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Realistic or Modern We are who we are but with the wrong person


The 5 year reunion of canary high.
The students are all grown and living on with their life. 8 people all ended up dating the person everyone expected them to. When they get snowed into a small town in Colorado while on the way to the reunion skii trip,everything changes. Could it be that they were just pretending to be who everyone thought they should be?. In the end they all go home with someone no one expected.
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1.The jock
2.Mr nice guy
3.The tough guy
4.The stoner

1.The prom queen @jellybat
2.The "preachers daughter": @lette
3.The bitch @Kaymari
4.The hippie: @Capricornus

All in order of how they are togeater.

They end up:

The hippie-the jock
The "preachers daughter"- the stoner
The bitch-mr nice guy
The prom queen-tough guy​
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