Warrior Cats WC RPers?


I actually made one yesterday… if y’all would like to join.(: I used to rp warrior cats a few years ago and then my life took over and I stopped. I started up the books again and wanted to try a rp again because I love it. It’s a old plot line I had, so I hope y’all like it.(:


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I also have one, but I am looking for people to just do a 3-5 person roleplay were we make most the characters and story write together.


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I have one but it's off-site so pm me if you wanna join :D
Oh, it's been a while since I've seen a WC roleplayer and RP, I've been looking for some but recently can't find any. If possible can you shoot me the link, please?

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This was posted a bit ago but i am kinda interested in rping. Not that i have any ideas nor am i rlly that far book wise. But once i like something i cant help search for rps for it rip


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Hello! I Would LOVE to roleplay!

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