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Fandom WEBTOON or Mahwa rp partner search

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Hello I’m Rin 20+ and have being role playing for a while now. I love world building and magic + slice of life, and action is also fine to keep drama and what not. I will only rp with 20+ sorry just a comfort thing.

Right now I’m attending college and still find myself with a lot of time. Meaning that I would be accepting more than one partner, I would also like us to develop a friendship of some kind. We can share our rare pairings and talk about our fav anime or movies!

I only do long term rps they are better for world building and what not. I also want to strongly advice not to contact me if you are just going to ghost our rp without a word. If the story is boring you talk to me and will figure it all, if not we can just drop it but pls just talk to me. I mostly only do M/M or F/F for original, but if you have something in mind let me know.
I did a similar post but this time I want to see if anyone wants to share their favorite weebtoons or mawhas and maybe rp as one of the characters from it? I recently just started reading again and would love to find a partner to do this with
I have read too many WEBTOON or mawhas to pick a favorite so bring your favorite over and if I don’t know it I’ll read it and we can work some sort of plot around it as the character of our own oc.

Right now I just finish all of the update for King’s Maker and would love to explore the world a little more? Course, any WEBTOON is good not only that one.

Hope to hear from a fellow WEBTOON or mawha lover soon.

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