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Time Lord

They had luckily recovered the Dark Irina in one piece…but that piece wasn’t exactly in pristine condition. The hijackers had used brute force to get in and hotwire the weapon’s precious vessel of acceleration for the unannounced joyride through the streets. Whatever fear and apprehension people had whenever they saw the black beauty of a car take to the streets was now intensified. The shocks had suffered abuse, the front bumper hung limply along with the headlights freed from their fixture, anything else that was glass was utterly shattered from the windshield down to the gauges. The seats were destroyed by claws and who knows whatever else the kishins had in their possession. The beautiful charcoal paint job with red streaks was now scraped with scratches running all along the chassis. Gwen was certain the damage was even more severe based on how the engine cried out in misery or the way the entire frame creaked and groaned just from moving it somewhere to avoid another potential hijacking. The assessment would have to wait for another day and at least no one else could steal it now.

Protecting the innocent was their priority and in Cami’s grasp the revving of her chainsaws spelled certain doom for any corrupt soul foolish enough to venture into their range. By the time their teacher recalled them, they found themselves dispatched to another location. Oh joy. Could anyone say ‘facility mission the sequel?’ Gwen could and that only made her grit her teeth as she focused on running her wavelength and max potential. There were too many of their classmates that had….issues…that didn’t need a heavy dose of Madness on top. Maybe their teachers thought that sending familiar faces would help snap Alice and Elvy back to their senses?

Oh by the way did Gwen forget to mention the Madness?

This place REEKED it.

So much so that Gwen felt a tinge of something she never encountered before. It came directly from Cami, and was most likely trying to make Gwen waver. That was the key to this strategy, even if the effects were more potent here, as long as the duo were together, Cami was less at risk compared to some of the others. That’s why the Madness was trying to attack Gwen, a chain was only as strong as its weakest link, and if she failed then it could be disastrous for others that needed the Healing Wavelength.

“Keep her safe?” Gwen questioned, her eyes turning over her shoulder and seeing nothing in response.

“You lost one partner already.” The Madness taunted, moving about to stay out of the girl’s vision while Gwen turned her attention back to her partner, its voice sounding far more different than the Camilia that Gwen knew. “You failed him to protect him, Alice, Elvy, Morika, and all the others that came and went.” The darkness continued to gloat smugly. Moving to embrace Gwen from behind. “I can help you.” it tempted her in a hushed whisper. “Let go. Let me help you and together we can save Cami from dying here.” it offered

“That was the worst sales pitch you could’ve made for me.” Gwen replied back with a smirk. “It's not about keeping her safe.” she revealed feeling the arms around her waist tightening like a snake attempting to constrict her. “We’re partners, we give each other strength, trusting them to stand up for themselves. Nice try Edgy Madness Cami but you’re not MY Madness. You won’t break me” she then said with a confident laugh while the entity behind her continued to hold her firmly in an embrace.

“We shall see.” The darkness countered, those who would feel the pull into Madness always needed a simple push to start the terrible descent into bloodlust. Gwen would prove troublesome indeed, yet so long as the Wavelength of Madness permeated the air, this shadowy incarnation of Cami’s fears would continue its attempt to break the girl who vowed to be the Meister’s rock and anchor to sanity.

Focusing back on the reality of their dreadful situation Gwen watched both of the twisted and corrupted forms of her classmates. Alice was likely going to be the most physically aggressive of the pair. She always preferred attacking instead of defending despite being first paired with Lew and his shield form. Hime was dangerous in the mentality that she was referring to herself and Elvy as two different people…

“I hate to say it but she’s right Cami.” Gwen whispered to her partner when Hime spoke directly to the crimson haired girl. “Our friends are somewhere in those darky queen personas they have going on…we gotta get to them but to do that we have to wear them down enough for me to work my magic.”

Jackaboi Jackaboi and everyone else present


The Flake
Llewellyn Artain-Galant

Hidden Facility, Corridors

Blood. Blood paved the pathway for the DWMA Students as they progressed further into the facility. Cries continued to rattle out in pain and death. Human-like corpses were trampled underfoot, their faces still twisted in agony or inhuman glee. I can no longer tell who the monsters are any longer. The blonde fired a shot that hobbled a guard in front of Marcus, allowing the Meister to cut the poor creature down with Elias. These individuals have thrown away their Humanity, but was it by choice? Or are they victims, much like ourselves? Llewellyn darted forward to place his hand upon the silver haired fox boy, shoving the other male out of the way of a bullet while simultaneously absorbing the bullet wound that had pierced through Nicholai's shoulder. You need not think on this, worm. The voice's poisonous words slithered into Llewellyn's ears. There are nothing but trash to be swept away. A task I believe you are aptly suited for if I recall correctly. Dispose of them so that I may discover an adversary worthy of my presence . Blood seeped slowly from the absorbed wound on Llewellyn's left shoulder as he pretended to ignore the voice's council. The young man then dived behind a pile of corpses in order to cover himself from a lobbed grenade, thankfully avoiding any new injuries aside from some insignificant cuts.

When Llewellyn had killed and absorbed yet another Kishin Egg after what felt like hours of combat, he spotted Hitomi. His other partner had stuck relatively close to the middle of the group while they pushed through the corridors of this new facility. The newly created Humanoid Kishins were torn apart as easily as soggy tissue paper before her assault. The young woman's positioning was perfect for the group since it prevented any of their enemies from ambushing Marcus and Sozen in the front, it was also unfortunate for Llewellyn. The blonde could not "heal" any of the Meisters' collected injuries while the other Weapon was constantly within view. Llewellyn truly believed that Hitomi had seen him use his ability on Nicholai when she approached him approximately a minute later with more ammo clips to give him. Though, Llewellyn was relieved to find out that her appearance was not due to his actions. Still, the blonde was careful to hide his left side as he accepted the new ammunition. Why do you hide your power? It is a brilliant interrogation tool that could break even the most stubborn of minds, yet you insist on utilizing it as a mere bandage. A strained smile made it's way to Llewellyn's lips as he lamely offered his own response to Hitomi's words as he once again pushed the voice's musings from his mind. "May you be safe as well."

Hidden Facility Depths, The Throne

Madness had been gradually eating away at Llewellyn's reason and control all throughout the day so far. The male was well aware of the consequences that could incur should he falter for even a moment. Still, Llewellyn had continued to refuse seeking out assistance from any of his classmates possessing wavelengths resistant to madness. The young man did not think himself strong enough to resist the Madness steadily building inside of him with only his own willpower to defend him, yet Llewellyn had no other alternative. The voice was clever, careful and disturbingly patient in its impatience to completely dominate Llewellyn's mind. It would not allow Llewellyn to seek out assistance through any means and it had proven to be capable of controlling most if not all of his body. Truthfully, it was only the voice's whim and luck that allowed Llewellyn his small semblance of control over his body as he killed the Kishin guards in the facility. Luck that was almost instantaneously shattered the moment the doors to the Room opened.

Visions of the bloodstained hallways; piles of mutilated corpses with limbs and intestines scattered about the floor like bloody confetti; the heartbreaking cries of woman screaming herself hoarse and the sensation of tears splashing against his cheek flashed through Llewellyn's mind, forcing him to his knees. What is..? A hand rested against the cold tiled floor, while the other loosely gripped the small firearm hovering in the air from his outstretched arm. Cobalt blue eyes roved over the forms of the two individuals on the throne, noticing their presence but not actually 'seeing' them. Who...? Llewellyn's mind struggled to see the present while images from his past danced behind his retinas with dizzying speed. Finally you are in your proper place, worm. Though, you are bowing to the wrong individual! The voice's displeasure was coherent even through the hallucinations plaguing Llewellyn. You serve me not either of those pretenders. The long haired male felt his body shift into a standing position as his eyes continued their unfocused stare towards the throne. Now display the proper manners that old hag lashed into you and listen when your betters are talking to you! Cobalt blue briefly flickered to Gold and all at once, the visions ceased. This allowed Llewellyn to finally see just who sat before him. "A-alice?" The blonde whispered, doubt and incredulity evident in his eyes. A small nugget of Hope wriggled it's way into his mind. Hope that was torn away the moment Alice spoke to him.

His Meister's words pierced through Llewellyn's heart, crushing and freezing the organ. The agony he felt from the accusation was far more painful than the bullet that had pierced through his chest earlier in the year. "Betrayal? No I... I merely wished to help." The young man spoke hurriedly, his eyes wide and desperate. He had to convince Alice that his loyalty lay with her, that he was her Weapon, that there was no reason to discard him. "I will always stay by your side. I will always seek to serve you. I want nothing aside from you happiness because I love you! Please, believe me!" Cobalt blue searched Amber orbs frantically for any sign of emotion, but all they found was amusement. Alice doesn't believe me... No, she does not care. Moisture pricked at Llewellyn's eyes as his Meister dismissed his words with casual indifference. He wiped away the tears before they could spill with his left hand, smearing blood across his face. The mission. I must focus on... the mission.

"No. Now you rest worm. It is your true Master's turn to speak."

The Master

Hidden Facility Depths, The False Throne

A contented sigh left the young lord's lips as he flexed his fingers, gently tightening his grip around the pistol's trigger before releasing the pressure slowly without firing it. Gold orbs fluttered open and a slight smirk spread across both his lips and eyes. "Finally, I have the body I craved." The blonde whispered to himself, delighting at the sound of his own voice. Now he could achieve his desires, his dreams, his aspirations. No longer would he be held back by his vessel's foolish flounderings; by the trappings of blind loyalty and sentiment; by the suffocating "feelings" the worm held. There was only him. The Master.

The young lord did not react to the orders the Ember's peasant gave to him, instead he remained firmly in place, allowing the others listed to dart forwards first. Why should he seek to exert this body further than the worm already had? Let the peasants fight amongst themselves. Then, once their quarry was weakened from exhaustion, the Master would steal the glory and rid himself of an obstacle. If the worm had remained silent, I would have never witnessed how great his reliance upon his Meister is. Now that this weakness is exposed, I know full well how I shall remain in control. The Master carelessly tossed the pistol in his hands to the side to instead draw the kunai the worm had been granted. I wonder what unsightly face the worm will make when I contribute this altercation to the wonderful daydream I have graciously bestowed upon him. The Master shivered in anticipation as he waited, ready for Alice to approach him.

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Time Lord

With the casino secured, Kade and Rin pressed onwards. The playing of his Weapon’s violin echoing in his ears as he opened fire on whatever evil dared to cross his path. As they battled however he made sure to rarely call upon the Four Brothers, while they weren’t initially affected by the Madness Wavelength, he didn’t wish to take the chance with prolonged exposure to this infection. A sentiment well earned when their teachers swiftly brought them to the bunker that was supposed to hold both Alice and Elvy hostage.

Elias was the most volatile of the group in this moment with how he barraged his way past the main gate; his sister was in danger and the blonde didn’t care how much pain he had to endure if it meant saving her from whatever grand design their enemies had concocted.

By the time they reached the ‘throne room’ below the surface, Kade’s red eyes widened with the way he saw Alice. She wasn’t the same girl he had met on the island retreat. Darkness had gripped at the girl’s soul just like Elvy’s and now they were pawns to the schemes of the true masterminds.

It truly heart Kade’s heart the way he saw them twisted into such malice versions of themselves.

The pull of Madness was ever threatening and Kade could feel it trying to whisper its cruel seductive words into his soul.

Stay focused.

“Rin…” Kade whispered softly. “If I separate…tag.” He said subtly, using the codeword to switch to her explosive ammunition. He REALLY didn’t want to try it here. The bond between Meister and Weapon was his strongest asset, but if all else failed he may need the power of the Four Brothers.

“Alice! Elvy” Kade called out to her, gripping Rin tightly in his hands. “I don’t know what’s happened to either of you…but we are bringing you home! Both of you!” he declared getting ready for battle.

Britt-21 Britt-21 Kyuubey Kyuubey Everyone Else Present


Omniverse Explorer


Alice was quite amused with how some of her classmates were reacting to the madness. Though most broke away from the hold surprisingly enough... Except for a Fox boy who seemed to be preoccupied. ( Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3 ) See, just the madness in the air isn't enough, they need a taste of the drug...that'll send them over the edge surely. she thought. It was clear that someone had already succumbed to the madness, considering that he wasn't even attacking her. In fact, he was so close to her he could kill her on the spot, but he hadn't. In fact, he was holding tightly onto his dear Hime as if she was going to be taken at any given moment. ( Exanis Exanis & Kyuubey Kyuubey ) Part of the class had split, part of them going after her superiors while the others remained where they were. "Phantom? Oh no no no, Camilla... You have the wrong idea here." she said with a grin "He had nothing to do with it. In fact, it was all Elvena~" she replied in that sing-song voice "The pills that little Alice took were adjusted, and it seemed that she was subject 0. The first one to try the altered formula. Turned her into an addict if she didn't take them for one day." the blonde shrugged as she continued "Soooo, you can thank Elvy for waking me up." Jackaboi Jackaboi

Her golden eyes shifted back to Lew as he tried to defend himself against her words, only to end it with him loving her. Staring him down, her eyebrows raised and she suddenly broke out into a laugh "L-Love me!?" she said between her laughing, tears filling her eyes. It was clear there was no way she was taking this seriously "You expect me to believe that?!" between her laughing, she began to rise up to her feet "A man does not tell a woman he loves her, while he is already dating another woman he loves. That's called CHEATING!" her voice rang throughout the large room with every word that left her lips. "If you really loved Alice, then maybe you wouldn't have been so quick to offer your hand out to another woman who was clearly of higher power..." wiping the tears from her eyes, she then realized something "You know what...I'm technically wearing a crown, so that'd definitely make me a higher power for you, wouldn't it?" dropping her hand, she used the other to dig the blade into the ground. She noticed that Lew went quiet and the atmosphere around him had changed "Oh! Another one bites the dust!" RageFactorXIII RageFactorXIII

It was clear that all she wanted was chaos at this point and there was no way she would let her classmates run her over as if she was some petty kishin. It didn't take long for Kade to speak up, causing Alice to bite her lip, smiling in her sinister way "Oh look Alice, it's that pretty boy flirted with you." she muttered while a giggle escaped her lips "Kade! Look at you handsome as always! Sorry, but Alice isn't coming home. She's left the building." ( Z2010Deadmeat Z2010Deadmeat ) everyone was preparing for a fight, but the blonde was only getting started. It was funny watching their hope shatter, their will to be heroes showing, even though in the end she was going to destroy each one to their last breath. She was confident in her abilities, but she also knew what her classmates were like, even if she hadn't fought them personally.

Reaching down, she grasped the pistol that was on the floor "If any of you move, I wont hesitate to shoot. If you don't believe me...then...well..." the young woman moved from her position and walked to the side of the thrones, making her way toward a small door and opening it before dragging out a familiar figure that was covered in blood and littered in cuts "I'm sure you all remember this one. Annoying little thing she was till the end." Once she was back to her original spot, she tossed the body and watched it land lifelessly "You'll turn out just like her. Though I doubt any of you would care, considering you're prepared for the show that's about to start." she was waving around the gun as she spoke, wondering when her own trigger finger would come into play "Camilla dear, if you still think I'm the same Alice, then you better look well at the body in front of you~ Cause that right there tells you there's nothing left." she gestured to the body with the gun before grasping onto her sword and pulling it from the ground.


"Let the show begin. Who cares to start?" she asked as she tossed her pistol off to the side and turned her full attention to the group that stood before her.

Rhodus Prime

Red Sun

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1637049878851.jpegBefore the students had entered the room, Sozen had viewed the mission as a significant challenge for the group. However, once he stepped into the enormous room and saw what lay within, the sinking feeling that he and the other students were far out of their depth began to slowly grow in the pit of his stomach. Two of their classmates had awaited them in the room, Elvena and Alice, and neither of them seemed to be under duress. Both of the girls each practically had an ocean of madness overflowing from their souls, and although such an overwhelming concentration of madness wouldn’t even come close to posing an issue for Sozen, there was one crucial factor that made the current reality much worse. He wasn’t just busy with keeping his own levels of madness in check, he was also fighting to keep Akron’s madness in check. To make matters even worse, Akron’s madness was chaotic, unpredictable, animalistic. Sozen was forced to remain constantly distracted as he anticipated the next writhing from Akron’s madness. In his current state, fighting either of his apparently brainwashed classmates was not an option; any attempt would almost certainly result in serious injury, or worse, death.
Sozen turned his attention to the side of the room, just in time to see a pair of figures leave. One bore a mask and cane and was no doubt the Masked Man the students had been warned about several times before. The other figure was a woman, and as Sozen kept his gaze on her for the brief moment before the pair exited the room, his suspicions were immediately thrown into overdrive as his Soul Perception revealed her to simply be a normal human. No way in hell a normal human would be here, not in a position of power like that.
Sozen’s attention snapped over to Marcus as he addressed the students as a whole and laid out a plan of action. Marcus’ plan was simple and logical, although Sozen wasn’t quite sure whether Marcus had assigned him to the second squad because he could see the nightmare balancing act Sozen was currently forced to carry out internally, or whether it had simply been chance. Regardless, Sozen dashed across the room without a second of hesitation, following Marcus as they ducked and swerved around the countless pillars filling the room. He tore through the now open doorway that Marcus had blasted clear and into an entirely new room. Compared to the ancient, marble aesthetics of the previous room, this new room Sozen and the others found themselves in was distinctly cold and industrial. In the center of the room, an upper platform held the woman, while a second lower platform held the masked man.
Marcus’ apparent concern for the woman completely blindsided Sozen. He turned to ask what the hell Marcus was thinking, but by the time he did, Marcus was already gone.
That left Sozen and Grace alone with the Masked Man, who went on to address the both of them, taunting the two of them as he drew a sword from his cane. This guy was strong. Incredibly, dangerously strong. Even together, Sozen and Grace’s souls only measured up to half the strength of the Masked Man’s soul. Sozen glanced at Grace just in time to see her slide a pair of headphones onto her head. He set Akron down briefly to crack his knuckles, before sliding his hands back onto the handle of Akron’s weapon form. This was it; all or nothing.
1637049921050.pngCopy that,” Sozen replied in response to the direction Grace had given him, mirroring her path as he swung around to the right side. “Hang on. This is gonna get rough,” He said to Akron in the few seconds before he and Grace closed in on the masked man. Sozen fell into step behind the lead Grace began to establish, bringing Akron’s blade in full force to punish any time Grace’s onslaught clawed out even a small opening in the Masked Man’s defenses. Any time a gap happened to open in Grace’s defenses, Sozen was there to close it, slamming the flat of Akron’s blade into the Masked Man’s sword to parry his strikes.
As tight as their teamwork was, it was nowhere near perfect, and Sozen was forced to watch as Grace suffered a direct blow to her jaw. Sozen rushed to close the distance between them as he watched the Mask Man rush to deliver a second blow against Grace. He could tell he wasn’t going to reach them in time. All he could do was watch as Grace prepared to counter the Masked Man’s attack, only for her to step to the side at the last moment, changing her partner’s weapon form from scythe to sword. Finally, as Grace once again began her onslaught against the masked man, Sozen reached the two of them and drove his fist square into the Masked Man’s back after Grace had managed to land a kick.
Way ahead of you,” Sozen replied simply to Grace calling out his name. “Don’t you dare let up, even for a second”.
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The Elder

Crossing the Line
1637115998810.pngHitomi stood there amongst the others looking down the room at both Alice and Elvy. Unlike her other classmates and partner, she said nothing as she processed everything in her mind. There was no need to speak to try and reason with them nor make a declaration of bringing them both back. The madness within them was too strong for those simple means. If they truly wanted them back, then her classmates and herself would have to put not only their lives on the line, but also the lives of Elvy and Alice. The upcoming fight cannot be fought half ass unless someone has a death wish. Her meister was no pushover, and this madness within her has her feening for blood.

She glances over at Lew just to see how he was holding up, just to be greeted by the new atmosphere that was now surrounding him. She felt the sense of madness flowing from him and simply took a deep breath. She turned her head up to the ceiling and closed her eyes. Too much was going on all at once. I need to keep calm and process things. She thought to herself feeling a bit at fault for Lew falling towards his madness; however, is it truly her fault. She informed her partner to let her know when anything was off, and yet he kept it to himself. Yes, she should’ve healed him regardless if he said anything or not, but her mind was on the city and Alice. Could she still heal him back to normal? No, she already used her full wavelength on Grace just a minute or two ago. To do it again would do nothing for the long run, and asking Gwen was out of the question. She has her own meister to keep from falling. It would be selfish of her to ask Gwen to heal Lew. I hate to say this, but luckily Lew is just a shield with low combat skills. If he was anything else, then we may have a problem. If he gets out of hand, I’ll just knock him out and heal him later. There’s a bigger threat before us right now.

Hitomi opened her eyes and brought her head back down looking at Alice yet again. She was in the process of making another statement/threat. Seeing Alice holding a gun and hearing this madness version of her speak, brought a disgustful look upon Hitomi’s face. She clenched her Kama tightly, listening to whatever bullshit came from M.A’s mouth. The icing on the cake was when she tossed Morika’s lifeless body in front of them all. A sigh came from Hitomi’s mouth as a switch flicked in the back of her head. She stepped forward, walking towards Morika’s body, lifting her up and placing her by the door. “I’m sorry this happened to you Mori. We will take you back with us and avenge your death.” She says fixing her hair. She then turns towards Alice and the others continuing to say nothing as she walks forward. Hitomi had this new demeanor about her. It was as if a kill mode had been activated within her.

The weapon stopped in her tracks and threw her Kama into the floor. She grabbed her hair and placed it into a tight bun, making sure it won’t get in the way. She then reaches down grabbing her Kama with her left and transforming her right hand into her blade. Still saying nothing, Hitomi looks at Alice as if she’s peering into her soul and declares war. Hitomi, a ninja from Japan, steps forward and dashes towards Alice moving at a blur. She knew for a fact that Alice’s eyes are skilled enough to track her so she would have to try and lose her. She instantly changes directions, leaping towards a pillar and starts bouncing above her from one pillar to another. She effortlessly tried keeping up her rapid movements before launching herself right towards Alice slicing at her with her Kama. As expected, Alice still managed to block her attack, causing Hitomi to grit her teeth in disappointment. Hopping back she created distance between them. “You crossed the line, you’ve fallen too deep. I don’t want to kill you, but I will.” She says pointing her Kama, meaning every word she spoke deep down to her soul. “We will try and fix you, trust me. But if this charade continues any further, I’ll cut you down myself. Stop this now, before anyone else gets hurt.” Britt-21 Britt-21 RageFactorXIII RageFactorXIII @EveryoneElseAround
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The Elder

Unexpected Events
After Grace’s healing, Jazmin kept her wavelength going to counter the madness of fear flooding the room. She could feel the madness within Grace slowly coming back. She wants nothing but to stop it all together. As Grace carried her into the next room, she noticed Alice and Elvena both safe and sound. Sort of. Both seem unlike the version of them she met and heard about at the beach. She heard her cousin speak, trying to be the leader of all this. Apparently Alice and Elvy both had been taken over with madness, the main focus was Alice and the two people leaving through the back door. Grace was quick to follow behind Marcus as he took off, leading his group. Though she rejected heavily against his choice to separate yet again. It was now Grace and Sozen standing before the masked man she heard so much about. Looking from her weapon form, the weapon he carried seemed a bit fitting but also looked as if there was more to it.

The battle had begun and as Grace covered her ears with her headphones, Jazmin kept a good ear and eye out for anything important. Grace’s movements were quick and precise as she unleashed a constant flurry of attack. Sozen as well. The two of them pair up against the masked man, keeping him from switching on the offensive. They kept going, trying to leave no openings; however, as they did Jazmin couldn’t help but feel as if the man was toying with them. She could feel the strength of this man's soul, and his precise movements behind his defense matches. The man wasn’t even trying. The next thing she knew, Grace was punched in the jaw and sent flying. As expected she was still very much in the zone. Jazmin kept quiet through this encounter, trying to allow Grace to focus.

The Masked Man started to suffer strikes from both Grace and Sozen. Was he allowing it to happen, or did they truly have the upper hand?? The onslaught of the meisters continued, until the Masked Man performed the unexpected. Switching gears and moving faster than before the Masked Man intercepts both upcoming attacks, swatting away Sozen and striking Grace with a full force perfect soul menace. This soul strike was 10x strong then what she experienced before against Marcus and held a more stunning effect. The concussive force from his strike sent the young meister flying nearly off the platform. The Masked man then turns to Sozen and activates his sword’s whip mode. a 2-in-1 weapon much like Jazmin. He flings the whip around Sozen’s legs as the barbed wires within the whip dug into his leg as it wrapped around the meister. Pulling on his weapon, he yanks Sozen towards him, and strikes him with a soul menace as well, having him suffer the same result. However, this time, he struck in an upward motion, having him collide with the platform above. "Raise up meisters, class is in session." As he waited for either one of them to recover, the masked man stood on guard with his whip and cane in hand. This next round was going to be tougher than the first. Rhodus Prime Rhodus Prime _Line 213 _Line 213
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The Elder

andz-apilado-03-artfantasy-ekko.jpgThe possibility that Marcus drew the short straw was pretty high, as his rask thinking placed him in a very unexpected predicament. As he stood before the woman, Marcus didn’t get a single vibe of distress coming from her. He was too focused on the kishin egg and human soul appearance to actually think it all through. This vibe he was getting, not only caused him to tighten his grip upon Elias, but his hairs on his body started to stand up on ends. The words coming from the woman before him, caused the meister to start backing up greeting that distance. The vice of his partner calling out to him already confirmed his suspicion. “I know dawg. I feel it too.” The alarms in Marcus' head all went off, as he felt the power and presence of the soul before him. Who would’ve guessed that a witch would be here and now. There was no doubt she was behind all this anyway.

The suffocating presence definitely brought worry into the meister’s mind; however, his demeanor never wavered. He stood tall, as he reached in his pockets grabbing out his wireless earbuds. His partner had plenty of words to say, clearly taunting the mess out of the witch before them. Good thing that the two of them could back it up. The witch wanted to see what they were made of, and Elias was more than happy to show her. So as Marcus placed his earbuds in, a switch clicked in his head as the maestro stepped forward taking over. Marcus' mind went silent and was clear of all distractions, as Elias became his extra eyes and ears. Nothing mattered in this moment except Elias and this soon to be dead witch. Marcus felt the insanity within Elias fluctuating and resonating perfectly with the calm and collected state Marcus had entered. “I’m already ahead of you.” Hehehe, it's finally time. The main event of this festival is finally about to happen. Marki Mark vs A witch. Who will truly be victorious? Find out next time on Dragon Ball… Shut. Up. If you don’t want this witch to end my suffering then I suggest you be quiet and allow Eli and I to focus. With his eyes glued onto the witch, Marcus took a deep breath relaxing his mind, body and soul. This fight would definitely be his most challenging and being completely tense wouldn’t be the way to start it off. The presence of each of their souls became very visible to one another, as the witch’s soul made Marcus’ look very small in comparison.

Once he was ready, a sinister grin formed on the meister’s face right before he cleared the short distance between them in an instant. He strikes the witch with a full force palm strike infused with his soul force. The strike sent her flying back and expectedly the witch caught herself. She flipped in midair and landed on a crow that rose out of the shadows. The crow was big enough to carry her as she stood on it, yet small enough for her to maneuver around. “Great.” He said with a scoff watching the witch hover around them laughing. Marcus kept his eyes on the prize following her very movement. She was low to the ground not even using the vast amount of space available to her. Knowing how this might play out, Marcus' eyes glowed as he used his soul perception tracking her soul. He lunged forward towards the witch, swinging his blade at a downward arc motion. Her crow maneuvered her out of the way and behind Marcus. Sensing her, Marcus used that downward impact to lift himself into the air and kick in her direction. As he did he felt his foot collide against something. As he looked back he was surprised that it wasn’t necessarily her. Against his foot were the blades on her back she used to block his foot.

Marcus scoffed right before the witch threw him back with her blades. He slid to a stop before charging back into battle. The witch flew in stopping Marcus in his tracks. The two entered a clash as the witch held the offensive attacking Marcus with her blades. The meister had no choice but to defend himself as the witch attacked him using her raven for 360 combat. She was moving all around him, and yet he was following along defending himself from her blades to the best of his ability. Since he was defending and not attacking the explosion usually caused by Elias’ wasn’t going off. If he wanted to cause some damage he’ll need to switch to the offensive. So the meister closed his eyes, focusing on her soul. He defended each attack just as if he was reading a book. He waited patiently for his moment and when it came, he parried and swung his blade attacking the witch. She tried blocking with her blades, and once the impact connected an explosion went off. The force from the explosion not only sent the witch flying towards the room walls but it did damage her blades. Planning to go after the witch, as soon as Marcus made his first step Marcus started to feel a slight pain in several parts of his body. Marki Mark why’d you stop? Keep going! “I...I’ve been cut.” Several cuts opened on his body, non lethal nor truly severe; however this did mean she was able to cut him without him even knowing. He planted Elias into the floor and used him as support. How the hell did she fucking do that?? Your defense looked flawless. The hell happened?? I don’t know!! Damn it just let me think. Kyuubey Kyuubey Britt-21 Britt-21


The lord of randomness and the warp
interaction: RageFactorXIII RageFactorXIII Britt-21 Britt-21 The Elder The Elder
To be frank Nicholai was really not doing well despite assuring himself that the Axe wielding girl wasn’t real, she was half way across the world… she was just so vivid with vitriol as fresh as it was on that horrible day. “Soo what are you gonna do now monster try to kill me? Like the vile thing you are?” Alina spoke or at least their illusion did. Simply trying to ignore it for now turning around to Alice whom was explain the situation… she was subject zero? And Elvena caused this? What? Nicholai’s ears flat against his head all nine tails dropped to the floor. Seeing Llewellyn trying to reason with Alice only to get brushed aside, it was clear the girl had fallen far down this rabbit hole. Nicholai would have made a move then and there if it wasn’t for what happened next. the creature that had once been Alice dragging the lifeless body of Morika and dashing it against the floor as a warning to them all. “I-I..i’m so.. so.. sorry Gaberial“ Nicholai almost dropped Gabe as his heart sank, the poor girl… murdered by what was one of there own.

”you know this is your fault monster selfish little thing you are, wanting to be a miester? And getting a real person killed Because you took away there partner like you did to me, lied and stole go on give in stop putting on that mask your just as bad as any witch” the voice of Alina whispered into Nicholai’s ears sending a shiver down his spine as if he could feel the apparition petting them. His eyes darted up to where Alice was but to Nicholai she been replaced with the shimmering image of the girl currently tormenting him. hitomi already having attempted to strike down Alice.

“zatknis', suka” he’d mumble under his breath gritting hit teeth together Nicholai ears and tails rising up, holding Gabe in one hand the other being raised as a searing white bolt of energy shot form Nicholai hand bolt disappearing suddenly only to reappear striking Alice in the back, using this moment the Russian darted forward, looking like a silvery blur as his tails trailed behind him. Twirling around with Gabe in hand, the hallucination disappearing before Nicholai hit what he could now see was Alice making him hesitant for a fraction of a second not that it matter as his strike was perfect parried by the girl. “ think we are in bit of trouble “ Nicholai mumbled to Gabe.


Time Lord

GWEN & Kade
Gwen felt her heart drop into the pit of her stomach the moment Alice revealed Morika's body. All the memories involving Morika from spending time together at the girl's home to even just her mere presence flashed through her mind. The entity of Madness behind her within her personal Weapon space was laughing in delight from Gwen's despair. Rambling on of how she should succumb to the Madness now. Instead the entity only yelped and felt itself burning alive, forcing her to release Gwen as she clenched her fists and an audible growl left her lips. This wasn't be swallowed into an ocean of insanity. This was fire. Focused fire that made her Healing Wavelength flare up as her eyes settled on Alice.

"It's their fault..." Gwen growled out audibly as her very voice echoed with the angrily revving chainsaw blades on her weapon. The mere sound of both prompting Kade to look over as everyone present could feel the intensity in the girl's voice. "They forced you into this monster, and killed Mori!" Gwen called out to Alice as her appearance. Whatever words Alice attempted to taunt Gwen with were halted by her voice again "I don't give a damn what you have to say! This is ending now! Cami!" Gwen then called out to her Meister with determination in her voice. "Let's do this. We aren't losing another. Let's resonate and bring Alice back!" she declared with certainty in her voice. Not once had the pair pulled off such a move but as her reflection looked at her Meister her eyes spoke everything in that moment.

Gwen had the most absolute faith in her partner. Together they could do it.

"Camillia!" Kade called out, moving to the red head's side while keeping Rin trained on Alice. "We need to work together to subdue Alice. I don't want to kill her when it may still be possible to bring her back from the brink. To do that we need to coordinate." Kade suggested to the girl as already several of them were descending into insanity while the others rushed into the offensive. "I'll draw her fire...when I've got her attention and give the signal I'll separate. The smoke will give you cover."

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Omniverse Explorer


Alice's lips shifted into a wild grin, her pupils growing small while her hand grasped tighter onto her weapon "Yes Hitomi!" she shouted, watching as the woman put her hair up, clearly taking the first initiative to attack. Those gold eyes followed Hitomi's very move, watching as she bounced from pillar to pillar, trying her very best to make the Madness Infested Meister to lose track. "Oh you're so cute, trying to do such a simple move!" suddenly, she was in her field of vision, charging right at her with her blades. Effortlessly, she brought her blade up in time to block both knives, the sounds of metal against metal making itself known before the weapon hopped back to refrain from being smacked by the blade of Alice. "Crossed the line? I'm madness. You expect me to know what lines are? Disappointing." she tilted her head slightly to the side "I doubt you'd be able to kill me. See, the funny thing about you guys is that you think madness is one thing. No, its many other things. My madness is entirely different, compared to Elias, Elvena, Fox boy over there, and more." she lifted her emptied hand and tapped the side of her head "Alice is watching. Front row, and center. If you Kill me, then she goes with me, Simple." she shrugged carelessly and pointed her weapon toward the group. ( The Elder The Elder Kyuubey Kyuubey Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3 )

Noticing movement behind Hitomi, she caught sight of Nicholai's ears and tails lifting and puffing up. Similar to that of a cat when they meet another, finding aggression "Oh look at that, Fox boy wants a taste of this?" Alice taunted as the bolt disappeared, causing her to narrow her eyes in suspicion. I knew he possessed powers. But not powers that vanish like this. she thought before suddenly she was struck behind her. Causing her to stumble forward but quickly regain her balance as Nicholai himself charged forward with Gabe in hand. Quickly, she swung her blade towards his, causing the sounds of metal to clash once again, creating a parry against the fox "Oh my my. You thought it was smart to play with your little super power there huh?" the blonde had her hands positioned to where her palm on her left hand pushed on the flat of her blade on one end, while the other remained on the hilt, which caused the parry to begin with. She then twisted her body, going for a kick that she could target his core with. Unfortunately for her he used her blade to shove himself backward and avoid damage "You lot aren't very fun. Guess I'll have to make things a little in-"

She heard a voice speak up, with revving chainsaw blades. Raising her eyebrow, she let out an amused huff "Did I make little Gwen angry?" another taunt, something she always loved to do. "Forced me into this monster?" a laugh erupted from her lips "You don't understand, do you?! Listen, I chose to be this. I was the demon lurking inside Alice's mind, Gwen. There's no denying that fact." adjusting her blade, she rolled her shoulders and took a few steps back before suddenly charging forward, zooming past Nicholai and straight for Hitomi, not even bothering to announce who she was going for. How could she not go for the first person that attacked her? It was about time that Alice said hello! Bringing her blade upward, she went for an angled slash, only for Hitomi to just barely block the attack, the force from her attack being pretty obvious that she was much stronger than before. "Hey there, Tomi. How do you like my improvements?" with a smirk upon her face, she removed a hand from her blade and she quickly moved forward as her partner tried to block her hand that went straight for her throat. ( Z2010Deadmeat Z2010Deadmeat )

She tightened her grip and lifted her up "Who would have thought you could stumble? Is it because you know she's alive behind these eyes? Pathetic." with that, Alice went on ahead and pulled her arm back and threw her towards Kade and Camilla, who stood on the backline. In hopes that Hitomi would crash into one of them "I know you two are planning shit! Wait till I get back there, then you'll have no time to breathe." with that she turned toward Nicholai who she left in the dust just before. She charged straight for him, her sword held in a singular hand for the moment. The Meister jumped into the air, lifting the blade above her head and brought it down in hopes to end the fox in one swoop.

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Grace Amadeus Fugue
Hidden Bunker
Interacting with: Jazmin / Hitomi ( The Elder The Elder ), Sozen ( Rhodus Prime Rhodus Prime ), Akron ( Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3 ) The EAT Class

"I don't plan on it!" Grace shouted back, dashing forward as soon as the heavy clunk of a completed shift sounded from Jazmin's rearranged form. The intensity of her gaze flared briefly in concentration, assessing the man's form in an instant as she prepared to take advantage of the disruption in his footing--only for such to never come.

Her eyes narrowed in realization as Sozen was flung away like a ragdoll; planting her feet, she began to slide to a stop, bringing Jazmin up in a protective guard as best she could--though the more open silhouette of her partner's scythe form left the meister practically defenseless. Grace clenched her jaw and closed her eyes; she didn't have the readiness for a block or a parry, and all she could do was close her eyes and block out whatever feeling was--

The entirety of her senses lit up at once as the Masked Man's wavelength made contact, shooting through her body like fire. The entirety of her body seized, hands losing their grip on her partner. Even her breathing froze, the meister offering no shout or cry of pain; a barely-there, stilted croak was all that came from her, the slight-framed girl spiraling through the air before tumbling across the concrete floor, buffeted solely by her jacket.

Even before she could feel herself, she could feel the madness creeping in from outside her mind, her link with her weapon ripped free from the sudden shock of her opponent's menace. One of her hands slowly clenched into a fist while the other spread outward, planting itself firmly into the concrete as the meister shakily attempted to push herself out of her stunned state. Her soul's signature was fading quickly, the oppressive sensations surrounding her overtaking Grace with renewed fury, as if she weren't even trying to resist. Her efforts buckled as the Witch's oppressive wavelength coursed through the nearby arena, forcing her onto her forearm as she hacked out a single, raspy word.


The Elder

May 23rd: Facility Raid

The facility raid turned out to be a success. The battle between Alice and the other students ended, resulting in them defeating and detaining Alice. During this time Llewellyn had sustained a pretty grave wound, his eye being a casualty and unsalvageable. A giant scar crossed over his eye and a large section of his face, another reminder of the betrayal by his former meister that would never be forgotten. She’d committed one of the biggest sins and not only failed to protect her weapons but had intended to kill them as well; an unforgivable act. Her mind was too far gone within the madness, unwavering from the healing wavelength both Gwen and Hitomi tried using on her. Lord Death decided to commit Alice into an asylum run by the DWMA in order to help others just like Alice. She will remain locked away until the day her sanity returns to her.

The battle of Grace and Sozen vs the Masked Man resulted in Professor Sasaki intervening. Sasaki never returned back to Death City, but instead hid within the shadows and watched as the event of the raid took place. However before the professor was able to, Sozen had suffered a great injury resulting in the loss of part of his left leg. Jazmin has suffered a gash across her back as she was making her way towards Grace in order to prevent the madness within her from taking over. Professor Sasaki made quick work of the Masked Man, before he and his partner tended to the wounded students.

Battle of Marcus And Elias vs the Raven Witch, ending with another terrible loss. Marcus Rung died going blow for blow against the Raven Witch. His body laid motionless in Elias' arms, barely clinging to life. The witch held onto his heart with a giant hole in her torso. The witch was hit with Elias’ tesla cannon causing her to explode into a murder of crows. Taken over by anger, Elias released a flurry of explosions, killing each and every crow there was, resulting in the complete murder of the witch. Her soul floated before him as tears filled his eyes from the loss of his partner, best friend, and brother Marcus Rung. As his life faded, Marcus' final words to his partner were, “We’re at the top, Eli.” He died with a smile on his face, knowing he managed to complete his goal and turn his partner into a Death Scythe.

As for Elvena/Hime and Takeshi, the pair didn’t give anyone any problems. Hime seemed content watching the events unfold before her and as soon as they came to an end, she willingly resided into her rightful place in the back of Elvena’s mind. Takeshi, whilst seethingly dangerous and unapproachable by anyone other than the woman in his arms, remained still. As soon as a path and the chaos had come to a stop, he took the gray haired Stein and left without giving anyone a second glance. Once home the woman would undergo very tedious and thorough questioning.

After Lord Death had been contacted, the teachers all arrived on the scene with medics, shocked at the aftermath of the students raid. A few casualties and two fatalities. Ikora, cousin of Marcus, cried in front of everyone letting go of that tough demeanor. Juri, adoptive mother to Akron, hugs her son glad of his return. Armstrong kept his head held high despite being saddened by the loss of his two students. Most of the students were treated on the spot while others were rushed into a medical facility. The funerals of Morika Ayame and Marcus Rung, were held on the same day and both added to the names of the lost students within the DWMA academy. The students of the E.A.T. class who participated in the raid were placed on immediate vacation/rehabilitation and are not to participate in any missions until the next school year.
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