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The Flake

Llewellyn was not entirely certain what to make of Lord Baira's rude yet fierce argument. Was the white haired male truly attempting to convince Llewellyn to act differently or was the young Lord simply using this opportunity to insult the servant? I suppose it does not matter either way. Lady Helena's teachings clearly state that a servant is merely a tool to be used at their master's disposal in a manner of the master's choosing. I am not allowed to alter my demeanor unless Lady Alice requests it. Though, I did plan to speak to a DWMA faculty member later. If the Academy faculty are of the same opinion of Lord Baira, then I may very well need to make some changes. The servant found that he did not like that possibility. Calling Lady Alice or any of his betters simply by name was a thought that left a bitter taste in Llewellyn's mouth. There was only ever one instance where he had called an individual by their name and in addition to detesting the very experience, Llewellyn had later discovered that the individual was not who they had claimed to be as they attempted to kill him. He had to repress a shiver of disgust at the memory as Lord Baira's words halted and Lady Gwen began to speak up.

Lady Gwen's approach was much gentler than her Meister's yet it was quickly evident that she was trying to argue for the same exact thing that Lord Baira had. It was honestly perplexing as to why these two, who were still essentially strangers to the servant, would be so passionate in regards to his behavior and mannerisms. Initially when it was just the white haired male speaking, Llewellyn had found it amusing because he had believed that Lord Baira was pulling an elaborate jest of sorts. Now, the servant was surprised to find that he was swiftly becoming annoyed with this particular conversation. Still, Llewellyn suffered through Lord Baira's second bout of boisterous sharp words that arrived immediately following Lady Gwen's input in silence.

The servant was about to continue his halted task of frosting the cupcakes he had baked personally, a task that was nearly halfway completed, in order to give himself something else to focus on in place of Lord Baira. He was hoping that the distraction would be enough to detract from the growing irritation he felt from listening to the white haired male berate the conditioned behavior he had been forced to adopt. Though, Lady Alice's words and decision to make herself a physical barrier between Llewellyn and Lord Baira drew the servant's attention away once more from the simple task that should have been completed minutes ago. The blond girl's input did assist in easing the mounting irritation that had been gradually growing with every word Lord Baira had uttered. Though, Llewellyn noticed that the calming effect was coming from Alice's proximity, rather than her reasonable request. That bothered him. Llewellyn wanted to leave the kitchen and head to his quarters yet he did not because that would have been rude after Lady Alice had tried to diffuse the situation. Then there was Lady Alice's last sentence. It was not my intention to laugh or smile, yet that is what Lady Alice desires. Lady Helena would have never permitted it but perhaps I should display more than a professional front... It was not a comfortable thought in any capacity, but Llewellyn would certainly make an attempt to smile more. Laughing was not something he would be willing to do again since it could easily annoy and irritate others. Llewellyn was about to relay his choice to his Meister when Lord Baira spoke up yet again.

The annoyance and irritation that he had been feeling moments ago flared up with a vengeance and the servant allowed his already ruined professional indifference be shattered once more. Llewellyn's eyebrows drew together and his normally empty light blue eyes hardened as he moved them from Lady Alice's form in order to glare at Lord Baira What Llewellyn did next would surely have landed him with no food for at least a week had he still been under Lady Helena's employ. "I do listen to my Meister. Though, perhaps you are the deaf one milord. Milady had requested for there to be no fighting and yet you continue to draw out a commotion over a matter that could have been handled in a civil conversation. However, rather than calming down and conducting yourself as a rational adult, you instead insist upon behaving as petulant child." The servant's words were spoken in an even and calm tone in spite of the hot irritation he felt. "Now, if you are done subjecting me to your tantrum, milord," The stress placed on the last word was done in a manner to mock the white haired male, subtly hinting that Llewellyn had lost some respect for the other Meister. "I have a task that I wish to have completed. A task that I doubt I will have the chance to finish while I am within your presence." Llewellyn's eyes then turned towards Alice, his expression smoothing out as he focused on the blond girl. "I apologize for my outburst milady. I will now take my leave. If you still wish for me to join in on the nights festivities, please inform me before you set out for the party." With those final words, the blond haired male picked up the container full of yellow bread cupcakes and the bowl of chocolate frosting before he swiftly left the kitchen area. Llewellyn then swiftly made his way to the room he had been given, locking the door behind him after he had entered.

The servant then set the two containers upon the bed before settling himself on the floor on his knees. Then, Llewellyn started to finish the simple task he had been delayed from completing. I should not have allowed myself to snap at Lord Baira. His behavior and approach was quite rude yet that did not warrant a disrespectful response. I will need to apologize to the young Lord later, after the two of us have been given some to allow our tempers to settle. Llewellyn allowed muscle memory to guide his hands as he continued to think on the event that he had walked away from. He knew that Lord Baira was trying to assist Lady Alice in some way, yet Llewellyn had not appreciated the white haired male's approach. Was that why Llewellyn had become annoyed and irritated? No, if that were true then Llewellyn would have snapped at some of his former classmates during his very first year attending DWMA. Was it what Lord Baira had said? Possibly, but if that was the source of Llewellyn's annoyance then he would not have lashed out as much as he had. A streak of chocolate frosting brushing against the back of his left hand brought Llewellyn from his thoughts. "I suppose I will have to think more on this later." Llewellyn murmured to himself. It appeared as though he would have to concentrate on frosting for now.

Location: Lady Alice's Residence

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U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
75463240_p1_master1200.jpgShinobu Basili

Shinobu watched as Hanako darted out of the room to go find her costume, giving a smirk under her mask before turning back to her work. But as she pieced together the next bouquets, Shinobu found her mind drifting once again to her own mask. It was something that many had asked about in her time in Death City, so she already had a perfect reason for it by the time she was at the Academy. It was a keepsake, a reminder, something of an heirloom to any who asked. Thankfully, she hadn't had to explain further than that up until now, as she figured the reason why it held such value would be kind of... awkward to explain. Thankfully Death himself seemed to understand her need for the mask even when she wasn't wearing it. It hadn't gone two feet from her side for most of her life.

Many seemed intimidated by her mask, which was understandable. She couldn't say for certain that that wasn't the intent behind it when it was originally crafted because, in all honesty, it probably was. It was one of the things that made her stand out in a crowd besides her height and consistent formal attire. But tonight? Tonight it would probably be one of the less out there pieces of attire worn, which would be an enjoyable change of pace. She supposed it made sense that someone like her would blend in more on Halloween.

It was as she was just finishing up with another Bouquet that she heard Hanako hurrying back. Setting down a rose, Shinobu stood as Hanako returned. Walking over, Shinobu looked her over with one hand to her chin as Hanako voiced how much she favored the costume. When she eventually asked for her opinion, Shinobu gave a node before reaching down and adjusting the hat of Hanako's costume.

Taking a step back to look at her again, Shinobu just gave another smile under her mask before gesturing towards her, "Well you make it look as sweet as you are, so I'd call it a fine match up." she said as she cast her gaze back over towards her desk very briefly.

But instead of stopping there, Shinobu narrowed her gaze and began viewing Hanako's outfit with slightly more intensity as instinct took over "The ribbons go with your eyes, and make the other colors in their spectrum look slightly brighter than they actually are." she said as she analyzed everything about the ensemble with eyes of one who'd had to deal closely with clothes at some point "This effect makes the contrast between the red and the blue portions look far more tasteful than you'd usually see on a combination like this. Streamlined even further by the neutral tone of your white hair bringing everything together and I'd say any fashion critic would be insane to rate you anything less than an eight out of ten for design consistency."

Just as she said that, Shinobu heard the telltale sign of the front door. Hanako looked out first as Miss. Hagihara announced her presence, with her youngest daughter greeting her without missing a beat. Being reminded of what Hanako had told her earlier, Shinobu followed her over to the door frame and leaned out of it to greet her as well.

"Good day, Miss Hagihara." she gave another respectful bow before glancing down to Hanako for a moment "I'm not sure how much you've heard about the Party the Academy's throwing tonight, but I figured I should ask you if its okay to bring Hanako along with us."

Shinobu figured she could take care of the asking part for her partner now since she had the time. She liked to think that discussions like this were best had with as much time to spare as possible.

Britt-21 Britt-21



Bake Cookies
Taking over Alice's Kitchen
Gwen Z2010Deadmeat Z2010Deadmeat Alice Britt-21 Britt-21 LLewellyn RageFactorXIII RageFactorXIII
Fist's were clenched tightly as Baira listened to Llewellyn's retort, the blonde haired boy finally showing some kind of fire in his reply. However despite the venom behind his words and his attempt at goading Baira for acting like a child; it still seemed as if the message had not gotten through to him; even after Alice herself had told him that he held more value than he believed. Despite Baira's naturally rough around the edges approach, the situation had been rather calm and controlled prior to Llewellyns outburst of laughter. Baira had been serious and to see the blonde haired weapon laugh at the expense of his Meister was the trigger that had ignited the situation further than it needed to be.

The mention of a civil conversation was met with a snort from Baira who knew full well that that would have been nothing more than a waste of time. Considering how reluctant Llewellyn had been to even discussing the matter outside of insisting his lack of worth. Llewellyn had some deep issues, and the fact that he had the audacity to laugh at the mention of his actions troubling Alice and follow it up with insincerity were key reasons as to why a mere conversation would never have worked in the first place. Clearly this was beyond what a mere conversation would have been able to solve. If such a thing would have garnered any results outside of his insistence on treating everyone else as being above him, then there would have been no need for Baira and Gwen to have even gotten involved as no doubt Alice herself would have likely had that conversation with him in the first place.

Unsurprisingly, none of what Llewellyn had said was in defence of his position on the subject; rather his counter argument had been to simply deflect everything away from himself by ignoring Baira's argument and instead choose to point the finger at the white haired boy for ignoring Alice's wishes as well as to hide behind petty attempts to chastise Baira for acting like a child. A further example of his cowardice to even address the subject was his decision to excuse himself from the argument all together; rather then fighting his point he simply chose to run away and hide instead and it was at this precise moment that Baira had lost any semblance of respect for the weapon. If the boy was so adamant on being treated like dirt than so be it. It was not in Baira's nature to provide charity work, especially towards those so intent on placing them beneath the feet of others. No alpha worthy of the rank would waste any more time than the bare minimum on an omega; especially one so happy to accept their position at the bottom of the hierarchy. Until Llewellyn decided for himself that he wanted to be more than dirt, Baira would treat him as such, just another feature to be lost in the background.

As Llewellyn left the room, Baira slammed his clenched fist on the counter before turning towards Alice. "I apologise for my behaviour Alice, but that thing needed to be confronted. I am not one to sit and watch as someone causes sadness in another, much less continue to maintain my composure when they have the audacity to laugh it off as if it were not even an issue" If Llewellyn wanted to be treated like a tool, then Baira would address him as such. In the eye's of the wolf, the blonde haired weapon had lost all merit and rights to be addressed as a Man. Placing a hand under Alice's chin and tilting her head skyward, Baira offered her a smile. "I pray that you have good fortune with that partner of yours. I truly hope that the sadness he causes you will soon disappear and that the two of you can truly become one... however I cannot promise that I will ever see eye to eye with him in the future. After all, I have pride, a mere tool does not" taking a step back and heading towards the door, Baira stopped once more and addressed the two ladies before leaving.

"Ladies.. I'm going to step out for awhile and get some fresh air. Trying to speak to that stone wall has left a poor taste in my mouth and for the benefit of our effort today, I'd rather not risk causing even more harm to the assortment of snacks we have made"



Keeper of HUZAHs
Arthur and First Fright
Featuring: Elgin and Winry ( Jackaboi Jackaboi )​

Arthur felt it first. The premonition of danger and the vibration of the floorboards came to him at around the same instant. Freezing in the chewing of his breakfast, the young meister strained the rest of his senses for more information (His parent's idea of pop quizzes kept him on his toes). Next came the sounds, the remarkably fast yet very light footsteps that matched the light shake of the floor, as well as the faintest high pitched giggle. This information, in conjunction with the shadow under his door of that exact size, led Arthur to a simple conclusion.

It's Winry, do not throw the knife...

Well, it was a simple conclusion to him, and it was a conclusion he had made several times since taking up residence with his weapon partner. He was fortune that this house had tells like the floorboards and a light on the outside of his door. Before he really got used to them and could tell if it was Winry or Elgin, there had been a few close calls. The knife had never left his hand, but during the second week he had been caught poised to throw. Not his finest moment.

But back to the present moment, with the instinct to attack the incoming intruder subdued, Arthur lowered his meal and braced himself for Winry. As much as he can determine if the girl is approaching, there was no rhyme or reason to when, why or at what energy level she would barge in. Could be anything at any time. Not to mention the speed she traveled at in unison with her light footwork made Arthur consider if she would have a successful career with a pair of daggers, which is to say very fast and very light. Arthur only picked up on the footsteps because he's paranoid and doesn't wear shoes until he leaves his room.

When she did burst through the door clad in pumpkin themed attire and screaming about a "Halloween Party", Arthur learned that one most defiantly can be simultaneously surprised and not surprised. It was an impressive feat to say the least. That amount of orange in one place should be classified as an attack. There was a small pumpkin on her head, with an even smaller crown on top of it. There were exaggerated leaf-like pieces at her waist and... several pieces of candy serving as buttons and accents. This had to be psychological warfare. Arthur was wrong, he is in danger.

No... No. Be rational. This is Winry. You've seen her hijinx. You know what she is capable of. Granted, this specifically is new and a little worrying. But based on her enthusiasm this is not an assault. A game then? Maybe. Wait, what did she say? "Come to the Halloween party with us!". What does that mean? All week I've heard the word Halloween everywhere, but what is it? Well, it seems to be a kind of party at the very least, but given how I don't really know how parties work either, that answers very little. All I can tell is that it is an event, (by her use of "us") presumably Winry and Elgin are going, and she wants me to come too. Wait. How long have I been thinking about this? Too long. Oh God, I'm starring, aren't I? I was just trying to process what she said! I have to say something. Have I blinked since she appeared? Someone told me not blinking is rude. Damn, my throat is stuck again. What do I say?

At this point in his instantaneous internal monologue, a sliver of Arthur's sense returned. He saw the orange clad girl, looking excited. This was Winry, she wouldn't judge him. If he learned nothing else since moving into the Cutlass residence, he learned that. Not quite sure how he knew, but that didn't matter. He had a question.

"I... um... Winry, I... appreciate the invitation, but I can't say I know what a... Halloween Party is. I don't think we had them back home. May I ask what it is?"

Nailed it.


Omniverse Explorer

RageFactorXIII RageFactorXIII Phayne Phayne Z2010Deadmeat Z2010Deadmeat

Alice knew Llewellyn was annoyed. It was written all over his face. More so when he addressed Baira. But when she was the one being addressed, his face didn't hold that annoyed expression. The situation itself was rough, especially when the air stayed thick, even after Lew had left the room. She really had no idea what to do that could defuse the situation and tried to put herself in the middle just to get everyone calm. The only calm ones were both Gwen and herself. If her pops was up here, maybe he could have defused it, but it was too late. Her partner was up in his room already, no doubt Baira and Gwen probably wanted to leave at this given point. This was supposed to be a fun start to the day, but it turned sour very quickly. The Drake jumped slightly when Baira had slammed his hand on the counter, causing her to look toward him and shake her head "N-No you don't have to apologize." she said as he began to approach her "I can understand wh-" he reached out and placed his hand under her chin, only to tilt it up toward him and offer her a smile.

Why did he...Why did he have to lift my head up to smile and talk to me...? she asked herself, blinking her emeralds as he spoke to her. It was sad to know that Baira would only see Lew as something else that wasn't a human. At least that he would pray for the pair, but in her heart, she felt as if nothing was going to work, no matter what she did to try to change it. After today, she planned to just do what she has to and get as many kishin souls as she could...By herself. Without anyone else. If this is what life wanted for her, then she might as well embrace it despite the sadness that came with it. It was a tough task, but what else could she do at this point? Her drive was going to die if this is how things were going to roll. No matter how many times she would put a mask on, it was never enough. The biggest fear was if she would ever reject her partner to where their soul wavelengths cant be on the same line anymore.

Baira had pulled away from her and made his way to the door, her gaze following "That's fine, Baira... We'll be here." she said, giving him a small smile "Don't get lost." she teased before looking at Gwen with a small giggle "Well... uh...We can finish up cleaning and taking care of the sweets. There's not much left." she said before moving to the sink and doing the rest of the dishes that had been left inside them. "Hey Gwen?" the blonde asked "Is Baira always like that? So protective and...hmm...what's the word..." she pursed her lips in thought, her eyebrows furrowing in the process. When she couldn't think of the word, she just sighed and spoke anyway "He seems very protective and talks highly of partnerships. Even you're one who's very proud of it too." to be proud of a partnership seemed like a long shot. At first she was happy about partnering with Lew, but he provided challenges that even she didn't know how to overcome. Not with her words, not with her actions. It was as if she was trying to push a large bolder with her bare hands and nothing else.

Her pops told her to be patient, and maybe he was just closed off. But after two months and doing missions together, barely anything had changed. It was still the same, being treated like someone above him made her feel uncomfortable since she had merely came from dirt herself. If it weren't for her father finding her, she would have been in the dirt rather than above it. There were times that Alice wanted to open up to Lew and tell him about her past, but she was always hesitant. Hesitant that it would just go in one ear and out the other as some of her orders did. Before she could lose herself in her thoughts, she looked at Gwen, hoping she didn't miss anything she said. After all, she did ask a question that she wanted to hear the answer to. "I feel like maybe I'm just missing something, you know?"

Hanako Hagihara

GrieveWriter GrieveWriter

Hanako lifted her head to look at Shinobu as she greeted her mother as well before asking about the party, to witch the young girl looked at her mother with excitement in her eyes. 'Well I don't see why not. But I thought you wanted to go trick-or-treating tonight, Hanako?' she asked her youngest who shook her head "I want to go to the party with Rin and Shin-chan!" she said excitingly, finding herself a little bit more talkative today as she hopped a little in place. "And I'll be safe because it's at the school like Shin-chan said." she pointed out as her mom sighed with a smile on her face 'Alright, fine. I'm sure teachers would be there as well so you'd all definitely be safe.' she said and looked at Shinobu 'I trust you both to take care of her, I doubt anything would happen but...You know how life is now adays.' her mother always worried about her kids, regardless of their ages. Especially since now the dangers were higher than usual. But a party couldn't hurt her, though the older kids might be hard to get along with since Hanako was quiet as it was with strangers. Hanako didn't seem to have much of an issue as she ran up to her mom and hugged her in her costume. "Thank you mama!" she said with a big smile on her face before looking at Shinobu.

"We'll have fun, right?" she asked as she released her mom and walked right back, looking at the older woman "And there will be candies and sweets right? Can't have a party without those!" it seemed the excitement was getting the better of her because even her own mother was laughing which caused Hanako to blink and look over "What?" she asked, not sure what was so funny. Though little did Hanako realize, that the only time she really got excited for things verbally were mainly around Halloween and Christmas. So it was nice to see a non-quiet little girl in the house who did nothing but follow others around and observe. 'Treasure this moment up till Christmas, Shinobu. Then you wont see her excitement for almost another year.' she said as she placed a bag on the table, it was filled with sweets but her child couldn't see that with the brown paper bag in the way. 'I feel bad that Rin has to miss this cause of work, but I'm sure she'll see it and enjoy it later on.'


He Who Sees E's
Ookurikara (1).png
Takeshi Mifune

Leaving the house as the faint sound of music began emanating behind him, Takeshi checked his phone once more and began reading the instructions sent to him for the meeting location. Blinking slowly, he pulled up a map and saw that it really wasn’t all that far from him, taking into account how fast he could actually go if he wanted to. When exactly had this woman got here if she had already made her way so close, and why in the world didn’t she bother to just come to the front door like a regular person. Oh that’s right, his family not-so-secretly went out of their way to make him actually put in effort whenever they had the chance, and Takeshi hated it more every single time it happened. Heaving a sigh to himself, Takeshi took off at a brisk run, normally willing to simply take a slow and easy pace, but if he were to be completely honest, the shorter he kept this meeting, the better off his mental state would be. Maybe if it was anyone else he would stick around a bit longer and allow them to actually check up on how he was doing, but not her. Never her. Bobbing and weaving between people on the street, he kept up his pace, occasionally checking his phone to make sure he was still on the right track, with an ever increasing feeling of impending doom with every step he took. It got to the point where Ryu even spoke up, raspily chuckling at the discomfort that Takeshi was feeling, “She’s not that bad, is she not?” Scowling slightly to himself, Takeshi just huffed once and continued his journey, not bothering to grace the demon with a reply to the obvious bait of a question. He knew damn well that she was, in fact, that bad. Maybe even worse. Pausing in his tracks as his phone vibrated again, he looked down to see a single message. “I see you.” Blinking, he looked back at the map to reveal that, in his short period of annoyance with his inner demon that he had, in fact, reached the meeting spot.

Finally taking a proper look at his surroundings, he found that he was in front of a cafe. Barely paying a glance to its name, Death something or other, how original, he peered through the windows and spotted her staring at him, smiling cheekily and going so far as to give him a little wave. To anyone else, she would seem fairly nondescript, just another petite asian lady having a cup of coffee, her casual attire further cementing that idea in the eyes of the ordinary observer. But no Takeshi, no, never Takeshi. To him, that smile was the devil’s own, and that wave was his death knell. Steeling himself while letting out a shuddering sigh, Takeshi stepped into the cafe, eyes locked onto hers all while making a beeline towards the table she was sitting at. Pulling out a chair and sitting down in front of her, he simply sat there in silence, staring her down, simply waiting for her to finally speak. The only thing he got in response was another devil-may-care smile and her taking a small sip out of her drink. So, it was going to be like this, was it?

And it was. The impromptu staring contest continued for another few minutes, Takeshi sitting as still as a statue, and the woman occasionally taking sips even as they kept their eyes on each other. The silence was finally broken when the woman spoke up while setting her drink on the table, speaking in Japanese. “Something is different about you, Shishi.” Setting an arm on the table, she propped up her head against her fist, and began closely examining Takeshi’s face, seemingly trying to figure out what was so different about the boy. Takeshi, on the other hand, just rolled his eyes, leaned back, and crossed his arms, content to let the woman continue her little exam. Noticing his actions, she gave him a dark look for a brief moment, before returning to her task. “You’re lucky I can’t beat some sense into you for disrespecting me, brat. Don’t you know that’s no way to treat your elders and especially your precious teacher on top of that? Oh what have these times become, where you’re too uncaring to fight and too good to thra-” Pausing mid-sentence, the woman’s eyes slowly widened further and further, raising her head off her fist and leaning close to Takeshi to get an even better look at him. “My god, Shishi… You’ve… You’ve started improving. Caring even. It’s not a lot, but I remember when you were younger, the look in your eyes that grew brighter everyday. It’s definitely coming back…” Here she smiled a sad little smile, and it was clear that if she was a lesser woman, she would be on the verge of tears. “Hah, two months away from home and more has changed than half a decade around us. Part of me hoped that even after you came here you’d stay our same old Shishi, but of course you’d choose now of all times to prove me wrong, eh?” Leaning back in her chair, the woman shook her head and let out a deep sigh. “You know, if you wanted, I’m sure the rest of the lot would let you come back at even a whiff of you getting better, especially considering no one really thought it would happen. I could book you a ticket, and you could be back home by the end of the night. What do you think?”

Blinking twice in surprise at the sudden offer to return back to the mountain, Takeshi, and hell even Ryu seemed to be thinking over it, for all of half a second, and then both seemed to come to the same conclusion, albeit for very different reasons. Shaking his head, Takeshi finally spoke up, half-lidded gaze still locked on the woman across from him. “Thanks, but no thanks. I trust that claim and their fair-weather desires about as much as you could throw me. That is, not at all.” Even as he shrugged tiredly, his gaze seemed to sharpen following his next statement. “‘Sides, I already made a promise to someone to stick around that I intend to keep.” That certainly gout a reaction out of the woman, who could only blink before bursting out into laughter at the words spoken by Takeshi. The bout of laughter continued on for a while, the woman going as far as to double over and clutch her stomach. It eventually petered out, the woman wiping away a stray tear and straightening herself out. Looking back at Takeshi, she smiled a genuine, happy smile.

“You really have changed haven’t you, Takeshi?”

Nearby: Rin ( Britt-21 Britt-21 ), Elias ( Kyuubey Kyuubey )​


Full of terror
Mara Wesson

Mara rose an eyebrow at the text her roommate had sent, neither request would be difficult or costly. "Got it. Text you when on way back." Granted Mara wasn't sure if her roommate would stay at the house, or if she had plans to meet up with someone else later on. Mara honestly couldn't remember if Morika had told her of any plans, the meister had managed to network out with promises of costumes for Halloween. Tucking her phone back away Mara looked up to see the familiar redhead, Liam, looking around. Either he truly thought she was waving to an invisible man, or he was teasing her. After an odd pause he started to walk over with a smile.

He was a meister and if she was remembering correctly, his weapon was the armored man Akron. The pair made an odd partnership, both of their typical appearances would be enough to turn heads and when they were together the average person would have plenty to glance between. Distantly Mara wondered what was underneath the armor Akron wore, the man had to have a reason for wearing it (unless it was all just an elaborate ruse that he could laugh at behind closed doors.)

Liam came closer and Mara felt an odd tickle on the nape of her neck that the weapon doubted came from the teen, she brushed off the odd sensation as an aftereffect of the movies she had been binging. Liam was almost directly in front of her and Mara took another sip of her coffee as he called out a greeting-only he lost his footing before even finishing her name. Mara had no time to react as his body crashed into hers and she let out a sharp yelp as gravity pulled them down onto the bench. The coffee Mara had held fell from her grip and spilled across the sidewalk, 3 dollars wasted because of a faulty grip. The bench dug into her back and Mara narrowed her eyes on the man on top of her. "One can only hope you're more graceful on the battlfield, if not then I can only imagine the bloodshed."
Japanime Japanime



Perpetually Stoic
Juri Shinodo

“ I’m sorry, Juri. Due to the nature of the wound you sustained you’ll never be able to bear children. I know hearing this on top of what you’re going through is a lot for anyone to handle. You should take a few weeks and just heal up. I won’t force a new partner on you, whenever you feel you’re ready and you find someone you trust we can talk about it. “ The pink haired girl didn’t even look up from her huddled position, refusing to acknowledge the cruel world, body curling in on itself in the hopes that she would just simply disappear. The tears fell like soft reminders of the rain she felt upon her skin earlier that day, the back of her hands working to furiously wipe them away. The despair was growing and the curtains in the room began to flutter like a gentle breeze worked through them until they thrashed around wildly, being ripped off the hooks that held them as they silently floated down to the ground. It had settled down and Juri’s eyes had now slipped to a serene close as sleep took her, the only thing she was willing to let touch her.

The look on Akron’s face erased all the pain that she kept buried away from her students and even her partner, Armstrong. It was as if, even given the cards she’d been dealt, that she was able to make a difference and still create a family that she felt she deserved. Hell, Akron deserved it. After learning about the darkness and hurt that hung over him like storm clouds, the environment he was forced to grow up in; Juri wanted to send it all flying away. And that she did. Once hearing about his scars, seeing them, she went on a personal mission to find out more about the boy in her class. The mother that stood much taller than her seemed to actually crumple under the pressure that eluded off the tiny woman, her desire to see better for all of her students gravely outweighing whatever sick conviction circled in that sorry excuse for a parent’s brain. Juri hadn’t looked angry in almost a decade, but the look on her face the day she demanded Akron be switched into her custody was a day that would’ve shed a new light on the death weapon. There was no cute. There was no happy. There was nothing resembling happiness. There couldn’t be when you were standing in front of an actual monster.

Snapped back in the current moment, Juri was picked up like a scoop of ice cream, body snuggly pressed against Akron’s. She smiled wide, embracing the warm feeling emanating off of the boy and managed to slide her small arms around his neck. “ Not going to be my knight in shining armor today? “ The words slid out, her own tears hanging back for a few moments before she choked up and she surrendered to them. Her face hid itself in his neck, buried there for a few minutes of silence and acceptance that she just wanted to cherish for all of time. “ You’re sharing that candy, right? Riiiiight? “ She grinned and pulled away so he could see the cheesy childish look plastered on her face, eyes closing cutely as she tilted her head. Those loose curls swayed a bit, small frame slowly escaping his grasp to dance around him, the massive difference in their heights making this extremely amusing. “ Can I escort you to the party today? I have to run off and play teacher with Armstrong once I get there but IT’S YOUR FIRST PARTY AND I HAVE EVERY RIIIIIIGHT TO TAKE YOUUU! “ She said matter-o-factly, tone changing from super sweet to one that was very insistent. " Oh, oh. Morika made my costume, I have to somehow get a hold of her. Should we hide the candy if we invite her over? She probably doesn't even like candy anyways.. yeah, yeah. " Juri's gaze steeled itself on the basket of candy, the thought of sharing it with anyone but Akron clearly not acceptable.

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Elvena Stein

__skadi_arknights_drawn_by_sheya__sample-dba7599121a5d47fed36d347c75a5c5e.jpgOne moment Elvy’s hands were in Marcus’s hair, the next second they were hovering midair grasping for nothing. Her head tilted out of its normal inquisitive nature as she peered at the now shot forward boy, the heaving of his chest quite noticeable from behind. Her head slowly began to tilt the other way as he started to speak, claiming that she didn’t have to look at him the way she was which was only confusing her. During that short time span she could’ve sworn that her facial features hadn’t shifted in the slightest though she’d apparently done something that was noticeably different. Her lips scrunched off to the side, hands retreating as he continued. It would seem that he indeed intended to tell her what was going on in his head, though admittedly she hadn’t expected the flood gates of thoughts and emotions that were being poured without care into her cup. Everything was spilling around, his thoughts only closely resembling the down spiraling that she’d witnessed in people whom were either traumatized or under the influence of madness.

She sat silent for a bit, not daring to move, quickly relating the boy in front of her to a wounded and hurt animal that didn’t need to be cornered. Elvy was not sure what was expected of her to say now, what could make any of what he was feeling even remotely better. This is where she failed with communication with people, mostly seeing things as numbers or data to be jotted down. But here in front of her was a real person, falling apart, fractured, breaking, and she didn’t know how to handle such a situation. The way she viewed the world was eccentric and it wouldn’t make much sense or offer him any amount of tranquility even if she tried to explain herself. Her eyes widened as he peered back at her, tears now daring to spill over his eyes. Those scrunched off to the side lips straightened back out, her nervous habit of chewing on them becoming evident as she went through the motions of slowly peeling the dye covered gloves off. They were delicately placed beside the bowl she had been dipping into for more color, her figure now shifting off the couch to find a resting place before him. Her legs crossed, body leaning forward as to get his attention, her ruby clad eyes bearing into his rather deeply. If anyone had a look that would be impossible to rip themselves from, this was it. It was reserved for moments like this, when someone was cracking before her eyes.

Those hands moved slowly, hesitance as she read the situation and atmosphere of the room, making sure he wouldn’t flinch away as she grabbed the mask and pulled it down to let it fall soundlessly beside them. “ Marcus. “ She whispered his name, the tone eerie but one that someone could find an odd sense of comfort in. “ Don’t you know that he feels what you feel? He already knows. You're not hiding anything. “ She began speaking, hand lowering as her fingers found their way around his wrist, forcing his hand to raise as she pressed it against her chest where her heart was. There was a steady thrum, no skipping beats but she was anything but sure of herself in this moment. “ Use your soul perception. Take a look at the me I don’t want people to see. The soul gives everything away. “ Her soul shifted as she spoke, the stitches overflowing with black blood that dribbled down along her soul, its appearance now being split in two as the stitches began to grow. That cute aesthetic was now clearly the only thing holding it together. " I break everything I touch and part of me likes trying to put it back together. But Elias is yours now, he is no longer mine. " Her grasp on his wrist tightened, smile completely misplaced upon her features as she gazed at him.

You never broke my brother, Marcus. I did. This goes way back before that night, I wish I could make you see the event that Elias never recovered from. Do I care about my brother? Yes. I love my brother but I also love my partner. I made a choice that night. Elias asked for what happened. He didn’t ask me. He didn’t ask you. He wanted Takeshi to do what he did. When we love someone, we have to respect the choices they make for themselves, that's just the way it has to be. Otherwise we truly have no free will and who are you to take that from him? Who am I? My brother has been hurting for a long time and he finally met the person who could punish him to the point he wanted. Me not coming around is actually better for him, regardless of what you think. He won’t heal the way he needs to if I play big sister. Just give him time. If you can’t handle it, I won’t hold it against you if you request a new partner. I will be disappointed though ‘cause I surely don’t take you as the type to give up on a person. I have however been surprised before. “ Elvy took a big breath, head spinning from the flurry of words she'd just unleashed upon Marcus. It felt unnatural to speak this much but he needed to hear what she had to say.

Those piano-like fingers finally released his wrist, soon moving to rest against his face, that touch just as chilling as it had been before as her fingertips grasped his cheek to grab his attention. “ If you don’t find a way to quell these demons plaguing you, you will damage him more. So what do you need to be okay? What will scare them off? I have a variety of things in my lab we could try. While unethical, I could always punish you. You seem to believe you need to be punished for the choices of others. So what’s your poison? Do you want me to break you? “ Those eyes bore into his own once again, face hauntingly close to his now to the point he could feel her breath against his skin, no semblance of joking around to be had dancing around in the darkness swirling behind them. " Just say the word, Marcus. "

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Morika hummed a Halloween tune to herself as she continued to venture off to where she assumed Akron was. I hope that his costume isn't too tight. I knew that I should have double checked it before I gave it over. Thankfully I'm already on the way over, so when I get there I can thoroughly investigate my complete work.

Morika was so lost in thought that she had completely passed where Akron's room was and continued to walk until she came upon a huge window. As she looked out the window she noticed that a few birds had spread their wings and flew away. Morika turned her body to fully face the window as she watched the world outside and thought back to when she was small.

Did it always feel like this? Did it always feel like life was just beyond the glass and that no matter how many times I tried, I couldn't reach out and experience what others did. This will be the first Halloween where I can actually go outside and not be afraid that the other kids will ruin my costume or steal my candy. Though that only really happened once and I got a huge tub of beef jerky, so I guess it was alright. Morika smiled to herself as she touched the glass and watched the light breeze make the branches of the tree dance and how little tornados sucked up the leaves and carried them around before suddenly dropping them. Maybe this year things will be different. I'll have friends who actually want me around. We can play games that I always saw everyone else playing like Bobbing For Apples, Cake Walk, and a bunch of other games that I was never invited to join.

Morika watched as the flock of birds flew around in three giant circles before taking off in a new direction. She continued to watch the birds flutter and move from place to place before settling down on the electric wires once again. While she never understood birds, she was happy and greatful that they could still amuse and entertain her even now that she's older.

The Elder

Heart to Heart Pt.2image0.jpgAfter he's plea for help, eyes filling with tears, He turns his head back around looking down at the floor. The pain, the suffering, the depression it all felt like its hold on Marcus' soul loosen every so slightly just from him talking about it. The container that hell all of his emotions all came out at once, just from a question that he was meaning to ask Elvy. He rant was sincere, containing only the truth of what he's been feeling these past few months. With Elvy, moving to sit next to him, he slowly lifts his head, looking over towards her. As soon as his eyes matched hers, he was stuck. He couldn't look away nor did he wanted to. The ruby hue of her eyes were unexpectedly comforting, but yet piercing. As he stared into her eyes, the small remainder of feelings he once had for her resurfaced causing him to slowly blush under his mask. Though as she reached out to him, grasping it with her chilling finger tips, it fades away. He simply just stares at her with a blank expression, preparing his mind for the whatever comes next. He sat there with the dried tear trails resting upon his face, as Elvy told the truth he didn't want to hear. He hoped he was able to hide his pain from everyone within his class and at home, especially Elias. Failing to realize he may have underestimated the connection he and his partner manages two still have. His head slowly falls down at the mention of it, as his mind starts to slowly question it. What if she's right? What if he really do know? Why hasn't he said anything yet? Is he pleased by this?

His head then rises yet again, as Elvy grape a hold of his rest and place it onto her chest. His mind was cleared, as he felt the steady beating of her heart. But once, she requested him to take a good look at her soul, his eyes widen. The next few moments that about to occur not only makes Marcus think less of that night, but it also causes him to sympathize with Elvy. He peers into Elvy's soul taking a good look at it, soon to be surprised by what he sees. A light blue soul, merely held together by a few strains of stitches. Straining to hold itself together as the black blood from within slowly slips through. What she was battling within seemed to make Marcus' on pain like mere childs play. As she spoke, his eyes shifted back up to her eyes as she spoke. The words flowing from her mouth was far more than shocking. He didn't want to believe that Elias wanted that to happen, but he knew it had to be true. He felt that there was something troubling him deep within each time he's held him before that night. He never asked simply because he felt it was either too soon in their partnership or that if Elias wanted to tell him, he would've. He sat there, refusing to take his eyes or hand away from Elvy as she continued her speech.

The words the came from her mouth was the harsh truth, and Marcus felt that. Elias has always been damage and that night was the start of his building. It was clear that Marcus either had to get onboard or let him go. The decision wasn't a hard one to make. Elvy was right. He's not the type to give up on a person, and with all this pain he's been feeling from simply believing himself to be responsible proves that he wants nothing but the best for Elias. He wants his partner back, his friend, his brother and he wont stand to abandon him yet again. Nor will Ikora. Once Elvy releases his hand and places hers on his face, he couldn't help but shutter as a first instinct from her hands. Though the words that followed her were rather questionable. He didn't want to be literally tortured by an outside party, especially not by someone who's a Stein. As her face rest fairly close to his, he count help but smile, feeling both uncomfortable from her facial expression, but like it as well. "Honestly Elvy, having this talk was very much helpful. I do feel like most of that pain was lifted off my shoulders, but I don't need to be tortured by anyone else. I'll just let these nightmares play its corse; however, I wont be letting them consume me much longer. I'll give Elias the time he needs, and I'll be there ever step of the way. I help em through thick and thin, picking him up whenever he's down. I won't ever be giving up on your brother. I give you my word." He says giving Elvy a reassuring smile. "Oh and since we're having a heart to heart. I must say." He says getting fairly closer. "I did have some sort of crush on at the beginning of the school year Elvy. So please don't hate me for this." He says before resting his lips onto hers kissing her softly for only a few short moments before pulling away.

He turns facing the his speaker as the chill and relaxing beats flowed through the living room. A grin rested upon his face, as he though. about what he just did. "Please for give me. It's just that, I couldn't just leave knowing I waisted an opportunity like that." Marcus then looks back at the dye, then attempts to look up at his hair, before looking a back at Elvy. "So wanna finish what we started??" He asked.
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Elias Stein

The Stein felt disassociated, stuck watching himself go from some sort of sympathy being extended to him, to being scolded. The look on his face only seemed to become more and more lax, deadpan even. Is she just talking to herself at this point? He thought inwardly, not bothering to even try to shove a word in between her mad rantings. Apparently this was her show and she was going to have complete reign, her back and forth attitude causing a nerve to clearly show on his forehead. She’s giving me a damn headache… His face was grabbed, her hands surprisingly soft despite the aggressiveness of her personality. He was forced to look at her now, eyes completely void of life as she stated she wasn’t the light he had previously been staring at. No, you aren’t a lightbulb but you’re definitely on the bizarro scale. He responded in his head, not bothering or giving much of a damn to actually speak to her. Better to just let the wackos go on and on. Girls always say they want guys to listen. His shoulders slumped, the blush on her cheeks now visible which only acted to confuse him more. Holy hell, is this chick actually psycho? Who the hell goes on like this? Teaching me how to look at people? Why the hell is she stuttering? Am I missing something? His look became inquisitive, staring her down for any sign of making sense of the words spouting from her mouth like a faucet that was broken.

There it was, her hands grasping his face again. At this point he was about to go off about it being completely fucking rude to invade someone’s space like that and she should learn to keep her hands to herself, but his own thoughts were brought to a halt when he felt her lips firmly locked against his. Is this some sort of demon sealing the deal type crap? I didn’t sign up for whatever the hell this is. He screamed internally and despite the aggressive nature of his own thoughts being thrown around, he found them soon quieting. She broke away and he took a deep breath, steeling himself from what had just occurred. “ I’m convinced you belong in a damn mental hospital, you know? Didn’t you listen to a single fuckin’ thing I said or are you just daft? “ His bloodshot eyes narrowed, hands reaching out to grab her firmly by the shoulders, those fingers not knowing the meaning of being gentle but somehow he managed it enough here.

Nobody and I mean nobody, makes the first move on me like that. “ His voice was low, dangerous even, as if a small spark of whatever the hell had been snuffed out flickered for just a singular moment. Elias leaned over, his strength easily overbearing when compared to her smaller frame as he pushed her down against the bench so she was laying on her back. There was no hesitance as he held her there, hands unwilling to let up as he returned the kiss she had previously given him, though his was heated and full of desire, a grandiose change from the unsure kiss she had just given him. There were no signs of being bashful, no shyness, nothing even resembling the seemingly permanent blush plastered on her cheeks. It lasted a few seconds but felt like decades, his thoughts melting away to leave him in this sanctuary of quiet that she gave him, one that he wanted to remain in. “ Next time listen to my warning. “ He leaned further down to whisper into her ear, the words almost sounding like a threat that he had every intention to carry out.

Going to do my job now. Might want to tidy yourself up, you look flustered. “ He pointed out as he released her and got up from the bench, a once idle hand rising to fix his tie.

And without looking back he left her there, knowing full well that she was probably bewildered and going to be laying there for some time even after he’d disappeared. Any sort of victorious or feelings of confidence he had was going to drain away in a few moments and Elias was not prepared. He finally appeared in the cafe, walking up to the owner with his hands neatly tucked away in the pockets of his pants. She gave him a few tasks and for once he wasn’t being an asshole about it, he fully intended to carry them out without complaining which was pretty unheard of. Usually he had something to say about the meticulous chores given to him. His gaze flickered over the occupants, well customers, of the cafe and glided right over a certain table. His expression seemed to falter as the knowledge of who was in his workplace registered in his brain a little late. Those hues shot back over to lock themselves on the table where Takeshi sat so uncaring, yet somehow still letting off a very threatening vibe despite his lackadaisical tendencies, and he started to quickly decline back into a sense of overwhelming terror. Why is the actual… devil… here? This is a joke right. I’m just seeing shit again. He tried to convince himself, steadying himself as his entire body started to feel weak. His hands shot out to grasp the counter, desperate to remain standing.

The longer he stared, frozen in fear and unable to actually rip his eyes from the scene, the more real it all became. He’s haunting me. He’s never going to leave me alone…Boss, I don’t think… “ Elias slid behind the cafe counter and slumped to the ground, hoping with every ounce of his being that he hadn’t been noticed or caught Takeshi’s demonic gaze.

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Camilla text.png

Camilla nodded her head as Alcross described the outfit he'd be wearing to the party. Claiming that he didn't put much thought into it since it was only just a pair of fake claws and fangs. combined with a hoodie with protruding ears. Even so Camilla couldn't help but be visibly excited about it. All the girl could do was envision it in her head, a mental image of Alcross, with each of the described accessories being added on. The minimalist nature behind it was perfect for him. "You say it isn't much but I think that kind of style suits you perfectly! I'm almost jealous that you don't need to put that much thought in honestly! Still guess I can't make my judgement until I see it for myself." Aside from this however Camilla still wasn't unsure of his behaviour at the current moment. Alcross seemed confident in the fact he wasn't running a fever or anything of the sort. Though Camilla wanted what has him acting so weird. It's not like he was acting like this when she last saw him this morning... Wait... Was it the costume?

Camilla inspected herself as much as she could. Trying to find if there was some kind of fault with it. Though nothing seemed out of place to her... "Oh I get it now..." The crimson haired Meister suddenly spoke out. Believing she had finally caught on to why Alcross was acting so odd. "... The way you're looking at me... I can tell..." The awkwardness in the room was starting to rise, the Meister starting to fidget on the spot as her gaze locked with the floor. "I mean... It's fine... You can just tell me you know..." Another short pause, the tension in the room rising. "I really do need to expand my wardrobe huh?" ... ... ....... Just like that the tension in the room dropped like a rock. Every ounce of suspense vanished in an instant. "I mean it's any wonder you even recognised me outside of my usual get up. Ha ha..." A nervous laugh fell past girls lips. Camilla believed that Alcross was so used to seeing her wearing her usual clothes that wearing something different caught him off guard in some way... Completely oblivious to the actual reason of the weapon's flustered appearance. "That settles it! I'm going shopping before the party starts! I still have some money left from the last allowance we received so I should be able to afford... Something?" The students received a mediocre pay from the DWMA in order to cover basics necessities such as food and such. However that kind of allowance was never meant to be something to live off of. So in order to really afford anything nice Camilla would have to get a job somewhere in Death City. Surely some employer out there could use someone like her right? What for she'd have to figure out when it gets to that point.

"Oh! Guess I'd look a bit weird all dressed up this early in the day for halloween wouldn't I... Gimme a sec and I'll get dressed!" Camilla made her way back into her room and of course closed the door. Moving out of her halloween outfit and into her usual garb. Finishing with the tan cloak and slinging her bow on her right shoulder. With that she neatly folded her halloween dress and stored it safely in the near empty wardrobe in her room. Containing only one other similar outfit to the one she's wearing. Swapping between the two whenever one get's dirty. After a small while Camilla once more emerged from her room. Fully dressed and ready. "You coming with me Alcross? Might be worth it if you spot something else to go with your costume!" She quickly asked. Hoping to god he'd say yes. Camilla still had trouble trying to wrap her head around the layout of the city and she did not feel like having to study 10 odd tourist maps to reach her destination again.
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A surge of rage almost erupted from her lips with his stupid comment before she was suddenly grabbed, causing that rage to suddenly fizzle into thin air. “ Nobody and I mean nobody, makes the first move on me like that. “ were the words that left his lips before she found her back being pressed up against the bench, unable to move while his lips had searched out her own. Elias's kiss had more of a hunger compared to her own, just because of her own uncertainty. They held some sort of desire, perhaps maybe passion to it? No..There had to be another word for it...But as of this moment, the twintailed girl couldn't process anything. Rin tilted her head back to add more into the kiss, not sure of how much time she had left. As much as she wanted it to last forever, at one point or another, it had to end. Thus it did, only for Elias to whisper into ear with words that sounded more threatening than probably intended. But knowing Elias, he might be using it as a threat. Did it scare her? No it didn't. If anything, she was speechless at what she just experienced as he got off of her and fixed his tie. This allowed her to process for just a few seconds and slowly sit up.

Elias was a dummy and pointed out her flustered nature which only caused her reaction to worsen as she grasped her hair from both tails and bring them to her face. He's such an idiot. He shouldn't point out my face. she thought to herself as he walked out. Her mind unable to think about anything else in this moment. He doesn't like anyone making the first move, but too bad. Not everything can go your way, Elias. she thought with emphasis on his name. Sitting there for a few minutes, suddenly she got to her feet and released a frustrated noise "Tch!" while fixing her clothes in the process. She wasn't even changed for work yet, so why did he care about what she looked like? "I don't get you at all. You make no sense." she said in frustration "I belong in a mental hospital? Pfft! He's the one who should be in one! Since he likes to destroy things so much." at this point she was basically talking to herself and had no idea how to really react. Kissing him was a new experience because 1: No one had been ballsy enough to even ask her out, 2: No one even bothered to become close to her anyways and 3: Hell, she never kissed someone first before.

Before the young girl could continue to talk to herself, she realized she was supposed to be off getting her violin for her Boss and should be back playing for her. "Dammit! She's gonna kill me if she sees me here still!" she shouted and quickly moved from her spot in the locker room and headed out toward the back door, unlocking the door and pushing it open before running to her house, her feet thumping into the ground. There was no time for her to stop, even as she passed by the general public and probably her own classmates. Her breathing she tried to keep at pace, but only failed as she increased her speed to her home. Knowing that she was a faster runner, stopping was going to be the hard part for her trip. Go inside, run to my room, pack my violin and grab that one CD with songs I already worked with. Say hi to Hanako because she loves it when I greet her, say hi to Shinobu and then rush right back out with my stuff and back to the cafe. nodding firmly, she had the perfect plan to execute.

~~~Meanwhile at Deathbucks~~~

Satsuki had been happily going around at the tables, serving the customers as needed. Coming to the counter to drop her tray off for a moment, she realized that Elias was grasping the counter and soon found himself sunken to the ground. The manager rushed over and got to his side "Elias." she said, lifting her hand to his forehead and feeling it "If you're not feeling well, you shouldn't have come in." she said, furrowing her eyebrows and noticing he didn't have a fever. Moving her hand from his forehead, she spoke again "Listen to me, we're going to go to the locker room and you're going to stay there till you're feeling better. I can handle the customers till Rin gets back. If you don't feel better in a bit, let me know and I'll let you go home." she had no idea that Rin had been in the building till moments ago. Though with her taking care of the first floor while another employee had been taking care of upstairs, there wasn't much time to wonder who was in the building. There were customers to feed! Her Employee's health always came first in her mind and she wouldn't dare make him work if he was sick. Reaching her hands out, she helped Elias carefully up to his feet and moved him back through the hallway and to the Locker room where she had set him down on the bench to rest. "I don't want to hear any protests, you hear me? Now I'll be back in a bit. Surely soon since I need to get things ready for Rin." with that said, she left the room, closing the door behind her as she rushed off to go serve the customers.

~~~Back at Hagihara Residence~~~

Getting the door open first was always the issue when she was in a rush, but she got it open "I'm home! For a little while!" she yelled into the house, kicking off her shoes and gliding across the wooden floors as she rushed to her room, looking for her Violin, the Violin case, as well as the CD she had laying around her room somewhere. Her sister greeted Rin happily, noticing how much of a rush that her older sister had been in. "Hello Hanako, I can't stay here long. Boss sent me to get my violin and I need to get back as fast as possible." putting her violin into the case, she looked around for that CD that she had and once she had found that, she slid the CD case into the slot in her case and clipped it shut. Looking at her sister, she couldn't help but let a smile tug her lips as she looked at her little sister "You look so adorable, Hanako." she grabbed her case and turned to her sister, leaning down and kissing her forehead before looking at Shinobu "Hey Shin, I'll talk to you more about that party later." she said breathlessly as she moved to the doorway "I also have to ask mom about taking Hanako." she said before suddenly scurrying off and sliding her shoes on at the doorway "I'll be back later on at four!" she shouted and left the house, locking the door behind her and running back to the cafe.

It felt like it took her forever to get back to her job. The running would almost have her exhausted by the end of her spree, but she knew she had to keep pushing. Running through the streets of Death City, she finally made it to her destination and rushed inside and right into the locker room where she slammed the door behind her and leaned against it before sliding onto the floor. Her crimson eyes closed as she continued to breathe heavily, her violin case gently being placed on the floor next to her. Being fast was handy, but not at the cost of her breath being gone for a while. I'll catch my breath and then start changing so I can get to work. Opening her eyes once again, she spotted Elias on the bench and she almost lost her cool to begin her fluster fest, but instead what came out of her mouth was something different "You again!?" she shouted "Aren't you supposed to be working like you said you were!?" why the hell was he in the locker room? When she left, he went to work, but now he was back?

"Are you trying to stalk me just because I kissed you!?" she couldn't help the noise of frustration that left her lips "Tch!" despite her lack of breath and energy, she forced her body up and she picked up her violin case, dropping it off on the bench before going to her locker and opening it, pulling out a brush to fix the hair that she undoubtedly destroyed running her marathon. She took her other hand and pulled each scrunchie out from her hair and slid them onto her wrist before she began to brush, de-tangling the dark strands. She started off in sections, starting off with the top part of her head before getting more toward the bottom with the help of her other hand lifting the hair so she could reach. Was it needed to have hair this long? Of course not. But she had it long because she liked it long and on top of that, her sister and her used to always see who's hair was the longest. That was the good ol' days where Rin was probably at her happiest point with her sisters and her older brother. It was one of the many fun things that they did together.

Pausing, she felt as if eyes were being burned into the back of her head as she turned slightly to look at Elias "Can I help you?" she said, turning her head away as she resumed her hair brushing. She was almost done, so might as well finish it. If he keeps staring at me like that, I'm going to throw my brush at him. one way to get him to do something. Even get out of the room so she could change. Pfft. He's going to have to leave when I need to change my clothes. Unless he really feels like being in the same room as a changing girl. that alone made her stop brushing her hair for a moment before her face grew annoyed I am really going to rip him a new one, she thought, starting up her brushing once again but a little bit more aggressive if he thinks he is staying in here while I'm changing! today was just a fun day wasn't it? Filled with all kinds of events!​


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it was as if time hand ground to a halt for Akron, just to keep hugging the comparatively tiny Juri, well it was absolutely amazing, her little arms wrapping around his neck, ending with the both of them now in tears, Akron’s head leaning against Juri's as she buried her face into his neck. Even though in reality it only lasted few minutes, to Akron it lasted far far longer, after all this time to now have a true parent, someone that didn‘t care that he was a boy, someone that actually showed him any sort of affection instead of treating him like a glorified pet, felt indescribably good. Of course, this blissful moment would eventually pass, tears finally running dry, now only Akron’s smile remained, to meet Juri‘s cheesy childlike look, deep down the gnawing feeling that was always there for Akron bad been joined by a fuzzy warmth.

“Of course I’m going to share, that's how families work... right? You share with them” Akron would respond to Juri‘s question about the candy, his usual calm tone sprinkled with emotion, was replaced with a genuinely happy tone. Having released His grip on Juri allowing her to release herself from the Akron's grip, only to start dancing around him. If anyone were to look at the situation it would be easy to think that Akron was the adult in this situation. Juri‘s very insistent request to take Akron to the Halloween party was met with a moment of thought then a nod “of course I’d love to... it would... be nice..” he‘d reply cheerfully his eyes kept trained on the tiny woman.

the mention of costume reminded Akron of what he was intending to do before Juri has arrived. “well speaking of costume, it is the reason for my lack of armour actually, but you know it would probably be safer if we did hide the candy once we do find her, but I should probably change first” Akron said with a bit of excitement, though he had his own reason for agreeing To hide the candy if Morika asked form any he‘d not really be capable of refusing her request. Akron would then walk back to his bed grabbing the large dress off it then ducking into the bathroom to quickly change into said dress. Stepping back out Akron actually looked surprisingly good in said dress, despite his overall stature and the many many scars he‘d probably make a convincing girl. “ok ready, now... umm though I do have one question first... how do I look?”


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Welp, that went absolutely terrible. If Gwen's words had any effect on Lew, they were certainly lost when Baira decided to speak up again before both men left the room in a bitter mood. Good going Gwen! If you hadn't nudged Baira and just left it at the question about the therapist this whole situation wouldn't have dissolved as badly as it did. With the girls left alone, Gwen tilted her head in Alice's direction when the question was sent her way. The fickle thing was how to answer it. Should she say something wise? Something that sounded deep? Or was there some kind of way of answering this that made Alice find the answers she sought?

Ugh! Screw it! Speak from the heart!

"Honestly I sometimes think its got something to do with that wolf blood of his. I don't know a lot about it, but I guess when he was growing up, bonds was something that was heavily emphasized." Gwen shrugged as she turned around and leaned against the counter top with both of her hands. "Me? Oh....I never really had a lot of friends growing up. Its just because I really loved to come home and get lost in working on vehicles and going to race. Get so absorbed into your hobby you feel like you don't need others around you. Baira couldn't tell you the first thing about how assembling an engine like I can, and I can't tell you what his clan was like. But we both just...click.. and I think its because our personalities just clicked early on." she reasoned as it had prompted some thought of her own on the matter. Baira was a shameless flirt that loved to show off for the ladies, but she really didn't know that much about his background. Gwen herself never said much about herself either because it just felt pointless. A mental note was being formed in her head to correct this later on when she had the opportunity. Right now she wasn't done talking to Alice.

"But..no two partners are the same right? I mean some of the big shots at the Academy had to swap a few times in the past right? For things like death and stuff. I think we all need to find a balance in our own way. Yeah...balance sounds good. I'm no expert on it, the school's got people who can help better with that stuff then me. But whatever Lew's got going on? Its not going to go away over night. My dad nearly killed himself from smoking and getting him off that stuff took time and patience." If that wasn't a tense period in the Wheeler household then the girl didn't know what was! Nicotine withdrawal was no joke and a few times her father had to hit their makeshift track at the junkyard to burn off the steam when he argued with the Mrs.

"But my mom always said that for the people we want in our lives...we gotta fight for them. Gotta be there for the highs and lows, and figure out a way to make it work for us. But hey mom always said if you find a man that can cook and clean for you he's a keeper." she said before a mischievous smirk formed. "Mine never did, so she always teases him about finding some younger stud that could." she joked lightly bumping Alice on the shoulder. "Getting Lew to see himself as something more then a tool will be hard as hell, probably the most difficult thing you're gonna have to do as his partner. But if you can resonate with him already? I think that means you out of a lot of people have a good shot at figuring him out." Gwen smiled sincerely as she stepped forward and wrapped the blond girl into a warm hug. Was this an effect of her Healing Wavelength? Or was it the result of Juri demanding hugs from her students wherever she went? Who knew and who cared? Alice needed a hug right now! "You got this girl, you figure out what he likes and help him through his problems...you'll be a Death Scythe team in no time....just don't do it before me. I'm a sore loser." she said with a teasing smile at the last part of her statement.


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Alice listened to the wise words that seemed to come from Gwen. A smile tugging her lips as she shut off the water and dried off her hands, paying more attention to her. It was as if an old soul was sitting within Gwen's body and giving her some ancient advice, and she blonde found it quite funny. It was good to know that she wasn't doing anything wrong per-se. It was just the fact that she wasn't approaching it correctly. Or in a way that could help Lew come out of the shell he was hiding in so badly. Maybe her methods were too straightforward and he didn't appreciate the bluntness? There was only one way to find out, and she was determined to find out. Though, not in this moment just cause she wanted him to cool down and relax in his room. The ginger-haired girl pulled her into a hug that Alice happily accepted, hugging back while resting her head on her shoulder before laughing at Gwen's statement "Lew is a shield, I think it'll be a while before I'm even able to keep up in souls. Especially when we have teams for team missions." she pointed out, pulling from the hug and looking at Gwen with a warm smile "I really do appreciate you offering some advice, even if you aren't experienced with it."

It helped open her eyes and see more of what she could do for her partner "My goal is to make him a Death Weapon, regardless of his shape or his purpose. He is a weapon, he is useful more than he realizes." every word that had come from her lips was the truth, something that she couldn't just deny with no care. "He was sure that I was going to trade him out for another person. He kept trying to do things that only hurt me more. But knowing he has a bond with me like this, I can't just abandon him. What kind of partner would I be? I was unwanted by many as a child, so why would I make someone go through that same fate that I did?" despite asking Gwen, it almost sounded like a question for herself as she looked down at her hands and clenched them into fists. "I wont abandon him. How could I? That would make me no better than them." standing there for a few seconds, Alice then looked at Gwen, her expression filled with determination and a sudden spark of flame as she shouted through her house. It was as if everything fully processed.

"I will make him the best Death Weapon there ever is! No one can stop me from achieving that for him!" no doubt he had heard it, she knew her dad had heard, despite his silence. Releasing her fists, she grabbed Gwen's shoulders and gave her a firm and single nod "Thank you Gwen. Now, let's finish up the kitchen, decorating and start delivering these!" she then released her and went back to finishing the dishes up in the sink before drying them and putting them away. Just because of her friend's talk, she had the inspiration, the drive to keep going. That kick start that she needed to make her go again, to storm through everything in her path. Once done putting the dishes away, she helped her friend make the dyes of the icings and then began to pipe them out. Her happiness actually coming back to the surface with the drive running very well through her veins. If it weren't for Gwen, she would probably get worse over the course of time. But there was plenty of support to keep her afloat.​


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Liam Star & Audriel
Liam did end up falling onto Mara. It was a very awkward and embarrassing moment. "Oh my gosh! I'm soo sorry!" He quickly got up and extended a hand to help her up. "I'm so sorry. Are you okay?" He checked her for any visible scratches, bruises, etc. That's when she made her little comment about his gracefulness. Liam smirked. "I can be graceful when I wanna be." The way he said it was obvious he wasn't necessarily talking about battle. He was talking about something else. *Wink wink*

All jokes aside, Audriel flew back to Liam's side. "Liam are you okay?" "I'm fine." He noticed the spilled coffee on the sidewalk. "I'm so sorry." He knew it was all his fault. That he fell on her and made her spill her coffee. She paid for that which was money wasted. "Hey, I'll clean that up for you and get you a new one." A light blush was visible on his cheeks and he uncomfortably scratched the back of his head. Without wasting another second, he picked up the empty cup and top and threw it away on his way inside to the cafe. He grabbed some napkins and went back outside and began cleaning, or rather soaking up and drying as much coffee as he could. When he was finished, Liam threw the napkins away and looked at Audriel and Mara.

"All done." He smiled and reached out his elbow, welcoming her to hook her arm around his to accompany him into the cafe to replace her coffee. "Come on. Let's go get you that coffee."

Audriel just watched everything unfold. She was already having so much fun and way more fun than any other Halloween. Even though her and Liam hadn't really done anything yet, she thought Liam was entertaining and this was the longest time she had stayed with and interacted with a human. She couldn't wait for what was planned for the rest of the day. Audriel was also kind of interested in this Mara girl. She wasn't sure she wanted to make her presence known to her yet, but she was interested in her. For now she'd just stick to staying visible to Liam.

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Takeshi Mifune

As Takeshi shook his head wrly at his teacher’s statement, he caught a glimpse of blonde in the peripheral of his eye. Focusing in on what he saw for a split second, he caught sight of the panicked figure of Elias before he collapsed out of sight. Hand slowly reaching for the hilt of his sword, Takeshi froze in his tracks as the voice of his old teacher cut through his idle thoughts of punishment. “Takeshi. I don’t know what happened, but not now.” Hand hanging ever so slightly above the table, Takeshi stared down the woman in front of him, eyes narrowing as the seconds passed. Even though her words were spoken softly, and her tone was conversational, there was a lingering combination of threat and plea hidden in her words, something Takeshi could only pick out after years of dealing with her. He weighed in his head whether it was worth it to go against his teacher and follow through with his actions. Eventually, however, it seemed cooler heads prevailed and Takeshi leaned back into his chair, having subconsciously leaned forward as he had begun to reach for his sword. It was the poor boy’s birthday today, he’d cut him slack, only for now. Besides, he supposed he was the one who had invaded a place of comfort for the panicking Stein, not that he would normally care at all about such an insignificant detail. Still, it is what it is, and he was already on a time limit, so he may as well just ignore him and pretend that he saw nothing, finish up his business here, and be on his merry way.

Seeing her former student untense his body, the woman let out a small sigh of relief, then reached down to the floor to pick up a long, ornate, rectangular wooden box, placing it on the table and then sliding it over to Takeshi. “Here’s what you asked for. I had wondered why you would ask for something like this, but lo and behold, speaking to you has given me the answers that I wanted.” Nodding once in thanks, Takeshi reached over and pulled the box fully towards himself, gliding his hands over the smooth wood and just appreciating the design. After a moment, having got his fill of gazing at the container, he put it gently on his lap, and then looked back at his teacher. “What do I owe you all for this?” The response he got in turn was a wave of his teacher’s hand and a kind smile. “To be completely honest, everyone back home had thought something bad had happened to you at this request, which is partly why they sent me. And now that I’ve seen what I have, I’m sure they’d all be more than happy to give you this purely as encouragement, no strings attached.” Sighing again, Takeshi shook his head and rolled his shoulders, clearly preparing on leaving. “I’ll hold you to that then. Anyway, I’ll be on my way, this is meant to be a quick trip.” Standing up and securing his newfound packing under his arm, he walked around the table to the side his teacher was still sitting, then leaned down and wrapped an arm around her in a quick hug. “Can’t believe I’m saying this, but it was good to see you.” Pulling back he turned and began making his way out of the cafe, stopping mid-stride as he heard his teacher call out again. “Take care of all three of them, would you Shishi?” Glancing over his shoulder he gave her a nod and then stepped out into the street.

Heaving a sigh to himself, Takeshi pulled out his phone and checked the time. While that had gone on for a bit longer than he had expected, it was certainly within the time constraints he gave himself if he pushed it back to the house. Adjusting the package held underarm, he pulled up the path back to the Stein residence and, after ensuring that he had the route firmly in mind, began a steady jog, for him at least, all the way back. This time, his mind wasn’t filled with thoughts of dread of facing his teacher, a meeting that had honestly went a lot better than he would ever give credit for it going. Sure there was the slight hiccup of the sighting that never happened, but other than that, it went pretty well. Now, all he had to do was get back and he could finally just laze about for the rest of the day, maybe even catch some final bits of cloud watching and transition into some stargazing. Nodding to himself internally at the game plan for the rest of the day. As the household came into sight, Takeshi picked up his pace, somewhat eager to finally have finished his self-imposed errand and take a seat, only to stumble in his approach as he finally got within range to feel Elvena’s soul through their bond and was suddenly hit with a wave of turmoil. Catching himself and steadying his footing, Takeshi shook his head and picked up the pace, not quite sprinting the remainder of the distance, but close to it. He didn't know what was going on, but he was sure he would find out soon enough, and he didn't want to over react before getting all the details, not that it was stopping Ryu from waking up. Stopping at the front door he took a moment to attempt to calm down himself as well as Ryu who had become increasingly more agitated, which in turn was begin agitate him as well. With a monumental force of effort, he stamped down on his desire to walk in sword drawn, and with his face back in it’s usual blank state, as well as Ryu mostly under control, he opened the door and stepped inside, calling out as he did so.

"Elvena! 'm back! Miss anything?"

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Winry blinked a couple times, processing the words that came out of Arthur's mouth. "EEEEEEEEEH!? YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF HALLOWEEN?!?!" Winry was surprised, shocked even that such a holiday could remain unheard of to this man's ears. "It's only THE second best holiday in the whole wide world!!! First best being Christmas of course!" She added, wondering if that went over his head too. If it did then she'd have a lot of work to do to get him caught up with all the great things he missed out on. "On Halloween everyone dresses up in scary costumes! Then! We all go outside and knock on strangers doors shouting 'TRICK OR TREAAAAAT!' After that people answer and give us free candy! AT LEAST that's what usually happens... Some real sour pusses just close the door on us... Or don't even answer..." "But that stuff's for kids... Ain't that right Sis?" Surprised Winry looked back to see Elgin grinning and leaning back against the door she oh so elegantly burst through. Still dressed in his fancy magician outfit "Uuuuuuuh.... YEAH THAT'S RIGHT! And I'm no kid anymore! So we aren't doing that this year!" "(Sigh) ... Anyway the DWMA are hosting a party at the Academy. Knowing Winry she wanted to come too the moment she heard about it. All I know is everyone's going, so the place will be pretty busy and I'll need someone to help me make sure my sis stays outta trouble." Winry glared at him briefly for a moment. "Hey! I'm still here you know!" Elgin grinned again, fully aware of that fact before he spoke. "Well it's you're choice in the end. Can't well force my own Meister to do something he doesn't wanna do." "Buuuut I'll be super happy if you do!" Winry butted in with those words. Putting on the cute puppy eyes in an attempt to win him over.

"If you are though... We're gonna have to get you a Halloween costume. Can't go to the party without one. It just simply ain't the right etiquette ya know?" Spoke Elgin... Acting as if had any idea what true etiquette actually was. "There's a place we went to for our costumes a couple days ago. They won't have much left at this time of the month but I'm sure Winry can spot something for ya. She's got a good eye for these sorts of things. But quick warning before you decide. The place WILL be full of people and I know how you can get with all that. If there's a time to back down. Now's the time. If not there'll be no going back. Try and pussy out later on and I'll drag you to the party myself."

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Elvena Stein


A reassuring smile, his face inching closer. Why can’t I move? Is this what fear feels like? No… helplessness. Elvena identified the emotion and felt the walls of her home cave inwards, starting to crumble from the foundation of a once safe place to somewhere that felt disgustingly familiar. That same feeling that she pushed so far back that for the longest time she truly believed it could no longer resurface. The moment his lips were against hers a small whimper bubbled up in her throat, eyelids that should instinctively close during a kiss failed to work the way they should. Her eyes did the opposite, widening in a mixture of surprise and anger, those hues beginning to match the shaking her body was now doing. It was as if the cold that naturally crept along her skin was now attacking her, impaling icicles that were leaving her breathless each time they dug into her skin. When he pulled away her first reaction was to slap him, reprimand him for the action he’d just taken upon himself to enact, but her hands went limp, the fingertips resting against his face trailing off his skin and hitting the ground beside the discarded mask.

She released a couple breaths that seemed heavier than they should be, lips parting as she gained whatever hold of the flurry of emotions that was possible to grab onto and stared at him. For a long time her eyes said everything that needed to be said, there was a resentment that would forever take seed and whilst Marcus had no idea what he’d done or why she was battling with a lifetime of hurt from a single kiss, it was simply something that couldn’t be helped. “ Does it make you feel… powerful to just take? “ She began, voice soft and starting to get louder with each word that tumbled past her quivering lips. There was a sadness there that couldn’t be measured, a painstaking tone that expressed how she truly felt. “ That wasn’t yours… to have, I was saving it. I wanted to choose.. “ Her fingers curled up into the carpet, grasping whatever fibers she could in an attempt to stop the tears that were beginning to form in the corners of her eyes. As of right now, those tears building up were the only semblance of warmth in contrast to the algidity everywhere else. A voice broke through the silence that had begun to cover them like a large blanket, though there was no security to be found beneath it.

Takeshi.. “ Her voice trailed off, her pupils decreasing in size severely, constricting until they looked like pin pricks, the black blood taking this moment of vulnerability to take control, pulling her under into a different place. Elvy’s entire frame went limp, falling forward to collapse against Marcus. Whilst her expression was peaceful, the memories being reanimated on the walls that surrounded her were haunting. The sound of soft footsteps prompted her to look up, eyes locking with the demon who resided within her mind. Even though she was mostly innocent, the games she liked to play were anything but cute and enjoyable. They were twisted and Elvy’s sanity was the prize, something that she had never wavered on relinquishing her grip on despite what she had been through. Only her twin knew of the horror house the Stein’s lived under with their father mentally unwell the way he was. It was, however, the reason his corpse was hidden away in the lab. Elvy hadn’t dared even peek at it, the constant nightmares she kept to herself was enough to keep his image fresh in her mind.

It wasn’t his to take? I enjoyed it. I think toying with him would’ve been fun. Perhaps too easy though. He seems easy to break. I mean, all it took was… well, you know. You should've just ran with it and returned his feelings. Alas, they’re your lips after all, not mine, so not my choice. “ The girl traced Elvy’s lips with a sinister smile before sitting down beside her with their backs against the wall. “ So are we hiding here? You haven’t visited this room in what, a decade? I’ve gotta say, I never really liked this room. Even the wall decor is distasteful. “ She tilted her head and peered over at the flashbacks of the mad scientist doing more than just experimenting on his own daughter. “ You were always daddy’s favorite. Lucky you. “ Elvy stiffened up at the words, knowing they were a taunt to play more on her emotions but she couldn’t help the unnatural feeling of fear that came with it.

It saved Elias. “ It was all she could hold onto, the fact that Elias hadn’t been subjected to any of it but her black blood demon was one step ahead, knowing this game all too well. “ I mean, did you though? I’d say he’s our best science experiment yet. Look at the results we’ve gotten, truly magnificent. “ She smiled wide then, teeth fully exposed as she peered over at her master, fingers waywardly walking along Elvy’s legs and towards her thighs. “ Oh this is about Takeshi. Quit being such a prude and just take what you want. You spend hours in your lab and you can honestly tell me you haven’t thought of using your big ole’ smarts for your own selfish reasons? You want him? Make him.

Something snapped in Elvy and she pushed away from the wall, quickly recovering onto her feet to hover over the demon who thought she had such a free roam inside her mind. “ I'm not my father. Go to hell. “ She spat out venomously, taking a page out of Elias’s book as she stormed over to the singular plain door on the other side of the room, no light emanating from beneath. She kicked it open without hesitance, fully embracing the darkness that surrounded her as it closed behind her of its own free will to leave the other girl stuck in the room she apparently loathed. Her eyelids fluttered a bit, consciousness starting to slither back onto her features.

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mumbled Alcross as Camilla voiced her excitement about his choice of costume, though in reality it was merely Alcross scrambling on the spot to pull something together for tonight. In all honesty the blue haired boy had planned to simply wear casual clothing despite all the excitement and fuss that the rest of the class had been making about their costumes. Alas his plans were thrown straight out the window. After seeing Camilla get excited about tonight there was no way he could merely wear casual attire. However not even this would get him to open that parcel in his room. The mere thought of what embarrassing 'theme' his family had decided to go with this year had sent a shiver down his spine.

Glancing towards Camilla as she seemed convinced about his lack of a fever, Alcross had hoped that her investigation into what was 'ailing' him had ended and so to the awkwardness of the whole situation, however it was merely the beginning. Having an apparent epiphany, Alcross couldn't help but feel a twang of guilt as Camilla turned the attention onto herself, hitting the nail on the head as she pinpointed her attire as being the main factor in how he was acting. It was true that seeing Camilla wearing something different had caused Alcross to act differently, after all considering her other attire this 'costume' was far more revealing than what Alcross had gotten used to and it had taken him several seconds to process it. It wasn't as if she looked bad in the costume, rather Alcross truly did like how it suited her and thought that Morika had done a very good job in showcasing Camilla's features through the costume.

Seeing Camilla's change in demeanour however did very little to help Alcross as he felt a sense of guilt wash over him. He hadn't intended for his reaction to have such an affect on her, much less make her feel concerned about how she had been dressing up recently. It was just the mere fact that seeing her in a different light had been rather surprising and Alcross in his usual lackadaisical state had been unprepared for the surprise. "C.. camilla.. you don't have to..." replied Alcross as Camilla voiced her decision to go shopping, the guilt growing within Alcross as it seemed like his reactions were going to cause his Meister some trouble. "I.. I was just... surpr...." Though despite his attempt to reach out and ease the situation, Camilla had disappeared behind her door to change back into her usual garb and as she disappeared into her room, Alcross could only turn around and slam his head into the wall; knowing full well that he had somehow managed to mess up, despite never intending to do so.

"Yeah... I'm coming''
sighed Alcross, hoping to find a way he could make it up to Camilla throughout the shopping trip.


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Point of No Return1307310_lunahimura_ekko-true-damage.pngAfter asking if Elvy wanted to get back to doing his hair, his face was stuck on hers as he felt her soul slowly start to make a drastic change. Looking at her, he noticed she wasn't saying anything, but her eyes said over a thousand words. At first as she spoke, Marcus was struct by utter confusion. By the way she talked, it felt as if Marcus has pulled a bandaid off of a very deep and terrible wound. His eyes filled with worry as he looks upon Elvy. Her fingers curling into the carpet, the tears filling her eyes. What has he done? What happened to her, to cause such a reaction from what he presumed was a simple kiss. He expected it to turn out well or just get a slap in the face, but this...this was so much worst. His literally heart sunk all over again as he looks upon Elvy's soul. Angry. Sad. Traumatized. These were only a sum of the emotions Elvy was currently feeling. The mixture of emotions brought upon, Marcus' dumb decision. yet another decision he'll soon regret in life. Some decisions Marcus was told to take a step back and consider the outcome while others were meant for him to just simply take a leap of faith. That's what was going through his mind, a leap of faith, a leap he shouldn't have taken.

Breaking through the stressful tension in the room, was the voice of someone he hoped wouldn't have shown up for a bit longer. Takeshi. He looks right over at Takeshi just as Elvy collapses onto him. His first reaction was to hold onto her, knowing that his situation could possible make a turn for the very worst. "I know this might sound cliche, but this is not what it looks like. Please allow me to explain." He says as if he;'s asking for mercy. Marcus was in no mood or shape just to go head on with someone who's not only a weapon but is very much skilled with one as well. He grabs a hold of Elvy lifting her off the floor, simply placing her onto the couch. All in while hoping Takeshi doesn't overreact. With Elvy, now on the couch, Marcus took a step back from her , turning towards Takeshi. At this moment, Marcus could either come up with the best lie of his life, or simple tell the truth and face the one his partner calls the devil.

I guess today's the day, I stare the devil in his eye. He thinks to himself, before looking dead at Takeshi with a straight face. "Elvena is okay. She simply fainted from what I'm assuming was her emotions and the black blood. But the reason behind all this was my fault. Without thinking about or even asking, I kissed Elvy. Unknowing of the dark trauma she keeps buried within her soul. I didn't mean for any of this to happen, and I am sorry. If you'll allow me, I want to wait here until she awakens so I can simply apologize to her. I didn't mean any harm, and I'll be damned if I leave without saying my peace." He says in a steady and unwavering tone, keeping his eyes on Takeshi the entire time, watching his movements hoping he didn't draw his sword. Taking a quick glance over a t Elvy, he notices her slowly waking back up. He felt a burst of relief flow throughout his body, glad she was really okay just as he said. "Elvy...I just wanted to apologize. I shouldn't have done that, and I hope you can forgive me. It wasn't my intentions to take away something so important to you. I should've thought my actions through. If you can find someway to forgive me, I would really hope we could still be friends." He says giving her a soft smile.
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There was no sign of an argument about to be sparked like usual as the Stein simply nodded to Satsuki’s words and allowed the manager to lift him off the ground, with his help to ease the process for her. Despite his desire to collapse with each step, the mental agony he was dealing with was making his physical movements sluggish and lethargic, he managed to let himself be guided. He shot one last look over his shoulder, red eyes the same as his sister’s lowering slightly to rest on Takeshi’s face. The face of the devil; a yokai. A demon that would plague him probably as much as his own deceased father seemed to, a chase he'd always be caught up in. He lifted a hand to thank his manager for bringing him all the way back to the employee room, slowly taking a seat to try to center himself. He shifted a bit, facing away from the door so as not to have to look at anyone who might enter, though that list should be short with the staffing issue Satsuki was facing today, it being a Holiday and all. Another reason he couldn’t just up and leave, wouldn’t be right to put her in a bad spot like that. Elias was committed, even if he was a jerk, he would never go against his responsibilities no matter how shitty he felt.

As if on cue, the ripper of band-aids soon entered the room. He could hear her heavy breaths, the way her body slumped to the ground against the door. A small look of concern flickered across his features, the motions to turn around and actually extend a question about her well being about to leave his lips before her own so caring words were thrown at him. He took a deep breath, steeling himself once again from the brash attitude she loved to carelessly sling at him and quickly losing his desire to care or inquire about how she was feeling. Why now? He thought to himself, teeth gritting as she called him a stalker. And of course she didn’t decide to stop there, bringing it upon herself to kick him while he was mentally down. “ Are you done? “ The tone he used sounded detached and cold, Takeshi’s face still imprinted on his mind like a ghastly reminder that he should just take this beating and accept his fate. But there was anger rising with each glare and petty remark leaving Rin’s mouth. His gaze now icy instead of inferno-like, rested on Rin’s features, simply in disbelief that one could be so thoughtless and unable to read a damn situation. He winced and turned away, trying to quell the panic still riddling each limb from before. Does she get some kind of kick out of seeing me vulnerable? Must feel good to rub salt in the wound. He wrapped his arms around his knees and buried his face into them, trying to escape the dirty looks and words, feeling useless and worthless once again with each mental kick. Elias began to shake and it was unclear if he was just so pissed off that he was a bomb about to go off or if he was crying into his sleeves.

As if! “ His words suddenly burst from his mouth, a fist slamming down against the bench that he was occupying, the impact causing it to splinter and cave inwards. Luckily it hadn’t been the bench her violin was resting on, not like Elias would be that hateful as to ruin something that clearly meant something to her. He could tell by how delicate she was with the case that it held sentimental value, since he had actually been paying attention and wasn’t some monster despite her or anyone else’s beliefs. Clearly her view on him wasn’t as peaceful as he’d been led to believe. “ I’m sorry, princess, for inconveniencing you with my meltdown at work. Satsuki brought me back here because I was being plagued by some traumatic shit and having a panic attack but that’s okay. You do you, let’s focus on you today. Can’t you tell when someone is not in the mood for your shit? And help me? You’ve done enough. I came in here for respite to hide from my own demons and you’ve taken it upon yourself to make sure I don’t feel safe or secure anywhere in this damn building. The only thing you can do for me now is to leave me the hell alone. “ His mouth twitched a bit, a grimace appearing on his face as he realized how toxic every word sounded as it pushed past his lips. Right now though, he hardly cared, he was being pulled under by his own grief and dealing with someone who couldn’t just let him breathe was driving him insane.

Suffocating. She’s fucking suffocating. Elias thought to himself, already standing after destroying the bench and flexing his now burned hand that was getting that oh so familiar throb. “ I don’t need this. “ He turned and walked away, pausing as he opened the door to give her one last glance and a few final words. “ I thought you of all people actually wanted to be there for me. For once... I felt in my soul that I could trust someone else. Guess I was wrong. “ And with that he disappeared, holding up an arm to dismiss the situation, a wet stain clearly visible on his work uniform. He peered into the window on the swinging door to sigh in relief as he noticed Takeshi and that woman from before were no longer there. He stared down at his hand, palm opening at the deep gash that had been inflicted across it from that night, eyes seeming to fixate on the design of it. Pain when I touch what isn’t mine. How fitting.

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The sudden slam caused Rin to stop what she was doing and jumped slightly. She could only imagine what happened behind her and she really didn't want to turn around to see with her own eyes. The words that followed after felt like a jab in her own heart that she tried to ignore but it was too great because of her own feelings being so mixed. Her emotions bottled up to the point where they kept overflowing and spilling everywhere. She was bad with her emotions, which was why she always used her violin to channel them, or even put up a front that kept others away. Rin didn't want to feel this way because she knew if she did, she would just lose the most important thing in her life again. That alone would tear her apart and may put her down for good. Her arms dropped to her sides, listening as Elias got up and went to the door to leave. Rin turned her head just slightly to watch him, but he stopped and more had come out of his mouth I thought you of all people actually wanted to be there for me. For once... I felt in my soul that I could trust someone else. Guess I was wrong. this had felt like the final jab into her heart, watching as he threw his arm up, a spot on his shirt clearly wet before the door closed behind him and he was now gone.

Rin stood there, her head dropping as she leaned forward against the lockers, her shoulders beginning to tremble and tears filling her eyes If you trust me, I'll just lose you too... she thought to herself, her tears beginning to fall and gently splash onto the ground. Closing those crimson eyes of hers, all she could see was her sister laying in the hospital bed, talking to her and giggling. Just going on about her day as if things were normal before her memories began to resurface "Just you watch, Rei, you're going to be able to come back home with us soon!" Rin said with a smile as she held her twin's hand "I believe it, Rin. I absolutely do." Rei said, returning the smile back to her sister "When we go back home, can we play our violins together?" she asked while twintails nodded quickly "Of course we can, Rei! I don't know why you ask when you know I'll happily accept." she laughed and so did her sister, the twins conversating once again and talking all kinds of different subjects. At the time that this happened, Rin was upset that her own twin was hospitalized but she always tried to make things better for her. Make things feel homey and just make her feel somewhat comfortable in the hospital room.

"Trust me, you're gonna recover in no time, Reiko." said the twin with a confident tone, trying to keep up the positivity and try to remove any negatives that could pop up "I trust you 110%, Rin. You are my twin after all...Hey, do you want to get us some snacks? I'm a little hungry." Rin nodded and got up from her chair, some snacks didn't sound too bad "Yeah I can do that. Anything for my sister." she said and leaned forward, kissing her forehead and smiling "I love you, I'll be right back." "I love you too, Rin." she said. The twin walked off and out of the room to go get some snacks and when she returned, she opened the door and heard the heart monitor still beeping as it should. As she closed the door and came into her sister's view, she spoke "Hey Rei-" before her sentence could escape her lips, the sound of the heart monitor had went flat. It was that tone that she didn't ever want to hear, she didn't want to hear it, not from her sister's monitor. Her body trembled while tears began to fill her eyes before she rushed to her sisters side "Rei...Rei come back...Rei! Reiko come back Please! Don't leave me here! I love you! I love you so much!" she didn't want to believe the monitor. It was lying, it had to be lying. She wasn't dead. She was okay just moments ago. They were laughing and having fun and talking about how she was going to recover in no time!

Doctors rushed in and tried to get Rin out of the room, but Rin was not having it as she screamed and kicked her legs, begging them not to take her away from her sister. Of course they were trying to bring her back but Rin wanted to be there for her, they needed her out of the room to do what they had to do. She screamed over and over, struggled over and over as she cried, sobbed, and grew too weak to stand on her own two feet. Begging to be let go, begging to see her sister again. Any passer by would think she was crazy but without her sister, her other half was entirely missing. Reiko and Rin did everything together. They were never the same without one another. The live twin had loved her twin so much and would have done anything for her, even given up her life just so she could live. What hurt her the most out of all this, was the fact that she gave her sister false hope. That she would recover in no time. Told her to trust her and because of that trust, she died. She was ripped from Rin's arms and left her alone. Ever since then, Rin had blamed herself, blamed herself for not being there for her last final moments and blamed herself for not being the sister to protect her. Even the possible look on her face had scared Rin, knowing that she must have been terrified to just die on her own without someone to be there for her...

Then Elias's look from earlier flashed into her memory and her eyes shot open as she fell to her knees, crying into her hands. Her body trembling as she sat there, everything coming down all at once You can't trust me...you'll only get hurt in the end... you'll die...you'll be taken away from me and... sure she had her little sister and her older brother. But the bond that she had with Reiko was strong. It was a bond that no one could match unless they, themselves, were a twin. "R-Rei...Ko...I-I'm sorry..." she said to herself, sobbing in the room. This is why she acted the way she did. She didn't want to relive the memory of her sister's death but that's all she could think of whenever someone trusted her as much as Elias did with such little time. Pushing him away is what she was going to do, she had to. Her heart wanted him, she knew it did just because of how she reacted, but how could her heart accept something potentially wonderful if it felt like it would be taken away from her at any given moment?

Rin eventually calmed down enough to change into her uniform, turning to look at the splintered bench and knew instantly that's where Elias had slammed his hand. Looking away from it, she moved to her violin case and picked it up. Holding it close to her as she took a look at the mirror and noticed her red face. Oh who even cares anymore... Not like I have something to cover all of this... she thought to herself, walking out and running into her boss who informed her of everything being set up for her. With a nod, Rin walked out onto the main floor, ignoring any looks that were given to her and walked by Elias, avoiding his gaze all together while making her way to the stage. It wasn't very large, maybe could fit a drumset and a guitarist. Twintails noticed the radio set up and waiting to be in use and she crouched down and placed her case on the ground. Once opened, it revealed the black and blue design of the violin. This violin was not hers, it was Rei's. Rei loved blue while Rin loved red. Ever since her twin had died, the blue one has been her go-to ever since and hasn't touched her red one. carefully pulling it out, she took the bow with it and held them both in one hand while the other fished for the CD she had and put it into the radio. This gave her some time to move the case to the side and she made sure to check to see if she was on the right track.

She had ten seconds. Ten seconds to get ready and in position. While the track played, she lifted the violin to her chin and positioned herself accordingly, looking at the crowd ahead of her and of course, Elias. I know you hate me... Especially after what I did...I'm sorry...Please forgive me...Elias... Rin thought before she closed her eyes and began to play. Her body swaying slightly with the melody. The violin was a way to channel her emotions. Despite the breakdown in the locker room, it wasn't enough for her to get out. She needed more. The more she had gone, however, the more movement she added to her playing, expressing the emotion, showing how hard that she had actually been going at it. Her eyes opened just a little bit to look at the crowd who definitely took note of her playing and couldn't keep their eyes off of her. Due to past emotions, tears had resurfaced but very few had fallen as she continued to play. It wasn't that she was embarrassed, it was just now she was at her most vulnerable point.​
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