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Fandom Welcome To My Escape - SPN & TVD

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AU, LGTBQ, Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural


One Time Luck
OC x Canon Thread
Long or short term

My name is Apocalypse. I don't have any nicknames, but if you want to make one up for me then go right ahead and do so. I'm just now getting back into roleplay after a year of stopping, so please forgive me if my writing is a bit all over the place, don't worry I will be trying my best. I know that the two I listed in the title are Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries, that's only because they are shows that I have really liked. Now I have not finished either, I'm a new fan of Supernatural and Vampire Diaries is hard for me to watch. Now I don't have Netflix anymore so that has been slowing me down, but for both shows, I already know much about the later seasons so for me it really doesn't matter. There are some things and some expectations that I will be listed below this, there will also be a question you need to answer. If you do not answer that question then I cannot write with you, I'm sorry.

- My pronouns are she/her

- Mother to a wonderful crackhead dog

- A huge nerd for music, it helps me write

- Banners, pictures, playlists, gifs & mood boards are things I like to use when I write

- Active replier, it really just depends on the kind of day I'm having

- Ghosting free, If I don't like our roleplay or want to change something I will always let you know

- OOC friendly, I love getting to know my partners so please feel free to talk to me

- I only play female roles, but I'm happy to double up on characters. It will be I play a male and female and you do the same, make things even

- I'm happy to roleplay offsite like on Discord, Google Doc, or Hangouts. But I will mostly roleplay on site

- Open thread or pm's, it really does not matter to me where we write

- My time zone is PST, I honestly don't mind if you're in a different time zone them me because I stay up until 2 or 3 AM my time

- Romance is a huge must for me, I just like for my stories to be that way especially fandoms. It adds our own little touch to the show

- I'm a literate writer who writes in present tense, though I'm not perfect and will make a couple of mistakes along the way. I can write up to 6 paragraphs, but for fandom roleplay, I like to do three to five paragraphs but it depends on what's going on.

- Please no ghosting, I have been writing for a couple of years. People leaving right in the beginning, middle, or end just ruins roleplay for me

- Realistic face claims please, they are just so much better than animated ones.

- Please if you have any pronouns or nicknames you would like for me to use, please let me know. It will help me out a lot, also it will help me not step on your toes.

- Be willing to help me plot, It's important that both of us work on making our stories together and that will be by the plotting and writing.

- I really don't care if you're semi-literate to literate, all I ask of you is one good paragraph. I'm not trying to be that kind of person but I personally hate one-liners because they take too long so it does not carry the story on.

- Please be willing to double up, this is a fandom roleplay so I would like for you to play a canon character. Please don't worry yourself I will be doing the same thing, just so it's even for the both of us.

- Character sheets are important to me, they do not have to be long I would just like for you to have one for your OC

- I would like to see at least one reply a week, I know that life can get in the way and I get that. So if something comes up please let me know just so I don't think you left me hanging. You DO NOT have to tell me what is going on, just tell me you will be off for a while, your business is your business!

- If you have ideas please let me know, I love it when my partners put their own ideas into our roleplay and maybe throw some plot twists.

- I'm okay if your OC is related to a canon character, It does not bother me at all, or if your character is having/ had a canon character. I have an OC that had Dean's child so it does not bother me at all, your OC can be whoever you want!

Doubling on roleplay!!!!
Okay, this is something that I need to talk about, now I'm not against the idea but in the past, I have had people pay attention to the roleplay where their OC is the main character. To me, that is just not fair, because we should both have a fair chance for our own OC's. It has made me think long and hard about doing two roleplays at once, I'm willing to give it a shot once more but I will not hesitate to leave if you do this to me. Of course, I will tell you the problem and I may be willing to talk about keeping them both going but it will depend. Please understand this rule, I know I can't be the only person that has had to deal with something like this.



Who I'm looking for: Dean Winchester, Season 1-3 Sam (Maybe)
Who I can play: Castiel, Sam, and almost anyone all you have to do is ask
If you're wanting to double up on roleplay then I might be willing to play Dean, but this is a huge maybe!!!

I do have a lot of plot ideas for this, I need to put them together then I will throw them up on this thread. Though I do have a couple of different Dean's I'm looking for like Daddy Dean, Soulless Dean, and Demon Dean, Though it's all going to depend on what we are doing.


original (1).gif
Who I'm Looking for: Damon, Elijah, & Klaus
Who I can play: Almost anyone except for Damon, just let me know who you're looking for
For this fandom, I'm not really sure if I'm wanting to double but I will have to think about that one.

For this one, I have a couple of plot ideas that I need to put together. Once that is done just like my Supernatural Ideas I will have to throw them here when I'm done.


Alright, that is the end of this thread, I will add when I updated this thread in the title just so people know when I have added/changed something. If you're at all interested in roleplaying with me, please pm me or reply to the thread. I will get back to you when I can! Now I told you that I would have a question at the end, the question I have for you is what is your favorite season? personally, I love the aesthetic and weather of Autumn but Summer is my favorite because it's the best time to travel, at least for me. Anyways I hope to hear from you!

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