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The Flake
Gabriel Leon Atticus St. James


"It is interesting, do you not agree Nico?" Green eyes drifted over towards the white haired male to Gabriel's left as his lips quirked upwards. "Here we are, on a lovely beach, about to watch two of our classmates beat this piss out of each other, rather than simply admire the view." Gabriel let his eyes wander for a brief moment, glimpsing at the, yes, female classmates, but also at the beautiful blue ocean waves and the matching clear sky above. Spending any time fighting, fake or not, felt like a waste of this perfectly good opportunity to enjoy the beach. Still, Gabriel did pull out his small, pocket sized notebook out from his front pants pocket to write down when he was expected to spar. He would have written down the Rules the Professor had laid out as well, but Gabriel knew full well that he would more than likely break a few of them later on during their trip. Perhaps not remembering the Rules would give him plausible deniability? The thought nearly caused Gabriel to chuckle. No, it was unlikely anyone would believe that.

"Well," the bespectacled male nudged his shoulder against Nicholai's before he began to step towards the beach house the Professor had helpfully declared was to house all of the male students. "we should set our baggage inside and settled in, unless you want all the other beds to be taken. Though, if that happens I would be more than glad to share one with you love." Gabriel's tone was teasing as he flashed his partner a playful smile. He was only partially joking with his Meister. "We can cheer for our favorite teammate when we are done."


Llewellyn Artain-Galant

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The somewhat sick Llewellyn barely caught what his other partner, Hitomi had said as he made his way into the large, pleasant looking beach house. It was not until the long haired male had made his way into one of the bedrooms and was about to rudely and unceremoniously flop onto the plush mattress that her words registered in Llewellyn's mind. The words were enough to prevent Llewellyn from carrying out his original plan. "Alice's fight... right." His Meister was due to spar on their first day here. It would be unbelievably selfish, not to mention improper to fail to morally support his partner, even if Llewellyn was terrible at doing so. Alice would still undoubtedly want him there. Perhaps I neglected my partners throughout these past few months as well. Llewellyn allowed his feet to carry him back through the elegant beach house as his thoughts slowly churned through the thick mire that was his mind. I nearly failed to remember something so simple. I should thank Hitomi for reminding me. I should also cheer Alice on from a distance. I would not want her to catch my cold.

When he was nearly at the entrance to the beach house again, Llewellyn almost bumped into one of his newer classmates. Thankfully, Llewellyn was not as tired or out of it as he felt, allowing him to avoid collision, but not embarrassment as his sluggish mind failed to tell his body to stop before it rammed him face first into the wall. A brief moment of silence passed as Llewellyn remained pressed against the wall, stunned. Then, the blonde haired male carefully peeled himself off of the wall before quietly making his way back outside to the beach. Llewellyn did not purposely ignore any inquiries his newer classmate may have had to his well being, but between his current condition and the dull headache that was now blossoming, it was a little difficult to focus on anything.



Gabriel -
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Location: The Island Beach House / Beach


The lord of randomness and the warp
Standing beside Gabriel was another of the newer students. A bit unconventional in their looks since despite the fact they were supposed to be on a holiday more or less yet instead of something more casual they seemed to be wearing some sort of formal uniform. Each of their eyes a different colour from the other one blue the other a golden yellowish colour. This was Nicholai or more commonly called Nico. turning to his partner he‘d smile chuckle a little. “my friend you are certainly correct, probably just American thing yes?“ Nicholai responded the miester’s accent rather obvious much like that of his weapon partners. The rules were simple enough to follow, show up for the sparing Match don’t sneak into the other beach houses after midnight perfectly simple, he’d probably need to remind Gabriel from time to time such was the way of things. On the bright side, he’d be one of the last sparing matches but it would be against Camilla he'd not interacted with the girl too much so it should be rather interesting but regardless. the first bout being between the other weapons of team B and amusing both the miester’s. Nico took this moment to reflect on the other four member’s of Team B. of course all of them had seen Nichoali’s ”curse” As it were after all there wasn’t much of a way he could be helpful if they hadn’t.
the first of them that came to mind was Akron that, a massive man that Nicholai wasn’t entirely convinced wasn’t a sentient suit of armour, always seeming to be right behind you when you lest expected it or just standing there the first time he‘d met Akron Nico mistook him for a statue until he spoke, and that stare the way dark eye slits in that helmet looked at you it was as if he could stare right through your soul and mind silently judging you. overall very creepy.
Then there was Morika the much shorter partner to Akron. Really nice girl overall Nico wondered if she really had the heart for this far too innocent for her own good, she’d probably just improve with time though there always seemed to be some tension between Morika and Akron, oh and her Cooking was hit or miss though not like Nico minded much.
the other weapon the four was Takeshi to be rather frank Nico didn’t have anything bad or good to say about the fellow outside of any missions he‘d mostly lay around apathetically you couldn’t fault him for it Takeshi seemed to have achieved what he wanted and was content.
last but certainly not least Elvena, the woman was definitely a character. Calling her creepy would be wrong she was friendly in her own sort of way clearly she viewed the world differently from everyone else and somehow managed to befriend that metallic sentinel Akron. Then there was her tendency to get rather touchy especially when it came to Nicholai’s ears and tails, to be frank, his resistance and begun to wear down he‘d honestly not be surprised if he woke up one day on this trip and found Elvena petting him.

a nudge from Gabriel broke Nicholai’s musing suggesting they go get themselves properly settled in. “good idea my friend, will still consider suggestion tho“ Nicholai replied with a playful wink in return and a cheesy grin on his face he‘d pick up his own luggage as well as Gabriel’s. “Who do you will win? Gabriel?“ Nico asked his partner curious as to who he’d think would win out of Takeshi and Akron, as he began walking towards the housing. Ignoring the jetski racing suggestion since he wasn’t too fussed on the idea. of course, there was plenty of other stuff to be excited about and stuff to do this would be an amazing week after-all what could possibly go wrong?


One Thousand Club
Three months had passed since that encounter with the terrible Skeleton King. Since that day she wondered what might have happened if they were never assigned to that mission. That town that sat atop of the catacombs would've been torn apart by the undead horde. no matter how you'd look at it the town really lucked out all because the kishin had a scroll that the DWMA needed. She understood that town was supposed to be a haven for thieves and exiles, but was it really right that because of that they should be left to fend for themselves? Criminals or not they are still human beings in the end. To be a victim to a Kishin's rampage... It's simply not the kind of fate she'd wish on the worse kind of person. Right now however wasn't the time for morally challenging thoughts. Because right now was a time to enjoy life and put all that bad stuff behind them. If only for the time being.

Camilla wore a long violet coloured summer dress and towed a suitcase that carried an assortment of luggage including clothes, both outdoor and indoor wear, her father's bow that she is yet to be seen separated from along with a swimsuit that Gwen helped pick out for her... Camilla had normally always dressed more conservatively compared to her other classmates and having never been close enough to a beach to go to one before, she had never been out in public is something so revealing either. Gwen being the only witness saying as she was the one who picked it out and had to judge how it'd look on her. The whole notion made her feel uncomfortable... Hopefully it wouldn't be so bad after a while. After all none of the other students seemed even mildly phased by the idea, on the contrary actually everyone was excited about it. Not to say that Cami wasn't as excited either. dress code aside it really did sound like a blast. It didn't take long after they'd arrived at the beach before Camilla's violet hues lit up. The island was even more beautiful than she'd imagined! It was like a real tropical paradise. Everyone had gathered up to listen to Miss Rung's introduction to the island. What was to be found here along with certain ground rules and the mandatory matches that were to take place over the course of their time here. Juri was the one who announced who would be fighting who. Some of the pairings sounding quite interesting. Most notably to her of course being the ones that involved her friends and teammates Hitomi and Lew. Mostly however she was really interested to watch Gwen's fight against Rin. "That's a really scary pairing there! Think you'll be able to handle it Gwen?" Cami said to her partner with a sly smirk as if to say she already knew the answer to that question.

She also had to admit she was interested in the fight between the two most destructive students they had. Elias vs Elgin. Well less so interested and more so concerned for the state the arena will be in by the end of that fight... Then it came to the Meister pairings. Of course she was going to attend todays fight between Alice and the newcomer Kade. "I'll be rooting your ya Alice! I know you got this!" She shouted out to the blonde Meister. Then there was also her fight with Nicholai. Yet another newcomer in their class. One who had an oddly mysterious air about him, she was actually quite happy to be paired against him since this offered her the chance to get to know more of the Meister and what he's capable of. All of that finally out of the way, it was time for everyone to go and enjoy their tropical vacation. Lew had already made off towards the men's building, when Hitomi announced she was gonna head towards the female's building Camilla jumped at the chance to get there without the risk of losing her way. "I'll come with!" She shouted towards the weapon in earnest before turning to Gwen again. "I'm gonna go pick out my room, you coming with too? If not I'll take your stuff up with me and get you a room next to mine."

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The Flake

  • Gabriel gave his partner's question some thought before responding. "Personally, I think Takeshi will be victorious. No offense to the Akron fellow, but I do not think he will put up much of a fight without all that armor." The bespectacled gave a short, apologetic shrug as he made his way to the door of the beach house. Then, Gabriel opened the door, stepped inside and immediately collided with someone. The impact was not enough to send Gabriel to his rear, though it did cause him to stumble a step or two backwards as a meaty thwack filled the air. "Bloody- Oi, mate! You alright?" The bespectacled male called after the long haired young man he had just literally ran into, only for his words to be ignored. Gabriel tried to get the other male's attention to no avail, ultimately causing him to feel a bit annoyed. "Are all Americans as rude as that one?" Gabriel had half a mind to head over and demand an explanation from the long haired young man, but he decided against doing so. It just simply wasn't worth losing the chance to get a room with a window that saw out to the beach. "Come on Nico, lets hurry up here and see which one of our teammates is winning." The bespectacled male truly did not care about the outcome of the spar since he did not interact with his new teammates all that much. That wasn't to say that Gabriel disliked them, he was simply too busy trying to balance his new life with his Meister and the time he wished to spend visiting his sister, Poppy. Gabriel's team was probably all sorts of decent, but they were nowhere near as important as helping Nico with training or checking in on Poppy to see how she and his parents were doing without him around.

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The lord of randomness and the warp
interaction: Exanis Exanis
the signal for the match to start was given. Both of them were ready in their own sort of ways. Though this wasn’t something either of them could go about in the usual way or at least that’s what Akron thought, his normal style of fighting was… fatal or in the best case scenario seriously maiming. He‘d have to go about this differently his arms suddenly morphing into black crystalline Axes backward-facing spikes and all. Without his armor, Akron was A lot faster in his movements the only other time he’d since being at the school where he’d been forced to do this, yet all the same Akron seemingly shifted swiftly from his previously ridged stance, to a sudden burst of movment, stream of black hair trailing behind Akron making a few swings at Takeshi none where intented to hit for they where more or less just distractions for an attempted leg sweep. The thinking behind the attack was simple.. he'd get Takeshi put of the arena.. becuse the other options for Winning seemed like it would end with one of them dead.


Perpetually Stoic
Elvena Stein


The few months between their team mission had gone by surprisingly fast. During that time she’d rarely been seen out of her lab but when she was, it was only to spend time with her partner. Now when she said that word it didn’t just refer to their status as a weapon meister duo at the DWMA. Now they were the very meaning behind that word but she personally felt like they’d always been at that level, just without some of the more physical notions of such a term. Her lab had turned into a zone that could only be described as organized chaos and that was putting it politely. It was a mess. Papers were scattered everywhere, there were vials taking up any free surface, liquids spilled along the once clean floor. Part of her wanted to ask Elias to come over so that he could unwind the madness she’d unleashed upon her safe space in search of answers but then he’d catch glimpses of things she wasn’t ready to share with the world. A sigh of sorts slipped to the surface as the teachers began to speak and she was once again pulled to reality. A trip they’d called it; a vacation. Elvena wasn’t sure it was all play but maybe a change of scenery from her lab would be a good dose of medicine for her. Ever since the clown had fused with her she had felt different and been capable of a few new things. Even her attire had changed as if this was a physical change and not just a mental one. She had grown more eccentric indeed, this fusion being something that still had her skin crawling in the present day due to how little knowledge about it remained.

She’d foregone her boots the moment they landed, opting for a barefoot approach, and neatly slid them into the duffel bag that was now swinging itself by her side at a steady rhythm. Barely any of the rules registered in her brain, probably due to the fact that only a couple of them would probably be minded. A shift in Takeshi’s demeanor only solidified that they were in agreement there. A fleeting tug at her lips curved them into a momentary smile before she heard the weapon fights and realized Takeshi himself was about to step into the ring right there and then with Akron. Her lips pressed together as she tried to figure out how she truly felt about it. She was almost suffocating in the deadly intent that presented itself in a glare coming from Takeshi’s usual lackadaisical expression that she caught as she tilted her face to peer at him. Not only that, she was to go up against Akron’s partner, her teammate Morika. Elvena granted her a flicker of a glance before her hands shot out instinctively to grab the handful of armor that Akron was placing somehow delicately within her grasp. She nodded and offered him a friendly smile followed by a hushed, “ Of course, Akron. “ The next thing she felt was the immediate heat of the sun that bore down on them, replacing the body warmth that Takeshi left behind. His sword was soon beside hers, almost appearing as though it belonged there and he was stepping into the designated fighting area. The rules were simple, it wasn’t like the DWMA to overcomplicate such a thing.

There was a vacant bench a little ways off from the duel area itself and she made her way over to it, balancing Akron’s armor in one arm as she shifted her weight to let her bag fall to the ground beside the bench. And after that she sighed and kneeled down, quite skillfully and meticulously stacking certain pieces of the armor on top of one another as if she were preparing a jenga tower of sorts. Eventually it was so perfectly posed that it looked like the suited man was sitting beside her and not standing before Takeshi. Elvena watched some of the class walk off to enjoy other things and she blinked a few times, only waving to acknowledge the ones who had decided to stay and spectate. She pointed beside her, openly inviting anyone to sit on the only slightly occupied bench. ‘Slightly’ simply meaning one student and an empty suit of armor. Her hands fell into her lap as she leaned forward and let her hair carelessly trail along the dirt, gaze unwavering even as she blindly pulled out her notebook and pen, scribbling away without so much as a glance at the words she was jotting down. “ I should've known. “ The words fell from her lips as she stared at the two, ceasing her movements with the writing tool and letting it rest against the page. “ Please don’t let him out. “ She continued to herself, fingers finding their way to the edge of the hat adorning her head that was beginning to slip off. She tugged on it slightly as she secured it back onto her gray mop of hair, the wild strands barely being tamed underneath it.

There was a tension and a hunger behind both of the boys’ eyes. She could feel it, both her and her black blood demon whom had once been nameless but deemed the nickname Hime by Ryu. In fact it was ‘Hime’ who had pointed it out, an inaudible whisper bouncing about her mind by the side of her that remained isolated in her head. Elvena scrunched her lips up to one side and dropped her hand to her cheek, fingers brushing against it in a feather-like motion as she soon resorted to using it as a pillar of sorts to lean her face against, hues glazing over. The Stein didn’t know if that hunger was enticing or too dangerous to throw together. Out of the corner of her eyes she noticed the newest pair to Team B waltzing up after the start of the fight, just as Akron was beginning to throw the first punch per se. She tried to change her expression to be more inviting without being a total gungho weirdo over the current obsession she had with the fluffy tailed meister. It probably failed though because she felt her eyes light up in a manic type euphoria. “ Nico! Gabe! “ Her voice sounded hauntingly soft and creepy for a moment there as she called out to them until she leveled it out. “ Care to sit and watch with me? It's about to get real intriguing.

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It had been months since the most important mission she'd done with her team, not only that, but since she had increased both her partner's numbers in terms of souls. It was a little rough to take care of two weapons at once, but that didn't stop the blonde from at least trying. Lucky for her, with her drive, she was able to keep filling their needs, getting them closer and closer to death weapons. On top of it all, her style had changed and she very much preferred it over her skirt and cloak. She felt more free, more maneuverable, and incredibly more comfortable. Even if her abdomen had been a little bit more exposed than usual. Hitomi seemed to be happy about the change, and Lew, well, was Lew. It was always good to have something new every now and again, makes things feel a little bit more refreshing.

The DWMA had decided it would be a good idea to bring the class onto an island where not only was the scenery beautiful, but where they were also going to fight according to Ikora, Juri and Armstrong. Ikora went over rules, which were very simple for the blonde, and then Juri herself went over match ups. Claiming that Akron vs Takeshi was first, followed by Alice vs Kade, one of the newer students that joined the class. Myself against the new guy? He can divide himself into four people... Could I really handle that? she thought to herself, unsure if it was possible... Unless he was forced to fight with just one part of himself. The next pairings were pretty interesting too and she wondered how they came up with these match ups, because they were chaotic and in a sense, she liked that. Ikora finished up, Armstrong firmly nodded and everyone began to do their own thing, causing the Meister to glance at where everyone had been going. Akron and Takeshi were going over to the ring to fight, and she wasn't going to miss that.

In face she was very curious on what would happen. Lew had vanished with his luggage, Marcus was already making demands to do other things, Hitomi had grabbed her bag as well as the blonde's, claiming she'd go drop them off at the housing. "That's fine Hitomi, go for it. Thank you." she replied, giving her a warm smile and turning her attention back to the soon-starting fight. She barely heard Nico and Gabe talking to each other, Camilla had also piped up, making her glance over and giggle softly "Thanks, Camilla." soon enough, Lew had came back, asking her about Hitomi "She went to put our clothes in our rooms. I'm staying out here to prepare for the next fight after these two." she nodded toward Akron and Takeshi and waited for them to finally clash. It's a vacation and a test of strength, which is something we definitely needed...especially after all that's happened. We need to get stronger, be stronger. The world we know is only getting tougher and without us it would only be worse... Alice had the drive to go all the way, and she planned to go till she couldn't anymore.

The blonde crossed her arms and leaned on one leg more than the other, the gentle breeze brushing her blonde locks. "How are you feeling, Lew?"


The lord of randomness and the warp

“Ey, very true my friend.. but does Akron even have body? I mean iv never seen him out of armour, so maybe can’t take it off?” Nicholai commented casually in his own musings he‘d not noticed the other male who had subsequently run into his partner before they scurried of, Nicholai was fairly sure that was Llewellyn they seemed a little out of sorts though, as any attempts to grab there attention failed completely Nico frowning just a little bit. Gabriel asking if all American where like that. “Oh some can be yes but um think he was just bit sick yes?” Nico answered giving a nod to Gabriel in regards to hurrying up. the pair would find whatever room the deemed suitable, Nicholial opting for a second floor room, mainly out of a small amount of paranoia he had of Elvena sneaking in... he should be able to hear her then? Right? With that now out of the way the pair would making there way back to the area with some haste hopefully they wouldn’t miss it, since Nicholai had a feeling this would go rather fast And he didn’t want to miss it.
making there way back down to the arena they’ just managed to get back when the fighting had begun. “Looks like we made it” Nicholai commented cheerful he then paused, looking at the two combatants, one was obviously Takeshi, the other was a tall scar covered strong looking man with hair that was practically as long as there body… well they where honestly kinda handsome and Nico hadn’t really registered the person was Akron having only associated the suit of armour with the weapon. Then a particular voice called out to Nicholai and he could almost feel his ears and tails twitch at hearing Elvena soft and somewhat creepy voice. turning to face her he’d give an awkward smile. ” aah hello elvena“ Nico replied giving her a little wave but the cheerful expression changed to one of confusion upon seeing what he assumed was Akron next to Elvena. Tilting his head to the size for a moment letting out an “umm?” As he tried to work out what was going on, the armour didn’t give the feeling of ominous death glare so it couldn’t be? Could it? Elvena had asked if they wanted to sit and watch Nico already knowing what that would mean but his focus was more on the armour. Turning back to the fight and the mysterious scar covered man, a single look with his soul perception confirmed that blurry but aggressiv blob of a soul that seemed as if it was trying to eat you was certainly Akron.

“Well not much better to do at moment yes?” Nicholai commented his cheerfully expression retuning but on the inside he knew what was probably gonna happen next so he knew fighting it probably wouldn’t go too well. “Gabriel my friend you know what’s going to happen” he’d whisper to his partner before sitting down on the sand next to Elvena with enough room for someone else between them. ”to be honest didn’t expect akron to look like, zat, very handsome…“ Nicholai said his tone more thoughtful as he was speaking to other two there. because the startling difference between the terrifying and unsettling armour and the actual Akron was a little hard to comprehend. “Oh Elvena my friend mean to ask who do you think will win? Gabriel thinks takeshi, but you know both very well yes? So you should have better idea?” Nico asked with a smile his thoughts turned But to the event unfolding in-front of them.


The Flake

  • When Gabriel exited the beach house with his partner his own eyes did stray to the sparring area as well. Well, hello, hello~! Who is that long haired beauty? The bespectacled young man had to repress the urge to lick his lips, instead opting to needlessly adjust his glasses. Gabriel nearly stopped walking to admire the beautiful individual and when he realized that the long haired person was male, Gabriel was only more intrigued. How does he manage to look so elegant? If someone had put him in a dress, I would have had believed him to be a woman. A few steps more was all Gabriel had planned to allow himself to check out the eye candy before a vaguely familiar voice dragged his attention away. Green eyes refocused themselves upon the silver haired speaker, bringing a polite smile to Gabriel's face. Elvena, the young woman was fairly attractive, obviously had some sort of relationship with Takeshi and was currently obsessed with his Meister. "I do." He said plainly in response to Nicholai's whisper. But that does not mean that I have to let it happen, now does it? Gabriel quickly sat down in the space between Nicholai and Elvena in an attempt to halt the silver haired female from harassing his Meister.

    "Wait, THAT is Akron?!" The young man was not shy in expressing his disbelief as his eyes flitted back over to the fight happening in front of him. I never would have thought our Akron would be so good looking. I had always thought the armor hid some horrible burn scars or a disfigured jaw. Gabriel's focus on Akron's figure was now much more intense than it was before as he now blatantly checked out his teammate. The bespectacled young man did not pay attention to the conversation between his Meister and Elvena, nor did he notice the neatly stacked set of armor off to Elvena's other side. All Gabriel cared to pay attention to at the current moment was the 'fight'.

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Socially Anxious
Morika Ayame

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If there was one thing that Morika wasn't prepared for, it was a sudden vacation weak on an island with her classmates and friends. A sudden vacation week on an island with fucking sand! Of all the places to be, they had to be on the beach, home of said fucking sand! The only thing that had brought her any sort of comfort was that she had brought her portable heavy duty washing machine and her laundry detergent to get the god damn sand out of her clothes.

Morika let out a heavy sigh as she dragged her large suitcase behind her and listened to what the teachers had to say, a parasol high enough over her head to keep her from burning to a crisp under the sun's harsh rays. If there was one thing she regretted the most about packing for this trip, it was the fear that she had packed too lightly and more than likely forgot to bring some sunscreen. She breathed in deeply upon hearing the battle match ups for her friends and herself. Morika knew that her friends could handle themselves just fine, they were more than capable of going to her school and being her classmates. But she was going to be fighting Elvena!? Her, Morika, with the current emotional range of a teaspoon and mediocre fighting skills, fighting a Miss Elvena Stein, who was not only the scariest and most skilled person she had yet to encounter, in a so called "fair fight"? If Morika was a betting girl, she would bet all of her sewing supplies on Elvena wiping the dirty, sand covered floor with her body like a wet mop.

Morika watched as her friend and partner, Akron, stepped forwards and gave Elvena his armor before stepping into the ring. Instead of getting upset about it, like the little voice in her head was telling her to do, a main voice in her head was telling her that she needed to put her things away anyways and that Elvena was actually his friend. Trust wouldn't come easy, so there was no need to get upset over the little things like this. It was something she would have to earn, and it would be more rewarding when she could call Akron her friend and mean it.

The only one Morika could 100% certainly say that was her friend was Llewellyn. Even though they were on different teams and didn't talk often, it had made all of the times that they did spend time together all the more special. Though the training sessions with Akron had put a couple of things she would normally do on hold, she wasn't able to meet up with her friend as much as she used to. But that was alright, when they did have time to catch up it would always bring a smile to her face.

Now, Morika didn't know who the victor of the fight between Akron and Takeshi would be, but if there was one thing she knew for certain both Akron and Takeshi are very skilled when it comes to combat. If she was to guess now, she might be upset later when she ended up being wrong. So instead of worrying about that, she decided to put her things away in one of the rooms in the girl's cabin before attempting to mingle among her peers. Morika blew a piece of her hair out of her face and headed over to the girl's cabin to get herself situated.

As she was walking towards, the girl's cabin she heard one of her classmates. "Hey does anyone wanna check out the beach house with me?? I'm about to head there now." Morika paused to think about it, she was heading in that direction anyways and it wouldn't kill her to try and be more social with the female classmates. Morika had heard the feminine voice of Camilla give a response to Hitomi and debated in her head before voicing her own thoughts. "I was planning to head there myself. Would you like to join me under my parasol?" Morika blushed darkly upon realizing that she had actually addressed the other girls and pulled the parasol down closer to her head as though it would shield her burning face from the other girls. "Er, you don't have to...I thought that I would offer, but I understand if you don't want to....I should be going now!" Morika fumbled over her words for a bit before pointing in the direction of the girl's cabins and attempting to escape the awkward situation she seemed to have placed herself in. Morika mentally scolded herself, why couldn't she just keep quiet?! Now she made things weird by opening up her mouth and replying to a question that already been answered. Yep, this was going to be a fun week alright.


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Rin never would forget the mission that took place months ago. Not only did she get extremely injured, but she had lost a partner in the time being too. Rendering her an autonomous weapon till a new Meister joined the DWMA by the name of Kade. Who replaced Shinobu and somehow instantly was able to wield her weapon form, despite his circumstances of being 4 different people that were merged into one. At first, Rin was her typical self, trying to be defensive, easily angered, etc. But after a while, she eventually fell into her role of being his weapon and grew comfortable. Though he still got roughly the same treatment. Elias, on the other hand, (along with Marcus), didn't enjoy Rin being around a Meister who was able to split into more than one person. In a way, she understood, but Kade was her Meister, if he were to do anything to her, knives would be used and limbs would be chopped off.

Aside from all of that, the DWMA planned a vacation with a hint of training in it, which the weapon found pretty cool, though she didn't express that thought. Fights were announced, so were rules. Finding out that she was against Gwen was interesting. A Gun vs Chainsaws? That would be an interesting fight... But hearing the end of that list, Elias vs Elgin? Plenty of explosives were going to go off, and the beach wouldn't be a beach anymore. Crimson eyes shifted toward Akron and Takeshi before glancing over at everyone else who began to go their own ways. I'll go drop my violin and bag in a room...maybe I'll change into a swimsuit too. with that thought in her mind, she departed and went to the female housing, which had been very clean and presentable inside. Rin made her way through the building in search for a room, and once she had found one, she placed her bag on the bed and her violin case with it before changing her clothes into something more appropriate for the weather.

Once done with covering her fair skin with sunscreen, she then walked out of her room and out of the building, revealing her ruffled bikini that fit her style fairly well. Though her hair had still remained the same. When returning to the spot that everyone had been at, some of the students have been standing about, watching a fight between Akron and Takeshi take place, meanwhile she began to wiggle her toes into the sand. This week was going to be very fun and very entertaining, in more ways than one.​


Time Lord

Gwen Wheeler
Months blurred by fast, and Gwen's soul count was already 83. The chase to collecting these souls was in itself becoming a race to her. Soon she could reach Death Scythe status, and when she did she could finally see her promise to Cami to its end. Her meister was proving herself as a fine warrior that Gwen was proud to call her friend and soon they would enter the status of legends! Actual legends! That was something that could excite any teenage girl.

That would have to wait though. It was beach time!

Having grown up where there was plenty of land to race vehicles as far as the eye could see, she was excited at the opportunity to enjoy the sea! The only she regretted was leaving her beloved Dark Irina behind back in Death City while they journeyed out to the island for their mandatory vacation with their teachers. It was about time this school did something that would benefit the mental state of these children! The fun for Gwen already started when she dragged Cami to the store to pick out a swim suit. Now that they were on the island and hearing they were going to have a small fighting tournament going on, she couldn't be more excited.

....until they said she would be fighting Rin.


"You want to know the honest truth?" Gwen asked in a whisper to Cami to avoid being overhead. "I think I'm gonna get my face kicked in. Rin's probably got more hand to hand skills than I do. I mean I'm the best violent chainsaw buddy you could ever ask for, but I tend resort to MAXIMUM violence and I don't want to shred her into ribbons." She admitted while tapping her index fingers together nervously. Dressed in an open white shirt and shorts over her black bikini, Gwen's sandal's padded softly against the sand as she started to follow after Cami to get a room set up.

"Is anyone else tryna join in for a jet ski race? Looks like there already have a course set up out there??"

Then she stopped dead in her track and spun around to Marcus's announcement over a jetski race. Gwen never got to drive jetski before, or partcipate in a race in one! The excitement was starting to rush through her blood as her eyes lit up with excitement and a big smile blossomed onto her face before she turned back to her meister. "Yes. Please set me up in a room. Gotta go. Race time!" The Wheeler itch was back, how long had it been since she got to do a proper race on a machine that could exceed safe speeds?! She wanted to race! She NEEDED to race. Quickly she made her way over to the boys with a skip in her step as she placed her hands on her hips.

"Now Markie. You only needed to ask for the Angel of Combustion to join in on the contest she was born for." Gwen said with excitement barely hidden in her voice as her eyes turned to the crafts bobbing against the light waves nearby before pointing at the black one present. "Dibs." she said pointing at the jetski, claiming it for herself.

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Takeshi Mifune

Rolling his shoulders one, Takeshi kept his eyes on Akron, even as Ikora announced the start of the fight. Whilst he didn't really want to do this in the first place, he also didn't feel like throwing the fight or giving a win to the little piggy, so he was forced in a tight spot between putting in a modicum of effort, and well, not. Still, seeing the taller boy charging at him, swinging his arms turned axes in attacks that clearly weren't meant to truly hit, Takeshi felt an eye twitch at the tactic the boy seemed to be going for. Instead of actually trying to fight for real, he was going for the most disgraceful of wins, through a ring out of all things. Besides, Elvena was watching and he knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that she'd just give him a look if he lost, whether through his own actions, or inactions, and he'd rather not deal with that, especially with his beginning to hound him now. Withholding a growl that threatened to escape his throat, Takeshi stepped forward, dominant arm transforming mid swing as he brought the newly formed blade to block the incoming swings, and in a vaguely uncommon twist, his free hand also began to transform as he thrusted it forward towards Akron. Either he would force the annoying piggy to take him seriously, or he would force him to surrender before he got serious, but the mere thought of getting beaten through a ring out caused a shudder of anger to travel across his spine, and he heard Ryu starting to awaken in the back of his mind, silent, but curious. While he would be sure that the demon didn't interfere, because it was always more trouble than its worth to use his little boosts of strengths in spares, having him watch this little demonstration was something he was more than willing to allow.



Time Lord
Kade Clove

What do you expect when you join a school that specializes in combating evil across the world?

....Well exactly that if you were Kade.

The Curse of Four was not letting up on his poor soul and he needed answers. Independent research and investigation was fruitless for this young man, so instead he sought the experts in the fields of the occult. If becoming a Meister was what it took to find answers, then a Meister is what Kade would become. Being assigned the ever serious Rin after the departure of her previous Meister. Establishing at least a working relationship with the girl was difficult before Kade's curse had become known to the other males in Rin's life. It didn't deter Kade however, he was here to find the truth to his circumstances, not get wrapped up in teen drama. He was ready; physically and emotionally for whatever this school could throw at him! He was prepared to face whatever trials this journey took him on!

But he wasn't expecting the first one to be trip to the beach.

Though there was opportunity in this vacation on a private island. The opportunity to fight Alice alone would give him invaluable experience fighting, and the chance to hopefully bond and form friendships with the others on the island with him. Even if Marcus and Elias were holding a one sided grudge against him. Its not like he exactly asked to have this ability to fracture his soul into quarters. Regardless it was time to focus on the matters at hand. Dressed in a pair of swim trunks and his usual shirt he stood with crossed arms and waited for his partner to return. Watching the girl stroll up now in her ruffled bikini his arched a brow at her silence.

"Welcome back Lady Red." Kade replied giving her a two finger salute along with the nickname he had grown to like using when speaking to the weapon. "You got a sec I figure we could talk strategy over the girls we gotta fight." he offered, he was the least well versed on what this band of misfit students were capable of. The Brains had been able to take constant notes and observations on the group, but first hand experience on their battle experience and personalities was absent.

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The Elder

House Tourg34q89uslr461.jpgA bright smile grew on Hitomi's face when Cami agreed to walking with her. She loved Cami and her sweet innocent personality. She was someone she hoped to get to know a little more while on this small vacation. She looked to see what Gwen was going to do and she was far from surprised when she saw her taking up Marcus offer and joining his jet ski race. She instantly knew whatever possibly involved those four couldn't be good. "Do you think we should be worried about them?" She asked Cami referring to the boys and their jet ski shenanigans. As she looked around and others went off on their own accord she was about to head out with Cami, but then she her a familiar yet unexpected voice. It was Morika, someone she has yet to fully talk to. Yes they were in the same class but she hadn't have any reason to speak to her until today. Her smile stayed true as she looked at Morika who was obviously nervous to speak to them. She found it sort of sweet and innocent somewhat like Cami. "Morika wait." She called out to her. "We'll be glad to join you. Let's go." She says leading the two of them towards the beach house. "How do you girls feel about this vacation so far? Do y'all like the beach? I myself think its rather beautiful and peaceful. It seems nice to get some RnR and relieve some stress.You feel?" She asked as they came up on the beach house. Entering, she was amazed at how huge it was."Wow the DWMA went all out buying this place." She said as she slowly spun around looking at the decor. She liked the living room which had more than enough space for all the girls to lounge around. A huge table that can probably fit the entire class, and fully stocked state of the art kitchen. "Let's check out the upstairs." She said going up with her bags and finding a room for Alice and her. After placing Alice bags down then hers, she went exploring. She found multiple bathrooms, a game room, and even a quiet room filled with books, bean bag chairs, and art supplies. She figured this room was specially made to help calm the mind and stress. After exploring she went back to her room, putting on her swimsuit and grabbed some herbal tea. She went down stairs and started making, a home remedy tea to help with sickness. For some time now, she noticed Lew was a lil under the weather, but he never burdened them by asking for help. So Hitomi took it upon herself to make him some tea. After awhile the tea was done and she was ready to go. But before she left she made an announcement to the others. "Cami! Morika! I have to take something to Lew real quick! Meet me by the arena if you want to chat! I'm gonna watch the fights!" And with that said she was off. She went straight to the arena where she saw Lew and Alice. The fight had already started looking a bit interesting with first glance. She walked straight to Lew and holds the tea out towards him. "Here Lew drink this. It's tea, specially made to help with getting over a cold or sickness. It's a home remedy passed down to me. Beware it's a bit bitter. And Alice, I've placed your stuff upstairs in a room next to mine. You won't believe how nice it looks inside."
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Elias Stein


Elias stared over his shoulder at the shoreline as the teachers spoke to them. He didn’t have much to peacefully reflect on, nothing that didn’t truly tick him off to the core. So instead he searched for something to quell his irritation. Anything that might make this little school ‘trip’ they were on more enjoyable. He was finding it tough to just let go and unwind which was pretty unlike him. The boy Stein twin usually had next to no issues with throwing caution to the wind. The mention of the duels they’d be participating in was the only thing that tore his attention from the light waves crashing against the beach. A few of them warranted quite the visual response from him but when it came to having to fight Elgin, well, that one caused the biggest reaction to break through his prior steeled expression. “ You better make those six shots count. “ He said slyly before letting a smirk follow his words. Juri genuinely couldn't have picked a more intriguing fight for him, at least when weapon vs weapon was involved. Had he the opportunity to fight a meister... there was one he certainly had in mind. Elias turned and walked a few paces away, posting himself next to his meister as he looked down and started idly flexing his fingers. It was almost as if he was silently counting in his head and using his fingers to keep track, the notions continuous and not seeming like they were coming to a stop until one of their classmates and most importantly a fellow weapon, Gwen, came bouncing towards them. Destructive in her own beautiful way just like he was.

He cast her a glance and saw the fire lit in her eyes which made him feel somewhat akin to her. That euphoria right there? They could at least relate on that level. Normally he found it troublesome to try to get to know any of the classmates. He was an outcast much like his sister but that was strictly his choice. Elias didn’t tolerate many people, didn’t have the patience to converse with most, and just didn’t have the fucks to give. So when a string connected him to someone naturally, he just let it be. He leaned down so that he was level with her, eyes happily reflecting the flames that danced within her own. “ Do me a favor and show Marcus up. I’d love to see a girl knock him off his mountain. Especially in front of… “ He trailed off as his eyes flickered to find the culprit that he was about to name but they settled on Rin being approached by Kade instead. Elias went eerily quiet, straightening back up and clearing his throat. “ I was gonna hang back with Rin since I didn’t want to leave her alone but it looks like I don’t have to worry about that anymore. “ He explained, trying his absolute best to hide the poisonous tone he felt starting to entwine with each word.

As Gwen called dibs on the black jetski, Elias peered out towards the vehicles bobbing against the waves. “ I’m feeling the red one. Orange is just too fucking tame for me right now. “ The only way Elias knew how to categorize his emotions was by the colors of flames. And right now, he could feel his emotions screaming like an out of control forest fire. It wasn’t just a normal type of protectiveness that he was feeling towards Rin, there was something sinister behind it. Something he controlled by the way of pills that his sister had so kindly created for him. Pills that were losing their effectiveness the longer he felt this burning inferno inside of him. It was feral and wild and Elias didn’t want to think about it. “ Meet you out on the water. “ He nodded towards the group and ventured off towards the boys’ beach house, backpack in tow. Naturally he picked a room with a window that faced the water, the idea of watching the sun creeping across the horizon as it rose that next morning was way too tempting. The weapon was a glutton for seeing things lit up. He flung his bag on the neatly made bed and hastily rummaged through his things until he found his swim trunks. Minutes later he was seen making his way across the soft sands of the beach, no hesitation in his steps as he walked straight into the crystal clear waters. He hoisted himself up and onto the jetski he’d been eyeing before he took off, not bothering to wait for the others to appear. He’d line up with them when it was time. For now he just wanted to go so his mind would shut the fuck up.

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It was already 3 months ago since that mission at the mansion. It didn't exactly take a rocket scientist to know that was probably one of the most brutal missions they received yet, for not only did Rin take a near fatal wound but they also ended up losing their newly appointed leader Shinobu. Which in the end actually really surprised him. He thought out of the 3 leaders that had been decided Shin would be the one to outshine them. But on the contrary whatever happened between her and Rin actually ended up getting herself captured and almost cost Rin's life. At the end Shin decided to leave the DWMA. Whether it was her own decision to do so or she was encouraged to leave by Lord Death himself didn't really matter to him. But he knew either way it was probably for the best. When Elgin heard that Rin had managed to make a full recovery he couldn't help but be relieved. He would always say he was worried about her for Elias' sake but truly he cared too. Which was weird considering how much the girl frightened him. Since that day life had returned to normal. They attended school as usual. They hunted Kishin as Marcus tried his best to balance the soul intake between his two partners. Now both of them were getting pretty high in the soul count and not too far away from becoming official Death Scythes. The only thing that wasn't so normal was how jealous and worried Elias got all the time since the day Rin's new partner Kade came into the picture. A Meister with a unique ability to split into different copies of himself. The fact that her new partner was a dude was bad enough for Eli, but 4 of them? That must set him over the edge. On one hand Elgin understood. But on the other he knew from experience that she's a tough girl who could handle herself if things got bad. If that would even happen in the first place. But that wasn't enough to simmer down Eli's overprotective nature. Even going so far as to kick in Rin's front door with Marcus holding Elgin in weapon form. Something he definitely knew was a bad idea but he was dragged along anyway. It ended about as well as you'd expect. Getting threatened and cussed out of the premises.

Now today was the day to begin their vacation to a private island owned by the DWMA. An event Elgin had many reasons to be excited for. Relaxing on the beach with a cold drink, water sports, no worries about Kishin attacks and of course... Lots of girls in Bikinis. A common interest he and Marcus shared with no doubt. When Ikora was making her announcements Elgin snickered when she mentioned the rules about the beach houses. One of which mentioning how they weren't allowed to sneak to the other past curfew or suffer the consequences. "Is that a warning or a challenge?" He joked to himself, just quiet enough for the teachers not to hear. Then came the sparring matches. As far as weapons went all of them seemed interesting to a point one being Gwen VS Rin. He'd have to be there to cheer on his teammate. Also probably out of fear of what Elias and Rin would do if he didn't show. But then it came to his pairing... With Elias! At first he was surprised the teachers would allow such a destructive match-up but then he was grinning as wide as his partners were. Elias was quick to make the first taunt, being sure to point out his key weakness of limited ammunition. But he had a witty remark of his own to return. "You heating up already Eli? Better be careful. The brighter flames are always quicker to burn out!" Now there was no going back. No matter what happened this match needed to be had. Elgin however was worried about how irritated Elias has been recently, something Elgin hoped that this match would help quell too, though it also meant Elias would be fighting harder all the same.

Then came to the Meister pairings. Right away they came out with Alice VS Kade. Hearing this Elgin's hues trailed over to the Blonde Meister and noticed she was rocking a different style than usual. For some reason Elgin was having trouble looking away too. "Woah..." Was all he could come out with at the sight. Now Elgin always did like girls, but when it came to Alice it was different. He found her attractive but not the same way as other girls. He also found her scary too, but not the same way Rin scared him. He couldn't quite describe it. When it came the the match between her and Kade he knew Elias would be there to see Kade get his ass whooped. So Elgin would come watch too, but not for the same reason. Finally everyone was set free to do as they pleased. Right away Marcus announced a jet ski race. Elgin sure wasn't gonna turn that down! Gwen hopped right up, rearing to have a race with the boys too. This was already a great start! Elias was in too and both the black and red jet ski's were now taken. "Count me in too DJ! I'll take that silver jet ski there!" He threw off his hoodie and removed his earphones so he was now in his swimming trunks and ready for the water. He quickly hopped on the jet ski of his choosing and shot a taunting glance towards his competitors. Looking at gwen a little bit longer than the others. "Try not to get splashed when I speed ahead of ya'll!"

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Morika Ayame


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Morika paused upon hearing Hitomi call out to her and slowed down enough to let both Camilla and Hitomi under her parasol if they wanted, before continuing on her way towards the girl's cabin. Morika froze up at the sudden questions from Hitomi that were directed to both herself and Camilla, but did her best to push through her sudden anxiety.

"Well, umm...it's fine I guess? I'm not looking forward to my fight, and I'm not too excited about the sand on the beach. But this should hopefully bring us all closer together? Maybe we can begin to become friends?" Morika asked her last question lowly as she looked down at the ground. Friends...the one thing she's always wanted.

Just because you want something doesn't mean that it will become yours. A little voice in the back of her head called out to her, making her flinch and clutch the handle of her parasol tighter as she reached the beach house with the other girls.

Morika quickly closed her parasol, and gave a gentle smile to both of the girls who had walked with her and lugged her suitcase inside. She slowed down enough so that she could have a chance to attempt to converse with Camilla. Morika liked Gwen, and she'd like to think that they were good acquaintances. So, Morika had wanted to get to know Gwen's partner. Try to open up more and try to talk to others to understand how making friends works as well as how to ensure they will keep being your friend.

"Umm...I was thinking about making a few videos for my Viewtube channel in the kitchen later...would you like to be in it?" Morika asked shyly before realizing how it sounded out loud and quickly scrambled to fix a mistake she thought that she made. "You don't have to! It's completely optional, and I'd understand. I just thought that it would be a nice way to get to know each other better..." Morika kicked at the floor lightly before adverting her gaze, suddenly finding the patterns on the floor more interesting.

"Well, I'm going to go find a room....let me know if you need help setting up. Um....I might have an extra swimsuit if you need one." Morika stuttered out to Camilla before she went off to search for a good room.

It didn't take her long to find one, and she promptly opened the door, leaving it open and lugging her suitcase onto the foot of the bed. With a heavy sigh, Morika opened up her suitcase and went through the materials she had packed. Her filming set-up for her Viewtube, clothes for the trip, her sewing materials and fabric, her heavy duty washer and her detergent, feminine hygiene products, her hair care supplies, a blond blush version of herself with grey eyes, a notebook that acted as her mental health planner, and......wait. What? No.

Morika froze upon seeing that she had only packed one swimsuit, and to her horror, it was the two piece that she thought that she threw away. How did that abomination end up in her suitcase?! She groaned and whined as she begrudgingly changed into said abomination in the closet before walking out to check her belongings. Of course, the only time she had chosen to pack for a vacation was the one time she took out all of her covers and shawls because she "didn't need them" and it was much too late to make one.

Morika exited her room, her parasol in hand as she went to go search for Camilla only to hear Hitomi announce her departure. Thinking about it, Morika did want to see her friend Llewellyn and cheer her partner, Akron, on for his fight. Against her better judgement she called out to Camilla. "Umm....Camilla? If you want to head out, I'll be by the door. I only packed one swimsuit this time and I was hoping to ask one of our classmates if I could borrow their shirt or something to cover up...I really hope this week will be fun..."

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Grace Amadeus Fugue
Paradise Island
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A pasta stick in her mouth, earbuds in her ears, sunglasses over her eyes, a duffel bag held in one hand, and a guitar case looped over her opposite shoulder, Grace surveyed the island getaway with a seemingly-neutral eye. She had been perfectly content continuing her post-mission studies on the DWMA campus, and would have, honestly, preferred to stay in Death City and keep to her usual routine. The pitch the teachers had given them was a fishy one from the start; after all, what kind of vacation was mandatory?

When it became clear that this was part training exercise and part getaway, it all became far, far more clear. Her black and purple sundress tossed lightly in the wind as she let out a light sigh, shaking her head as the teachers gave the rundown of their mandatory fun. Weapons versus weapons, meisters versus meisters, Grace just wanted to jam, for Death's sake. The techniques she had been working on weren't even ready for review, let alone a spar.

She looked around at the excited demeanors of most of the other students, slowly wiggling the pasta that jutted from her mouth as she cast her sidelong glances. Some of them split off to head to the cabins. Others seemed to settle in and prepare to watch the fights. Others...appeared to be drawn toward a jetski race, of all things.

And, the more she thought about it, the more she realized that her continued studiousness had meant that she had yet to really learn about any of them.

The girl sighed, shaking her head as she slogged across the sandy beach toward the girls' beach house. Rounding the pool, she glanced up at the columns and façade, taking in the architecture for a few silent moments as several other girls filtered inside. "...It's okay," she muttered to herself, heading in past the foyer and up the stairs as she picked the nearest unclaimed room she could find without caring much for additional exploration, tossing her bag atop the nearest bed as she staked her claim. She adjusted the strap on her guitar case as she glanced out the window. If anything was certain, it was that the instrument was coming with her.


The fight was already underway by the time she had returned; those prepping for the jetski race were already far away down the beach, barely visible through the light and the heat. As she made her way toward the edge of the ring, she plopped the butt of her guitar case down in the sand, a hand atop it. Breaking off a portion of her pasta stick, she glanced through the crowd, taking stock of each individually. Who was she up against again? Marcus? That sounded about right. Her fight hadn't even started and Grace was already feeling entirely over it. With any luck, maybe the two would just shove their respective pairs of headphones over their own ears and do the whole thing on auto-pilot.

Her quiet observation eventually landed on Rin, one of the other spectators. She had seen the girl a few moments earlier, carrying a violin case into the girl's lodge a few yards ahead of her. That was something, at the very least; it made sense though, considering the whole 'prep-school' look she had going on. Those types could be picked out from miles away.

"Hey," she called flatly toward her fellow teammate, "planning on playing that violin?"


Perpetually Stoic
Elvena Stein

Ah! And there it was. Her plan was unfolding ever so nicely. Perfectly even. Nico and his partner Gabe were nearing the spider’s web and they would soon become entrapped victims of her crazed obse— her thoughts were immediately cemented in place as Nico sat down with enough distance for Gabriel to squeeze between them. Gabriel, not Nico, now sat snugly beside her. She could feel the warmth of his leg against her own surprisingly cold thigh and for whatever reason it caused her entire face to mirror that of someone facing internal agony. With a twitch of an eye, lips scrunching from side to side repetitively she found herself tilting her head towards the weapon and staring him down through a curtain of splayed gray strands. He did this on purpose. Elvena knew it, she could tell by the smug look on his face that lurked behind those bifocals.

Those fingers were delicate as they plucked up the pencil resting against the notepad in her lap, eraser side being raised to make contact with Gabe’s glasses as she pushed them farther up his nose with the precision of a surgeon and the bare minimum of effort. “ I’d normally never dare to come between a weapon and their meister but there were a few things I wanted to inquire with Nico about, so I’ll just get a little closer. “ One could hear the subtle hitch in her voice at the end as she hoisted herself up off the bench and plopped down on Gabriel’s lap, an innocent but cheeky look placed upon her features. “ As to who I think will win, Akron is my dearest friend and while he is very skilled you must know that I will always bet my heart and soul on Takeshi. And your opinion on whom you think will be the victor? “ Elvy’s hand came to rest against her chest as she spoke, fingers curled tightly around the pencil that was snug against her palm, those eyes slipping to a serene close for just a few moments. The faith she had in her partner was so strong that it warmed the icy black blood that travelled through her veins and simultaneously allowed some color to appear back along her porcelain skin. A genuinely soft mannered smile soon appeared as she looked over towards the fight, hues following Takeshi’s every precise and mastered move.

After some time she fidgeted around, squeezing herself between Nico and Gabriel, forcing the lack of room to make way to her demands and create some. “ Figured I would move before your body started matching the excitement your mind seems to have over Akron’s appearance. I find the inner workings of his headspace much more enticing to look at personally. “ She chipped in her two cents for the boys who seemed to be gawking at her friend like he was someone they wanted to dissect. Elvena was guilty of giving this look before in her life so knew she would be quite the hypocrite to advise them against it. “ So, Nico, can you activate your… “ The subject change was deliberate but she trailed off to grasp the proper terminology, not wanting to really call his circumstance a curse the way most referred to it. “ …. ability of your own free will? I’m intrigued to learn more about it. It’s certainly very odd but I am an admirer of things that deviate from what one could consider normal. “ Those crimson eyes swirled a bit as if the different shades of their color were trying to mix but were unable to. It was much akin to oil and water.

By this time both her hands were free and she’d let them rise above his head, grasping at imaginary ears that she knew could be present but currently were not. “ You could always let me run some experiments and see if we could get some answers to your…. Affliction. I’d be thrilled to get a closer look. “ Elvena smiled hauntingly before letting out a chiming laugh that was meant to play that last comment off as a hoax of sorts. Human experimentation was far from ethical after all and the thought had only crossed her mind once. Okay, maybe a few more times than that.

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Speed Racertumblr_f2b5c350ea5ed43cc25c5e12c92a8946_87d20319_1280.pngMarcus smiled when Gwen agreed in joining him and the boys on their jet ski race, while giving him a new name all at the same time. "Markie? Really?" He repeated back to her in question, as it was that really the best she could come up with. It was a bit cringy but he knew it'll probably grow on him, like Elgin calling him DJ. Usually when he gets called that, its from people at whatever functions he's Djing at. He looks over at Eias who encouraged Gwen to beat him and knock him off his high horse, assuming he was on one in the first place. Though he does sometime consider himself one of the top meisters in his class. He was really surprised that he was really about to name drop someone around others. Luckily he stopped as he looked off at Rin. At first he only noticed Rin, so he found it kind of awe moment that seeing her made him lose his train of thought. But then he noticed Kade approaching her and new it was something else stopping his thoughts. When he spoke he knew something was brewing and it wasn't good at all. Marcus knew he had to calm the fires in his mind sooner than later. He needed no drama while on this vacation. So either Elias gets comfortable with Kade around Rin, or I seperate them for a bit giving Elias some time to chill with his girl. As he was focused on Elias and his mind, the three of them already took off calling dibs on their jet ski leaving him behind. "Ah shit." He says taking off his top layers, pants, socks and shoes, leaving only him in his basketball shorts. Yes he sometimes wears basketball shorts under his pants, its a normal thing. Trust. "I'm getting the purple one, don't nobody touch it!" He calls out to them even though they clearly weren't.

Once out in the ocean, they were all lined up ready to go. The course was a simply giant circle with ramps placed throughout it. The course was big enough to make it a one and done type of race. "Alright guys, be prepared to see a lot of my backside, cause I'm definitely gonna leading this thing." He says grinning and everyone. "Alright let's get this thing started. Nobody moves until I say Go alright. READY!......SET!.....GOOOO!!!!" And with that everyone was off, all except Marcus who was having technical difficulties. "What the hell?! No, no, no, no." Looks like the one he wanted to use need some maintenance. So he quickly hops off the purple jet ski and onto the blue. After starting it up he took off, trying his best to catch up with the others. "Alright here I come." He says to himself as glides on that water rather smoothly. He knew everyone was probably laughing at him, after he failed miserably when he was talking all that shit. Now here he is playing catch up. With the others hitting ramps getting style points, Marcus main goal was catching up. He kept his hand on that throttle never letting up. He saw the distance between him and the others getting smaller and smaller, up to the point he was right behind whomever was in third. "I'M COMING BABY WOOO!!" He yells feeling very excited that he managed to close the gap. By this time, they were at the halfway mark. With a ramp coming up, he gladly took it, thinking it's all good for a bit of more fun. "WOOHOOO!!" He yells soaring through the air with his hands up. This was definitely the best way to start off the trip. After some time the race was coming to the end and it was looking rather close. The clear 1st place winner was Gwen beating the boys by a second, and hopefully someone took a picture or recorded because the bros all finished at the exact same time with a three way tie for second. This is something they'll possibly argue about until they find someway to settle it. "Damn Gwen you're good girl, who knew. But at least I made second place, and beat these two losers." He says putting the jet ski back and getting off of it. "I nearly lost cause that first jetski i was on didn't want to work." He says laughing looking at them both.
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“Oh yes was surprised myself, but zat is Akron my friend“ Nicholai confirmed Gabriel’s comment clearly just as Surprised as he has been at the revelation, maybe Akron should take his armor off more often? Anymore though on the matter was interrupted as he turned back to Gabriel after hearing what Elvena had said Nicholai had expected she’d just get up and sit to the side of him but instead she’d sat in Gabriel’s lap. Nico had to cover his mouth to stop himself from laughing too loud still the muffled chuckling could be heard it was the last thing he expected and that expression upon Elvena’s face was the icing on the humor cake she knew exactly what she was doing. Taking a deep breath to halt the chucking he felt sorry for Gabriel who was left in an intensely awkward position now even if it was funny, patting the partner on the shoulder gently, Elvena finally gave her answer as to who she thought would win and the answer was sorta expected then asking him who he thought would win. “Two for Takeshi, hmm well will be devil's advocate an say Akron, he takes advantage of the slip up easy Takeshi probably is skilled enough to not make an error but might” Nicho nodded confidently.

Eventually, Elvena managed to worm her way between Nicholai and his partner like she said, on the inside, Nicholai sighed but on the outside, he smiled leaning forward giving him a look that basically meant “thanks for trying“ it seemed as always the sliver haired woman got what she wanted. though her reason was hard to argue with, who wouldn’t like a pretty girl to sit on their lap? Of course, the fact she and Takeshi were obviously an item was a good reason to be worried again he felt horrible for Gabriel. Hopefully, Takeshi didn’t see what happened. The other part of the comment was more confusing than anything. Inner working of Akron's head? Had she gone in the man's head Somehow? Nicholai wouldn’t doubt she’d be capable of it… what the hell would be So interesting though?

then Elvena asked THAT question... the one about his.. condition, Nicholai shuffling a little bit in on the spot obviously just a little uncomfortable but flashing her a smile. it was a harmless one right? wasn't like she was asking him to go all out in the middle of public right? nodding to himself Nicholai took a deep breath. "not exactly right Elvena my friend, less activate more umm remove disguises" Nicholai explained staring back at Elvena swirling crimson eyes with his own monochromatic gaze of blue and gold the almost shone in a way. "and yes my friend certainly are one to like the strangeness yes?" Nicholai's gaze shifted upwardly seeing the obsessive girl's hands grasping for the prize that was not there currently. "hmmm may consider later date but now small demonstration of how works? sure will not cause riot?" Nico offered with a grin though in his mind he was reluctant to actually do it he knew that Elvena would want to touch his ears.. might as well get it over with. in a split second from his silvery-white hair, seemingly as if they were squashed down fluffy fox-looking ears appeared to emerge and right into elvena's grasp but no tails floofing up at all. if one were to gaze as Nicholai's soul they would see the dull gray orb get a single feature seemingly the same fox-like ears that were atop Nicholai's head. "make sense yes? feel better? now touching ears?" Nicholai asked his eyes darting back and forth hoping people just thought it was his hair and not something strange.


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Cami was surprised to hear Gwen's response to fighting Rin. It wasn't like her to doubt herself like that. It sounded like Gwen would be focusing too much trying not to go overboard. Either way though she still had faith in her. No matter whether she wins or loses, all she cared about was that she tried her best in the end. However her mood flipped immediately as soon as she heard Marcus' challenge to race. Gwen immediately raced off towards the boys as Camilla just looked dumbfounded. She laughed laughed nervously, knowing she should have expected that kind of reaction. Hitomi thought to ask if "they'd" be alright. Knowing immediately to whom she was referring too. She laughed again flicking her wrist in a motion to brush off the concern. "I'm sure Gwen will take it easy on them. At least give them some hope of winning!" Another voice spoke up and Camilla turned to see the source. To her surprise came Morika, a girl who kept more or less to herself as far as she knew, save for the few interactions she heard from Gwen. But she was glad for the chance to actually talk to her now. However before she had the chance, Morika panicked and elaborated on her offer that it wasn't mandatory to take, before making her way towards the dorms herself. Hitomi called back out to her glad to take her offer. "Of course! I'll be glad for the shade on the way up too."

The trio began their walk up to the beach house. On the way there Hitomi was the first to strike up conversation, asking what they thought so far of the trip. Morika said it was fine and even voiced her displeasure for the sand on the beach. As far as Cami could tell from her brief moment on the beach she could understand. The grains somehow already got into her shoes and she couldn't wait to get out of them. Guess sand was one of the big reasons for actual beach wear. Another one being the sun itself. Not a single cloud in the sky meaning nothing blocking the pure rays of sunshine beating down on them. There was also Morika's last statement, one that seemed a bit odd to ask. "I don't see a reason why we can't be friends." Cami asked in a curious tone. "We're all classmates here right? We all have each others backs at all times! I'd say that's the very definition of a friend to me!" Camilla did have a bit of an optimistic outlook on the topic but it was just the way she personally saw it. "As for your issue with the sand... I can't say I blame you, it is a little irritating... Though I'm sure we'll be much more comfortable once we get changed. However I think it's wonderful here! It's so far away from bustling cities and so much natural beauty~ It reminds me a lot of home." Wishing not to elaborate further they made it to the beach house, Camilla was in awe the moment they stepped inside.

"This is a beach house!? It's more like a mansion!!!" She exclaimed, but it also made sense too considering the amount of people it was suppose to house. Morika slowed down slightly to ask Camilla if she wanted to join her in the kitchen later for a Viewtube video. Cami blinked a couple times in surprise and thought on the offer. Again Morika saw to need to make her aware of the optional nature of the request. “Sure I’d like to be in your video! Though I can’t promise my cooking will be up to standard. It’ll have to wait till Alice’s fight though. Don’t want her to go ahead without all her teammates there cheering her on!” As they looked around, Hitomi suggested to check out upstairs. A good chance to look for a room and get situated. Morika offered her help if it was needed. Or even a spare swimsuit. “It’s fine, Gwen already helped pick one out for me. I should be fine.” With both her luggage and Gwen's she made it upstairs and right away found two rooms close to the stairs that hadn't been claimed yet. Which was ideal to save her aimlessly wandering until she found it again. Sitting Gwen's stuff in her room Camilla moved to her own and began unpacking sorting out her clothes to wear over the course of the week along with other basic necessities like hygiene products and supplies. She picked out her Dad's bow too and held onto it for a moment before sitting it gently against the wall. Then it came to the swimsuit... She was still a little nervous but she trusted Gwen's judgment. Camilla got changed into blue polkadot bikini combined with a pair of tinted shades and a fashionable straw hat with a black ribbon and timidly emerged from her room. This is going to take some getting used to... She thought, feeling a little exposed. She heard Hitomi call out announcing she’d be going to see Lew, soon after she heard Morika too saying she’d be at the door and something else about covering up? Why would she need to do that? Cami made her way downstairs and was visibly surprised by Morika’s choice of swimwear. Not that it looked bad in any way. It actually suited her in fact. It was simply because of the fact that Morika like Cami also normally dressed more modestly than the others. “Don’t worry about that Morika! As far as I know this is fairly simple beach wear! But if you really need a shirt I’m sure someone down there can lend you one. Either way I’m ready to go when you are! I’ll let you take the lead... I’m... Not very good with directions...”

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Why didn't she reach out to her classmates sooner? Camilla was proving to be everything she had hoped that a classmate and possibly a friend would be when she was entering the first year of her basic education. Sure, not everyone was going to be as friendly as Camilla or Gwen, but maybe working to become friends with them won't be as bad as she feared. Maybe later, when the fights are over, Morika could show Camilla how to make something simple in the kitchen with her for the video.

Morika gave Camilla a gentle smile as she offered her hand to for the red haired girl to take. "That's alright. I know where to go. Would you like to share my parasol?"

Morika set off in the direction that she last saw her classmates, making sure not to walk too fast for Camilla and looking around to make sure that she was going the right way. Though it didn't take too long for Morika to find her way back to the beach where their classmates were.

Once she arrived at the beach, she noticed Akron and Takeshi engaging in their fight. Morika, just now realizing that she probably missed most of it, was looking for a good spot to watch the rest of the match. Thankfully she didn't have to look far, as she had found Hitomi by Alice and Llewellyn just as she said.

Morika made haste towards the trio, distantly recalling that her poor friend Llewellyn was sick and made a mental note to make him some soup later.
"Camilla, I found Hitomi! This way." Morika ushered her newfound friend over towards the trio.

"Llewellyn, Hitomi, Alice. May we join you?"
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Rin glanced over her shoulder at her newest partner, who saluted her and used his nickname for her. It made sense why he'd call her that, just because of her common color of red within her outfits. It was slowly growing on her as time went by because if Kade had given her a nickname, no doubt that meant he was getting comfortable with his weapon partner. Hopefully not too comfortable. Looking back at the fight, her Crimson gems studied Takeshi and Akron "There's not much strategy you need for them. Knowing that I'm going against Gwen, it could go either side. I'm a gun while she's a chainsaw. She'd have to close gaps with me if I were to keep distance between us. If I plan to fight her face to face, she'll have an advantage." Maybe distance was going to be her friend for her own and Gwen's battle... "If I did hand to hand, I doubt it'll go well. I'm a better fighter with my knives up close. In this case, I don't have them on me, which means I have no choice but to go with the first idea." the weapon paused, trying to think of ideas to help with Kade against Alice, after all, Alice was one of those people who seemed to be universal almost.."As for Alice..." she said as she trailed off for a moment.

"Her hand to hand skills are pretty proficient. Especially when she has two weapons to increase her skill in that department. She's strategic with a kind heart. I'm not sure how she is when it comes to multiple enemies at once, but I think she can give you a run for your money. Sorry to say." she briefly looked at him before hearing jet ski's being revved and noticing a few of her classmates racing, along with a seemingly fired-up Elias. I wonder how he's holding up. she asked herself before hearing Grace mention her violin "Eventually." the weapon replied as she turned toward her "Maybe at dinner, or something." the Violin always relaxed her and that's one of the reasons why she brought it. Another reason was because she knew Elias always seemed to fall into a trance whenever she played. As if she was allowing him to relax and unwind while listening. Later she'd have to talk to him, perhaps check up on him...

"Are you looking forward to your fight too, Grace?" she asked, looking back toward Takeshi and Akron once more.​

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