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Realistic or Modern We All Break Sometimes | closed

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just thriving...
—Anchor Bay, We All Break Sometimes !
Modern Day Town Roleplay.
01. introduction.

Anchor Bay overlooks the Nantucket Sound on the edge of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. A few miles off from Barnstable Town, away from the busiest locales of the Cape, Anchor Bay still draws in a flock of eager tourists for every season of the year.

Anchor Bay, despite its quiet off-season atmosphere and curt New England hospitality, has an inexplicable charm to it even when the seasonal festivities have passed. Just about anything can be found here: whether in the eccentric downtown, complete with a bookstore and cafés, or along the historic waterfront and its elegantly-kept Georgian buildings. Or, if you've a taste for it, the shadowed and run-down industrial district bedecked in graffiti and looming iron scaffolding.

Local community colleges and accessible employment and housing brings in a vibrant population of young people just beginning their lives away from home, but the long-time locals of the town are more often than not just as strong-willed and vivacious. Anchor Bay has become a place for many to find themselves, to come of age, or to start anew.

With this, though, comes inevitable conflict and tension. After all, there's only so much that town fairs and Christmas lights and horse-drawn carriages can brighten up.

02. rules.

This RP is headed by Dazzle, Elf_Ruler and OdinsTwinWolves. Questions and concerns will be deferred to them.

We will have a mandatory Discord server for OOC discussion, plotting, and miscellaneous fun. Please adhere to the rules in the Discord as well as the RP itself.

RULE 01. Be kind to one another, no hate will be tolerated. We are a LGBTQ+ supportive community.

RULE 02. Literate writing, we would like you to strive for at least two paragraphs, though know that creativity can sometimes be hard to come by. Trust me, we’ve all been there!

RULE 03. Feel free to come to the GMs with any problems or questions.

RULE 04. Random questions about the roleplay can be directed to Chim, as this man knows everything and forgets nothing.

RULE 05. This is a group rp, we will come up with plots collaboratively. However, GMs will get final say in appropriateness.

RULE 06. There may be mature themes in this rp, because of this we do ask people to be over the age of 16. And when writing more mature themes (that have been approved by GMs) please put trigger warnings on the posts.

RULE 07. If you are ever having a problem, please let us know. We are very understanding and want to work with you.

RULE 08. We are looking for realistic characters. No mary/gary sues. Be creative!

RULE 09. We are looking for active people, try to post once a week. (Please do not feel like you need to post at Chim speed, he is like a cheetah on crack.)

RULE 10. Roleplaying should be fun! This is something to look forward to at the end of the day, please do not feel pressured to be perfect. Just write for you. BB codes are not required, they do not make a writer.

RULE 11. All characters must be approved by a GM before you may begin posting.

RULE 12. Characters must be between the ages of 13-24 (We will consider older characters, with approved CS)

03. premise.

Welcome to Anchor Bay!

In this RP, we'll be developing the town through our cast of characters. The storyline is free and flexible to craft in as we please, within some limitations, but we're open to all kinds of plot ideas.

We'll be running through a system of skips from one event to the next. You'll be plotting with other players for each skip, and it will be up to you how your characters spend each event.

These are not on a day-by-day basis. We'll be picking about two events for each month of the year, and these too can be discussed and voted on within the group.

Characters will also be able to interact in the Discord server itself via their Twitter and Instagram accounts. The Tupperbox Bot allows you to create proxies for your characters to post within the social media channels.
It's fun. Trust me. A little messy sometimes, but the fast pace compared to the RP itself makes it a great way to meet the cast and establish relationships.

Above all, this RP is a collaborative effort. Everyone will be part of what takes us forward in the story. The direction is up to you.

04. other.
Most important, HAVE FUN

code by @leviathan.


pixie princess <3
possibly interested, depending on how large this gets!! < 3
large rps tend to be too overwhelming for me, so no hard feelings if it doesn't work out (:

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