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Wedding Bells - IC Thread

Dice System
Exalted 3e


Four Thousand Club
This had to have been the longest period of time Kasumi had spent on land since the final stages of her pregnancy roughly a year ago. And despite her sense of duty to both family and the Realm, she found herself glad of a chance to finally relax a bit, even if it likely wouldn't last once they had cast off. Sea voyages could be subject to misfortune at the best of times, and on top of that, there would no doubt be those who sought to sabotage Arissa's marriage and V'neef's plans.

For the moment though, Kasumi put those thoughts aside as she followed Enathia's lead in complementing Domon. "Indeed. Truly, this is a magnificent vessel."

Essence: 2
Personal Essence: 13/13
Peripheral Essence: 23/33

Committed Essence: 5

Willpower: 7
Join Battle: 5 dice (5 successes for 5m through Breath and Essence Control)
Health Levels:
-0: [_]
-1: [_], [_], [_], [_], [_], [_], [_], [_]
-3: [_]
Incapacitated: [_]
Resolve 3, Guile 2


Rush: 7
Disengage: 7

Evasion 3, Parry 6
Soak/Hardness: 3/0 (Gala clothes, +0 Soak, +0 Mobility Penalty)


Luna's Concubine
Captain Domon smiles and preens as he receives the complements on the ship. "Ah, I thank ye. Your words are too kind. Once everyone is onboard, we can be at sea within the hour. Mr. Renner! Look lively up there! Yon deck is not a place for a soft landing place if you lose your grip on the rigging! <sigh> Come now! Lets get to work on your sea legs!"

With everyone making their way up the gangplank to the deck, V'neef gives each of you a loving embrace as she says goodbye. "Don't forget, I will be joining you for the wedding, so lets not ruin anything! This treaty will be quite the boon to our House, giving us some very real resources to secure our rightful status as one of the Great Houses of the Realm. Captain Domon, take good care of your passengers, and I look forward to seeing you again for my own voyage to Wavecrest in a few short months."

Capt. Domon bows to V'neef, and says, "Of course, M'lady. It will be my honor to have you onboard, and I assure you that your family will be delivered safely to their destination on time and in one piece. The Waverunner is one of the finest ships on the sea, and my crew will treat you and yours as one of our own and take good care of everyone onboard."

Arissa makes her way to the bow of the ship, positioning herself out of the way of the work of the crew as she looks out to sea with a wistful expression on her face. When someone approaches her, she comments, "This will be my first trip away from home in years, and when I finally do come back, it will be a very different experience for me. I'll be a married woman then, and who knows what else will be changing in my life?"


Maelstrom Engineer
Enathia gives a friendly side-hug to Arissa as she steps up and leans on the railing next to her.

"Just...one step at a time, Arissa," she says in a kind, but serious tone. "There's a lot riding on this whole thing, sure. But, at the end of the day, you're just a girl. On a ship. We'll be out to open sea soon. You're not trapped in a room with a bear. Just you and a lot of people who're looking out for you. Nothing else right now." Enathia gives Arissa a warm smile.

"Also, no matter what, if you get out there and this isn't something you can do, it's okay. You get to make the final call, yeah? I'll back you on whatever YOU decide. We can go down fighting together. Don't tell anyone I said that last bit. It's not what I should be telling me. But, you give me the signal and I'll be right here."

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