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Fandom Welcome to Ramshackle (Twisted Wonderland)

Sub Genres
Action, Anime, AU, LGTBQ, Magical, Platonic, Romance, School

Night Raven College

A prestigious academy meant to train students with the potential to become great mages. Quite a vast majority of the students in the academy are skilled magic users, possessing powers that are as awing as they are dangerous.

However among these students are certain misfits.

Students whose magic tends to function in the most unexpected of ways.

Girls who had managed to enroll into the school either by accident or through trickery.

Even one student with no magic, claiming to be from another world.

Despite the variety of types, a majority of misfits happen to have one thing in common.

They are all members of


A dorm known for being abandoned repeatedly for multiple reasons from the unexplained disappearances of students to the ghosts that haunt the area, Ramshackle had not been considered an official dorm in years.

However, as the years passed, this dorm had remained mostly uninhabited. However, during the past years, a surprising number of students had been sorted into the formerly abandoned dorm, this year marking the first year where Ramshackle has had enough students to be considered an official dorm.

And these are those students’ stories.

Alright! Like every roleplay, this will be following the general RPN rules including a few of my own:

-All ages are allowed here! As long as you’re compatible with everyone, you are fine in my book.

-At least one paragraph per character at the minimum please! The more material the better!

-There will be a posting order. Things still need to be planned but it would be preferred to follow a certain order to prevent anyone from being left behind in the roleplay. That said, everyone will have two days to reply when it’s their turn. If they cannot reply in that time, they will be skipped. If this happens three times without an explanation, they will be kicked out of the roleplay.

-Please be willing to play multiple characters! With the large cast this game has, it would be preferred if everyone played at least two characters (1 OC and 1 Canon or 2 Canons) to allow this cast to be filled quicker.

-If you decide to ditch, please inform me beforehand.

-DO NOT MAKE THIS ALL ABOUT YOUR OC AND CHARACTER! If I see one Mary Sue or a character acting or overpowered or just needing all attention, they will be kicked out of the roleplay. Apologies for seeming harsh but I do feel quite offended if the roleplay ends up feeling quite one sided. (Whether we will have overblots or not will be discussed considering it puts a large emphasis on one character)

-With that said, please make sure everyone is included. Romance is allowed but I do not want to see people feeling outcasted and struggling to get their characters involved nor everyone just split up into couples.

-Cussing is a-okay with me. As long as you don’t say our lord Shaggy’s name in vain.

-Judge anyone unfairly or be rude and you will be kicked out. I do not wish to sound rude but there shall be no bullying in this safe haven.

-LGBT+ is allowed so please be okay with that if you join. I do not wish for anyone to be pressured to follow any headcanon though so everyone stay open minded.

-Also be ready for lots of OOC chatter! I love discussion, memes, and fandoms so feel free to get the ooc paragraphs out because I do that all the time XD I want us to be friends. A dorm even ;) Just lets not enter any heated discussions about ships or what not

-OCs will preferably be part of Ramshackle. There also will only be two MCs (people from another world) so first come, first serve.

Annabellum Trein
Stitches and Patchwork Stitches and Patchwork
Dorm Leader
3rd Year
Inspired by Anastasia Tremaine from Cinderella

Trey Clover
Stitches and Patchwork Stitches and Patchwork
Dorm Vice Leader
3rd Year
Inspired by the club suits of cards







How to Join
Simply comment down or pm me who you would like to play.

If you wish to play a canon character, I would like to have a small sample (a paragraph would do) pm-ed to me to ensure you will play this character well.

If you wish to play an OC, please write down below or pm me what role they would serve in the dorm (vice-leader, member, or MC), what character they are based on (please stick to Disney characters), and why they would be considered a misfit (for example, Annabellum is trans, having enrolled into the academy before she officially came out so she wouldn't be denied and transitioned over her first years after receiving support from the dorm as well Headmaster Crowley and was allowed to stay as a Ramshackle member despite the academy's status as an all-boys school).

Please understand that applications can be denied or accepted and while I will do my best to give proper advice, I cannot assure you all that you will be immediately accepted with the part you want.

That said, I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Character sheets will be made soon once we have a sufficient amount of people interested.​

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