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Fantasy Web of Avalon (CS Thread)



Local Mushroom

  • Web of Avalon

    Character Sheets

♡design by low fidelity, coded by uxie♡

Hi everyone! Welcome to the CS thread. I am still blown away by how faster everyone jumped onto this thread, but I can’t say I am against it. It is all just very sudden to me. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of characters you guys will make. I don’t have a set character sheet in mind for you guys, so please have fun with it and add what you would like. The last page will have a few questions that you guys may or may have about what you can do for character limits. I am not sure if that makes sense, but please ask questions. I am not quite sure how to go about this since it has been a very long time since I have gotten to the character sheet stage of a thread.

Feel free to make sheets for any characters you want to get involved in the story later. If you have any specific requests or questions, please feel free to shoot me a pm.

Anyway, I only have a couple of requirements for your sheets, I post roles in the next tab to show who claimed what:
- I like to use template sheets, so if you guys like the same thing I will post a couple of links below to a couple of workshops that make freebies.
- One the sheet the basics I would like to see are.
Age (16+)
Sexuality (mainly if you guys want to do romance)
FC or Written description (For FC I would prefer the is realistic, meaning it is a semi-realistic drawing or actor/singer/etc.)
Focus object (If you are a mage what do you use to focus your magic?)
Bond (what is your bond)
Bond Description (what they look like, you can use a picture for reference)
Does your bond have magic? (Meaning do they have minor magic, can they fly?)
Personality (I would like written, but traits are fine as well if I can get a grasp of the character)
Magic (describe what they do, any drawbacks, what magical knowledge they might have. Have fun with it.)
Add what you would like, and I will say if I don’t think it has enough information.

Time limit: None currently, since this is a baby thread

The Healer (Ciscodog) is the mage that is connected to the element of water. As the name says, they are able to heal others using their magic. Since they are only a beginner right now they are only really able to heal others and perform basic spells, but as their powers grow they can begin to do more things. Starting out the healer will need to have contact with the object they wish to heal, but they can quickly learn to project their healing abilities through portals and even heal things from a distance. The healer is capable of reading other people’s aura and can even pair mages with their bonds. This is a skill they won’t learn till much later. Being the water mage they can even start to learn to control that element, even at a beginner level. To control water directly can be very draining, but with the help of their bond, they could do it. It will become easier as they progress through the various levels of becoming a mage. The healer’s magic is best paired with the Warrior’s magic when performing complex spells. The healer also helps keep everyone together alongside the Hermit.

The Warrior (Lazaro1505)is the mage best adept at fighting and is connected to all things involving the element earth. Their strong connection to the element allows their magic to make them much more sturdy and have incredible reflexes. While the others might be more inclined to attack from afar, the warrior is almost always the one to be dealing the damage from the front lines. Their magic allows them to create protective barriers and even weapons. As the warrior grows stronger they can use their magic to become connected to their bond to see and feel what they are feeling, and even take the same shape as their bond as they grow stronger. Being connected to the earth they can use their magic to understand the nature around them and guide them. Listening to the voice of nature is a bit difficult for beginners, but with the help of their bond, they can do it with relative ease. The warrior can also travel the farthest from their bond and still have a strong mental connection. Their element is best paired with the healer’s element and they act as a sort of street smarts guide for the others. They tend to fight alongside the Cursed mage.

The Star (PinkChiffon)is a bit different from the other mages. They are the fire mage. They have incredible magic potential and are one of the few who was raised around magic because of this. Their magic tends to be explosive and they have a harder time focusing their magic compared to the other mages. Usually, their lack of focus and real technique is made up with their raw power. Their magic is widely considered the most dangerous, after the Cursed mage’s magic, because fire is not an easy element to control. Because the star is naturally drawn to magic they can perform just about any spell, even if it is beyond their usual skill level. The only problem is that because they have so much raw power it can cause spells to easily go haywire. The star is also the one that can most easily access and control their element. Summoning and commanding fire is a piece of cake for this mage. As they grow stronger, rather than gaining new abilities they learn to focus and control. One new ability they do gain as they get stronger is that they can summon beings of fire to fight for them. A bond is essential for the star so they don’t burn their teammates to a crisp. The star is considered to be the magic tracker of the group since they can easily connect with strong sources of magic, they are also a sort of magic teacher because they can pick up on spells pretty fast. When performing multi-level spells they are best paired with the Cursed mage because the cursed mage can limit their magic output.

The Wander (Me)is the only mage from Earth. They don’t have any previous magic experience, but they are still a valuable member of the team. This mage has a strong connection to the element air. Much like the warrior, the wander can use their magic to listen to the winds around them. To them is like being pulled in the direction that the winds want them to go. This mage often just lets their feet and the world guide them down their path. While many consider their magic type to be one of the weakest, they are still a force to be trifled with. With their magic they can amplify sound and even carry messages on the wind, this allows them to increase the effectiveness of a spell and even cast things from a long distance. As a beginner, they can somewhat control the air around them, but they can’t do anything crazy. Master air mages can control elements of the weather and can use the different currents to fly. Their go with the flow type magic allows them to be paired with any of the mages on their team, and this mage is never lost even when they are just wandering.

The Hermit (Necromantic )is considered to be the weakest mage of the group. This is partly because one none understands their magic type and they have been somewhat isolated because their family feared for them. The hermit doesn’t connect with any of the elements. Their magic focuses on pure light. This mage may have trouble connecting to magic without the help of their bond, but many underestimate this mage. A light mage can supercharge the other mages and increase their magic output to allow them to perform more complex spells with ease. Even if the mage doesn’t have a bond the hermit can increase their power to whole new levels. Depending on the level of magic they are trying to increase this it requires more energy. So they might need to recharge after powering more powerful attacks. One advantage that the hermit has is that it can tap into the basics of all the other elements. While they can’t produce the same results they can still do small things with each element. As the light mage increases their power, they can start to control light and can use their magic to weave multiple spells together to create new ones all on their own. The hermit works best with the healer and does their best to keep everyone together.

The Cursed (Blackrose7) is a very, very special case. The cursed mage is a dark mage. They are the only one to have bonded with a magical creature, but unfortunately, they were forced into a situation where they had to kill their bond. Tainting their magic and turning them into a dark mage. Their magic has completely morphed into something new. They can steal magic from the things around them, whether it be from the other mages or life around them. Their magic lies in being able to command shadows and poison things with the darkness they can control. It is their type of magic that is what is changing the magical web. It may not be their doing, but they have an understanding of how dark magic works now that they have become one with it. They are the only one in the group who can perform forbidden spells and understand the making of dark magic in the group. They are trying to redeem themselves for the things they have done by using their dark magic for good. The cursed can learn to control people’s minds and control creatures of darkness as they grow alongside their team. The star works best with this dark mage when performing spells because the cursed mage can absorb their magic and limit how much they output.

New Magic Mages
The Stormbringer (Open) is a lighting mage. Many sorcerers, mages, and warlocks never know what to do about this mage and its power. Their magic is most connected to the elements of fire and air. Much like the star, their magic can be wildly unpredictable and doesn’t always end the way they want. The stormbringer can create electricity at their fingertips and can feel things that others can’t. Like the wanderer, they can sense changes in the wind, but these feelings don’t guide them anywhere. It tells them that something is coming, whether it be a storm or something worse. But because of the fact they are a beginner in magic, they can’t yet fully identify what exactly the air is trying to warn them about. As the stormbringer progresses through the levels of mage-hood they can learn to control different elements of the weather, unlike the wanderer who can create tornadoes, this mage can summon magical thunderstorms in later levels. With a bond by their side, they can learn to better focus their firecracker magic. Because of the fact, their magic is a combo of the elements fire and air they work well with both the star and the wanderer when performing complex spells. They can even act as a bridge between the different element types.

The Blizzard (Emerald) is a water mage, but they are very different from our healer. They are unable to heal others. While being connected to the element of water naturally gives the mage the ability to heal others. This mage doesn’t follow these usual rules. Instead, they focus on water-based magical techniques that beginner mages can’t begin to imagine using. The sea can pick up on water-based magic fast and doesn’t struggle to perform spells that most water mages took much longer to learn. The only problem, they struggle to access the same techniques that the healer can do. They aren’t sure what is keeping them from learning about these techniques. That is until they have with their ice magic. They learn that in exchange for not being able to do what the healer does, they can access a new level of water magic. A bond will help them stabilize the ice magic and perform the more advanced ice spells. Since it is magic that not many are familiar with, especially in a mage. It would seem that this mage is also looking into magic that they shouldn’t be messing with. The blizzard would work best with the healer when performing complex spells when combining magic. [This character was created by Emerald, this is their idea, I just approved and typed it out into the roles]

The Crystal (ElizaVioly) is a mage that works closely with the Untamed mage because of how similar their magic is. This mage’s magic has spawned from the element of earth. While the warrior’s earth magic expands over nature, this mage’s magic focuses on a different aspect of the element. Their magic focuses solely on minerals, metals, rocks, etc. This is something that is a first for the magic in the mage world. They can sense things about the earth differently than the warrior. They can feel when something made from the earth has magical properties, and they can pull magic directly from things like minerals, metals, etc to perform their magic. Right now their magic is most effective at a certain distance around them and some parts of the earth are harder to control than others. Meaning this mage is not going to make lava burst forth until much, much later when they have had time to practice their skills. As the crystal mages grow stronger they can begin to use their powers at a further distance and even focus their magic into things like metals and crystals to give them magical properties. Having a bond helps them control multiple things at once and use their magics on bigger chunks of the earth. This mage is also very adept at creating protective barriers and spells with their magic. When performing spells that are more advanced and require multiple people, they would work best with the warrior and the untamed.

The Untamed (Goldieloxx) is a combo mage that is somewhat similar to the stormbringer. But they are only similar in the sense that they are a combo mage. The untamed mage possesses both the element of light and earth and the magic manifests in very a strange manner. They are very connected to animals. Whether they are magical or normal magic. Like the warrior they can use their magic to connect to their bond, but they are limited to sight, sounds, and smells rather than being about to experience their feelings. That is not all they can do. Because of the light element, they can use their magic to connect with any animal. The untamed can only connect to one animal at a time, and connecting to animals back to back can be draining for them. Connecting for a long period can make them feel dizzy and can give them some major headaches. The untamed mage has a harder time connecting with animals that are farther away from them, and if they do connect they everything is very fuzzy and muted making it hard to tell what is going on. Their advanced levels of magic allow them to create beings of light and look through them and protect them. They can also control animals, this skill needs the help of a bond, but it can come in handy. Because this mage’s magic doesn’t have much offensive potential they should stick with the other mages. Their magic works well with the warrior, the crystal, and even the hermit when doing complex spells.

The Summoned
The Knight (Elenion Aura) was summoned by the fairimentals due to their vast knowledge of magical weapons, how to use them, and connections in the magical military forces. They are a fighter through and through, they have grown up around the soldiers of their world. The knight can always be found with the warrior when things are starting to get ugly and leading towards a fight. This character knows how to adapt to not only situations that involving fighting, but also social situations. They know how to talk to people as well and often help the mages who may unfamiliar with a situation work through it. They are a sort of guardian who teaches the mages how to fight and take care of themselves. At times this character becomes the leader of the group. The fairimentals had gifted the Knight an enchanted blade when they agreed to help the mages conquer the dark magic plaguing the various magical worlds. So while this character doesn’t possess any magic of their own they know how to use magic that is enchanted or hold magic within them and leads the others through the other worlds. They also know how to use a variety of weapons. Everyone needs a leader and it comes in the form of this lovely knight.

The Tracker (animegirl20) is the professional magic tracker of the group. While the Star is naturally drawn to magic, the tracker can find the sources of the magic without much magical assistance. While they don’t have any magic like a sorcerer or warlock they have magic. Their magic allows them to sense magical auras which is how they track magic and find who was magic. It is not the same as using magic. It is more of a skill that they were born rather than a spell. This is because the tracker comes from a race of people that are naturally able to sense magic. This character can pick up on the lingering traces of magic left behind by the ones who cast it and then follow it to find their location. They can also use those traces to figure out what kind of magic it is. Meaning they can tell the group what element it belongs to if it was dark or light magic, and what magic class it belonged to. If someone is using magic, the tracker is going to notice it one way or another. The tracker has also been working for the fairimentals for a while now to track down the ones who have been causing all the destruction. Now the tracker is in charge of guiding and showing them what they know about dark magic. The tracker is a long-distance fighter but is also fantastic with anything involving stealth. Their gift from the fairimentals was a compass that can lock onto hidden magical signals.

The Portal Master (Hibiscus) is your local bookworm who is quite the threat. This is not because they have powerful magic or because of a weapon they carry. It is because of the gift that was given to them by the fairimentals and knowledge that they carry. This character is called the portal master because they know how to safely navigate the magic web and how to read the maps that show what the web was like in the past. They grew up in a place where they were taught all about the magic web and how important it was to all the magical worlds. The portal master even knows about the worlds that have long since been disconnected from the web. They know just about everything there is to know about the other worlds and how they are connected to the magical web. They know how shifts in magic power can affect the state of the web. They also know how to repair the broken parts of the web. They are not a fighter, at all. This is why they carry around a poisoned tipped dagger to protect themselves. Knowledge of the web is not the only thing that they know. The portal master carries around an amulet that lets them summon images of the web, but that is not what the fairimentals gave them. Their gift was something called a fairy map. It is a small glowing orb that expands into a star-like system that shows all the portals on the web and what parts of the web are being affected by the dark magic. Fairy maps are extremely rare and hard to come by.

The Warlock (houseplant) is a magic user that has been called upon by the fairimentals because they know a lot about different magic techniques and how to successfully perform complex magic spells that involve multiple participants. The warlock helps the Star teach the other mages who may be unfamiliar with magic, because while the star can pick up spells fast. They can show how each step works. This character is a warlock, so their magic doesn’t often communicate well with mage magic when working with mage magic. But they are still a powerful magic-user. Warlocks specialize in a lot of spell work and golem summoning. Yes, golem summoning. Warlocks don’t typically bond like other magic classes, but they are still incredibly powerful. Warlocks do have familiars, beings that are usually spirits in a contract with them. But they are still capable of bonding with magical creatures. Sometimes they even end up bonding with their familiar spirit. The warlock can summon a wide variety of golems to do tasks for them. Summon are tiny unintimidating little dude, while others are huge monstrous things that can tank tons of damage. The golem can only be around for a certain amount of time, and bigger golems require more energy. As warlocks grow stronger they can control more aspects of their summoned golems and can have them around them longer. When performing complex spells the Warlock work best with the Captian since their sorcerer magic communicates well with their magic.

Do I need to use a template?
No, you don’t need to use a template, I would recommend one, but you don’t have to use one.

Do I need to use an FC?
No, you don’t need to if you don’t want to, you can use an fc if you would like.

What kind of bond can I have?
You can have just about anything, some creatures are rarer than others. Dragons and Unicorns are rare bonds, but people can have them. I don’t want to limit what to put a limit but if I think there are too many op bonds, then I will say something.

What kind of race can I play?
You can play just about any magical race, though I will only lay down a few limits. I will have to say no to orc, demon, and the like type characters because they are considered to be bad and evil. You want to make a dragonkin-type character, go for it.

I will add any other questions you guys may have here.
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Local Mushroom

  • Jung Su-Jin
    full name
    Jung Su-Jin

    She goes by Jin as well, while her grandmother calls her Little Spirit



    March 20th

    sexual orientation

    open to romance?
    Yea, Su-Jin is open to romance if you guys are interested in romancing her.

    Human, with distant relations with a sub species of air fairies called Frelings. (more info to come on the discord.)

    5'6" (170 cm)

    120 lbs.

    Su-Jin is a woman of decent height, finding that she is usually one of the taller members of her friend group. She has a lean build with a decent amount of muscle on her from her track and field days.

    She long dark brown hair that she typically throws up into a high pony tail

    Dark brown

    Eunji has both of her ears pierced, but she has never been interested in getting anything more. Though the white markings that have appeared on her skin are often confused has tattoos.

    Su-Jin doesn't have any significant scaring

    Hwang Yeji from ITZY

coded by reveriee.
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Cryptic and Unforeseen
I hope you don't mind if I give a first (editable) rough draft of my character for this now, I spent all afternoon working on him!
Everyone, meet Silas, the Silver-robed White Mage!

Silas is a silver-robed human healer with a cheerful personality and high intelligence. He can make friends with almost anybody, and has dabbled upon romance slightly. His major intelligence mainly comes from his potion-making and spell conjuring powers. He also has a small grip on water manipulation. His bond is with a phoenix, which helps him learn regenerative properties, and explains his intelligence on the fire elemental magic. But due to the phoenix being a fire based magical creature, he wasn’t able to learn his water powers from his bond, and had to learn from a different source, which being one of his spellbooks. He is not only a healer through potions and spells, but can also be mentally replenishing to his friends as well. Silas is prone to damage and attacks, however, with little to no defensive capability, and it has been proven that Silas can get emotional when too stressed out, or when traumatic events occur (such as severely injured or dying friends).

Age: 19

Race: Human

Open for romance?: Yes, but he's new to the concept. Heterosexual.

Gender: Male

Height/Weight/Build/Mods/Scars: See my appearance description!

Bond: Phoenix

Focus Object: Sapphire Staff

Magic type: Healer (White), Water, slight Fire

After being raised by other magical humans for 15 years, Silas left to start meditative training on his element, which was found to be water. He found a staff crafter who gave him his first focus object, which had a sapphire that was said to hold water enhancers. Despite this, Silas did not go deeper into the water form and instead learned the art of potion making and healing magic, also known as white magic. At the age of 17, he was greeted by his bond for the first time. Due to this encounter, the marking of a blue fire bird can be seen on his right shoulder. His phoenix bond explained that he was not originally chosen as a water wizard, but a fire. Due to the overall lack of interest in fighting and a more influenced choice of healing, water was chosen as his final element. Despite this, Silas still learned the phoenix’s teachings of fire magic, expanding his knowledge of fire magic along with water. He already had an expansive knowledge of white magic and herbs from his parents, who were also healing mages, also known as white mages, so this expansion of knowledge was well received. At the age of 18, he began devoting more of his time into water manipulation. While still small, he made decent progress over the year he had. By 19, he was able to make small waves, create small aqua spheres, and, under heavy meditation, create a wall of water just high enough to rise above him. Any water magic creates a heavy burden on Silas however, and drains him of his magic almost entirely. Due to the nature of fire magic, he is also unable to properly conjure it for too long without his bond. And then, well, he got transported to… wherever he is.

Silas is a very kind man who wants to try to keep party members together. When Silas sees a fight between party members, he will try to be there to resolve it. He can get emotional upon certain occasions, like being too stressed, breaking up with a friend, or even losing friends in battle. Silas has dabbled in the art of romance, but has never been able to fully grasp it. He has always been busy studying potions, healing spells, and, more recently, how to manipulate water. However, if given the chance, he is open for a bit of romance in his life.

Silas is 5’9” (175 cm) at 150 pounds (68kg) and fairly skinny with a white skin tone. He has short light-brown hair worn as a short style with messy bangs. He has blue eyes, which symbolize his bright personality and healing magic capabilities. He has a blue phoenix marking on his right shoulder. He has no other markings. He is usually seen wearing brown boots, navy pants with 2 pockets on each side (4 total), and a dark gray shirt with 6 pockets. It is all covered with a silver robe, thus his title. When entering battle, he can also have a leather sash which has small pockets that are able to hold small potion bottles. It also has a larger bag attached to hold larger flasks.

Silas will have a few herbs in each of his pockets, all of which have magical healing value. Each pocket has one type of herb, and there are no duplicate herb pockets. About two or three of each herb is inside. His sash currently has 5 small vials, and 3 larger flasks that will be used for holding his potions. His robe also contains an advanced potion handbook, a healing spell guidebook, and a water manipulation guidebook. He also carries his focus object at all times.

Bondage: Phoenix. This came as an initial surprise when he first learned his magic, considering his water magic ability. However, the phoenix was able to teach Silas about fire magic. Ultimately, Silas chose the water path, but does know a bit of fire magic. But since this is only because of the phoenix, he does not use a fire spellbook.

Focus Object: A large wooden rod with a large sphere of sapphire at the tip of it. Sometimes, Silas gazes into the orb. This is usually to meditate on his magical power, and sometimes to speak to his bond.

High intelligence, especially within spell casting and potion making
Silas specializes in healing fellow mages using magic and potions, but does have the ability to slightly increase the team’s power, or decrease enemy power.
Silas also has a small ability to control water.
Silas’ cheerful personality makes him an easy friend to get along with.
Silas can easily be the glue to get party members to like each other, and is also known to help take weights off their chest (mentally)
Silas has little to no physical strength, so taking a direct blow by almost any sort of weapon may cause a severe injury.
Silas’ magical defense isn’t that much better either, but he can withstand a little bit more than physical damage.
Silas’ attacking potions and spells still aren’t that strong.
Silas’ ability to control water is still in the beginning stages, and cannot deal any sort of damage in battle yet.
Any use of water or fire magic usually results in an extremely tired Silas.
Despite the cheerful personality and ability to keep the team together, Silas does get impacted emotionally when stressed out too much.
Silas has not perfected any form of magic and requires his focus object in order to do any sort of magic successfully.

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True Black Rose Beauty
Name: Lillith Wyner
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Race: Dragonkin
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 154 lb
Build: Firm
Mods: N/A
Scars: N/A
FC or Written description:
Lillith has black short hair, red eyes, red horns, a hat with a mini skull, a black necklace with upside down cross, a red skull t-shirt, a black jacket, denim shorts, black long socks, black mouth mask, and black long boots.
Focus object: Lillith has a black wand with a star shape of a ruby on the tip.
Bond: Previous: Inferno - Dead | Current: Fang - Horned Wolf
Bond Description: Inferno was a small red western dragon. He walked around on all four, had sharp teeth, and wings on his back. | Fang is a black wolf with glowing blue marks and eyes, and white dragon-like horns. He looks like he came out of the shadows.
Does your bond have magic?: Inferno can fly and breathe fire. | Fang can hide in the shadows.
Lillith isn't one of those evil dark mages despite losing her beloved bond, since she is pretty nice once you get to know them a bit better. They felt bad about the crimes she was forced to do, and is secretly grieving over the loss of her bond: Inferno. In fact, trying to get her to talk about her dark magic ends up making them cry, because she honestly didn't want their bond to die. If another dark mage tries to kill someone's bond, Lillith will be hell bent on beating them up with her dark magic. They just don't want anyone else to experience the same loss of their precious bond like her, since it was an extremely painful moment to see your best friend die in your arms.
Once her new friends know about Lillith's dark magic. She doesn't stay too close to the group, since she doesn't want them to think she is evil. Won't harm anybody that they see as a true friend, and they are kind of honest when it comes to telling the truth. She hates the dark mages, because one of them controlled her like a puppet. They do like to eat cooked meat, especially if it is a steak, and will immediately be angry if anyone disrespects her family. Lillith is also creative, since she used to mess around with her fire magic.

The humans misunderstood the dragonkins from the world of Xaenia, because they thought that they were demons, whom the gods had punished the traitors. This isn't true since nobody is punishing the dragonkin for anything. However, the humans' churches want people to believe in that lie, because it gives them a lot of power.
As for Lillith, she is the daughter of the current dragon lord. The current dragon lord is nice, because Lillith's father has no reason to fight against the humans unless the human royals end up sending a hero. Now the hero either just fights the dragon lord if they are causing a problem for the humans, or they just hang out with the dragon lord if they aren't causing any trouble. Sometimes, the hero is in the wrong, and attacks the nice dragon lord over the false belief from the church.
Lillith doesn't impede the hero, because she knows how dangerous they are when that happens. Not to mention, her fire magic wouldn't be enough to beat the hero, anyway. The hero that was picked by the human king always seems to be a light magic user for some unknown reason, but there is one thing that is for certain. They are always talented at their magic.

Lillith eventually became a mage once she received her bond, and they became friends after spending a lot of time with each other. Her bond was a red dragon, and they would play games with each other. In fact, they would do a lot of things with each other, since their relationship ended up being extremely strong. However, that friendship didn't last forever. A dark mage sneaked into the dragon lord's castle, and caused trouble for everybody there. One of the problems that the dark mage had caused was to control Lillith's beloved bond. Her bond was attacking everybody that got in their way, but the dark mage's main plan for that bond was to kill Lillith. They wanted to make the dragon lord mad enough to attack the humans, but that didn't happen. Lillith had to kill her beloved bond by stabbing it in the stomach with a special dragon slayer dagger. This turned her into a dark mage, and this poor dragonkin girl was crying over the loss of her beloved friend. The dark mage then took advantage of that situation, and controlled Lillith's body with their mind control. They forced her to attack the humans, attempt to destroy the magic web, and so much more. Heck, they weren't aware of what the dark mage did until they released her from the mind control and left due to their boredom. However, by that point, the dark mage already caused a lot of trouble with her body and her dark magic.
Lillith found out what the dark mage did to her body and their magic, and cried from that, since this poor girl didn't want to cause trouble. They also asked the Fairimentals to redeem them once they told them what happened. This caused the Fairimentals to feel bad for Lillith, since another dark mage was controlling her like a broken puppet. Also, Lillith has no clue how her dark magic works, since the dark mage who was controlling her body knew how to use it.
Magic: The Cursed aka Black Magic | They can command shadows, poison things with the darkness, curse someone, mind control, control creatures of darkness, steal magic, and do forbidden spells. ( They can do necromancy. ) | Her magic can suck in the magic of others and twists it. They don't really harm the star since they radiate magic, but it can harm them if Lillith uses an advanced or powerful spell.
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beyond the wall
Jason Fujiwara

FC: Yuta from NCT
Name: Jason Fujiwara
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Open to Romance?: Yep!
Height: 5'9 (175cm)
Weight: Around 140lbs. (around 63kg).
Build: Slim, slightly lean.
Mods: Ear piercings.
Scars: A few small burn scars on his hands.
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Brown
Race: Human
Bond?: Since Jason is a Warlock, he has a familiar. He created a contract with a small black cat spirit, and they bonded awhile after.
Bond Description: Maya is a small black cat with large blue eyes. She's quite cute, but has quite the temper, so be careful before petting her.
Does your bond have magic?: Since she is a familiar, she does step in a bit when she sees it's not going so smoothly. She can conjure a shield that can take smaller amounts of damage before it shatters.
Focus Object: His focus object is a small wooden wand his father made for him when he was younger.
Jason wears a long thin black coat with a hood, dark black jeans, and brown boots. He wears a few rings, one being his family ring, and the other being enchanted with small barriers in case he comes into trouble. He wears a long star earring on his left ear, one side coming up to cuff the top of his ear.
Jason is often simply described as a parental figure. He's always the one making sure everyone is safe in his friend groups, and is always the one to help out with anything needed. He's kind, gentle, and caring. He finds the beauty in the smallest of things, and always tries to be positive and cheerful. He hates discrimination and carries the motto of, "don't judge a book by it's cover". Though, on the other end of his personality, he's also quite stubborn and strongly opinionated.

Though he likes making people happy, if you have a belief he finds to be rude, he'll argue with you for hours on end. He also holds onto small fights for a long time, and you'll often find him huddled in a corner somewhere, glaring angrily at the wall. He's not one to admit he's wrong most the time, since he was raised as the oldest son of a well off family, and has quite the ego if you prod him enough. He's very protective, and will do anything for those he loves and cares for, leading him into some not so nice situations at times. While normally very patient, the male sometimes does get easily set off if he knows the person can do better then they are doing.

Jason is always thinking about everything he could've done in situations that happened years ago, and often overthinks. He's studious, being interested in different types of magic from a young age, and still does as much research as he can on these types, so if he were to meet them, he'd be able to understand them.
Born into a family of strong warlocks, Jason was taught from a young age the strengths of his power. While he wasn't exactly a big fan of summoning golems because he always felt bad making them do things, he ended up naming them all, and his dad would find him after a day of school leaning up against one of the golems, on the verge asleep, before the golem would vanish in a cloud of smoke and Jason would sprawl over on the ground. This happened nearly daily, as Jason wanted to be able to keep his golems around longer, so they could do more things and learn new techniques. His older sister was similar, and he often admired her power and how she could summon bigger golems. He studied hard throughout his years in school, and though he did have friends, he preferred studying and working on spells then going out with them.
He had went to a school full of mages, him and his sister being two of the only Warlock's around that part of town, so it was a bit hard for him in school. He often got picked on whenever he summoned his tiny golems, and even the time he summoned a medium sized one he was ridiculed and made fun of. Because of his short temper, he once ended up accidentally making the golem shatter one of the desks of the people making fun of him, which earned him a two week long suspension and his parents had to pay for the damages. During that time he spent a long time studying mage magic as well as spell casting. While he wasn't a mage, and couldn't perform the things he learned, he learned the techniques behind it and how to harness that power, while also digging into his own power.
Spellcasting was fun to him, and he really does enjoy it, but sometimes he does wish to be a mage, and to be able to do all the interesting things he read about in his books.
He had met Maya and bonded with her at the age of 16. At first he had thought she was just a stray cat, she was tiny and seemed weak, until he came to try and pet her and instead of soft fur, he was met with a glowing white shield and a loud hiss. It seemed the cat needed something though, or that she was searching, so he kept coming back, bringing food and treats, and making sure she was alright. It took a few months of coaxing before he had decided on finding his familiar, and he wanted it to be the cute little cat that could make cool shields. The cat was obviously not very excited about this deal, but she knew if she didn't, she'd probably be alone forever. So she agreed, and soon the two become inseparable. Despite her acting like she wasn't fond of the young Warlock, she obviously was. If he spent too long studying and forgot to eat, she'd drag food she had stolen from the kitchen into his room, or if he fell asleep at his desk she would drag a blanket over and do her best to cover him with it so he wouldn't be cold. While Warlocks didn't usually bond, Jason ended up bonding with Maya, and the cat did her best to protect her friend as much as she could.

He had been out in the woods, chatting with some of the nearby Fae when the portal had opened. Maya had noticed it first, letting out a soft meow, catching Jason's attention. She had cast one glance behind her at him, before just leaping into the portal with little to no fear with what was on the other side. Jason, naturally, leaped after the cat spirit, trying to catch her in his arms before she had gone through, but instead he also went rolling into the swirling portal. It wasn't his most graceful landing, landing straight onto his knees and then rolling until Maya had conjured a shield, the young man slamming into it and stopping him in his path, wincing as the shield shattered in his face.
Being a Warlock, Jason uses spell casting compared to a Mage's magic.
Golemancy: Jason uses Golemancy. It's the act of creating golems, big or little, and using them to help him in fights. He has successfully been able to create one the size of a small apartment building, but usually sticks too medium sized golems as they're easier to control.
Spellcasting: Using spells learned from books, and even being able to combine them at his level of knowledge, Jason is quite the powerhouse when it comes to spells. Whether it be creating barriers or damage spells, Jason has it covered.

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The Emerald Knight

  • 1618508324184.jpeg
    Name: Fabian
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 126 lb
    Build: Lean but Athletic
    Original World: Limbus
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Elenion Aura

One Thousand Club
The Knight
Basic Info
Name: Bhelen

Age: 26

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual

Association: Sanctified Order

Origin: Camaveia

Height: 6’3” (190.5 cm)

Weight: 195 lb (88 kg)

Build: Toned

Mods: N/A

Scars: He has earned a few over the years.

Bhelen is a tall, well-built man in his mid-twenties. He wears his hair—the color of raven feathers with a shock of white in his bangs—close-cropped on the sides and swept back on top. He typically wears plate-and-mail as well as leather armor.

Noble, if reserved, Bhelen is a practitioner of stoicism. Despite his deep, at times booming, voice, he is a soft spoken man in most instances. He believes in upholding the tenets of his Order, and will fiercely battle any servant of Darkness which besets him or his companions. However, he is no zealot, and recognizes that Light can exist, even amidst the Dark.

He is, overall, a kind, if somewhat gruff, soul, but also one who is willing to do what must be done for the collective good, even if the result may be to his own misfortune, or the misfortune of others.

Focus object: N/A

Bond: N/A

Bond Desciption: N/A

Despite his considerable knowledge, Bhelen is no Mage. Neither is he a sorcerer or warlock. In fact, his ability to cast spells and wield magic in the way that Mages do is nigh nonexistent. However, he is by no means defenseless. Firstly, he is a top-class warrior trained in many of the over-world’s various martial, with a particular skill in swordsmanship. He is also quite physical powerful as well, capable of shattering stone with a bare fist and lifting objects several times his own body weight. Secondly, Bhelen seems to possess a somewhat uncanny resistance to Magics cast on his person - unfortunately, this extends to beneficial spells and healing spells as well.

In addition, he wears rune-crafted white steel heavy plate armor, crafted by runesmiths and imbued with protection magics, and possesses a veritable arsenal of enchanted armaments, the greatest of which is the Holy Sword, Caladhwach.

Lastly, Bhelen wears at all times an emerald jewel locket around his neck. The necklace hums with magic of uncertain purpose.

Ser Bhelen

Bhelen belongs to an exalted order of sanctified knights, whose history on their home world of Camaveia stretches back millennia. Ever have they been known as staunch defenders of the Light, and as bitter enemies of Chaos and Dark Magic. A crusading legion, the Knights are oft dispatched to wage war with the Darkness on worlds far afield, bolstering and in some instances commanding the local militias to stand against the encroaching hordes of Night.

Bhelen was discovered one day amidst the ruins of a mighty battle by the Knight-Commander of the Holy Order and adopted into their ranks, learning to become one in turn. Many years later, his adopted father, a paragon of Light—having trained and named Bhelen—perished, casting the fate of the Order in shadow.

The Fairimentals, beings much revered by the knights of the Order, bestowed upon Bhelen his late Father’s sword, and with it, entrusted with him a task of utmost importance, one that would shape the fate of the future of the worlds of Light.
— ❝ Chaos will fall.
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Love all, trust a few. Do wrong to none.
Name: Marabella Doreig

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual but not looking for romance

Height: 5’8

Weight: 127

Build: Slender, almost a little bony. Due to limited diet.

Mods: None

Scars: Has an X across her forehead, that was ones carved in. Now it remains only but a a white scar.

FC: 59ba7404451ba4abdbf6.jpeg

Outfit: Marabella wears a blue habit, covering her hair so it is not visible.

Race: Humanoid, looks completely human but is not the same as humans from earth even still. For example their heart is on the right side instead of left. And everyone has blue irises (of different kinds) no other colors. Hair colors differ however.

Focus Object: image_a4594108-77cc-46c9-8a3a-f8f46e8db113_5000x.jpg A dice made out of pure Lapis Lazuli, with golden numbers laced into the stone.

Bond: A grand looking Pegasus named Phelix.

Bond Description: pegasus-web.jpg Phelix has long delicate wings, colored in a light pink. He is crystal blue in color with a white mane and tail.

Does your Bond have magic?: He can fly, naturally and can send out (in rare occasions) a shockwave that slows down or even stops time momentarily. This is useful if Marabella would per say be in danger, in which case she can alter her tactics. Since she is fully mentally aware when time freezes. And can move slowly, while it is difficult for others to do so. Although, it is a pretty rare case of action. And Phelix is not prone to do so, unless necessary.

Personality: Marabella is a very disciplined person, it’s how she’s been brought up. She is calm and kind, but can be a person of few words at times which might make it difficult to approach her at times. She has been taught to keep to herself, which might make it difficult for her to work in a team, it’s something she has to work upon during her time as a mage. But she is also very protective of people she cares about, and can get angry when they are in trouble. She can be viewed as stiff, but a warmth lies underneath the surface.

Backstory: Marabella comes from the world of Xperia. It is a highly religious world, where all of society worship a religion called Xperium. Not unlike that of Christianity on earth, which many Xperians claim is based upon Xperium. Meaning they believe that the humans and them share essentially the same god, although viewed differently. Earth is very much well known within society, and is looked upon as a baby Xperia, since it is not as old as Xperia itself. Women in society are especially highly looked upon, because their god is female. Only women can become servants of god, meaning there are no male priests, only female ones and nuns. This was something that Marabella secretly resented.
The life of a nun, is not unlike the earthly ones. You live a simply life, devoted to god and to helping others. They only use food to survive, it's never to be a pleasure. They have an ever non changing timetable that they live by.
Marabella is an orphan, she was left at the convent where she grew up from the age of two. This was when the X was carved in. She has no memory of a mother or a father. She was brought up to become a nun. All her life has been in preparation to join the convent properly. At the age o 25, women become of age in legal terms. At her birthday, the ritual for becoming a nun was initiated. A few months after she finished, she was now a full-fledged nun. Yet, when she began to feel her magic emerge and she got to suspect she was a mage, she was in quite the dilemma. Mages are not to become nuns, no one with magic can. So, when she finally spoke to mother superior about it she was banned from the order. She stills sees herself as a nun, but has decided to embrace her new destiny, if not a little reluctantly.

Magic: Marabella can cast few spells, she is fast from mastering them though. And they usually turn out to be half-heartedly done since she struggle to have confidence in doing them. This is something she need help with. She is more in tuned with sensing magic in in the earth, finding rocks, minerals metals and using that to increase her own magic. Though only within a certain distance. She can create shields of metal, and provide magical rocks to throw as a weapon. Though not in full scale yet. She uses her focus object, a dice. She roles the dice and a number appears. She then uses that number as guidance, each number giving different magical ability.
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You faker than some Sweet 'N Low
"...I don't care what you call me."

"I should be at least twenty....I....think."

"He....That....It.....It makes no difference.
Male, but he'll also respond to that/it/anything else referring to him as an object

Half Drow

"I....guess I'd be straight."
Bisexual, no real preference. He's unsure about his own sexuality, though, as he doesn't have experience with people.


167 lbs

Ryza is well built, though this is hidden by the fact that he wears baggy clothes that hide his actual figure.

Many, and a brand on the back on his left shoulder.

Written description
Ryza is a tall young man with something of an abnormal appearance. He has pale lavender, almost white hair, one black sclera, pink eyes, pointed ears, and pink birthmark over his left eye, which looks very close to a scar- This all comes from his drow heritage. Much to his dismay, his skin very clearly takes after his human DNA and prevents him from covering his right eye and claiming he's simply a drow with shorter ears.

His clothes are mostly unnoteworthy, save for the cloak with an oversized hood with cat ears on it and the fact that he appears to be wearing a collar. Because, well, he is.

Focus object In a bit of an ironic twist, Ryza's focus object is the very collar around his neck. His master decided to give him it so that he could have something discreet as his focus should he need it and because it can't be forcibly taken from him, as the magic locks on it require his blood to be unlocked.

Deceased. It was a small kitsune with two tails, which took the form of a fox kit to seem less intimidating to him, named Lily.

Poorly socialized. Ryza isn't good at talking to people and doesn't entirely understand how to communicate. Hard to get used to learn how to properly socialize when he lives in a society that looks down upon his race and he rarely leaves home. How cynical and pessimistic he is hinders his ability to socialize even further, so there may just be no hope for the guy. One may expect that this makes him shy, and they'd be right, but he's not the cute kind of shy they'd expect. Rather, he'll retreat away from people and refuse to make eye contact, and if you manage to actually get him to talk he's rather bitter toward other people. Despite his disdain forother people, he's rather easy to boss around for, well, obvious reasons.

When it comes to conflict, he's very notably scared of it and will try to find any way to resolve it peacefully, whether it be through resolving the conflict or talking out people's differences. Despite the hand he was dealt in life, he still has a kind and caring heart underneath the rest of his....rather unfortunate personality. If it weren't for his callous and submissive personality, the man would probably be a born leader.

An important note about him is that he seems to be absolutely terrified of all mages, save for his master. It hardly matters what kind of magic they use (though perhaps he dislikes wind magic a bit more), in his mind all mages are cruel, and he can't allow them to know what kind of magic he possesses.

Veron, a technologically advanced world that still yet practices slavery, was where he was born. Conceived by a drow mother after she had been raped by a human, he was never something his mother had planned for or wanted- a fact which she reminded him of whenever she could. He still remembers how she'd tell him that she hadn't gotten a choice in getting pregnant, that she'd never wanted a child, and so on. She tried to raise him for the first few years of his life, but the disgust she felt whenever she saw him only grew, and she decided to sell him into slavery when he was no older than five. Humans were considered 'lesser' on Veron and frequently enslaved anyway, so it was an easy task for her.

He wonders what could've made her hate him so much that she decided to do that.

It was only a few months later that he started to develope magic abilities, making even people interested in buying him turn away. A five year old that doesn't know how to control their magic and hasn't developed real self control yet was something dangerous. The slavers were considering cutting their losses and killing him off when a woman recognized what kind of magic he possessed and took interest in him.

He probably would have been better off being killed. His first master, a woman who could control wind, wanted him only to further her own magical pursuits, and showed him that she could still use him whether he understood how to use magic or not. A few spells to hinder his already limited capabilities and she had herself a living battery.

He tried to run away when he was ten...but he didn't make it very far, due to a tracking chip he hadn't known he had in him. He'd expected to be hurt for this, to simply be beaten until he couldn't walk forseveral days- Sure, it wasn't pleasant, but he was used to that. Much to his surprise, she chose something different. Instead, he was forced to watch her kill his bond, who he'd been allowed to keep until then because she didn't want to deal with the hassle of his emotions.

Funnily enough, it was less than a year later that he was sold to someone else after a dinner party she'd taken him to. The man who bought him had taken interest in him earlier in the party- He doesn't know exactly what he did to convince his master to sell him, as she was proud enough of owning him that she was willing to show him off to other mages, as he hasn't been willing to tell Ryza anytime he asks.

The man who bought him, unlike his previous owner, was a kind man, one that didn't want to see a child suffer. He ended up sheltering him from the outside world, to protect him from the people who saw anyone with human blood as inferior. Ryza spent most of his time indoors, rarely leaving the safety of their home, and when he did leave he was always stayed close to him. The man and his family treated him as if he was their own child.

Yeah and it's been like that for twelve years im probably gonna rewrite this but it has all the important shit down.

Due to his history, Ryza knows how to use his magic with at least moderate proficiency, however he's afraid of others knowing what he can do and dislikes using his abilities.

Magic enhancing Ryza's magic allows him to empower other people's magic, using his own magic as a battery. Something notable is that people can use this power against his will if they know, but with one caveat- It causes him pain. It's easiest for him to use if he's making physical contact, but as long as he's close by he can charge other people's spells.

Elemental control- He can use basically any element but don't expect him to do anything too awfully complex or powerful.

Glamour- The ability to change how other people perceive him. It only effects what other people see and not his actual appearance, so if hes hair was plucked the strand would still be white when looked at away from his body.

Light manipulation- While he can't weaponize it yet, Ryza is capable of bending the light in an area and creating small balls of light.

Telekinesis- This only works on small objects that aren't too heavy, but he can move objects telekinetically.
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you are gold baby. solid gold.

Name: Adelina Fulgencio
Nickname: Ady
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual [ open to romance ]
Species: Fairy

Height: 5'0 [regular size, but she also has a fairy size where she is 3 inches tall]
Weight: 112lbs
Build: Slim
Mods: none
Scars: none of importance
Face Claim: Rena Lovelis

Focus object: Unicorn Horn [on a necklace]
Bond Description: Glimmer, a unicorn with no horn [See picture, minus horn]
Does your bond have magic? Glimmer does not have magic anymore, due to the loss of his horn.

Adelina is the type of girl who will talk to anyone, especially the outcasts, considering she knows how it feels to be one herself. She doesn't judge people based on their past, but just their present, how they treat others and especially animals and the earth. She's a little bit like a cat-- content to do her own thing, but the claws come out when she's backed into a corner. She's passionate about certain things and not afraid to show it, not really afraid or worried about how others see her. Sometimes she can be critical, though it's mostly of herself as opposed to others. Other people are generally 'innocent until proven guilty' in her mind, because she likes to see the good in people. She can be impulsive but is generally a pretty patient person, especially when it comes to how others feel.

Adelina was born in a magical realm called Seneca to the King and Queen of the fairies. As princess of the fairies, Ady was set up for the rest of her life. She had everything she could ever want, and one day would marry and take over for her parents when the time was right for them to step back. Fairies weren't the only creatures in Seneca, and as with most other places, some of the species got along and some did not. Some time before Adelina was born, there was a war between the fairies and the dragon shifters. Normally a fairly peaceful species, the fairies were losing the battles. Death raged through the land, and the King and Queen were at a loss.

They ended up enlisting help from the demons that lived in the underworld, unbeknownst to their people. The demons agreed to help the fairies, but for a price. As long as the King and Queen continued to pay that price, the demons would help them but remain unseen. The King and Queen agreed, and the war was won. The dragon shifters returned to their home, and a truce was drawn between the species. This was the stuff that Adelina read about in history scrolls and whatnot. Her parents were seen as heroes in the eyes of their people, even though they'd committed a deep betrayal by going to the demons.

Growing up, Adelina lived in a nice, protected bubble, orchestrated by her parents. They didn't want their only child and heir to be tainted by any darkness, so she was never allowed to go anywhere alone. She always had a guard of some sort with her, even when at home. She spent alot of time in the woods by her house, where she met Glimmer, the unicorn that she would bond with. He became her best friend, her confidante, and the one to really teach her about her magic.

Ady loved her parents and they loved her too, but they loved the idea of being in charge and keeping their secret more. But they got greedy, and stopped paying the demons for their help all those years ago. At first, the demons were willing to work with them, but that didn't last long. The King and Queen had ultimately decided that they could afford to not pay the price, and that was their mistake. Their secret was revealed, and their people turned against them. Their home was ravaged, and Ady remembers alot of smoke and fire. It was Glimmer who saved her, but lost his horn in the process, and his magic.

Having lost her home and her trust in her parents, Ady had no choice but to face her people. They demanded justice for the wrongs her parents had committed, but how could there be justice if they had lost their lives? In the end, the people of Seneca allowed Ady to stay there, but she could not become the next ruler. That was three years ago, and she's been living her life on her own until the portal appeared that sucked her in.

Light Magic - She can control light elementals and use them for protection. She can also control light around her, whether artificial or natural. She does need to 'recharge' every once in a while with natural light, especially if using the light elementals.
Earth Magic - She can "connect" with the earth, but not in the same way she connects with animals. She cannot create earth, but must use existing sources. She can bring a flower or plant back to life, but only if it hasn't been dead long. Controlling the earth can only happen with her bond.
Animal Magic - Ady can "connect" with animals and basically see what they see, smell what they smell, and hear what they hear. She can also feel what they feel, but not emotionally or mentally. This can be draining for her, and she can only connect to one animal at a time. They also have to be nearby, or her senses are muddled through the animal. Controlling animals can only happen through her bond.

code by g o l d i e l o x x


Skeleton Boi
(it is not complete, but here is what I got so far... will be finishing this soon)







109 lb

Ashven’s build is rather small compared to the average human, being more skinny and having mostly features of a bird such as the talon like legs or feather covered body, it is difficult to mistake him for a human. But his small body shape as well as his wings on his arms allows him to temporarily glide through the air like any bird capable of doing so.... but unable to achieve true flight of that of an regular bird



FC or Written description:


Focus object
Short Sword:
The object that this Kenku uses as a focus object is surprisingly, a short sword, which doesn’t look to be the sharpest of swords, and definitely not the dullest, but it is something reliable for him to use considering his nature of a Warrior Mage.

Palious The Albino Rat;

Bond Desciption
A small albino Rat that Ashven had managed to bond with, there does not seem to be any other special properties that this Rat seems to have... well, in physical form, and even in the magical form as well... just appearing as that as a normal rat.

Personality (I would like written, but traits are fine as well if I can get a grasp of the character)
Magic (describe what they do, any drawbacks, what magical knowledge they might have. Have fun with it.)​


Junior Member

The Captain.

Name: Faustus Candorosa
Goes by Captain Candorosa, Captain
Age 25
Birthday March 23rd
Gender Male
Sexuality Bisexual
Height 5'9
Weight 134 lbs.
Build Smygfit
Mods Back Tattoo
Scars He has one on his left wrist
Appearance Face Claim; Park Jimin. Pinterest Board available for more visuals & aesthetic.
Personality; Faustus shares the kindred spirit of your well imagined pirate. He has no moral conflicts about stealing, feels borders are lines he can cross as long as he's not caught, and that a rule or more are meant to be broken, as long as they aren't your mom's rules. He's a confident flirt, playful and curious about the world, especially exploring it on high stake adventures. He encourages others to feed into these thrills but just as much advises getting familiar with the area and the people you'll be encountering. He's adaptive to most situations, learning to ride and channel the flow of conversations and action. He is social and intelligent, but deeper thoughts remain in his own abyss.

While he can vibe, he get's easily overwhelmed by other people, and his curiosity and habit to simply take things that are of interest to him get him into trouble. He is amicable but he doesn't trust or open up easily, he feels like he has a stigma attached to him and that's all others ever see. It doesn't really help his case that he is a flirt too. Although it's only his way of being playful, no one would know if Faust was genuinely interested in someone as he acts on whims in social situations. He was taught to dislike humans, and still holds the view that they are a pest and a fodder for creatures like himself. Addressing negative emotions in a healthy way and talking to others are something he could work on as he tends to repress these, or simply jump to something else. His bond helps him with these

Bond Madri; a manatee, they simply vibe and float where ever, even out of the ocean in their own personal bubble of water. They have a very intimate bond with Faustus, and can also manipulate water and change shape if they wish to.

Magic (describe what they do, any drawbacks, what magical knowledge they might have. Have fun with it.) As a siren and raised by a siren father and siren-sorcerer mother, he had the potential to be inclined to magic, but he never really showed it until meeting his manatee familiar, Madri. He met his manatee familiar at a point of trauma, and he became connected to the power and elements of the ocean and shape-changing. He has no healing powers whatsoever, and he's been using his powers acutely, (displacing things by having water pool beneath them and move them), have things float by drops of water collecting around said floating object, and more. His magic is more attuned with the ocean and marine life, he's recently come into the ability of manifesting marine layers, fog.

Backstory this is extensive because I had this prewritten
Faust's father, Martim Candorosa, came from off the southern coasts of Portugal. Like the stories we hear about sirens, much of his life was raised around luring sailors from their ships to their watery deaths. Bonus points if they could cause the whole ship to wreck. Martim's colony were warlike and territorial, they also devoured humans and sometimes consumed their enemies. This cannibalism can occur in their early stages of life, as when some siblings are born, they will devour their brother or sister for extra nutrients. After early development, such cannibalism fades, no longer a problem for the colony. It was regarded as something natural, and the butt of jokes. Your mom probably told you once or twice she wished your sister had eaten you (instead of you eating her).

Martim would grow bored of his life in the colony, where his soul always seemed to yearn for adventure. Eventually he would put this ambition into reality, leaving his colony like a legend; having manipulated a ship's crew to throw half of itself overboard and the other half worship his word as their new captain. A few sirens from the colony would also join him, and they would set off, travelling around the shores of Africa. Much of their small adventures were that of your fantasy pirate crew. They raided, they pillaged, they all had booty- even some of the human members though their treasure trove rarely met half the size of their siren mates. Sea monsters and other creatures would fall into their path and they would battle.

Faust's mother, Hwi Kim, lived around the coasts and waterways of Korea. She was not just a siren, but someone capable of sorcery. Originally she was sought to help with miracle remedies and advice for things that seemed otherwise impossible. You could hear her beautiful voice, reaching out for those who needed her magic and wisdom. She often helped these wanderers regardless of status. It was respectful, and expected, to be thanked or compensated in some way for her services. It was believed she would eat or drown rude and disrespectful visitors. Some believed she had her own sanctuary like abode, decorated with all the thanks she received, and others said that she could appear to you in any body of water.

There came a time where a maiden girl asked for her help regarding the illness of a prince she loved, and Hwi told her what she needed to do. The girl left without thanking her, and Hwi called back to ask if she was forgetting something- giving her the chance to offer a simple "thank you." The girl remembered leaving her scarf, retrieved it without thanking her again and carried on. This left a sour taste in Hwi's mouth and it would bite the girl later. The absence of thanks was not only taken offensively, but it affecting the girl's scarf, as if a magical rule had been broken and punishment would be due later. The prince would be healed as per the girl following through with Hwi's instructions. A battle would take place shortly after where the prince became wounded, the girl ran to his aid and tried to blot a serious wound with the scarf. But where the scarf touched only seemed to worsen and open the wound more, subsequently killing him. Overcome with emotion the girl set out and found Hwi again and asked how this could happen, and if there was some other way to bring him back. Hwi explained that this was a result of her poor manners the first time she visited.

Hwi treated the girl like a confused teenager, where normally she would have drowned or eaten rude visitors. She instead comforted her for this misfortune. It may have been because at this time she was also carrying a child of her own. After being somewhat comforted and leaving without a way to bring back her love, the girl was still enraged, blamed Hwi and convinced the prince's clan that she bewitched her scarf. She would lead a hunting party to Hwi's domain and the siren would now be known as an evil sorceress, faulted for the consequences of a girl travelling under her advice. Initially shocked, she would evade attacks while her place was being invaded and damaged, and one warrior would slash her belly and child. Knowing what the wound has done, wide eyed and now enraged herself, she transformed into a leviathan like creature cementing herself as an evil sorceress. The hunting party would fall and this would be the last time any human would see Hwi and live, sparing the girl, cursing her to always hear her deceased love's voice. Hwi left, and after terorizing the coast on her way out, left Korea.

Martim and Hwi would meet on the Sea of Japan. Hwi and Martim actually went toe to toe as pirate crew and sea serpent; Martim here on one of his adventures, Hwi here to find Seriyu. When Martim's ship began to collapse on itself, Hwi shifted to a human (siren) form having realized that Martim and some members of the ship were also sirens. She offered to fix the ship in return with helping her take Seriyu's pearl. Martim called her bluff, where Hwi responded making the ship repaired just enough to continue floating. The terms were accepted and when it was all said and done; there were some deceased members, a sad looking ship, an angry sea, and Seriyu's pearl in Hwi's hands reflecting two wicked grins.

With Hwi, Martim found he didn't need the extra help, and so letting go of his crew mates was fine by him as they went to steal their own ships and minions for their own adventures. A comical, snarky romance and partnership developed between these two. And the next important adventure happens in the middle of the Atlantic.

The City of Atlantis was formidable, not unlike the raid on Seriyu's palace in Japan, and while some souvenirs and treasures were looted, they also brought upon themselves some issues of the magical kind and barely got out with their lives. Hwi could not do much more even in her own prowess besides determine the life expectency of the ship before it would simply quit moving. This prompted a "where do you want to retire" as Hwi also revealed she was with child. Fun fact, the reason she was after Seriyu's pearl was so that she could use it's magic to conceive and carry children again where her attack in Korea had nulled her ability to produce children. In the end they settled their boat off the Florida Keys and started making a home out of it and the things they have looted and loot in th future. Martim making trips to the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico for food, supplies, and more loot. Guess the adventure never really retires.
Before they were even born, Martim had already warned Hwi of the nature of his colony's young. So when baby Faust ate his brother while they were away, it upset Hwi, but she was able to come to terms with it and it did not affect her love for Faust. But she does not appreciate the cannibalistic jokes. Don't get on her Sorcerer side.

As a kid who always had to be woken up, and then struggle to still get out of bed, he was awarded a familial nickname of "Sea Slug."

In his early childhood, Faust was taught everything from swimming, using his voice, to helping mom and pop carve their latest victims for future dinners. From fish to homosapiens, the Candorosa's meals would range from sushi, grilled fish, skewers of shrimp, crustaceans, seaweed, rice, and different styles of cooking and preparing a human being. Hwi enforced a table etiquette and a family dining setting. She was the teaching hand of manners and respect. Martim could have done without the manners, but enjoyed the family time, taking it as opportunity to tell them of his adventures in the Gulf and Caribbean and Faust of adventures they had before he was born. These stories filled Faust with dreams of adventure and the grandeur of being a pirate (like father like son), and generated little games like buried treasure, rough housing, and reenactments of Seriyu's pearl, City of Atlantis, etc. His parents taught him how to use the resources the ocean floor and it's life offers. As well as what trinkets and items the humans seem to throw away or misplace in the sea- or the accessories they have when they drown them. At ten, Faust started going with his father on expeditions in the Gulf and Caribbean. The stuff of dreams. Martim bestowed upon him his bident at age twelve, and taught him how to use it.

Hwi often tried to gauge her son's sorcery through trial and error, little tests. It appeared he could emulate her, parroting her own small uses of magic, but could never do something of his own creativity. There seems to be some necessary element of reflecting, imitating another magic user. Hwi used to be frustrated by this as was Faust who tried to make it look like he could do magic by pretending and coming up with tricks. He never really fooled his parents but they found the effort endearing.

The art of war, defending territory was something lectured and attempted to be passed onto him. But it's importance seemed to lack, being it was just the three of them, and Hwi's magic combined with the Pearl conveniently kept their ship-house obscurred so they hardly had any of this kind of trouble. Though Martim always preached about being aware. As the pearl's magic is being used, it shrinks.

Faust was not around other children of any kind, and was living a sheltered life. they had no way of sailing or were too concerned about their relatively young child interacting with a whole other populus of sirens. But something's gotta give, and as time grew and his parents adapted, they also found themselves integrating with human kind and their jobs. And Faust was admitted to middle school. Hwi always checked on him every day using a cell phone, when she figured out how to use it. She doesn't really understand the sorcery behind it.

Despite checking in on him, he went through his fair share of bullying early on. It had been painstakingly drilled into Faust to never reveal what he is to these humans. He was to act as a human himself, not a siren. Even if everything seemed safe, it would not be if they got lazy in guising what they are. So this often led to him tolerating being bullied, which continued the bullying. He often made excuses for them, since they are human they cannot be better anyhow. Like the girl from his mother's past. It also made him feel that much better about having to eat such a deplorable species. Lunch was packed for him everyday. And there were some occasions when unknowing bullies didn't realize they sometimes consumed ground up human when they took it from him. Even while he truly didn't care for them, he did always want to please someone or anyone, have some semblance of a friend or just someone to interact with. This started a level of people-pleasing and attention seeking, used to having his parents attention almost all the time.

Faust showed interest for acting and dancing, participated in school plays, track and field, dance lessons, and talent shows. Already a good swimmer, it was evident he would be someone multi-faceted and this sprouted jealousy among other students if not some awe. His natural beauty also created some kind of stars truck moments between students and teachers, and this also annoyed onlookers. Here is this boy seemingly out of nowhere, quiet and never in a fight, talented, there's got to be something wrong with him! He cannot be so perfect, as were most of the student body's thoughts. Anything wrong he did do was zoned in on, by bullies or a new face in the mix. He was popular and unpopular at the same time. In the name of appeasing people and bullies he became a doormat, with some exceptions.

In the last months of his middle school, he began acting "weird." This was really just him stalking students, a natural predatory instinct he was having and acting on. Sometimes his nails or teeth grew or his eyes changed, spooking his would-be victims, but there never being a serious issue as the school put it (one girl broke her arm, but he claimed she ran into the fence), dismissed it as childish shenanigans and at worst punished him with detention. For the remainder of his Middle school year and following summer he was more irritable and became less of a people pleaser. When anything was brought up around his behavior student to student, he claimed he had an illness.
The previous summer, time was heavily invested in tempering his urges to hunt and control his predatory instincts. He was also entering that teenage angsty period, desiring independence, being a brat, putting to practice the wit of his parents combined, and then usually apologizing later. Though sometimes he incurred the wrath of a Spartan Siren or the spells of a Sorceress. The mood swings and social pressures, struggle was real. He coped by being that guy in the hoodie with his earphones in, still pursuing his interests, but hardly giving other people the time of his day. This didn't solve everything and he would still have to deal with people who believed they could bully him, or do what he did in Middle School and tolerate them. For homecomings, it was not hard for him to find a date at all; attractive and a good dancer. He continued to particpate in the events and clubs he had in middle school.

Faust was starting to suffer in academics. Human history was not always interesting, he bullshitted any writing he had to do, but he was actually interested in Biology. Faust could do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division- but anything beyond that and he would just stare at his worksheet. Who is going to use any of this math anyways!? A combination of thinking low of humans and how he shouldn't have to learn their junk, and certain he would find a ship and voyage out like his parents did in the old days convinced him he didn't need to apply effort. The "cool kids" who didn't do their work and condescended their school and education also encouraged this attitude in Faust. This kind of behavior didn't fly with dad or mom, and he would be violently convinced to change his attitude. Unsurprisingly their arguments were similar to modern day parents, with the added "We are better than humans, and you don't care about grading lower with their rejects." Followed with long conversations about how times were different and he would have to start adapting and get a job to hide among people.

Times were changing indeed, and he was remaining just as confused. Still, he ended up catching onto a few things. Watching people flirt and manipulate and knowing his own aura and species' allure, he started conning the wooed into helping him or even straight up do his work for him. He also started using this to make his bullies uncomfortable around him, flirting with them and acting coy. And while they still messed with him from time to time, Faust could feel the intimidation, and it made him grin. A's were A's, Martim had his suspicions, but Faust's wordplay had gotten better having two teachers. And his parents couldn't seem to prove whether or not he was actually studying or if he had done what Martim would do. "I wouldn't do it all the time though." And this was learned the hard way.

trigger warning: mentions sexual abuse, rape, recovery
Thinking nothing of it, he continued flaunting his siren ability. It began to get problematic as any time he wasn't in class, at least one person was stalking him. It started out amusing, but then became annoying, especially since Faust wasn't trying to bring anyone home with him. In the locker rooms he was used to glances, staring, and flustered expressions. But it escalated to brushing against him for a feel, and then touching. He often pushed these advances away and scolded them. They trying to call it joking and playing around, or blame him for their advances because of how he acted. Unsure if they had a point, he started trying to mute his flagrant flirting. But issues still pursued after. A couple of times females, and males, would stride up and sit in his lap (which he didn't mind, he had seen this behavior and assumes it's a normal friendly gesture of some kind, it doesn't bother him) and after some time grab him inappropriately which he responded by shoving them off. Later peaks of being uncomfortable in a situation resulted in him slashing someone across the face, tearing their eye, and another's neck, whom almost died. School started feeling unsafe and he was concerned about explaining everything to his parents, since they had already kind of warned him and he basically had said "fuck you." He convinced himself he could sort it out on his own. Being a siren, this was just a part of it, he thinks. One of these school days, on his way home, two armed robbers held him at gun point. He didn't use his abilities, just gave them what they wanted; phone, valuables, wallet, and hoped they would let him go. They raped him before he was allowed to leave, and he staggered home.

When he got home his mom asked him why he was so late. He gave a stout "sorry," took a glass and started filling it with rum from his father's decanter, and sat on the floor. This was off to Hwi, sparing him from a scolding about getting into his dad's alcohol, she sees something's wrong. When Martim walks in he almost gets through his growl before Hwi hushes him. There was silence for a half an hour, the couple then trying to make small talk between themselves which evolved into how there days went. Seemingly all is normal again besides Faust on the floor drinking, and having gotten another glass. He's opened his mouth several times to try explaining himself but couldn't bring himself to actually speak about it. And he passes out before ever getting to.

Hwi seeing Faust sleeping looks at Martim and then walks over to him. She hesitates on it, but then tries to see what is wrong using her magic. She got a snippet before immediately stopping her connection. She didn't know how to deal with that. She had never thought that was possible, not for them, sirens, who kill people without a second thought. They were the apex predators. Martim can see she saw something, and that it spooked her, and he received the classic, "I'll tell you tomorrow."

When tomorrow came, Hwi had gone out before Martim or Faust woke up. Maybe it was to find the perpetrators, or maybe it was to figure out how to help her son. She didn't even know where to begin. She was convinced Martim wasn't prepared for this, he would probably be like her, finding a siren to be a victim like that as ludacris, impossible. She had wanted to believe she could do it with magic, or on her own, but she knew she couldn't and that something like this was fragile. The kind of source she had to find, was somewhere among this human filth. After some interesting attempts and frustration with people and technology, she found that her answer would be a small booklet with sixty pages in it. Leaving out all the credits, it was probably more like fifty. Maybe she owed this find to a man who suggested it to her and where to get it, coming upon her during one of her breakdowns. Why he helped her, a total stranger, no idea, but she promised he would be the only human she wouldn't eat or drown. She doubted it's effectiveness, but a mother with hardly any wiser of what to do, went with it.

While Hwi was out in town, Faust put himself in a warm bath with lots of bubbles and incense everywhere -because who doesn't like things that smell good and a bubble bath? Martim knocked and walked into his son's room with hands in his pockets. He looked like he was dressed for work, but if that was true Faust suspected he should have already left.
Martim, "Hey, thought you'd still be in bed Sea Slug, you usually sleep in late." Faust was playing with one of their many treasures that lined the shelves wrapped around the tub. This one a large pearl-like gem, but other than glowing and ringing, it was nothing magical like Seriyu's pearl. He offered his father a quick glance before going back to focusing on the toy, "Hey, ... going to work?"

"Nope, took the day off." Martim didn't say anything about how Faust had been in here for a couple hours. Martim knew because he had also been up earlier than normal, burdened by worry. But Hwi had been making obvious gestures since last night that kind overbearing, war-dad wasn't the way to be handling whatever this was, and he was trying to follow the cues. Ah look, a dad having learned something. Mentioning how long Faust had been hauled up in his open bath seemed like the wrong move, even though he was pretty sure long periods in all those bubbles were bad for siren scales.
"Well, I just wanted to be here if you need me," he rocked on his heels. This big buff guy who looked like a mix between a Portuguese football player and a burly ship captain, "I'm downstairs if you want anything, think I'll make Eagle Spread with Oysters." There's this weird air between them. Channeling radio waves that the other was trying to intercept but at the same time not wanting to send the wrong signals. Martim turns on his heel but before leaving he calls back, "Oh, if you want anything, but the rum." This cracks a grin from Faust, and Martim feels an inner 'score' as he closes the door. Then a second later he hears Faust call from the other side of the wooden wall, "Can we have shrimp etouffe!?" Martim yelling back a "Yeah!" as he descends down the stairs. He scoffs as he recalls how his family often says it's the only dish he can make killer without Hwi's help.

Later that night, Hwi had returned after reading the booklet, the booklet hidden in one of her pockets. While there had been a difference in the air, father and son had managed to fill the day with some casual games and more pirate stories. Martim looked to his wife in greeting, and somewhat expectedly. Hwi would tell Martim later that what it is, is something Faust has to feel comfortable telling them himself. Martim felt somewhat cheated by this; his wife got to know because of sorcery, and he may not be perfect, but he was a pretty damn good father and husband, so he felt. His frustration was understood by Hwi, and later in the month after Faust having several off-moments, episodes, and night terrors; Martim had enough trying to wait it out.

One night terror, Martim asked, again, what was wrong where Faust, again, could not talk about it. Hwi tried to console Faust, saying that was okay, though clearly pained and wondering if this was what she needed to be doing. Martim calmly explained he would not be leaving until he understood what was going on and what was affecting Faust so horribly. He even made several guesses, bullying? Fell in love with a human? Hwi tried to shoo him away but it almost created a very bad fight between them. And it slipped in the open, to Faust, that Hwi had an idea of what happened (as Martim mentioned this, in comlpaint that he couldn't know what was wrong or help everyone move forward). Discourse and tension was furtehr added to their family dynamic, Faust upset that his mother had used her magic to see in his head, he would demand to know how much she knew. And Martim again demanding to know. Hwi trying to reign in two men and explain again she is trying to do what she thinks is best for everyone. It was a very hyper-active argument that evolved into yelling, storming about, and throwing and breaking things. The family was hurting.

Early next morning, pieces of broken glass and splinters of wood decorate the furniture and floors. The three of them are sitting in a circle across from each other. Make up has ran, cheeks have been puffed, and the mugs are mean. It's a few hours of more harsh words, but eventually Faust is exhausted, really they were all getting to that point. Faust stretched his upper body over his crossed legs, face to the floor, and he plainly states what the trauma is. This is so beyond Martim that in his surprise he laughs. Hwi silent with a horrified expression, even knowing it already, and also at her husband's response. Faust then recounts the event in detail, stunning his father in silence too. Martim feels as Hwi did when she first found out, and he rises, pacing and going on about how that couldn't have happened. Amid the ramble Faust asked if it happened because he is a Siren (his fault). Hwi finds her voice again and she profusely preaches it's not his fault, it was about control. More pointedly at his father, he asks if he can still be a man. And Martim in raw thought responded, "This- This does not make you any less of a man (male). It's just, new to me..."

Faust would not return to high school for his sophomore year, and he and his family with Hwi's booklet did what they were capable of in helping Faust. Faust's family have come closer together, though do not always know how to help Faust, there is an understanding they try just as there is an understanding they could never know exactly what Faust goes through. He still experiences complications (nightmares, etc.) but has healed enough he can function on a day to day basis as opposed to being locked in his room. He has also retained his flirtatious personality, actively trying to convince himself that he wasn't the reason it happened.
Important/Latest History
Around the point of his trauma, one of the manatees he had become close with, Madri, had hovered around him and his family more. This manatee became his bond, having an intimate relationship and having many a time acted as his stuffed animal and security blanket- or lump. It was Madri who would later introduce him to a portals to other magical worlds and teach them about different worlds (as much as they could), though he always avoided humans regardless of the world- unless of course, he wanted something they had. The reason he agrees to the fairimentals quest is because he gets his own ship.

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Name: Yarrow
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5'0
Weight: 105 lbs
Build: Thin and lithe.
Mods: The "tattoos" are actually dark stripes that form naturally on the skins of the Lepi, each design unique to others. Yarrow's arms and legs match, with similar crossing lines and darkening of the skin up the wrist and ankles. The back differs by having the crossing lines begin at the waist and end by wrapping around his collar and up his neck. Yarrow has elongated and white furred ears, the same fur that tips his thin tail. Yarrow also has a piercing in each ear and snake bites for his lip.
Scars: Three diagonal scars across his back that runs from his right shoulder to his left hip.
Lepi: The Lepi were a humanoid species on the now taken planet of Elonar, a planet similar to Earth, but dominated by deep forests and large jungles. The Lepi's markings come as both display and breaking of their pattern to hide among the brush with ease. The large red eyes allow Lepi to see just as well within the dark as the light and the long furred ears are more akin to an Earth Dog's ears in hearing acuity. The Lepi are shorter than average humans and lighter in builds, with bodies built to walk among the thick branches of Elonar’s forests to escape the predators below. A thin tail with a plume of fur sways with their gait, giving them great balance.
Elonar: This world sits on the edge of the web, one side of it constantly darkened by the empty void beyond it. Dominated by jungles and large rivers on one side, while the dark side was essentially an ecological dead zone. Cracked, dry earth with only large fissures breaking up the empty space. Elonar is now taken, one of the first worlds to be eaten by the resurging darkness.

Magic: Yarrow is the closest thing the Fairimentals have to a portal master, so here he is. Using the amulet to see images of the destination, the Fairy Map to plot a course through the web, and his practiced magic to cast the spell; Yarrow can create portals across great distances, worlds, and the web. As powerful as many would consider this, Yarrow is fairly limited in its use. These connections are created naturally or by being much more powerful than him, so he has to rely on existing portals. Even with the tools to aid him, opening portals is still a draining process on Yarrow and will leave him exhausted.
Focus object: Yarrow has forgone any focus object, at least for now. However, Yarrow is looking forward to finding one, as he'd like to have a quicker escape should this adventure go badly.
Bond: No bond for Yarrow!
Bond Desciption: Invisible, purposeless, and indifferent.
Does your bond have magic? Nope!

At first glance Yarrow is an escapist, lonely, and unemotional. The idea of combat or danger is enough to make Yarrow skittish, but verbal arguments against others are even worse. While he’s not dismissive of others' emotions, Yarrow finds it hard to empathize with anyone in tense situations; the flight instinct ingrained as a reaction. While he may escape conflict with others, problems presented as challenges to overcome or puzzles to solve are an easy way to make Yarrow face something. A secluded, scholarly type, Yarrow invites many to think he is quite lonely. While somewhat true, Yarrow has a very rich connection to both the world around him and his own emotions. A rich imagination and active mind makes Yarrow very capable of entertaining himself, in his seclusion convincing himself that’s the best option. And while Yarrow may be a blank slate on the outside, he feels deeply, but he’s afraid to show it. Rejection by his family and the loss of his friend have left Yarrow wary of letting those close, time alone preparing has made him hopeful and willing to try though. Glimpses of the creative, curious, and quirky Yarrow can be found in his varied interests and the new ones he'll inevitably find, but otherwise he'll be a bit hard to crack.
Elonar, a planet of two sides, half covered a vibrant and lively ecosystem while the rest is a desolate waste. Blackened earth with deep fissures and a constant breeze that carries the dust makes up the waste. While nothing survives the dead zone, the jungle is home to a growing species of sentient creatures that call Elonar their home world: the Lepi. They lived among the trees to avoid the predators on the ground and only came down to hunt the rivers. Many communities formed across the surface, with differences plenty between them, but they all shared their superstition to the dead zone. Any Lepi that found their way to the dead zone were cursed and tainted, obvious by the stained black dust that usually coated them. A young, curious Yarrow, already somewhat estranged by his family, was tempted to the dead zone and became one of these tainted; his own family casting him out after seeing the dust tainted across his skin.

As a child Yarrow was considered strange to most of his family and concerning to the rest of his community. While he had many oddities, it was his propensity to explore beyond the treetops that caused most of the contention among his people and led to his exile. Yarrow still remembers that night, both the wonder and the pain of it. Starting with a trip to a secluded lake near the treeline and chasing Quarren along the branches, a loud sucking sound cut off by a loud crack sounded over the jungle; Yarrow’s sensitive ears pulling towards the dead zone. The Quarren ran from the sound, but Yarrow moved for the treeline at a brisk pace.

From a vantage point in the trees Yarrow could see across the wastes, ears twitching as it tried to pick out the strange sound. Ears focused him and eyes squinted to see a figure, barely carving a silhouette in the dust between them. Curiosity pushed him down the tree, but his anger sent him out in the waste. At the time Yarrow didn’t know why he was angry at his family and why it’d send him out there. Even so, Yarrow ran through the whipping wind and crossed the deep fissures until he could see the figure. A dark robe, light hair gently moving with the wind, and a necklace that flickered with a shine. The figure created a large display of colors, lines, and shapes, something more grand than Yarrow had ever seen. By the time Yarrow processed the blurry image they were gone and another portal was closing in front of him. It was a map of the many stars above Elonar, Yarrow familiar for how often he’d stared up at the patterns. Yarrow didn’t return home to hear the punishment and instead stayed away, assuming the worst. More than that, if he didn’t stay by the treeline he might miss the next time they came.

The second time Yarrow heard a sound in the dead zone was again a loud crack and a rending of the wind, a robed figure stepping from a hole above the ground. Years later and Yarrow was still curious to a fault, for better or worse, and approached the stranger. They were taller than him, with golden hair peeking out from the pulled hood, and hands that hid until they drew a thin silver dagger towards them. Instead of running, Yarrow was drawn to the glowing amulet under the hood that illuminated their face and couldn’t help moving forward with an inquisitive tilt to his head. The cautious stance and his innocent curiosity endeared the woman to him momentarily. At ease and dagger sheathed, Yarrow was introduced to Octavia.

Octavia revealed to be a somewhat starry form herself, eyes luminescent and an ethereal sheen to her skin. Silver chain holding an intricate amulet was around her neck, two books cradled in one hand, a belt with a few metal tools, and her stare was both warm and frightening. The dagger was apologized for, Octavia explaining her time with other Lepi had been difficult, but that she hadn’t seen any out here and feared the worst. It was followed by her questioning his reason for being there, Yarrow revealing that he’d seen her years ago. Octavia felt gracious, embarrassed, and lucky to find a Lepi willing to work with her in short notice. Yarrow also shared everything he could think of, hoping that any of the details would bring more attention from the fascinating being. It was when he asked about the stars that they found a common interest.

The mage was here to map the stars and check their positions compared to years before. Yarrow shared his rudimentary drawings and noted astrological events, however it was all mostly known. The information that surprised her was Yarrow noting ‘stars disappearing’, each time he came back to the wastes he could see more missing from the sky. They spoke through the night as Octavia worked and Yarrow engrossed himself in it, absorbing as much of it as he could. Each tool he asked for its purpose, each mark on the page was questioned, and each of her glances to the sky were pondered by him. In return for answering his questions, Yarrow spoke about himself to keep her company as she worked. Stories of the many animals he’s made friends with, secret places he’s found in the forests to hide, and things he’s found in the dead zone. Prodding about other Lepi and even his family was always met with silent contention, Yarrow veering the conversation elsewhere without much hesitation. It finally became apparent that she wasn’t the only one who found Yarrow a bit odd and his seclusion was evident, whether it was self imposed or not was unclear. Even so, the happy surprise of meeting Yarrow couldn’t overcome the despair Octavia felt seeing the coming void above. Measurements taken two years ago had shown the void was coming for Elonar, but even now she could see the beginning of the end for the world.

Given the news, Octavia decided to visit Elonar every couple days for the next few years and increasing in frequency as time went on. The visits were originally just to keep tracking the void and Octavia kept to this rigorously, but Yarrow found a soft spot instantly. Not wanting to get rid of Yarrow, but trying to continue her research, she took Yarrow as an assistant. It kept him busy when she needed to work and it kept him happy to learn from her. Octavia brought tomes and scrolls from different worlds to him from her home to read, parchment for him to begin making his own charts, and a set of tools to work while she was away. As much as there was to be done on Elonar, it was idle waiting for a day Octavia knew was coming, but she could make some good out of it for now. Even as the world counted down til consumption and her options lessened, she found something she couldn’t leave behind.

Beyond Octavia’s relationship with Yarrow and tracking the coming void , she also tried to make some connection to the rest of the Lepi, but found it near impossible. The forests were dense and overgrown, moving through the brush on the ground was exceptionally difficult. The fauna had an abundance of predators, most of which stalked or trapped prey unlucky enough to be on the forest floor. Octavia attempted a few times despite these challenges, but only ever spotted the red eyes from the treetops before they disappeared. The Lepi are skittish, wary of most things, but nothing on the ground floor is safe; especially a strange, glowing figure. Octavia asked Yarrow to come with on a few occasions, but it seemed to be the only thing he wouldn’t do for her.

Octavia was correct, after some time the darkness was being pushed faster, but it reached Elonar far before she was ready. Much of the flora had been preserved, taken back with her home, but she still had much of the fauna to find. More than that though, the Lepi still had no idea they were sitting on their salvation if they’d only trust her. She was here to mitigate losses, but she hadn’t done much for this world. Elonar was a growing list of worlds that would continue to fall to the encroaching darkness she was fighting, at least it would be if she was alone anymore. Octavia found a friend and assistant in Yarrow, but more than that she hoped she’d have an apprentice and eventual partner. Elonar had taught her she wasn’t going to turn the tide herself, but two Portal Masters working for the Fairimentals certainly could.

The void was announced by darkness and silence, as the world was plunged into cosmic isolation. Animals hid, sensing the danger approaching with little knowledge of what to do. The canopy fell dead , flowers wilted, and the ground became bare as if they were being drained by some unseen force. It was perpetually dark, the miasma of space that usually surrounded Elonar was gone and replaced by void. Octavia believed she had a week left when the void touched ground and the center of the dead zone cracked against its inky tendrils. That started her frantic search for the gathering Yarrow, but it was the sound of someone opening the portal that sent her scrambling. She thought it unlikely they’d find her, but there was more activity with her training of Yarrow and knew it was a possibility.

With only a glimpse at the trio approaching from the dead zone, Octavia searched for Yarrow who was attempting to bring two more Quarren to her; the quick creatures having eluded their capture for some time. That made it all the more surprising when she approached frantically, a state that Yarrow had never seen her in. The intensity in her eyes and break in her usually calm voice unsettled Yarrow, scared before she could explain the large crack that he felt. Octavia slung her bag around Yarrow, tied her amulet around his neck, hid it all by slipping the cloak over him, and held his shoulders tight when she began to explain that he was to run back to his tribe’s home to take them to safety. Yarrow’s tears and protest brought back her intensity, but it faltered to her own tears. They embraced for only a moment.

From over her shoulders where his tears were falling, Yarrow looked through teary eyes at a terrifying sound. A roar, gut wrenching and heart dropping, as if all the predators on Elonar had joined in one. It announced the slick panther, it’s Dark Mage master, and the hulking behemoth of magic behind them. Octavia didn’t look back and only gripped Yarrow tighter before meeting his eyes, sending him away with a few words and one of her rare smiles. They both ran, Octavia taking an opposite direction to the Lepi who instinctually climbed. In the moment the next few minutes felt like slow motion, but looking back it feels like just a blink.

A race against a shadowy monster, with claws that tore through the thick branches and teeth that nipped at his heels through their chase. Test of his knowledge of Elonar, using his secret hiding places and tricks that he’d use against the predators here to get away from the panther. Making it back home with a plea to his old family, only to be blamed for the coming end. The tainted one returned and ended their world in their mind, and Yarrow didn’t have the heart, time, or compassion to wait for the family that hated him. Yarrow barely made it through the portal, three large scars from the claws of the beast to prove it. Terra and the Fairimentals were waiting for him, with hope to find Octavia, but condolences meant that her mantle was his until she “returned”.

((I apologize for this being choppy and then a rushed conclusion, I didn't start with an outline and boyyyy did my scatterbrain show why that's a bad idea. However, enough stalling and I can go back to clean it up later, this is the gist of Yarrow if not a bit anti-climatic. I was also a bit vague with his timeline, also upping him to 20, but it's all put together please dont check.))
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Everyone's forms are looking lovely! I am sorry for not telling you guys that basically once your form is done, you are good to go, and even if you are please do have fun with the chatting and plotting.


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  • Lian
    full name
    He goes by Lian, he can't share his real name with people.

    Lian the name he choose for himself, so technically It is a nickanme. Feel free to gize him some.


    Lian looks around 25 physically, but in actuality he is more like 116

    August 18th

    sexual orientation

    open to romance?
    Lian is going to be flirting with most the group at some point, Jason and Faust are so far his main targets.

    Sluagh, which is a member of the uneelie court which means he is a dark fae creature.

    5'7" (173 cm)

    130 lbs.

    Lian is on the shorter side of the spectrum for a dude and he is pretty light weight as well. He is not going to be the dude to be fighting anyone. Most likely to be carried about because he is just a tiny dude in general. But his lack of major muscle is that he is super flexible.

    Medium length dark hair that he has dyed blonde in some parts.

    Dark brown

    He has many piercerings in his ears.

    Lian's back is covered in scars that look like claw marks.

    Ten from NCT

coded by reveriee.
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  • The Star

♡design by dreamglow, coded by uxie♡

Name: Cassiopeia "Cassie" Galli

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Race: Nymph

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 103

Build: Lithe

Mods: None

Scars: A small burn scar just below her collarbone, in the center of her chest. You wouldn't know it was there looking at her, as it's now covered by her necklace.

FC: Monica Ollander

Role: The Star

Focus object: Cassie's focus object is a fire opal that she's recently had set into an ornate gold necklace. The warmth the smooth stone seems to omit keeps her grounded, with the bonus of the stone now being set so it doesn't heat against her skin.

Bond: Percy, the lunar jackalope.

Bond Description: See attached

Does your bond have magic?: Percy can communicate telepathically as well as fly.

Personality: Cassie has never been someone who was easy to digest. She's loud, clumsy, stubborn, and a bit rude. No one will ever accuse her of being sugar-sweet, and that suits her just fine. Her brash nature bears a stark contrast to her kind, gentle-spoken sisters and cousins, which made her a little bit of a black sheep in her own family. To deal with the fact they already saw her as other from them, growing up Cassie out absolutely play up her outlandish behavior, furthering the divide between her and them. If they wanted to whisper about her, she'd give them something to whisper about. Now that she's older and a little more mature, she regrets the distance between her and her family, but the damage has been done.

Her big outburst and emotionally charged actions of a young girl were not without consequence. There were more than a few singed hairs around her. A tantrum meant scorch marks on furniture, a particularly nasty fight with her parents could mean a brush fire. As she's gotten older and has been given some guidance from her mentor, these sorts of events are becoming a little less frequent, but Cassie is still a young hothead so they haven't been removed completely.

Cassie is fairly outgoing and is comfortable striking up casual conversations with others, but she likes to just leave it at that. She doesn't have many if any, deep and meaningful friendships, nor does she seek them out. She knows that she's selfish, explosive, and potentially unsafe, and she doesn't want to have to worry about other people's wellbeing when they're subjected to her presence. It's just easier for everyone that way. Her unwillingness to have any meaningful conversations makes her seem standoffish and stuck up.

Cassie came into this world the same as many others like her, made of a Melo Melo pearl and sea salt, crafted carefully by the goddess Thessal. She was then placed with her family, a group of women whom she refers to as her sisters. As a little girl, Cassie had a huge admiration for her sisters, she thought the world of them and wanted to be just like them. But she wasn't. Her older sisters were poised and elegant. They always had the right words and knew just how to act. Cassie was loud and tactless. She stumbled through sentences and was prone to tantrums when she became overwhelmed. Her fits made her dangerous and posed a threat to the seaside village they called home.

As Cassie began to get a little older her control was getting worse. While she was less likely to throw a fit, once she got going she was down the path to destruction. Her sisters couldn't help her and began to resent her and Cassie resented them right back. She felt like it was her against the world, and she was struggling to see a bright future.

Word of a young girl with a bad temper spread far enough to reach the ears of a woman names Tesoi. Tesoi was known as a powerful woman who was not to be trifled with. She held power that others can only dream of. Once she had heard of a raw, messy, but powerful magic that Cassie was struggling to control, she sent for the young girl. Cassie was to be brought to Tesoi where she would become her student and learn how to wield her power.

Magic Tracker- Cassie is drawn into sources of magic like a moth to a flame. She doesn't know how she knows it there, but she just does. She can feel it when she's close. She describes it like how some people just know when it will rain, they say you can feel it in the air. That's how Cassie knows where there's magic nearby. The air practically vibrates with it in a way that is undesirable, yet makes perfect sense once you feel it.

Fire elemental- This one writes itself. Cassie can, to the best of her abilities, control and summon fire. Summoning is the easy part, she's got that down to a science. It's where control comes in that things start to go sideways. With the assurance of Meela, Cassie trains hard to work on her control, but she still has a long way to go.
Add what you would like, and I will say if I don’t think it has enough information.
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