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Seren arced through the air when Grace released her, only starting to sparkle with the light of transformation when she reached the peak of her flight. The change came fast, and in a moment her violent weapon form had returned to that of the dignified young woman that most were familiar with. That is, save for her leg.

Snaking out from where her left leg would've normally started, one of Seren's meteor's still hung proudly in the air. Both it and the girl seemed to slow for a moment, before the great iron ball plummeted back down to earth, pulling Seren with it. To anyone who didn't know her very well, it might have looked like she'd aped up her reversion, but that thought would've been quickly dashed when her free leg cut down through the air and hammered the meteor into the ground a split-second before impact.

The sound of splintering wood filled the air, and Seren found herself standing before a pair of now very badly damaged but still in-tact trapdoors. She frowned, dusted herself off, muttered something about houses being built too sturdily in the old days, and then properly reverted herself back into human form.

"I was thinking down, but it's just occurred to me that the two of them might just be dead at the bottom of that pitfall." Seren said, one of her typical frowns tinging her words with obvious displeasure. "I can't say this is how I was expecting our first proper mission to go. It's been all of five minutes and we've already been split up like this is an episode of Scooby-fucking-doo."

Seren squeezed the bridge of her nose as she went over their situation in her head. Their 'team', as far as she knew, was now split into three groups. Grace and herself were in the middle, and the other two were on opposite ends of a y-axis. She sighed to herself, wondering just how things had gone so wrong so quickly.

"We should go after the two drama queens. I don't know what the other three's relationship is like, but I bet it's not bad to the point where they're probably struggling to resonate like those two, so they can probably handle themselves." Seren paused and tapped her shoe on the damaged trapdoor, to the response of a dense-sounding 'thump thump'. "I'm pretty sure we could bust a hole through this thing if we gave it another go... But there's no telling how long the drop is. Do think we should give it a go or just try to find another route?"
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The Goal Draws Near**After Seren's final attack, the force from it shatter the mask residing within the golem, killing the kishin within. With a bright red glow, she was rewarded with a single kishin egg. The One Eyed Bandit The One Eyed Bandit **
1615932404253.pngElias hit the floor rather gracefully for such a destructive force of nature as Marcus released both of his weapons. His hair seemed more ruffled than usual, as if the battle had taken place within his soul space in tandem to the scene that befell the area around him. Elgin’s remark caused him to tilt his head in the other weapon’s direction, a smile starting to cross his features that seemed to stretch perpetually. It was the picture perfect resemblance of his dearest grandfather Franken Stein in his peak of mania when he’d been taken over by the insanity of his own madness. “Going crazy? Don’t you know, Elgin? We all have our own silhouette of madness staring at us through the window of our souls. “ That crazed smile turned to a more sincere smirk, finally shifting to his normal persona. He turned his attention to his meister but more importantly, his best friend. “ You’re starting to excel in battle and reach new heights. That training is paying off for sure. I think you’d even make Elvy break a sweat. Maybe. If you aren’t too distracted staring at her… “ He trailed off in a comical manner, knowing full well that Marcus could finish the sentence himself. It didn’t take a rocket scientist, or even a Stein to figure that one out.

At some point he’d become okay, or rather tolerant, with the idea of his partner’s ‘crush’ on his twin sister. Elias knew Marcus’s soul in an intimate manner and Marcus was far from someone who carried ill intent. It was reassuring to say the least to be able to know someone far more intricately by resonating than trying to figure them out with other unethical methods. The best way to figure out how something ticked was to take it apart and put it back together again. Begrudgingly, Elias figured most people probably wouldn’t be too thrilled about the idea of such a surgical approach. “Let’s go fucking find this book then. I’d rather not stand around wasting time and entertaining the dumb ass games invented by these pint sized irritants. I’m over it. It’s obviously not on this level, let’s meet up with whoever we cross paths with and see if they’ve had any better luck. Also because my curiosity knows no bounds what’s up with the master crap? Who the fuck refers to themselves as that? I for one am not into that BDSM shit. I know, surprise, surprise. You probably thought all of us Stein’s were freaks. I’m definitely the most normal although I’m a fucking loose cannon and a major headcase so I’m not sure what that really says about us. “ His voice dropped an impressive amount of decibels as he continued under his breath in a tone that sounded disgruntled and irritated. “Unless Rin is into that kinda crap, I guess I’d attempt to be too. “ The whole expression on his face contorted into one of slight embarrassment that he tried to hide behind a deadpan stare that bore into the nearby wall. “I’M NOT WEARING ANYTHING DEGRADING THOUGH.“ He started yelling as small explosions left his hands by the sudden flare of wild emotions, lividness crossing his features as he started down the hall back the way they came, his steps seeming heavier than usual with each stomp. Halfway down the hall he came to a sudden stop and turned to face Marcus and Elgin, his composure now level headed as though someone had doused him in ice water. The fire that was once there had been completely snuffed out, the only thing remaining seemed to be wisps of smoke that were quickly dissipating. “In case we run into anymore shit I’d rather not leave you empty handed, so.... “ Of course he didn’t bother issuing the warning ahead of time, the ‘so..’ followed by silence being the only part heard as he was already in his weapon form once more and about to collide with Marcus. It seemed like an asshole move but Elias had the utmost faith and trust in his partner so announcing his intentions seemed like a waste of energy. Marcus’s reaction time and intuition to know when something was coming was at an elite level, at least according to what his sister had said when going over field notes after the pair had both found their partners on orientation day. A very audible sigh of overly dramatized annoyance and defeat was heard leaking into his weapon space, face turned away as he watched the flames in the walls of his personal hell with a rapidly abating interest.

5fde08c406526f6febdae44d1b9d91bf.jpgThe post battle conversations with his partners was something definitely for more than interesting. Soon after they turned back, Marcus was meet with praise from both his partners and friends. They noted his improvement in his skills and fighting with their weapon forms. A grin formed on his face from the proud feeling he had of himself, glad that he was actually getting stronger. Though he knew not to get a big head from this simply victory. There’s still stronger opponents, rivals, and obstacles he has to overcome. And there’s one in particular he’s aiming to beat. With the Elvy comment Elias decided to drop, Marcus simply chuckled and shook his head. “Yeah yeah nuff said. Though I don’t think that’ll be much of an issue, I don’t stare at your sis like that any more. Been preoccupied with some asian persuasion as of late.” He said with a grin looking at Elias from the side of his eye, before looking around. Though as he thought about, he knew Elias knows more about him, than he did himself on a far deeper level. So maybe he knew how Marcus truly felt about things and certain people. Just as the same vice verse with him and Elgin. Soul connections, in his way is the best way to fully understand someone through and through. The moment two or more souls entwine everything one of them feel they all feel, whether it be sorrow, pain, or happiness. No one can perceive or understand unlike the souls connected.

After a bit of standing and talking, they finally decided to more on heading back to once they came. However before they left, they definitely had to take care of something. "Before we leave for good. I think it's best for you guys to devour these souls." Marcus says as he points towards two bright red kishin eggs floating behind them. Moments after they ate, they were off and of course it was far from a normal, quiet walk back. The moment the three of them were in motion, Elias started to pull a Marcus. He literally started rambling about Master this, BDSM that. He rambling continued with him mentioning that he has no interest in any of that unless Rin is, then he’ll consider it. Though out of all that the most hilarious part was when he yelled out refusing to wear anything degrading while releasing a small explosion. Marcus couldn’t help but laugh at his brothers slight embarrassment towards the conversation. “It’s okay Eli, trust. We ain’t judging you in the slightest.” He said with a chuckle. “But check it, from a personal standpoint I’m not into all that either. I mean yeah role playing and some handcuffs here and there is a nice lil spice on it all, but that master stuff count me out. That just doesn’t sit right with me. What about you E.C.?? How you feel bout this whole BDSM thing?” After walking further down, and listening towards Elgin, Elias turned towards them both with a more calmed expression. He mention not leaving Marcus empty handed and quickly shifted into his weapon form. Off rip Marcus knew what Elias’ intentions were, and calmly caught him with no hesitation. “Good call Eli." He says as he rest his partner on his shoulder.

they exit the hallway, Marcus peer down over the balcony looking at Seren and Grace standing down below. As he looked around he wondered just what happened while they were upstairs. There was debris everywhere, along with a kishin egg float next to them. From what he can tell, Seren and Grace possibly went through the exact same thing as they did. "Yo, ladies! Clear the way!" He calls out to them down below. "Lets go Elgin." He says, holding his hand out signaling him to shift, mere moments before leaping over the balcony landing in the center of the main hall. Looking at Seren and Grace, Marcus held a slight grin on his face. "Hmm looks like you ladies handled yourselves well. You didn’t happen to find the book now did you? No.....figured as much." He says looking away from them. He then noticed that Rin and Shinobu were no longer stranded. "Im guessing Rin and Shin finally had a breakthrough. Though..." He looks at the hallway those two were originally were suppose to go down, and uses his soul perception ability. "I don’t see them nowhere down this hallway." He says looking back at girls. "What happened here?" He questions as his demeanor becomes very stern from the concern boiling up within Elias. Sadly the group didn't have much time to worry about that, simply because the very floor they were standing began to collapse beneath them all sending directly towards the underbelly. The fall wasn't deep at all, however if one was to land wrong, who knows what kind of damage they'll take. After the fairly short fall, Marcus landing and immediately tumbled across the concrete floor. He collides against some wooden furniture stopping his roll. His weapons slipped out his hands only mere feet away. He could hear them now groaning and complaining much like he was himself. He didn’t understand what was going on but he knew that shit was possibly gonna get worse. He quickly gathers his senses and grabs his partners readying for whatever comes their way. Luckily as he looked around he noticed in this fairly dark room, both RIn and Shinobu looking around at everyone. Plus a weird orange blob looking creature. "Well well well look who we found." He said grinning. "I'm glad yall two are safe, now where are we and what the fuck is that thing??" He asked pointing Elgin's gunblade towards the Norman, before looking around. As the miester continues to look around, he finds himself, looking at two different passageways. Both look every normal, however one of them literally screams danger. There was powerful ominous, and dark aura oozing from that passageway, which could only mean one thing to the group. The book they were all searching for was down here and in that very direction. "Its down here." Marcus says vaguely , however they should know very well what he's referring to. "However there's something else here as well, something just as bad. Its soul is unbelievably strong." He states, before closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. "What's ever is down there, definitely won’t go down without a fight. We should collect ourselves now before moving on." Marcus says trying his best to remain calm.
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Everyone is now all together! This is the last scene before boss fight!!
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While remaining behind the pillar, Norman angrily hit a nearby pillar, making Rin flinch and block her face from being hit from any debris. If we continue to let him break the support underneath this mansion, we're going to get crushed. Shooting him may make him more angry, and using my explosive rounds will only make the collapse more inevitable. The weapon needed to relax and just plan, think quickly. However, before she could do so, she reacted to a sound behind her and she turned, barely seeing the rest of the team who hurled themselves down the pit that the pair experienced first hand. What perfect timing they have. she thought, "I'm not sure what you classify as 'safe', Marcus. But I'm pretty sure it isn't this." she then took a glance back toward Norman "That's Norman, apparently one of the girl's pet or something." the silence that came from him had her a little worried as she glanced back toward the group. "Well we can't exactly collect ourselves when Norman here is going to make the mansion collapse if he keeps swinging his weapon around." there was more than just this monster. Rin took note of that, especially after Marcus pinned it with being unbelievably strong.

This situation is only going to get worse, especially since Shinobu and I can't resonate. Many DWMA students and teachers knew that when a pair couldn't resonate, lives were at risk. The difficulty of the mission becomes more dangerous. But there was no way to put a bandaid on and go on. "Marcus, Grace, I can give you covering fire to attack Norman. But that's the most I can do without exhausting myself too badly. If I use my explosive rounds, it could cause the building to collapse. That's the last thing we need when we still haven't gotten our objective." her arm transformed and she made sure she had a full clip "If you guys have any other ideas, I'd speak up now."


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Alice glanced at Camilla, furrowing her eyebrows a little as she expressed her concerns. I don't blame her for thinking that. It did seem like that Kishin was planning for a field day. Turning toward her, she spoke "If he was planning to attack the town, his plan is ruined anyways since we've gotten here. The chances of him attacking now are only going to be none because we're going to make sure he's dead at the end of our mission." what caught Alice a little off guard was the fact that Camilla wanted to go on ahead toward their last objective. It was great that she wanted to take point, but there was nothing Alice could do from behind if anything were to happen up ahead. "That's okay, but please be careful, Camilla." then she heard her male partner speak up, causing her to look down at him "That's something we should probably do. It'll help us... But we need to keep walking. As long as we walk, I think we'll be okay." while Camilla went ahead, Alice followed behind "Hitomi is right, but we'll be fine. Being students of the DWMA, we're expected to keep going till the job is done or we're critically injured. Or even worse. Just all depends. As time goes on, we'll become stronger and more skillful to where we could probably fight for hours."

The duo walked through the hallway, Alice remaining on guard as she examined her surroundings. The scroll they were looking for had to have been the culprit. After all, Armstrong said that the scroll was powerful and they couldn't open it. That was why Camilla had that tube on her just so they wouldn't take a glance. As the pair drew closer to the room at the end of the hall, the blonde readied Lew and gripped Hitomi firmly. Her plan was to rush out next to the other meister so she had a better position to attack. So as soon as they made it into the next room, she rushed to the side of Camilla, looking toward the large skeleton sitting back on the far wall opposite of them, he had a stone chair and seemed to be chilling there before he caught the pair in his sight. A skeleton king? I didn't think they existed but...it seems Kishin are evolving far more than we thought. she thought to herself, shooting a quick look at the redhead and then back at their opponent. "We don't know what he does, Camilla. Be careful." was all the young woman said as she took position.

The Skeleton stared the pair down, the red light inside the sockets of his eyes making it seem as if he did have eyes. His appearing menacing and clearly made to spook anyone. "So you two are the reason why my army has been decreasing in numbers." his voice was deep, booming, and definitely held an authoritative tone. Rising up from his chair with his golden staff, he seemed far larger than he did sitting down "Getting in the way of my plans and ruining what I set out to do!" he held his hand out and a spell book went flying into his free, bony hand. "I guess I'll have to condemn you both to death." while he hadn't realized yet, the red orb in his abdomen was currently exposed. A potential weakness? He opened up the book, taking a glance at what was within "Children like you are foolish to come into my domain, but the fact that you're both here has proven to me you're quite strong...Which means I'm going to end your life here as I've said before. Are you terrified yet, little children?"


Alice blinked a few times and stared at the large skeleton before looking at Camilla, her expression had changed to being unimpressed at the Skeleton King's introduction and appearance. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"


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Elgin felt a little uneasy looking at Elias' crazed features. The type most notorious with those in the Stein bloodline. The words that followed only served to further intensify his maddening glare. "Sheesh... Looks like someone was enjoying themselves anyway." It didn't take long before Elias was back to his usual expressions. Going ahead to praise Marcus on his performance then trailing off on another topic altogether. The subject putting Elgin into an awkward silence. "Having the hots for Elias' big sis... You really are a bold one Marcus..." The Meister's reply however turned it all on it's head, saying he's all about that 'Asian persuasion', he had a feeling he was probably talking about Hitomi. "Ugh... I'd love to join in the girl talk but I really don't think this is the time... Or the place for it..." Marcus pointed towards the the Kishin souls left behind from the battle, something Elgin nearly totally forgot about. Doing as his Meister suggested he took a single soul while Elias grabbed the other and they both consumed one each before heading off to reunite with the team. It didn't take long though before Elias was going on another tangent, complaining how the earlier Kishin called out to a Master and the things it insinuated to him. In the end bringing it to his relationship Rin and possibly be into trying BDSM if she was into it. All that did was put a horrific image of Rin as a dominatrix torturing Elias into submission. Elgin immediately shook the thought out of his head. That was something he did NOT want to think about, not now or ever.

Marcus added in his own opinion, one that Elgin would be more than inclined to agree with. Then he asked what gunblade weapon thought of the idea of BDSM. "Normally I'd say don't knock it till you try it... But hell no count me out of that shit too. I won't judge anyone else but it ain't for me neither... Pleasure in pain just ain't my style." After a while of walking down the corridor, Elias got out of his awkward state and suggested Marcus keep a hold of him for now so that he isn't left unarmed. He was glad Elias nominated himself to do it too since Elgin wanted to take this moment of peace as a chance to stay in his human form for now until battle started again. He never was very comfortable in his own soul space at times and tried to avoid it where he could. "Yeah I'll just stretch my legs for a while till something crops up... Jeez I forgot how long this hallway was..." After a while longer of walking they finally made it to the end. The way out seeming to have opened up following the defeat of the two kishin they fought earlier. Looking over the banister they spot Seren and grace along with yet another Kishin egg. Indicating they must have defeated yet another one of the ghost girls. he wasn't sure about them at first when they were in the limo but it seems at least they proved they can handle themselves. Marcus called out to Elgin, prompting him to transform once more, doing so marcus jumped over the banister to meet with the new girls. He praised them before immediately asking if they found the book. Which of course they didn't. No such luck with them either. Their only hope now was to track down Rin and Shinobu, who seemed to have gone missing. Elgin could feel that Elias was agitated and worried about this situation. The white haired weapon just hoped the hot head would keep his cool for now. "Hey Eli don't forget who we're talking about here. I'm sure she's probably just tearing a kishin a new one right now... Or several new ones with her bullets." Ok even he had to admit he definitely wasn't a great motivational speaker. But he tried none-the-less.

Suddenly, before anyone else could even get another word out, the floor began to collapse. Sending everyone down underneath to the underbelly of this hellish mansion. Elgin landed with an ungraceful clatter on the floor. The sound of clattering metal echoing through the halls. Elgin groaned as he tried to make sense of what just happened and soon spotted Rin and Shinobu looking back at them. "Ugh... Well shit... Guess that's one mystery solved... ... Damnit they still not resonating? Wait... WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?" He suddenly blurted out as he finally noticed the strange orange creature looming over them. Whatever it was it spelled bad news with a capital B. Marcus picked up Elgin again, pointing him towards the hideous creature and asking the exact same question. "HEY! DON'T YOU POINT ME AT THAT DUSGUSTING THING!" Rin replied, hearing that the terrifying beast was given such a name like Norman make Elgin's face break briefly "THAT'S SUCH A NORMAL NAME!" He blurted with a partially angry tone. His head popped out of the gunblade momentarily, a visibly annoyed expression on his features. "THESE GHOST GIRLS CAN'T NAME ANYTHING FOR SHIT!" Satisfied he retreated back into the gunblade and the safety of the soul space, uncomfortable as it was. Aside from that they still had the issue of dealing with this threat. But how? Rin made a few suggestions, which he was glad for because Elgin had no clue. Meanwhile Marcus was too busy looking at the passageways the creature guarded. "Hey DJ I think we've got a bit of a bad situation to deal with right now as it is. Can we worry about what other horrific monster that's left later?"

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One vs All8fa1935dfef01698a44fa528a107f854-1.jpgMarcus stepped away from the corridor and turned back towards Norman, planning on rushing it and striking it down. However before he could, a voice rung throughout everyone's head. "I grew tiresome of you kids destructiveness and cruelty to my home and servants. If it is destruction you want, then it is destruction I'll bring onto you." The voice sounded like a ghostly female screeching within our ears. Moments after the voice last statement, darkness flooded from the corridor covering literally everything around in complete darkness. One by one, everyone was dragged into the darkness simply appearing at the very top of the ansion within a wide open room, filled with over dozens of candle lights lighting up the entire room. The room had a giant window in the very background of it along. At the very center of the room floating in the air was the very book they were looking for. "The book." Marcus says being taking a step forward. The moment he did, he stepped on a broken mask, breaking it even more. "The hell." He says looking down, before realizing the entire floor was filled with both broken and unbroken mask. "My bad feeling I have for this place is getting worse and worse by the second." He says kicking it to the side, since he figured the broken mask aren't his problem. He thought wrong, the moment he kicked it was same moment a ball of energy collided into his chest sending him flying back crashing onto the floor. "Stupid children." The same voice from earlier echoed throughout the room mocking the students. The source of the voice appears before the students, descending from a space even higher from the book. The kishin's very presence was enough to strike anyone with fear and if that wasn't enough then the fact that floating besides her Shinobu herself. It was clear as day that her movement were being restricted by the kishin herself. Surprisingly, as the kishin stood before everyone she didn't utter a single word. She simply glared at them watching them to see what they'll do. "What no intimidating monologue?" Marcus asked as he slowly walked back up towards the group. He noticed Shinobu being held captive, and tighten his grip upon his weapons as the anger boiled within him. "Give. Her. Back." He says to the kishin, for her to simply tilt her head to the side in question. Straighten her head back, she moves her hand out to the side, sending Shinobu to the very back of the room, pinning her against the wall. "Take her." She said simply, as she grabs the book removing her mask. As she moved her mask an abyss where her face would be was there instead. She inserts the book into the abyss before placing her mask back on. "And the book also." She spoke in a taunting tone clearly trying to get a rise out the students.
Marcus growled in frustration, adjusting his headphones around his neck. Usually in moments like this, he'll place his headphones on his head and tone everything and everyone out. But the very fact that he's not alone and already down a member he couldn’t risk it. No now at least. He'll have to rely on his team to pull their weight and support each other in every way. "Rin this'll go without saying but you'll be playing the support role. If you can try and find another way to release Shinobu. Maybe we don't gotta beat her just to free her....maybe." He says obviously having no belief in that part of the plan. "Grace. Seren. I don't know much about y'all, but it's obvious you two know what you're doing. Let's coordinate our attacks and pick at this bitch till she's no more." He says glancing over in their direction. He turns back towards the kishin and takes a deep breath. As he stared at her, she simply stood there. quietly waiting for them to make their first move. Before the suspense and anxiety got to the young meister, Marcus makes his first move. "Now!" He yells dashing forward towards the kishin. As he approached her, he couldn't help but feel like she was grinning at him. As he got closer Marcus couldn't help but feel, this kishin had something up her sleeve, and he was right. As Marcus got closer, the Kishin started hovering slightly off the ground and backs up. As Marcus lands in her old position, he noticed the tip of her staff glowing and the mask flying up into the air, heading straight towards him and the others. Using Elgin, he fires a shot into one of the mask, and as the shot pierces the mask, the mask glows and explodes causing a small chain reaction. Any nearby mask blew up as well. Seeing this, Marcus took off running towards the left side of the room, still rotating towards the kishin. Unknowing if Rin had everything covered, he fires two more shots backwards destroying even more mask. "That's three down, three more to go." He says counting his shots. He looks over towards Grace, looking for her location seeing just how close she was compared to him. He then turns back towards the Kishin, and fires two dekays shows towards her. For the first shot she used a mask to block it, causing an explosion. As the second passes through the explosion, the Kishin brings her staff up to the blast and fires a light blue beam from it having it collide with it. By this time, she should have her attention fully and Marcus allowing Grace to get even closer.
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Alice gave Cami her okay to take the lead, followed by the blonde Meister advising her to be careful. Cami simply reacted by throwing a reassuring smirk her way and nodding. "I'll be fine don't worry! I haven't been sitting on my butt doing nothing this whole time." With that she took the lead, delving into the final corridor of the ruins to meet with their target. Even if slaying the Kishin was only a secondary objective, she had no intention what-so-ever on running away with the scroll. This thing was living underneath a place filled with civilians and no Meisters or weapons to protect them. There wasn't a chance in hell she'd let that monster have it's way with them. Camilla had done well to mask her anger earlier but as she drew closer to the end of the corridor, her features grew more and more tense, unaware of her grip tightening on Gwen, more-so than she usually would coming up to a battle. Not to mention she'd be able to feel her emotions much clearer now. Camilla had no reason to get worked up like this, she's never encountered this Kishin before in her life. Yet the thought of what would happen if it was left alive... It could probably single handedly wipe out this vulnerable town... Like her home village... No matter how bad it gets down here, she can't let that happen. Not again!

The crimson-haired Meister prepared to lay her eyes upon the monster that planned to commit such atrocities as she approached the end of the hallway. Alice rushed to her side as they both stood at the entrance of the room and looked ahead. The adversary they were to face against today... Was another Skeleton... Although this one was far different from the others, it was adorned in over-the-top robes with a large golden staff in hand, it had a certain air of authority around it, insinuating this was indeed the Kishin controlling the undead. Alice warned her to stay on guard for they didn’t know what tricks he might have up his sleeve. “Right” she nodded in response, her eyes locked on to the red pupils of her enemy. He actually reminded her of Sir Ravenscroft. Except somehow less scary.

The Kishin spoke at last as he rose from his stone throne. It’s voice was deep and commanding with a sinister undertone to it. As far she could tell this thing was pulling out every stop it had to portray itself like some sort of stereotypical bad guy. Rather than focusing on the speech he was clearly practicing. Camilla instead opted to scan her surroundings, there was still more undead around. All lost souls trapped within bodies that were not their own. The Kishin had a glowing red orb in its centre. Since it didn’t have a proper body that was probably the only thing that housed its soul. So now she knew where to target. The problem was getting to it with an undead army in the way... And that book he was holding? What was that for? A spell book maybe? Not to mention they haven’t even seen the scroll yet but she had a feeling the Kishin had it on him. The large skeleton ended his speech finally, asking if they were all terrified. However he was simply met with two unimpressed expressions. Alice asked if Cami was thinking what she was thinking. “Yeah” She replied “I admit I’m a little disappointed. It sounded like it was reading off a script that whole time... I can try and deal with crowd control and make an opening. You can use that to close the gap! If you can get close I’d try going for that red orb there. It’s soul must be encased inside.” She was already talking strategy, clearly unphased by the Kishins poor attempt at threatening them.

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Grace flicked a few strands of hair out of the way of her eyes as her partner pounded the ground, causing several floorboards to splinter into dust. "...Yeah. Probably best way to go," she said, looking down at the trap door. Her attention turned upward as Marcus and his partners reappeared, biting on a portion of her pasta stick before pulling it inward a little bit. "No book," she replied, nodding toward the floor. "We got separated during an attack. The others ended up down there. Seren already knocked, shouldn't take one more to get the door open. I guess we can head in if you wanna do that."

Before the group could even make a proper decision, whatever shockwave Seren had caused seemed to cause a longer-term failure in the mansion's flooring. Grace steadied herself, her eyes widening in surprise initially before she concentrated on the fall itself, rolling as she hit the ground and ending up on all-fours. She picked herself up with little fanfare, dusted herself off, and shook out her legs. "...Bit of a delay on the wrecking crew action, but it doesn't matter," she said, taking stock of their new surroundings as she reached her hands into her pockets again. Her pasta stick had gone missing in the chaos, so she produced her pack and slid out a new one, sticking the single piece in her mouth. As Marcus assessed the situation, she remained silent, placing her hands back in her pocket. "...The goal's the book, right? Let's focus on that. Don't mind running from that other thing if that's what it takes." Cowardly? Maybe. Grace didn't seem to care; as far as she was concerned, this was about efficiency--especially since they were already down one Soul Resonance.

Falling in behind the others, she elected to leave them to their antics, leaning around the group in order to get a better look at the odd orange monster in silence. She gave a nod to the two she had been separated from earlier, giving their conditions a quick look-over. They seemed well enough, at least as far as she could tell, and so the girl turned her attention back to the more present danger. "Yeah. Just give us an opening," she commented, reaching out in preparation to her partner. Yet, before the attack could truly begin, the group switched locations entirely, Grace letting out a light grunt in confusion as the group was transported.

Squeezing her eyes tightly after the unpleasant teleportation, she took in her surroundings yet again. "...Moving too fast around here," she muttered to herself, biting down on her pasta again as she turned her attention toward the end of the room. She didn't dare move, glancing down to the masks beneath her feet with a furrowed brow. Slowly, she turned her attention back up to the Kishin, at that point realizing that conflict was inevitable. "Clear a way up to her and keep her busy for us," Grace said as she hunkered down, holding her hand out again as her partner finally transformed, "once we get in there it'll be a whole lot easier."

Grace let out a long, slow breath, closing her eyes briefly as she felt the emotions of her partner. "First real fight," she muttered, her body tensed in anticipation up until the moment Marcus shouted.

Like a sprinter at a track, she took off, bits and pieces of masks flying beneath her feet as she ran forward, spinning both ends of her partner as both hammer-heads began to travel at whirlwind speeds. She shifted out of the way as one of the masks flew closer, pulling her weapon to the side as she refused to compromise her forward movement and Seren's momentum for even a second. She winced as the heat from one of the nearby chain reactions reached her--it was clear she wasn't going to be breaking any of those masks point-blank.

She darted back, putting a bit more space between herself and the masks as she slung Seren out at her full length toward one of the masks, gritting her teeth as the heat hit her at full-force. "Bit too close," she muttered, powering through as she recalled Seren's stray head, darting through the opening she had created as she brought both heads back to full speed. Ducking and weaving, she drew closer and closer, arcing around the Kishin in a spiral, drawing inward constantly as the monster kept its focus on the longer-ranged combatant.

"Seren, I'm gonna throw you," Grace said to her weapon as they closed in, "we've gotta make the most of the closed gap, so we're gonna blitz her. You'll have to jump back to me afterward, it'll be a quick change but it'll mix her up and buy us a few seconds," she said, finally drawing near enough to the Kishin to play her hand at landing a hit. She swung Seren out at full length, whipping the heavy weapon toward the small of the Kishin's back.


Then, Grace spun, whirling Seren back around in order to build up some momentum before throwing the entirety of her weapon forward. A second after, she lept up into the air, positioning herself for a rebound. The setup was perfect--but would it pay off?
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Gwen was keeping a vigil eye on her meister, the DWMA partnered them up during a rough period for Cami and while the ginger haired girl's antics cheered the red head up it didn't cure the lingering problems. Gwen could tell you the status of a car just from the vibrations on the floor, but she didn't need to be a meister to know when something was troubling a pure soul like Cami's. Bless her heart, that innocence earlier in the town above was precious to no end. Gwen wished she could bottle it up and share it with people, but there was a terrible shadow lingering over such a bright spot that was Cami's soul. That perturbed the gear head that was the girl's new Weapon partner to no end. When Cami gripped her transformed state harder, that told paragraphs of what was troubling the girl working alongside the trio next to them. The writting on the wall was clear; this kishin needed to be murdered before anyone was leaving today. When this was over, Gwen knew she would have to concoct another evil adventure to help her partner out more. Why? No reason needed. The DWMA stated that partners look out for each other and lift them up in their darkest moments, so that's exactly what she'll do.

Though when they finally reached the 'throne room' of this creepy dungeon like crypt, Gwen's unamused face appeared on the surface of her weapon. Seriously? This fancy pants dressed cliché as hell skeleton man was their final boss? Wait was he?- Oh no. Please sweet angels of fiery combustion, do not make the generic evil villain speech. Oh come on! He was making the generic evil villain speech!


"Hey Mr. Rattles For Bones?" Gwen spoke up from within her weapon form, her voice echoing from within the frame. The skeleton man could at least hear based on his head turning to take note of the chainsaw staff speaking. "How did you get those robes?" The skeleton man would've probably blinked if he still had eyelids in that moment. "Those are too nice if you've been squatting in crypts. Did you steal them off another skeleton man to hide your non-existent unmentionables? Or did you look online how to make those from a video?" Gwen's quips were not welcomed in this tense situation, and she didn't care. They weren't meant to be taken serious, they were meant to distract their less than fleshy opponent.

"Immaturity like that will not lessen your deaths nor will be the eternal peace for you. Like all the others it will be only the beginning of your suffering as I-"


"As I-"


A bony hand was start to angrily clench his staff now. Gwen's lack of manners was reaching absurd levels of rudeness as she revved her chainsaws loudly each time the vile monster attempt to threaten their lives. That ire was meant to direct all the boss's attention on Gwen specifically so Alice and Cami could focus on their plan of attack. The glaring glowing red eyes remained locked on Gwen as no further sound came from her.

"I am going to enjoy ripping your souls out and enslaving your bones to my armies, as I-"


The skeleton man was now fuming as he actually tapped his golden scepter on the ground in frustration.

"Oh I'm sorry did I break your concentration? I'm sorry bone saws like me just love cutting into guys like you that are a dog's wet dream of snacks." Gwen taunted back as she appeared once more on her weapon's surface with a big cocky grin. Biting her lip to avoid cackling in mischief.

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Rin merely rolled her eyes at the reactions that had come from Elgin. There are more important things on the table than a normal name for a monster. she thought, but behind that thought, she could only hear herself say Anyone can be a monster with a normal name. Her attention had shifted as a voice rung out within her ears, a ghostly screech within her ears which caused her to wince a little bit. Then suddenly everything had gone black, causing the weapon to look around in search for any kind of light to ease the darkness weighing on her sight. The darkness was suddenly ripped away revealing her in a completely different room. Upon examining her surroundings, she noticed candles lining the room to create enough light to see along with the large window letting in some light from the outside. The floor was lined with broken and unbroken masks that looked similar to the little girls, which caused Rin to not move from her position. Lifting her gaze, she took note of a familiar looking book floating within the center of the room. That's the book we need. it was as if Marcus had the same idea as he spoke aloud to further confirm her thoughts. The sound of crunching had her look over, noticing that Marcus had stepped onto a mask and didn't take long to be punished for it as he was shot with a ball of energy. The weapon's gaze turned toward the possible source, but when she looked, there was nothing there Are we dealing with a Kishin we can't see? Or is it purposely making itself invisible to the eye?

Soon enough, the entity revealed itself, descending and giving off a presence that gave her chills and a sudden need to shutter in fear. But being as stubborn as she is, she fought that urge to the best of her ability. Besides the woman-like figure, she spotted Shinobu floating, movements obviously restricted by the kishin's powers. I'm starting to believe I'm the problem if Shinobu keeps getting captured like this. Twice already I haven't been able to save her. eyes narrowed as her hands clenched into fists. Instead of the monster making the first move, it merely stared at the group and Rin definitely stared back She's observing us. Seeing who'd make the first move. A game of chess? Just to predict the ending from our first move. it was possible she was overthinking the situation, but with intelligent kishins, you couldn't be too careful. Unfortunately, Marcus's first reaction was to be a smartass as he came back to the group. But it seemed it switched to a protective nature as he finally noticed their missing member. With one head tilt and a wave of her hand, Shin was sent to the back of the room, pinned against the wall. "Shinobu!" Rin shouted, clenching her jaw, only to witness the monster remove its mask to reveal a void and shove the book inside. "We're gonna have to figure out how to get that book from that void..."

Listening to Marcus's plan, she shot a glare at him "We don't know what we're entirely dealing with. It's possible that if I touch her, I could be pulled into that incapacitated state too. The only way to really stop it, is to stop her." the dark-haired female pointed to their target before dropping her hand. Support role. I'm a gun, I can do more than just support, I can blow this place to pieces. I could even use my explosive bullets to attack the kishin. But I don't even know how fast it is. Marcus kept barking orders and everyone finally charged. Guess it's time to start giving covering fire. that's what she did, shifting her arm and taking position as she began to shoot any masks going for her team. While the kishin kept itself busy with Grace and Marcus, Rin took this time to start shooting some bullets towards the kishin herself. Trying to monitor how many bullets she was using so she didn't over exert herself. This is all I can do right now. I'd attack too but right now that's a bad idea. Especially when my partner is currently pinned to a wall... she took a glance over at her, not knowing how to help other than destroy the source.​


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Elias Stein


The fall to hell. That’s what it felt like as they went barreling through the floor and were soon cloaked in darkness. While most would be startled, Elias let a look of comfort wash over him. This was one of the few things he took solace in besides aimless destruction, his newly found affection for Rin, his sister, and his partners. Just pitch black. There was something about having to rely on your other senses that made him feel more alive. Whether that was kudos to the black blood he kept at bay in his veins or because of his childhood. Either way, it would always remain unknown. It wasn’t something he enjoyed talking about nor did he ever desire to unless for some strange reason it became critically important to. Clank. He felt it more than he heard it, the feeling of his weapon form skipping like a thrown stone upon water across a pile of bones and brick. He eventually came to a stop, his features remaining unshaken as Marcus’s face came into view to reclaim his lost weapons. And then they were moving once again, this time between actual places. He didn’t like the control over spatial matter that this kishin seemed to have, it was rare and extremely irritating.

Oh well. I believe in our team. Grace and Seren seem like a great asset and Rin is an amazing fighter on her own even without Shinobu who is also pretty talented solo. And then there's my own trio who I have the utmost faith in. A soft sigh of complacency was released through their bond as he turned to the side and cast a wayward gaze towards the newly proclaimed enemy that had just surfaced. In his peripherals he saw Rin, not unscathed, but he knew that look on her face. It was the same look she wore whenever she had been struggling with her crutches and refused to let anyone help. Stubbornness. Pure fuckin’ determination. He admired that about her. This time though he wouldn’t be able to just pick her up and whisk her off. No, they were on a mission and the asshole hovering before them now very boldly waving their teammate around, needed to have her ass kicked.

Elias was quiet as Elgin spoke and his silence only continued as the rest of the squad talked about a battle plan. It felt sloppy for whatever reason but they hadn’t been gifted a large amount of time to truly figure out the best course of action in a situation like this. And then the symphony of gunfire and smashed mask pieces reached his ears. At this point his eyes had drawn to a close, a deep breath being taken as he took it all in. Like this he was at the mercy of Marcus but there wasn’t anything stopping him from enjoying the chaos around them and relishing in the wavelength that had come so naturally it had weirded him out at first. Even though he’d brushed it off and acted nonchalant about it, he hadn’t expected another meister weapon connection to fall into place the way it had. It was near perfection. A toothy grin spread across his face, eyes opening eagerly as if ready to witness this pesky villain-esque figure whom held the book and Shinobu captive being beaten. Instead they opened just in time to watch the kishin disappear as if it anticipated Grace’s carefully calculated move and reappear behind Rin. He didn’t realize that he’d started shouting helplessly within his weapon space, the echoes of his voice lost under the sounds of his fists pounding visibly against the side of the giant buster sword in Marcus’s hand.

Everything around him went eerily still as his thoughts came to a standstill, the slow motion feeling he’d just found himself consumed by making this entire scene agonizing for him. It only reminded him that he was helpless and would once again be too slow to help someone he loved. He watched in complete horror, fear suffocating the anger, as the kishin’s staff protruded itself through Rin’s vulnerable human side. “ RIN!! “ He managed to choke out, voice hoarse from all the screaming. His face contorted into confusion and sadness, tears forming in his shaking dimly lit eyes, before it was replaced by the fire he felt bubbling up within every part of him; a rage that he’d only felt previously as a child. There was only one thought going through his brain as he began to see blood dripping from the staff that was lodged deep within her skin. If she’d been in weapon form none of this would’ve happened… Whether he was aware of it or not, he wasn’t blaming the kishin for Rin’s newly acquired wound. A deep seed of resentment towards Shinobu had just been planted and it wouldn’t surface until much later.

Soon he heard a mocking laugh, one that was so vile it penetrated his thoughts almost immediately. The kishin pulled its weapon out of the girl, twisting it a bit on the way out and waved it about tauntingly which caused the remaining blood to slide down the handle and onto the kishin’s hands. As if to add fuel to the fire, a glove clad hand was soon lifted as it smeared Rin’s blood across its mask. Elias could almost feel whatever the fuck it was behind that dumbass masquerade like costume smiling. “ One nuisance down. “ And then it was gone, resuming its laughter as it relocated itself to the other side of the room to hover above the sea of discarded and cracked masks that surrounded them. Elias’s eyes glazed over as a shadow cast itself over half of his face, the usual blazing fires within his weapon space having been reduced to that of a campfire that was on the verge of dying.

Elgin. “ There was something about the tone Elias was using that didn’t sound quite natural and his partner could probably tell that he was no longer messing around. It was cold and callous, a stark contrast to normal. The usual aimless and gungho attitude when it came to fighting was being replaced by something rarely seen by this Stein. This was more up his sister’s alley but this despicable disgusting creature had made this much too personal. This was no longer fun. It was no longer a game. There was only one appropriate response to what this bitch had dared to do. Death. “ I need you to go be with Rin and keep her safe, can you do that for me? “ Every part of him was already entangled in combat with the desire to change forms and make his way to her but he had something, or someone, to take care of first. Elgin was almost out of shots and Elias wouldn’t be able to fight properly if he didn’t know she was being taken care of. He had already been a mess when he’d walked away from the Shinobu and Rin scene in the beginning of the mission. Now? It wasn’t happening. He wasn’t going anywhere until he’d eradicated any threat in their midst.

Marcus. “ His acidic icy tone remained as he turned his attention towards his meister. “ Can Grace use Seren to keep the Kishin in place? “ He inquired as he flicked his malevolent gaze towards the other duo before allowing it to lock once again on their enemy. “ 'Cause it's fucking go time. I’ll need three seconds once the kishin is locked down, can they grant me that? “ He explained through grit teeth, fists curling as he locked his arms against his sides and waited for Marcus’s reply. His soul was already itching to take it to the next level, the surge of wanting to resonate causing his entire frame to shake and his thoughts to scream like endless static on a TV.

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The Shocking Moment1620871525110.pngSo far everything seemed to be going as Marcus had hoped. He managed to evade the mask and force the kishin's attention onto himself. Rin was playing her role excellently, blowing away the mask and laying down cover fire onto the kishin. All this effort to simply keep her attention so Grace and Seren can lay a sufficient blow onto the kishin. It didn't matter if it was a critical one or not, that blow would simply give them some momentum and strength to keep going. As Grace was behind her,it was like he imagine her hitting the kishin and sending it his way. He grip upon his weapons tightened from thee anticipation of laying an explosive blow; however, that feeling was sort leave. Right before his eyes the kishin vanish as if she knew Grace was behind her. Marcus stopped in his tracks processing the situation. It wasn't until he felt the bloodlust coming behind him was when he knew what was happening. He snapped his head towards Rin, and without hesitation he instantly dashed to her aid. In this moment everything seemed to slow down and go silent. Even the thoughts of his partners were on mute. The only thing registering was Marcus's footsteps as he ran across the floor. With each step it felt as if his body was getting heavier and heavier, and the steps themselves became louder and louder. The breaking of the mask beneath his feet echoed throughout the silence in his mind. With his eyes on the kishin and Rin, he witness the kishin jamming her staff through Rin's body. The blood dripping from her staff simply added to the small puddle beneath them, as the color from Rin's face began to pale. Protruding through the silent and breaking this state Marcus was in, was the distraught voice of his partner calling out to Rin. Marcus stopped in his tracks as if he was frozen. He caught flashes of the incident Elias was injured after he abandoned him during the night of their first mission. He abandoned him much like he and Grace abandoned Rin to fend for her own. "No...not again. NOOOOOO!" He yelled in anger as he squatted down before lunging himself forward towards the Kishin. He closed the distance rapidly, staring at the kishin who he felt was smiling towards him. And like before she vanished before Marcus reaches her. He lands besides Rin and as her body drops, he instinctively reached his arm around her and caught her. He's eyes scanned the giant room angrily stopping onto the kishin the moment he spots her. His enraged gazed stared deeply towards the kishin as she laughs at them from above His gaze never left the kishin as if he was giving her the death stare, this is until he heard Elias's voice. Marcus was simply angry and pissed however, the emotion coming from ELias himself trumps his by far. It was too intense and hard for him to describe, however he knew that focusing on both Elgin and Elias would be hard with Elias like this.

The plan Elias presented to Marcus and Elgin, was somewhat what difficult for Marcus to follow. He didn't want to leave Elgin here, but he knew he had to. He released his grip on Elgin's handle allowing him to transform back. As Elgin left his grasp it felt as if just released some weight, which felt odd. Before Elgin was like a feather, but know he realized the longer he was here, the more stress he was putting on himself and his hands. Luckily their connection was strong enough for him to not realize it until this moment. He looks at Elgin and places his hands on his shoulder. "Elgin...please be careful." The pain in his voice was clear. So far on this mission two of his teammates has became a form of casualty, in his eyes no matter he got the book or not; this mission was a failure. With now only having to focus on Elias, he took a deep breath trying to calm himself. He looks up at Grace and Seren and holds up the number three. "Three seconds. All we need is for you to lock her down for three seconds. I'm not gonna ask you if can, because you have no choice. If you can't then more of us will get hurt. You're new here, however I trust in your skills that you guys can get this done." After his final words, Marcus placed his headphones on his head, drowning out all remaining noise, focusing on the resonance.
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As Elgin was trying to figure out how to deal with Norman, his ears were suddenly being pierced by the voice of a female he didn't seem to recognise, not long after the team got pulled into complete darkness and soon emerged in a wide open area filled with broken masks, one of which Marcus stepped on before he noticed himself. "Is it just me or did this place just suddenly get even more fucked up?" However as Marcus kicked the mask away he was soon met with a reaction that would cause him to be knocked away with considerable force. "That looked like it hurt... Damn we got landmines here now?" Elgin heard the voice of that woman again, it sounded like it came from above, her appearance was humanoid but something was incredibly off about her. The air that surrounded her? Or that creepy ass mask she wore? One thing's for sure she had a certain air of authority around her. "Guess this is the so called 'master'... She get bored of waiting for us huh? Decided to just bring us right to her?" However Elgin swallowed his joking remarks as Shinobu appeared with her, restrained. "No way... That ain't like Shin to get captured like that..." Elgin suddenly had a really bad feeling about this. "Guys we gotta be careful with this one. If she's got Shin captured like that then she must be pretty dangerous."

The Kishin also grabbed the book and hid it within the abyss that her mask covered. Guess that definitely means they'd have to beat her if they wanted that book. She had no intention on making this easy for them. The sound of battle soon followed. Masks being broken into chain reactions of explosions. Marcus had already used three of his shots keeping them at a safe distance. Instead of staying on the defensive Marcus opted to use two more shots aimed right for the Kishin. One of which was blocked by a mask and the other destroyed by a projectile of her own. Intending to take her attention while Seren and Grace could attack while she wasn't looking. Everything was set up perfectly to end the fight in one fell swoop, until suddenly, right as Grace threw her weapon the Kishin disappeared. Leaving everyone confused. "Where the hell..." Looking behind towards Rin who was providing supporting fire, the Kishin stood right behind her. "We've got to warn..." He cut himself off as he witnessed the Kishing stab the end of her staff right into Rin. Silence filled the room, silent enough that he could hear his own heartbeat. Then came a sudden crash of emotions. Enhanced by the fiery rage of Elias. It was odd how despite how much Rin scared Elgin yet he still worried just as much as everyone else did for her safety, even though he doesn't show it as much. "DAMMIT WE GOTTA HELP HER!"

Then there was a sudden shift in the atmosphere. The once fiery rage coming from Elias had died down into something far colder and sinister. This was only reinforced by the blonde weapon's tone of voice. This was a side of Elias that Elgin never expected to see let alone know that it existed. But he knew better than to question it at this moment in time. He gritted his teeth as Elias made his request then sighed. "Alright I understand. But don't you end up getting yourself killed over this. Cause Rin's gonna make it and she'll kill me if you don't." He tried to leave Elias with some flicker of hope to hold onto. But of course none of them new how grave her wound was. Marcus let go of Elgin, allowing him to transform back, his Meister looked him in the eye, telling him to be careful. To which he simply nodded in acknowledgment and they split. Elgin made a sprint back to Rin but one of the masks ended up hot on his trail. He knew he couldn't let it get anywhere near Rin in her state or else she'd be toast. With no other option and only being left with one shot left he had to save it for emergencies. Instead Elgin turned round to face the mask heading right for him and transformed his right arm into sword form, slicing the mask in half. Maybe slicing would render it harmless? He hopelessly thought. However as expected the mask started glowing, about to blow up. "Aw shit!" Was all he managed to say before the mask blew up. However in the cloud of smoke that remained, a gunblade came flying out being sent across the room before it stabbed into the floor next to rin. The Gunblade then let out a brief glow as a slightly battered Elgin kneeled in it's place instead, panting. "That was too damn close... " He looked at Rin next to him before continuing. "Aughta thank ya for that little trick. Saved my bacon there." He said as his mind flashed back to Rin's landmine predicament on their first ever mission. Elgin inspected the wound she suffered and gritted his teeth again. She was bleeding pretty badly. "Tch you ain't gonna let something like this make you kick the bucket are ya?" Elgin took off his coat and wrapped it around her wound, using the sleeves to tie it into a tight knot in the hopes of stopping the bleeding. He was no expert in this sort of thing of course but something was better than nothing right? "Well I sure as hell ain't gonna let that happen. Just stay with us, after all you still ain't done kicking my ass for looking up your skirt that day right?"

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Covering fire never seemed to lessen for her team as she continued to hurl bullets toward the enemy. Both herself and Marcus had to play as a big distraction just to get Seren and Grace to land one of their strongest hits without issue. Before their own attack could land, the Kishin vanished, causing the weapon to lift her head and drop her shoulder a bit Where did it- as she asked herself this question, it seemed the world began to slow down and the whip of her head was not fast enough as the staff that belonged to the Kishin had now been used as a weapon. The points impaling her upper abdomen and sending a few drops of blood out, all the while her clothes began to soak up what leaked from the wound. With widened eyes, she glanced down and then looked back at her team as blood forced its way out of her mouth, causing her body to jerk as she coughed up blood that splattered on the ground before her. Both fortunately and unfortunately, the monster pulled its weapon from her body, but not without twisting it and making her insides feel more on fire than they already were.

Rin's body collapsed to the ground, her arm returning to normal as blood began to pool underneath her while she herself was clenching her jaw, trying to breathe to the best of her ability. If she moved, it only hurt more. Weapons are useless without their Meisters. she thought, her eyes closing tightly as pain shot throughout her body, causing her to wince in pain. I should have been faster... Stronger... when she opened her eyes just a bit, she spotted Elgin running to her aid. Only to be attacked by a mask that seemed to explode and send him flying in her general direction in his weapon form. If she had more strength, she would have moved, but with her rough state, she remained there as the blade stuck into the ground. That's one way to get here in a jiff. A light engulfed the weapon and soon faded to reveal an Elgin kneeling on the ground. At least he hadn't been injured. A smile started to tug the corners of her lips as she listened to Elgin.

Weakly, she replied "Have to be..." Rin gasped a bit "Prepared..." closing her eyes again, she turned her head away from him, spitting out excess blood and turning to look back at her teammate. He began to wrap her up in his jacket, only to tie it tightly around her wound which caused her to almost scream but instead, she made an audible sound that made it clear she was in severe discomfort. Hissing, her breathing remained the same, struggling but trying her best. I wouldn't let myself die to an ambush as small as that. I'd rather have done more. glancing at Elgin as he mentioned the first day they met, she spoke "You're...Damn right..." There was something she hated so much, and that was to be the damsel in distress in situations that she knew she could be perfectly fine in. But who could have predicted that the kishin itself would have teleported behind her? Did their evolution give them such abilities to do so?

Shifting her gaze toward her other teammates, it seemed that another plan was being formed and Elias himself seemed to radiate a completely different aura than before. Unfortunately she couldn't take a look at his soul, but just looking at his hands, his stature... He was going to explode...possibly more than he had back at the lab when their meisters had been kidnapped. Marcus had taken charge, only to put his Headphones on in the end which was an entirely bad idea. Is he crazy? ...Why am I even asking myself that? closing her eyes once again, she decided it was best to focus on staying alive and awake.​


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Alice was glad that Camilla had the same thoughts on the situation. She was 100% right, he did sound like he was reading off a script, and wouldn't greater enemies save the talking for later? Side glancing Camilla, the blonde listened to her plan, all the while Gwen herself was intimidating the Skeleton...King? By revving her saw and cutting him off every time. A giggle escaped her lips as she grasped Hitomi and positioned Lew appropriately "What would we do without you Gwen?" asked the meister before turning her attention back "The Red orb will definitely be my target." she said, getting into her stance that prepared her to dash off. "Swing Gwen as much as you'd like, we have enough space in here for you to freely wave her around." her body shifted down a little bit "Remember, they're just bones. Nothing more." giving the redhead a slight smile, she allowed her to run up ahead and begin doing damage. Alice then took off, kicking up dust and light debris from her feet.

Camilla was waving around Gwen almost like a pro, the chainsaws revving, bones clattering and flying in different directions. One could say it was definitely raining bones as she ran toward her target Kick that bag of bones' ass said Hitomi, making the blonde grin as the distance between her and the Skeleton King shrunk more and more. Though she had a few of his minions step in front of her, causing her to grit her teeth and slam Lew into one, while jabbing Hitomi into another. Her mind was racing, thinking quick to keep herself alive while coming up with tactical attacks. Quickly turning on her heels, she slammed Lew into another skeleton, followed by a few more before the pile of bones fell. With Hitomi, she would swing and swing till they broke apart or collapsed.

Alice continued to pave her way to get to her objective, bones flying and clattering on the ground. Suddenly, she emerged from them, her speed quick as she was almost flying right toward the King. The intent to kill had been written not only on her face, but in her body position as well.

She was craving death for this King for the second time.

A battle cry erupted from her lips as Hitomi was raised and Lew was held closer to her core, going straight for his weakness that stood out like a sore thumb.

Her descent upon the skeletal king was halted with a wave of his staff in Alice's direction. A sigh of discontent leaving his lips as he flicked his golden scepter upwards and sent the blond haired Meister upwards into the ceiling.

Alice finally realized she had no chance as she slammed into the ceiling. Causing her to grunt in pain as bits and pieces fell down toward the ground. Unfortunately for her, she never was released and was merely pinned to the surface. "Wh-" the blonde began to struggle, trying to see if she could get herself free from such a pin. But with the magic he had been using, there was no way to counter it unless there was another magic user to stop him from using it. "This isn't good." she muttered, looking at the King "Have to rely on magic to do your bidding?! Can't fight like a real bag of bones?!"

_Line 213

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Grace Amadeus Fugue
Creepy Mansion
Interacting with: Team C ( Britt-21 Britt-21 , GrieveWriter GrieveWriter , The One Eyed Bandit The One Eyed Bandit , The Elder The Elder , Jackaboi Jackaboi , Kyuubey Kyuubey )

Grace caught her returning partner with a loud metallic clink, touching the ground behind the kishin before doubling back in, whirling both heads of the chained weapon on opposite sides as she ducked back in for another set of strikes. Wary to her presence, a veritable shield of masks flew in front of the charging meister, one of the floating faces diving straight toward one of of Seren's striking heads.

"Shit--" Grace cursed, diving off to the side, though not before the quickly-spinning hammer could make heavy contact with the floating mask, splintering it into an explosion that tossed her even further through the room. She pulled the chains inward, wrapping both heads around her forearms, minimizing the chances of the dangerous, flailing ends of her weapon hitting anyone else as she rolled along the ground. With a light hiss, she pulled herself upward, the wrapped chains falling off of her arms as both heavy heads of the weapon hit the ground. Marcus's words managed to bubble to the forefront of her mind as she reoriented herself, momentarily squeezing her eyes tightly as she thought, letting out a huff.

"...There's always a choice," she said, slowly slinging both heads off of the floor as she began to replenish their momentum in wide circles, "and in this case there's gonna have to be, since we've messed up on several fronts and Seren isn't that kind of weapon just because she has a chain." The breeze picked up by the quickening movements of said chain tossed her hair slightly, her eyes narrowing from fatigue, pain, and concentration alike as she began to revise the plan in her head. "You can't force a piano to play the guitar line and have it sound the same just because both have strings, no matter how hard you try. That kind of 'teamwork' isn't teamwork. It doesn't work in a band, and it's not going to work here either, no matter how many times people want to force that kind of case."

She hunkered down, Seren's striking ends now spinning faster than they ever had before. "We'll force that hit by Hobson's choice; that's the kind of tune Seren plays. Your weapon, my weapon, or both. Just make sure he's fast on his feet."

In a blur of movement, Grace shot back toward her foe, tightening the swings of her weapon as she forced as much speed out of her body as she could, outpacing several waves of masks as she closed in to force a defensive. As she entered the final stretch, another wall of masks assembled in front of her, and the meister was forced to make a choice.

"This is the start of your three seconds."

Letting one end of Seren loose and sliding her hand all the way to the other end of the chain, she shot her partner forward into the wall in a devastating metal chain-punch, a wave of light, heat, and smoke obscuring the field. Singed by fire, Grace shot through the other side of the dust cloud, intent on beginning a relentless offensive despite her fresh injuries. Whirls of chains lashed outward at the Kishin, cutting through the air in loud, whip-like arcs as she slung her weapon outward again and again, the heads alternating with devastating efficiency. With each forward sling, Grace spun in a deadly, graceful dance, transferring the entirety of her body's momentum into each devastating bullwhip strike as she forced the Kishin's attention via the constant threat of deadly blows. The monster dodged backward in an attempt to put more distance between them, narrowly avoiding the flurry of punishment, and again Grace doubled her range, using the fullest extent of Seren's chain as she crashed the meteor hammer down upon the Kishin's position like a mallet, rushing forward and spinning to sling the weapon through the air and down into the ground again in an identical, brutal display as crushed masks and flooring from underfoot splintered and filled the air.

The lord of the manor shifted, though not entirely in time, the second strike viciously connecting with her shoulder. Grace whipped her weapon back and around her, bringing it in from the side as she slammed the stunned Kishin in the waist and sent it tumbling through the air. "DON'T..." she began through grit teeth, rushing sideways as she spun one of Seren's heads. Swiftly repositioned at the side of her enemy, she slammed Seren into the Kishin again, redirecting its path...straight toward Elias.

"...MISS!" the musician finished, charging after the flying Kishin as she slung Seren out at her full chain's length. If Elias struck true, the Kishin would be stuck between a rock and a hard place, but if either the meister or the weapon's mark was off, they'd be in for a mutual world of hurt.
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Although the enemy they were facing wasn't exactly what they were expecting to face, this was still a tense situation regardless. However even that atmosphere was quick to diminish even further than it already was thanks to Gwen's quips at the Skeleton King. With each comment she made and interrupting rev she dished out the Kishin grew more and more infuriated. Further reinforcing the cliché villain trope he adopted. Cami couldn't help but snicker with Gwen and Alice alike. During this brief distraction Alice and Cami agreed on their plan of attack. She nodded to the blonde meister's words a serious look on her face now. "Alright I'll open up a big a path as I can and give you a clear shot." When Alice smirked towards her, she returned it herself and took it as the signal to go ahead. Without a moment's hesitation Camilla leapt forward with chainsaws revving as she dived right into the mob of undead. Camilla exceeded at crowd control due to the nature of Gwen's weapon form combined with the meisters fluid movements. Especially since they were fighting braindead zombies their movements were predictable and easy to counter. The only downside to it was that they were relentless too and there was a lot of them. She couldn't afford to break her concentration or she could risk being hit by the onslaught.

Camilla blocked, parried, dodged and countered as many as she could. A blade came into her field of vision and on instinct she ducked underneath as it struck another skeleton that was about to attack from behind. At the same time she sliced upwards and severed the aggressors bony arm clean off before finishing it off with a wide sweep of the chainsaw, knocking it apart along with four others that surrounded her. She panted breathlessly, thinking that she may have bitten off more than she could chew. "Gwen... These things are more relentless I thought they'd be... So long as i can hold them off long enough for Alice to land the finishing blow the rest should just fall apart. let's just hold on for a little longer!" Suddenly she heard a thud coming from... Above? Camilla looked up to see Alice pinned to the ceiling, being held in place by some kind of levitation magic. Camilla's eyes widened as she called out. "Alice!!!" Camilla mistakenly took her attention off the mob of skeletons and in that brief moment another skeleton decided to take a swing at her, one that she just barely managed to dodge as she moved to the side, the blade slicing through her flowing locks. Strands of crimson hair fluttered in the air as the skeleton followed up by bashing her with it's shield causing her to urk with pain and sending her reeling back. The same skeleton along with two more of it's allies went in for a second swing and Camilla was just able to regain her composure to clash with them. The pole of her weapon holding back three blades at once. She was getting overwhelmed now and the skeleton king laughed as the tides turned in his favour.

"Pathetic" He simply said, confident in his army he took his attention completely off Camilla to focus on Alice once more. "Stupid children... Did you really think the two of you could take on me and my entire army at once. Those souls of yours would be put to better use on my dinner plate. I must thank you however. Souls like yours makes that village of outcasts up there look like a starter dish! I shall enjoy a feast tonight!" Those words echoed through Camilla like she was at Scythe Canyon. Repeating over and over again as the crimson haired meister gritted her teeth. "I refuse..." She spoke quietly, not loud enough for the Kishin to hear yet. "I won't let you..." Still yet quiet but her soul was beginning to burn bright. For a while she wasn't entirely sure why she was still at the DWMA. Why she'd signed up in the first place aside it from feeling deep inside it was the right thing to do. But now... Now she knows why she's here. Why she was drawn to the DWMA to begin with. The fire in her soul was burning even brighter now, the brightest a soul could possibly be. Bright enough that a flicker of a crimson flame could be seen deep within her pupils. "I WON'T LET YOU HURT A SINGLE SOUL!" The crowd of skeletons closed in to finish her... But, defying all expectations. A sudden surge of adrenaline and desperation gave her the strength to push back against the blades holding her back and in one fluid motion, she swung gwen in a complete circle, shattering the bones of a dozen skeletons at once and sending the resulting debris towards the skeleton king. Met with the sudden sound of bones clattering everywhere the Kishin turned back to Camilla only to have his vision blocked by bones flying in his direction. "W-What is this!?" Pressing the advantage, Camilla had already made her way right up to the target and went for one big swing towards him.


The skeleton king this time clashed with Camilla as he desperately positioned his scepter to take the blow. Sparks flew every which way as the chainsaw chewed against the Kishin's golden weapon. Her burning hues locked with the Kishin's own red pupils for a good moment before Camilla once more spoke up. "I won't let a Kishin take away the people I care about! Never!" The chainsaws revved with even greater intensity. It continued to grind against the scepter until it finally caved in and snapped in half, dispelling the magic holding Alice in place and leaving the Kishin utterly defenceless as the chainsaw continued downwards to slice open the red orb. "It... it can't be! Undone by... By these brats!? Un... unconceivable..." The Skeleton faded into nothingness as it's cloak fell to the ground, on top of it laid the scroll they'd been searching for the whole time along with the Kishin's very soul. The adrenaline wearing off, Camilla fell to her knees, feeling sick with exhaustion. She looked back to check on her teammates. "Are you guys... Alright?" She asked weakly. Despite being in clearly worse condition.

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Mission Complete
EJAto_fU8AIRI6k.jpgAfter Marcus placed his headphones on, he closed his eyes and everything around him went silent. That was until the moment he opened his eyes and he was now standing within his very own soul space. It resembled the rooftop of a tall building, with the midnight city lights shining from below. There was a DJ booth with speakers everywhere. Playing from the speakers was a hip-hop lofi beat. This place was very much familiar to him, since it first appeared to him while he was within the test tube. He has come back countless times to reflect and think, and now he’s here for a totally different reason. A reason that can be marked as a milestone for weapons and meisters. He wasn’t worried about the time, since time in your soul room moves much faster here. He could spend basically minutes here and merely seconds have passed in the real world. As Marcus stands there, he starts to notice the space around him starts to distort as Elias’ soul world starts to appear within his very own. It was as if their worlds were split down the middle. Marcus was on one side and Elias was on the other. As he looked at him, he took note of all the flames blazing around him in a raging fashion, as he stood there with a calm stoic expression. Marcus took a few steps forward and as he did, his soul room started to fuse with Elias’s. Both the DJ booth and speakers were on fire, and the music continued. He was now standing face to face with Elias, and the flames started to circle around the two, forming a ring. Words didn’t really need to be said simply because they both knew why they were here; however, Marcus felt that a heart to heart was needed. Since this mission started he felt that Elias' mentality was off and he never really had the opportunity to talk to him, but now they have all the time in the world.

Marcus looked around once more, before looking back at Elias with a grin on his face. The surrounding background begins to show images of Elias’ and Marcus’ time together. From the first day they met all the way up until now. The images showed the good times, their funny moments, and also their not so good times. “I think it's safe for me to say that this is a bitter-sweet moment. After everything we’ve been through we’re finally about to reach that milestone. I just simply wished it was under different circumstances.” Marcus' grin fades as he places his hands on Elias’ shoulders. “Eli, ever since we’ve got here you’ve been on edge. Especially when you saw Rin and Shinobu were having problems. But listen dude, everything is going to be okay. I know exactly how you feel and you have nothing to worry about, Rin is going to be okay. You of all people know how strong and stubborn she is. She won’t let that little wound put her in the grave. And for that kishin who’s tormented us, unleash all your pent up aggression, frustration, and hate all onto it. She deserves what's coming to her.” He says with a grin. “I also wanted to take this time to say that I’m glad you chose me as your partner since day one. We’ve been through thick and thin together, and I don’t regret a single moment. Everything we’ve been through has brought us closer together and strengthened our bond. You’re literally the brother I always wanted. It just suchs that Elgin couldn’t be a part of this moment. That just means we gotta work even harder so the next time we do this, it’ll be all three of us.” He says with a cheeky grin. “Anything you wanna say before we get this show on the road. It’s almost time for a curtain call.”

1623602919420.pngFor the longest time Elias just stared intently at his meister whilst a strange look of anger and bewilderment started to mix into what one could only describe as amusement. His lips curved only slightly as he let out a suppressed sigh. One he’d probably been keeping in for quite some time. “I honestly should’ve known you were about to get fucking sentimental on me just by the way you were looking at me. It was so intense it was almost as if you were about to kiss me or some shit. “ A laugh that was characterized as wicked bubbled forth as his mouth finally stopped fighting the oncoming smirk. It soon spread fully and he peered at Marcus, shoulders rolling a bit as if he were warming up for an intense exercise of sorts. “I mean, you can if you really want to. Usually us Stein’s like to do the experimenting but I won’t stop you if you just can’t help yourself. I won’t tell.“ His expression changed to a more light hearted one as he replayed the images that had appeared around them in his head. For a few moments there, his entire face looked like it was in a state of perpetual bliss. A usually unobtainable happiness washing over him that he hadn’t experienced since his childhood. And then just like that, all those previous toxic emotions were back. “Nah, I’d definitely tell Rin just so I could watch her kick your ass. So before you confess more of your undying love for me, let's erase this fucking bitch from existence.“ While Elias was being utterly true to his normal persona, he wouldn’t let this precious opportunity escape for him to be verbally honest. Even if it was felt and he knew Marcus could see what was really in his soul, he didn’t want to leave the meaningful things left unsaid. His hand shot forward and grasped Marcus’s shoulder and with it the flames began to engulf them both. “You’re my family too. I’ll always fight with you.” He spoke quieter and without malice, his gaze reflecting the bright flames that danced around them as if they wanted to absorb the lively colors. The calm before the storm, that was what this entire moment was summed up to be. With that thrown out there Elias felt free to ramp it up, so his soul reached out to his meister, his best friend, his brother. They were all one in the same at this point, but titles that Marcus had earned along their journey. Milestones of closeness that they had achieved through their victories and their times of suffering. And now, now it was time to embrace the ultimate stage they’d finally worked up to and Elias was oh so fucking ready.

Marcus could only laugh and smile at Elias’ words. It was very much like him, to make fun of Marcus and be the asshole of the situation. He loved this dude, despite how much of an ass he can be. Elias’ final words were all Marcus really wanted to hear. There was nothing else that needed to be said from either one of them. The time for talking was over, and it was now time to erase a bitch from existence. With a grin on his face, Marcus opened his eyes as they were filled with determination and strength. In unison they spoke, “LET’S GO, SOUL RESONANCE!” Their voices boomed throughout the area as their souls began to harmonize. Elias’ and Marcus both begin to glow as the air around them starts to tense up from their wavelength surging with power. Elias’ buster sword form starts to transform taking the form of a destructive tesla cannon. The cannon opens up and begins to charge up just as Marcus hears Grace start the three seconds. 3. He felt the power of his soul wavelength being amplified as it fused with Elias’ and charged up within the cannon. 2. Marcus fixes his grip on the weapon grabbing the handle of the cannon and the hilt of the sword. 1. The time has come and Grace has sent the kishin flying towards them, however he noticed Grace was following right behind her. He knew instantly he can’t just outright fire the cannon, so he came up with a solution. “This is the end for you.” Marcus says as he lifts the cannon back and thrusts it forward into the kishin’s back. With her impaled on the blade, Marcus points the cannon into the air. “TESLA CANNON!!” Marcus roars as he pulls the trigger, firing the destructive beam through the kishin and up through the roof of the mansion into the night sky. As Marcus stands there beneath the giant hole in the roof, the cool moonlight shines perfectly through the hole shining on the group. Looking up he noticed both the kishin’s egg and the book floating down before them. He releases Elias who was back in his buster sword form. “Go check on Rin. I’ll take care of the book. Seren, Grace have at it with the Kishin egg.” Marcus says as he takes off his jacket and wraps the book inside it. Afterwards he would put it inside his backpack for later.

As the mission came to an end, the kishins magic wore off on the mansion and everyone appeared at the main hall of a run down and old mansion. Marcus was slightly happy that everyone was relatively okay, however there was still Rin who was in pretty bad shape. As Marcus contacted Lord Death and reported back to him on their mission completion, Marcus made sure to have a medic team come here ASAP no rocky. The medic team came via helicopter, taking Rin and transporting her back to the school. Marcus was far from surprised when Elias told him he was riding with her, leaving the rest of them there. Shinobu took her limo and drove Seren and Grace back to the school, while Marcus and Elgin drove in his car. Back at the school during the team’s debrief and evaluations, Lord Death took the book and made sure to say how proud he was of everyone’s work. He mentioned that Rin was going to make a safe recovery, but would be meister-less for the time being since Shinobu has decided to leave the academy. With that being said, the team has been sent to take a break for the time being and get some much needed R&R or therapy if needed.
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Time Lord

Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!

That was what rang through Gwen's head each time her transformed state clashed with these undead warriors. Her initial distraction had indeed worked, but now facing the brunt of this annoying Skeleton King's army was starting to take its toll on her new meister! Cami was tough as she was graceful, displaying an elegance in her attacks with a staff that sported twin mounted chainsaws on both ends. "Don't worry about me! I can tear these guys apart all day long!" she replied in response to Cami's plan...until it was derailed by Alice suddenly being the victim of telekinetic magic. Everything was falling apart fast, and suddenly Gwen was being reminded of that day back at the facility. The worst day of their collective lives as they and their friends suffered at the hands of evil. It made her angry, she refused to go out like this!

Now that blasted skeleton was giving out another stupid bad guy speech!

By the gear shift lords above! Could someone just shut this literal bonehead up?!

"I refuse..."

Gwen's shocked face appeared on the surface of her weapon as she saw the fire growing in Cami's eyes. Whatever morale boost the Meister was having in this moment of desperation, it was in turn having an effect on Gwen. She could feel the motors controlling her chainsaws revving with greater horsepower than ever before! The skeletons were torn asunder and before even she could process what was happening she was sawing through this boney monster's gaudy scepter! The power surging through her was like nothing she ever generated alongside Baira, and they had resonated in the past! No this didn't feel like Soul Resonance! This felt like their wavelengths were aligning like cogs in a machine! Her chainsaws roared on par with the Dark Irinia's engine at full power and ripped through the scepter. Shocking the skeleton before being impaled by the same weapon that destroyed the symbol of his power. No quips or taunts left her lips, instead she felt overwhelming pride in her soul in this moment. Despite the odds, despite the self doubt...Cami was proving herself beyond all expectations. Even her own.

Once the monster was dead and his soul compressed itself into its physical form did Gwen revert to normal. Dropping down to her knees and pulling her Meister into a tight embrace.

"Now that was the Meister that is going to be making the next Death Scythe." She told her partner softly in a whisper. Pulling back enough to show the big sincere smile she had on her face as she spoke the truth to the red head. Reaching past the girl to take the soul in her hand before bringing back into Camillia's view. "Seventeen more to go, and its all because of you." she said before flinging her arms back around Cami tightly in another hug. "I'm so proud of you." she declared in a whisper with a big smile on her face.

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Time Skip - March

It had been a few months since all three teams had been sent out on risky missions with very dangerous items. Some were critically injured, some left the school itself, some even joined the DWMA, and most had remained unharmed. Due to their missions, they were able to stall the growing enemy and start to dent the Kishin numbers, though that didn't stop Lord Death from planning a class trip to an island where they would fight one another, Meister vs Meister, Weapon vs Weapon, to test their skills. All the while also enjoying themselves on the beach, enjoying BBQ food, and all kinds of different dishes he had planned for the group. There were three large beach houses not too far from the coast, one had been for the males, one had been for the females, and one for the teachers as well. Both homes have their own lounging area, bathrooms, and bedrooms. As well as places to relax outside with a pool up front as well.

  • Fights are 1v1 and will be announced by The Elder The Elder or Kyuubey Kyuubey On who goes first, second, etc.​
  • Anyone can do almost anything they want. You can't leave the island, but you can explore it.​
  • This is free roam, talk, eat, watch fights, bond, etc.​
  • New DWMA Students ( RageFactorXIII RageFactorXIII Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3 and Z2010Deadmeat Z2010Deadmeat ) have been introduced so you're all good.​
  • The trip lasts 1 week so plan whatever you want.​
  • You can post practically unlimited times, but if your posts start making the thread look like a 1x1, just wait for 1-2 people to post in between.​
  • Not everyone has to read everyone else's post unless you want to/need to. So don't get too overwhelmed :3.​
  • The Teachers will be around.​

Teachers and students all stood on the beach with the beach houses behind them. Ikora, Juri, and Armstrong stood in front of the students preparing to give the students their briefing for their time here. Ikora, who volunteered for this, stepped forward placing her hands on her hips. She stood there looking at each and every student in their eyes. She stared extra hard when she got to Marcus, who had shades on. She continued down the line before clearing her throat. “Alright listen up and listen well, I won’t repeat myself. Your time here can be both fun and hell depending how you all handle yourselves. In the three beach house’s behind you is where you all will be staying. The one on the left is for the gentlemen and the one on the right is for my ladies. The middle one as you may have guessed are for the teachers. So if any of you decide to sneak over to the other cabins past curfew you’ll have to sneak past us. Please I encourage you to try, make my time here worth it. Cause if you happen to get caught, you will be spending the rest of your time here attached to my hip. That being said, curfew is at midnight, on the dot. As we mentioned earlier before we got here, there will be a series of sparring matches setup throughout the length of this trip. There will be two matches a day, one for meisters the other for weapons. During the matches please try your hardest, without killing each other and causing any type of trauma.” As she says that she glances over at Takeshi. “Now while the fights are going on, you of course have a choice to either watch or do whatever the fuck you want on this island. Go for a swim, sleep in, visit the town, train, or even enter the wilderness, we don’t care as long as you’re here for your match. You’re all adults now or at least close to that age, so we expect y’all to act like it. Also while you’re here, don’t forget that you’re representing this school, so don’t go out acting like a bunch of teens on spring break in Miami. It’s not that kind of party. Now with that said, Juri please announce the matches for today.”

A bob of pinkish cotton candy hair quickly appeared over Armstrong’s head and galactic purple big wide eyes that fell upon all the students soon followed. Even after such a stern talk from Ikora, Juri had a way of washing a sense of ease onto everyone around her. “Ahuhhhm! “ She announced herself in case anyone had decided to look away, those small hands flipping wildly through the pages of a notepad she was holding onto for dear life. It was strange to watch this circus-esque balance act she had going on, legs wrapping about the neck of her partner as she used the top of his head as her own makeshift desk. “Hi everybody! This is so exciting, right? I can’t wait to see how strong you all have become during the school year! Do your best, okay?“ She grinned childishly over the list of names before her, eyes glistening as if the fight list was newly piquing her interest which was unusual since she’s the one who paired the meister and weapon fights. "Now for the list. I’ll read off the weapons first.“ She glanced back down and smiled a little to herself before speaking the first two names of who would be sparring that day. "First we have Takeshi and Akron. Both of you boys give it your best and might I very sternly add, also play nice. Don’t forget this is just an assessment! The following day will be Hitomi against Gabriel. And then we have Seren vs Lew, Gwen and Rin, and finally Elgin up against Elias. “ She took a deep breath and then exhaled loudly, a small noise of joy being ushered forth as she tilted her head to the side. “Those sound like lots of fun to watch, the spectators are in for a real treat don’t you think?“ Juri shifted around and flipped the page over, humming to herself as she did so to fill the silence that may have followed after the weapon fight announcement. “And onto the meisters! Today we will have Kade vs Alice. Show our new Meister what his fellow students are capable of, Alice. And both of you give it your all! “ She flashed the two a smile and continued. “The following days we will have Elvena against Morika, Grace vs Marcus, and finally Nico against Camilla. “ Juri slammed the pad down roughly against Armstrong’s head due to how fired up she was and blinked rapidly before apologizing repetitively and using a wayward finger to curl Armstrong’s singular lock of golden hair about. “Gomen gomen gomen. “ Even though she felt extremely apologetic it sounded as if she was quite proud of herself. “I think that’s everything I have to say so I’ll let Ikora finish it up. “ Juri hurriedly ceased her previous antics and laced her fingers, elbows propping onto the notepad as her chin lowered to rest on the top of her tiny hands.

Ikora clears her throat bringing the attention back to her. “With that being said students, those who have a match today please step forward and head over towards the arena. The weapons will be going first. ” She says gesturing towards an arena within the sand. The arena was on a flat surface on the sand with white paint marking a circle about 10 meters in diameter. “Those who wish to watch you’re free to stand off to the side and watch without interfering. Everyone else, go and enjoy your time here on the island.” At the end of her statement she went over towards the arena and stood in the center waiting for the fighters. “Alright Takeshi, Akron, enter the arena, and I’ll lay out the rules.” After they entered the ring she immediately spoke. “The rules are simply, you fight until someone either surrenders, is deemed unable to fight, or gets thrown out the ring. Also no outside weapons or armor allowed, that means you can’t fight with your sword Takeshi and Akron you must remove your armor. So please hand it over to your partners for the time being. Now, any questions before we start?” She asked them both.

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The beast just kept staring back.

the past few months had been interesting again, it seemed this school had far most surprises in store then Akron had originally expected. Not that it was a bad thing certainly since the incidents with the circus, Morika had become more committed to training, after a rather nerve-racking confrontation she’d made Akron a promise and so far kept it, her more timid nature in combat becoming less of an issue thanks to Akron’s.. unique ability, even then the amount of trust akron had in her extended more to trusting her in a combat environment the personal closeness was expected slow growing even now Akron felt she could still just as easily break that promise.

the other notable event where further new students, out of the three of them, aside from the strangeness of the minister who appeared to be able to split themselves up. Where the newest meister addition to team B. Nicholai was there name, they had a distinctive Russian accent and had been rather odd from the get-go, just something off about him, it didn’t take too long for what exactly that was to be made apparent, at least to those in team B though still, Akron wasn’t sure how he felt about the “fluffy” meister… Perhaps time would tell.


Currently Akron stood on the beach with everyone else. they were on some sort of holiday and deep-deep down Akron felt a tiny flicker of excitement however dull that spark was For he‘d never actually had a holiday owning to his rather unfortunate circumstances until recently. The ground rules of the trip being laid out by Ikora, Akron taking extra care to listen. Two things stood out the most, they’d be having organized fights between weapons and meister's certainly as a test of sorts. there was the sneaking into the other cabins past curfew, who in their right mind would think sneaking into the girl's cabin was a good idea? That was just asking to get yourself killed in Akron's mind. Though there was some solace in the fact that the girls were bared for such actions as well, though Akron expected Elvy wouldn’t Exactly heed such trifling things as that rule, It was just his friend's way after all. Moments later Juri appeared upon Armstrong's head to announce the order that the sparring match would be taking place, her eccentric attitude bringing a small smile to Akron’s face behind the metal helmet that obscured it from view. Akron was somewhat amused that he‘d ended up having to match blades with Takeshi of all people, though it was far better than having to face one of the female weapons.. he couldn’t even consider it properly. They had exchanged insults and threats on two occasions admittedly neither of them were in their right minds but to Akron there was something fitting about it, this would certainly make for an interesting experience. Aside from his own match the other that piqued his interest was Elvy vs Morika it seemed a bit unfair Elvy would wipe the floor with Morika most certainly no doubt about it whatsoever admittedly he'd probably be rooting for Elvy that match, Akron chuckled softly to himself before stepping forward as instructed by Ikora the more dower and neutral stance Akron tended to take remerged now more statue-like then the more laybacks stance he'd had before. attention turning towards Takeshi silently and giving him a small nod of acknowledgement before stepping into the area. The rules where simple enough to win your opponent hand to surrender, Be deemed unfit to continue or get thrown out of the ring, outside weapons where banned meaning takeshi wouldn’t be able to use his sword perhaps a small advantage. But he’d have to remove his armour.. looking at ikora for a moment he pause staring at the teacher silently even though it was a few only a few second to Akron it felt a lot longer, but with a wordless nod Akron reluctantly began to remove his armour, scar covered face and limbs visible now as was the males absurdly long hair. In place of the metal mask was Akron neutral if somewhat grim expression. Black bodysuit in place of his the metal that normal hid it form view. However instead of handing his Armour over to Morika he‘d give it to Elvy. “ I know you will take good care of it..” akron said more as a statement of fact then a reason. With that done Akron turned back stepping into the area and faced Takeshi. “Seems you will get your chance to cut down the pig then..” Akron commented in his neutral way it was impossible to tell if it was a taunt or a simple acknowledgment of prior interactions the latter seemed more realistic. Attention the going back to Ikora as she asked if there where any questions Akron simple shook his head Indicating he was ready to begin.
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The Flake
Llewellyn Artain-Galant

The last few months passed by in a blur for Llewellyn. Between missions, training, daily chores and catching up on schoolwork the blonde haired male had put off in order to make time for his fellow classmates prior to his mission in the tomb, Llewellyn had very few opportunities to keep track of anyone else aside from Alice and Hitomi. That is why the weekly visits Llewellyn's had been making to Morika's, Elias's and Marcus's residences were reduced to one day during the past few months. Llewellyn did not enjoy making this alteration to his schedule since it was possible that he would lose whatever stirrings of friendship he had with his three classmates, but the alternative was to fail the academic portion of the grading period. Faced betwixt his fear of losing his friends and the sheer terror of disappointing Alice, the young man chose the option he considered to be the lesser of the two evils. Llewellyn crammed and did his best to make up for his poor academic performance, going so far as to eschew the additional alternate copies of coursework he normally prepared for his teammates to spare them the hassle of having to complete it themselves.

Thankfully, Llewellyn did receive a passing grade by the end of the grading period, which was something the blonde male was immensely grateful for since that meant that he would be able to continue assisting Alice and Hitomi throughout their time at the DWMA. It made all the late nights, study weekends and the three days where the young man went without sleep worth it. Though, there was one particular meddlesome side effect from all the studying and worrying over how his acquaintances saw him for neglecting to spend time with them during the past months that bothered Llewellyn. It was a cold. Just a simple, minor cold that gave him a nose that gushed out clear mucus like a water fountain and an uncomfortable sensation in his head that made his thoughts feel as though they were submerged in murky water. Naturally, Llewellyn attempted to keep his unwell condition to himself, but it was difficult to do so when the days were getting ever closer to the summertime and the entire class was queued up for a training camp of sorts. The young man tried to beat his sickness himself so that he could attend the trip without worrying either of his partners....


"A-a-ACHOO!!" The loud, forceful sneeze forced clear snot from the young man's nose, which thankful sprayed onto the facial tissue Llewellyn had pulled out from the store bough travel pack that housed more of the soft paper. I guess hoping for this cold to pass without taking medicine to help was a tall ask. Llewellyn thought miserably to himself as he walked away from the group, taking his packed suitcase and backpack filled of various types of cold medicine with him. Normally, Llewellyn would have been embarrassed to be seen as he currently was by his peers, but thanks to the medicine he recently took prior to the group's arrival on the island all Llewellyn felt was fatigue and minor irritation at being sick. If I had just used medicine from the start, instead of relying on soup to get better, I would probably have beaten this cold by now. Llewellyn continued to walk away from the rest of his classmates, though now with the male beach house as his destination. "Hopefully some sleep will help." The young man nasally muttered to himself as his feet carried him closer to his destination.


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Location: Training Island Beach

The Elder


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    PARTY TIMEtumblr_eb9bb633aa3808b47e7cd16f8260c930_3eca244a_2048.jpgTimes have become much more stable after that mansion fiasco. Marcus has spent his time working both in his family deli and with his partners. With Elgin lacking majorly in the souls department and having to split them evenly between him and Elias; those three have been going on mission after mission. Some were a breeze, and some was a bit difficult, but it was nothing they couldn’t handle. Their connection as trio has done more than improve, before it was just a saying but not it's safe to say all three are like brothers. During these past few months things has also been hectic between Rin, Elias, and her new partner Kade. The main issue throughout all three of them was Elias, and his over protectiveness and lack of trust in Kade. Surprisingly, Marcus couldn’t blame the guy, this new dude Kade could split himself into four different guys, that means four different guys around Rin. At first Marcus was against Elias blowing the guy up, but it didn’t take long for Marcus to have Elias' back 100% of the way and Elgin was just dragged along into their shenanigans. There was even a time when all three of them barged into Rin's crib with Elias kicking in the door and Marcus right behind him with Elgin in weapon form. Rin definitely cussed the boys out for that too, she even threatened to break Marcus speakers if he allowed this to happen again. It didn't happen again, not at her crib that is. Marcus couldn’t allow his speakers to be broken, not by only one.

    As the months past the school has taken the students to a private island for a week worth of training, and fun. Ikora told him that Lord Death has decided to give the students a break from the madness and havoc in the world. Different classes has been sent to different places, they were just lucky to get this amazing island. Marcus entire class stood on the beach moments after arriving and was being stared down by Ikora. As she glared at him, he simply glanced away from behind his shades. He knew better than to stare this woman down in her eyes. Last thing he wanted was to have her embarrass him in front of everyone. Soon enough Ikora and Juri put out information on what type time class would be on. So far the only thing mandatory was the sparing matches they had set in place. There were match Marcus found interesting and others he simply didn't care for. He was excited for his match with Grace who left an interesting impression on him during their mansion mission. He wanted see the Gwen vs Rin fight, and most definitely Elgin vs Elias. When he heard their names a huge grin formed on his face as he looked at both of his brothers. Man that's gone be the highlight of our time here. He thought to himself. As the lecture went on the most he could remember was that fights were happening and we could do whatever we wanted, oh and don’t get caught sneaking over to the other beach house past curfew. Which was definitely easy to avoid. After being released to do whatever he snapped in the directions of his bros grinning from ear to ear. "Alright boys, I say we put our luggage away and hit those jet skis over there and have ourselves a little race." He says pointing to a ski rental shop down the beach. "Is anyone else tryna join in for a jet ski race? Looks like there already have a course set up out there??" He says staring out at the ocean asking everyone around them.

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He Who Sees E's
Takeshi Mifune

Looking back on it, the past months, while not inducing a drastic change in the stoic swordsman, had definitely held an impact on him. Beyond the kidnapping, and then the near literal clown fiesta that he had partaken in, Takeshi had found more embers of motivation to drive himself forward, though this time for something beyond his own, if not immensely vast, pride as a swordsman, but for his partner who had gradually wormed her way into his heart. Between the usual training sessions, the honing of their resonance, and the occasional mission, Takeshi had finally begun to become familiar with the one thing in this world that he had despised for years, his sword form. Though still wholly against using self-transformation, opting for his trusty blade, he, at the slight behest of his partner and surprisingly his own inner darkness, put in some time to better understand himself and the abilities afforded to him through his weapon form. Though that's not to say these past months for Takeshi had been all work and training, no, his ingrained lazy and careless nature had shown through more times than could be counted, and with the lack of any pressing circumstances, many of the days and weeks had been spent with casual cloud watching, tea brewing, and poem writing, though now in the company of Elvena, which quite honestly made it all the better.

All of that led to where they were now, on what he could only describe as a tropical island resort where Death decided to ship them off to for a period of time. Honestly, not what he was expecting out of the school, but if they were willing to further his own lazy agenda by sending him to a picturesque location of relaxation, then who was he to argue? Still, before he could get too lost in his thoughts, the teachers that had gathered them outside had began talking, with who he believed to be Marcus' sister, Ikora, taking the lead. From his position draped bonelessly over Elvena's figure like some amalgamation of an oversized sloth and a living cape Takeshi stared at the teacher through a halflidded gaze as she spoke. Said gaze quickly turned frosty, or as frosty as one as apathetic as him can get when in such a position, when they mentioned the separate living quarters, and already in his mind he knew that was the first rule of this place that he'd disregard, and pity to the fools that tried to enforce it on him. The frostiness intensified, however, when Ikora pointedly looked at him when mentioning trauma, as if he was some sort of mindless beast incapable of restraint or mercy. Though he held his tongue, it was palpable that Takeshi was annoyed with the teacher's words. Still, before anything could be done by him, his attention was dragged over to Juri, who listed out the fights taking place. He could only withhold a snort as when it was revealed that he'd have the first fight, and against Akron of all people. He was sure this would turn out well, truly, and the cackling of Ryu within his head only further cemented the sarcastic thought. Pulling his attention back to Ikora as she picked up where she left off, the previous frostiness returned with full force and with a measure of hostility when she mentioned not being able to use his sword for this fight. Even the notion that Akron had to take off his armor meant little to him, and for a moment Takeshi contemplated just not getting in the ring in the first place. His contemplation lasted long enough for Akron to make his way over to them, or more specifically Elvena, and hand her his armor and return to the ring, all while addressing him. A chance to cut down the pig he says, and at that Takeshi did let out a small snort of amusement. Raising himself off of Elvena, he took off his sword from its place and simply slid it next to Elvena's sheathed sword. Ambling into the arena and stopping across from Akron, he spoke to the boy while giving him and Ikora a stare that clearly implied that he wanted this done and over with already. "Possibly."


The Elder

Ikora stood there as she waited for both opponents removed their weapons and armor, she could tell off rip how neither one of them wanted to comply by the rules she set in place, but instead of escalating things like she probably would she stood there like a statue waiting for the moment the do. It didn't take long for them to comply passing everything to Elvy which she found both amusing and interesting. With both opponents ready, she turns away stepping out the ring. She turns around looking at them both and says, "Begin!" Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3 Exanis Exanis Kyuubey Kyuubey

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