my assumptions it was you guys. And figures. Asshole history nut i guess his bias towards me is due to the war then if we are what looks like in a world war 2 setting."

Nick then crossed his arms as he then chimed in "Hey look i may not look like much but i can hold my own. If we are taking cats out of bags right now iam assumeing akira already knows my secret and told you 3. I may not have the cool outfits. Or. Powers. But i can still hold my own in a scrap."

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