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Fandom We are the Misfits! (Naruto/Misfits AU)

Sub Genres
Action, Anime, AU, LGTBQ Friendly, Naruto Universe, Super Powers

Harley Quinn

The Akatsuki are my passion✨
In an alternate universe the Akatsuki get sentenced to community service for their crimes, but on the first day something goes horribly wrong.

A freak storm rages over the community centre, where they are forced to work, and they are struck by a lightning strike!

When they awake, they start to experience strange things. Could it be?! They gained...superpowers ?!

Could the whole town be infected with these superpowers too?

I love Misfits and I love the Akatsuki. SO I thought it would be super fun to combine them, while I think the Akatsuki are a good fit for the main misfits, I will accept two other characters from the Naruto universe into the main group. Of course we need lots of other characters to populate the world.

If you haven’t heard of misfits, then the powers are assigned a certain way. For example if a character really loves doing a certain thing, that might translate into to the characters power. Or even they just do something over and over, they don’t necessarily have to enjoy it.
A strong personality trait can also help dictate what power the character will have.

One per character and it’s fine if you use a power straight from the show.

For example Hidan could borrow Nathan’s power SPOILER -immortality

Or Sai could borrow Peters power - drawing something and it becoming reality.

Or completely made up!
For example Naruto was always lonely and because of that had a fear of loneliness , so he can make clones of himself 🤷🏼‍♀️

Deidara has a short fuse and also art is an explosion. So when he’s mad things around him explode 🤷🏼‍♀️

Let’s have fun with it. The powers can be as powerful or as stupid as you want.

I don’t expect anyone to be interested BUT thanks for reading ✌🏻

Harley Quinn

The Akatsuki are my passion✨
Leave a comment if your interested, or any more ideas or even who you would like to be!

Thanks :)

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