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Fandom wednesday / addams family based search // open.


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about me.

• i’m theo, or iris., but feel free to call me whatever you choose
• as i’m now in my mid twenties, i’m only comfortable writing with partners over the age of eighteen. preferably over twenty-one for comfort, but if we mesh well, anything over eighteen is alright
• i write lower case for aesthetic, but it doesn’t at all follow through to my writing. there, i finally find capitalization
• i enjoy writing romance, with a preference on heterosexual and sapphic pairings. the preference depends on the characters more than it does a gender, really
• if the plot calls for it, i’m alright with playing one character. usually, however, i prefer to write multiple. i don’t like to take on more than four mains as a rule, though
• realistic face claims only. however, i’m totally game for optional preferred face claims. have a face in mind that you think would look great with a character you have in mind? let me know, i’m more than happy to accommodate
• i love writing morally ambiguous characters or downright assholes when the plot calls for it. it’s a favorite of mine
• anything from a few hundred to a few thousand words, though my preference usually maintains between five hundred and a thousand
• i love to chat and plot on discord. pinterest boards, playlists, and memes are all fair game. i get excited.
• although i like to talk on discord, i prefer to write on google docs. i can write elsewhere, including on site, if preferred, though

what i’m looking for.

•i'm currently searching for something based in the world of addams family, inspired by any or all versions. whether it's including the original family members, building our own strange family and having them interact with outsiders, or using the setting of nevermore, i'm completely open to going a variety of different routes here. some of the pairings or storylines i'm currently most interested in would be a gomez/morticia type dynamic between characters, whether they meet in nevermore or meet later in life or under different circumstances, a member of a unique family getting involved with someone of an entirely different background that's hired by the family, or a nevermore student (perhaps aged up to a more college setting) meeting and bonding with someone with a normal background but some darkness of their own. of course, those are just what are most readily coming to mind, and i'd love to plot around other ideas!
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Ooooo, this sound awesome! Unfortunately I’m not AT ALL caught up with Wednesday (I’ve only really seen a string of three episodes) but the atmosphere’s fantastic. I’m also a huge fan of the macabre mystery aspect of the show, if you’d like maybe that could be implemented as well.

As for characters, I don’t know wether you’d like to play the unique individual or the normy, but I’d like to take my shot at the latter. Playing a character that’s constantly adjusting to the supernatural occurrences around them sounds hella fun.

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