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Fandom Wayward Sons [CS]



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Name: Robert Cadogan

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: Human

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 186lbs

Years of Hunting Experience: 10

Specialty: Combat

• Heavy Metal

• Food

• Sport

• Beer

• Loyalty


• Pop Music

• Veganism

• Wasps/Bees/Hornets

• Disloyalty

• Religion

He is typically British, sarcasm being a key component of his personality. He loves a practical joke and taking the time to enjoy his downtime. He will always make time for those around him, giving them someone to vent to if needed. He can often rub people up the wrong way if they do not know him well enough.

When it comes to hunting, the practical jokes go out of the window almost as if a switch goes in his head that allows him to become entirely focussed on the task at hand. He can be reckless at times and does occassionally have a martyr complex.

Born in the UK, Robert was raised in a military family. His father, grandfather, great grandfather and even further back, had all seen active combat under the British flag. Growing up he spent most of his time stationed on military bases dotted around the globe as his father was moved from one to the next. It didn't phase him as it would have most children, he was determined to follow in his fathers footsteps. When of legal age he joined the British Army, eventually joining the Royal Tank Regiment. What he didn't know was that this would lead him onto the journey to become a hunter.

After three years in the British Army, Robert found himself in Canada at the British Army Training Unit Suffield. It was in a nearby town that he found out that things did indeed go bump in the night. While on some downtime he and a close friend ventured into a bar and were approached by a pair of very attractive women. Thinking their luck was in, the men stuck with the women and accepted an invite back to their apartment. When they arrived they soon discovered the true nature of the women, that they were in fact vampires. Robert's friend was attacked and quickly drained, his jugular torn from his throat in the struggle. Robert tried to fight them off but with no weapons to hand, couldn't do anything more than bruise his own knuckles. As the vampires moved in for the kill a hunter by the name of Terrance "Terry" Dyson, bust into the room and saved Robert.

In the hours that followed Terry told Robert the truth about the world and the extent of what roamed in it. Robert made up his mind quickly and asked Terry to train him. Terry was initially hesistant but opted to give Sully a chance, recognising his military skillset as something that could be used to develop Robert into an effective hunter. Sully left the army and in the years that followed the pair worked in tandem with Robert proving himself to be more than capable.

Several years after their meeting, the pair went their separate ways, Terry focussing on his home state of Ohio after marrying a woman he saved from a werewolf. At present Terry operates more as a provider of weapons, relics and other assorted items to hunters looking for help. In addition he has set up safehouses in multiple states for any hunters needing a place to rest, each fully warded against all kinds of monsters. Sully on the other hand continues to travel around to wherever he is needed, protecting whoever he can. What he would call his home base is in Dayton, Ohio and it is where he operates from.

In regards to his family, Robert still has contact with them, sending them letters on a regular basis. They are unaware of what he does, instead thinking he left the army for a high paying job in a generic US corporation. In fact the money he gets is from less than legal means. Small amounts are siphoned from many corporate accounts so as not to raise suspiscion, but the number of accounts affected allows him to not want for anything. This source of income was set up by Curtis Maybury, someone Terry introduced to Sully after he became involved in hunting. Not a hunter in the slightest, Curtis has an aptitude for computers not many others have. He has set up backdoors into the computers of all important US government agencies, all accessible from the comfort of the Wayward Son's HQ.

Why Did They Join?:
Finding out that things do actually go bump in the night was more than enough to get Robert to take up the mantle of being a hunter.

Preferred Weapons:
• Glock 17 | Stored in a shoulder holster and readily loaded with silver bullets. Three spare magazines are situated beneath the holster on the strap. A fourth at the bottom contains demon trap rounds.
• Angel Blade | On the strap opposite the holster and magazines, he stores an angel blade.

• Old Military Uniform
• Family Photo
• 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302


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Vintage Glamor Guy
Name: Chanson Bourbon

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual

Race: Human


Height: 5 feet 10 inches

Weight: 145

Years of Hunting Experience: 4 years

Specialty: Monster Lore

Likes: Art, Music, Theatre, Magic, Witches

Dislikes: Demons, Vampires, Expensive Clothes, Small Towns, Big Cities



Prior to becoming a Hunter, Chanson was a still not a normal person as he was raised by a witch. While the woman wasn’t his real mother, she had taken him in and raised him as her own son. In the small town they called home, Eleanor was something of a physician to the residents and sold home remedies to cure their ailments. Aside from that part of his life Chanson had a normal childhood and grew up with average human problems.

Things went sour, however, when a demon arrived in their town and attempted to employ Eleanor’s magic. The demon desired a spell to hide him from his enemies, but Eleanor never worked with or for demons and refused the creature her services. Deciding that he wouldn’t give up, the demon remained in town for several days and each day he killed one person. Word spread of a serial killer and the local news eventually reported the killings. Like flies to honey, hunters hurried to the town, hot on the tail of their demon. At the time Chanson had just graduated high school and was helping his mother with her business, as well as studying monster lore from some old books she had collected. When the hunters finally arrived, Chanson and Eleanor teamed up with them to bring down the demon that plagued their small town. Unfortunately their finally showdown with the hellspawn, Eleanor sacrificed herself to protect Chanson from the demon’s dying attack. Along with the hunters, Chanson finished off the demon and buried his mother.

After a few months he contacted the hunters once more with an interest in becoming one of them. His mother’s business was failing without her and he couldn’t bear to remain in their old house alone. So he became an apprentice under a hunter named, Alphonse. He finally put his monster knowledge to use and spent the next 4 years learning to hunt alongside his mentor. Then the old man retired and Chanson was left alone. He went out in search of a new team to belong to and found, The Wayward Sons.

Why Did They Join?: To be part of a family.

Preferred Weapon: Crossbow or Longbow

Keepsakes: Bestiary, Mother’s Grimoire, Protective Charm

Theme: Sweet Dreams


Ruler of the Dinosaurs
Name: Tyler Vernion ( Ty)
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexuality: bi
Race: Human


Weight: 165
Years of Hunting Experience: 2
Specialty: Languages
Likes: Food, Netflix, Reading, Drawing, Roadtrips
Dislikes: uptight people, being talked down to, raccoons, pop music, Cities
Personality: Ty has a very kept to herself personality and can come off as a cold person, She is very blunt and to the point when it comes to most things. Loves to flirt.
Background: Ty was born into a family of "hippies" as they were called, Hunters were not as accepted in her parents time. She was homeschooled and unlike other children reading green eggs and ham she was reading Irish lore. Her family traveled a lot due to their lifestyle. She grew up with lots of "uncles", people who also hunted. She never really fit in in a public school due to her tastes tainted by hanging around her father and uncles. She is a very confident person when she is comfortable and stubborn as a bull when she has to be which isn't always for the better. She stays in regular contact with her family as they don't live the hunter lifestyle anymore, but they serve as Tys information hub. Living on the road makes a serious relationship hard, but she is very picky and has had only 1 serious relationship which she had to end after being called crazy and everything else after telling him about hunting.
Why Did They Join?: The family had once been in the hunter business, wants to travel
Preferred Weapon: Knife in her boot, Colt 1911 on her side concealed
Keepsakes: Necklace her dad gave her for her 5th birthday, Her dogs tooth on a choker
Theme: Turn the page - Bob Seger


Little wolf
Name: Silas Blackwell
Age: 25
Sexuality: Bisexual
Race: Human
Height: 5'10
Weight: 143 lbs
Years of Hunting Experience: 6 years
Specialty: Tracking
Rock and Metal music, driving, fast food, bars, drawing, hunting.
Dislikes: Demons, long lines, big crowds, deep waters, salat, cursed objects.

+ Loyal, protective, clever
- Blunt, impulsive, stubborn
Silas isn't the most talkative of people but he is by no means a quiet loner. He says what's on his mind and doesn't bother with lies unless it's really necessary or for a hunt. He might complain about having to help someone but in the end he often ends up helping anyway because in truth he doesn't mind doing it.

Background: Silas was born into a pretty ordinary family. His mother was a florist and his father a detective. He grew up loved by his parents and tried to live up to their expectations.

But when Silas turned fifteen he found out the truth. His father was a hunter. For years he managed to keep both lives separate (hunting and family life) but on a dark stormy night, both of the old man's worlds collided as one of the creatures he had been hunting decided to turn the tables and hunted the man and his family instead.

For a few days they managed to outrun the demon but it soon caught up to them and changed Silas' life forever as he had to see his parents die but was saved from dying as well by a couple of hunters who his father had called for backup.

Now on his own, what followed were years of learning about the life of a hunter as well as how to fight before he finally went on his first hunt at the age of nineteen. After that, he started looking for a group of hunters to raise his chances of survival as he saw first hand that lone hunters didn't live very long.

Why Did They Join?: Not long ago he learned that a hunter isn't likely going to survive for very long if they hunt alone.
Preferred Weapon: Two daggers, one is coated with silver and the second with iron.
Keepsakes: An old thick ring that was a family heirloom from his father's side. It has an engraving on it that protects him from possession.


I’m not crazy... I swear.
Name: Nova Chén
Age: 27
Gender: female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Race: Human

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 154 lbs
Years of Hunting Experience: 4 months
Specialty: None
Likes: Action movies, the color blue, gum, singing, chocolate, dancing, working out
Dislikes: Liars, pickles, being sick, cigarettes, waking up late, being too hot/cold

Personality: Nova isn't one to just give up, she's very tenacious (perseverant). She won't stop until she accomplishes whatever it is. And even though she's vindictive she is as sweet as a pea. She's compassionate and gentle to a fault. But don't' take it as a weakness, because she is beyond weak. She is unpredictable, not just in her mood but in the choices she makes. You'd never be able to pin her down unless you think of every possible situation, choice, and mood. And even then she might surprise you. She usually tells things how it is, she doesn't like beating around the bush. Even her delivery is a bit tactless. To no true fault of her own she is arrogant, she thinks she's the sh*t. Not necessarily Gods gift, but she does have an arrogant streak. But despite all this she is loyal to her friends, to those who stick by her. Nova's daring personality goes hand in hand with her ambition. She's driven in both hunting and her relationships. And top off this whirlwind of a personality she's quite confident. You won't ever catch her slipping.

Background: Nova had a pretty normal life despite being an orphan. Nothing exciting ever happened until her adoptative family who had no children of their own had died. And being the only living relative, she received their home, cars and whatever else they had. One day after moving into her old childhood home because it was bigger and better than the apartment she's been staying, she went through her parents' things. She's found a journal through pure luck that detailed the supernatural. She didn't believe any of it and just put back where she found it and kept shifting through their things. She either sold or got rid of most of the stuff except for the journal. She figured she hold onto to because they went through great lengths to hide it so it must be important. A few months later she had stumbled upon a secret room in the house, filled all sorts of strange things (hunter items). Nova didn't know what to do, she thought her parents were some sort of crazed assassins. She went and told her best friend about this, who she did not know was a hunter and apart of the Wayward sons, who told Nova she'll come over later. When her best friend showed up, they talked pretty much all day and night. Eventually, Nova joined up with the group after an near death experience in which her best friend saved her.

Why Did They Join?: To learn about this hidden world of her adoptive parents
Preferred Weapon: Blades of all kinds, mainly knives
Keepsakes: An old looking necklace her adoptive parents gifted her on her 16th birthday (a protective charm that she doesn't know about)


❥ Long Live The Queen
Name: Sierra Brookes

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Lesbian

Race: Human

Height: 5’6

Weight: 130 lbs

Years of Hunting Experience: 3 years

Specialty: Research

Likes: Serene Quietness, Books, New Information, Dogs, Salty Foods, A Good Drink

Dislikes: Being Disturbed When In A Moment, Movies Based On Books, Extreme Weather, Werewolves

Personality: Sierra is a fire-cracker, with a short fuse, and the ability to hold a grunge longer than normal. She is stubborn and sarcastic, especially when she's had a drink or two. When her nose is in a book, however, she is quiet, a shadow—one minute the room is empty, the next, Sierra is there, reading whatever she can. Soaking up knowledge like a sponge. She may be a slight alcoholic, never being one to turn down a drink or two, though she can hold her drinks better than others.

Background: Previously to falling down the rabbit hole of hunting, Sierra had an ordinary life, growing up in the suburbs—in a small town south of Portland, Oregon—with both of her parents and younger sister. A high school graduate with a 4.0GPA and on the way to her dream college. It was a quiet town, with barely any crime—or so it was before the "animal attacks". Every month, there were more and more deaths, each one with their hearts missing. A once peaceful town was thrown into disarray, people too scared to leave their homes. It was madness. Sierra had been the same way, until the night of the party and meeting Harvey, a hunter of all things supernatural.

Her life changed after that, learning of a whole other world out there. It plagued her mind, drew her deeper in until one day, she gave into the temptation. Her first hunt had been easy, a simple ghost hunt in a nearby town. However, she grew to love the research, learning about the lore and methods how to kill monsters, the history of deities and vampires and everything she could get her hands on. And thus, after a dozen hunts around her, and meeting Harvey again, Sierra packed some bags, got into her car and began a life on the road, ridding the world of monsters one at a time.

Why Did They Join?: When she was in her freshman year of college, there were a series of strange and, in Sierra's opinion, impossible, deaths. Most believed it to be animal attacks, if the claw marks were anything to go by—except for the fact that the heart had been eaten. That was not an animal attack, or so Sierra believed. One night, when Sierra was out at a party, she came face to face with a werewolf, of whom wanted her to be their next victim. Knowing that it would be her last moments, Sierra fought as hard as she could, until a stranger appeared and shot the werewolf. This spiralled her down a rabbit hole, being pulled into the world of hunters and monsters. It facsinated the girl, and as such, she began her journey as a hunter.

Preferred Weapon: A Sliver Knife

Keepsakes: Her Grandma's Ring, Her Sister's Necklace, A Journal

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Name: Emory Edgar Silvers, Em, Emy
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Race: Human
Height: 5'8
Weight: 182lbs
Years of Hunting Experience: 4 years
Specialty: Hunter/Muscle
Likes: His sister, Sweets, Action, comics, collecting, sleep
Dislikes: Chores, bitter, stagnation, politics, wasting resources, Monsters, His own faults
Personality: Emory is pretty easy going about almost anything except when it comes to his twin sister Emora. He is very much afflicted by a sister complex that has nothing to do with losing the rest of their family.
Background: Originally Emory had no idea about ghosts, vampires, wraiths, or all the other things that went bump in the dark until a weird dare from some of his buddies to go into a haunted house and find the ghost that lived there and take video, If it hadn't been for a man from Wayward Sons he would have died that night as there had indeed been a powerful and deranged spector living there. After that night during the day he was a normal 16 1/2 year old with a twin sister and younger sister a mom that was a bit of a hippie and a dad that was a bit of a scholor and after hours he would be trained in the basic knowledge that came with monster hunting. It wasn't until a few months after he turned 17 and had taken out a solo vamp that he found his parents already dead in their bedroom and little sister Emilia being eaten, Emora tied up and lined up to be next. He killed the vamp but it was already too late for Emilia, now all he had left was his twin sis and the guilt he felt for bringing the monsters home with him.
Why Did They Join?: Emory was getting really tired of living on the road, even though he loved monster hunting somewhere along the way he realized how dangerous it was for his sister who was more into the research than the fights unlike him. He didn't have any safe place to stash her when he went on solo missions either and there had been too many close calls where she had been kidnapped or used for bait to lure him into traps by the very monsters they were hunting. He remembered the guy who had saved and taught him a few things the night he found out about the monsters and decided to give him a call to see if he had any ideas for where they could put down a bit more stable foundation and was told about Wayward Sons.
Preferred Weapon:


Name: Emora Elizabeth Silvers, Ema, Mora
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Demisexual
Race: Human
Height: 5'8
Weight: 162lbs
Years of Hunting Experience: 3 years
Specialty: Men of Letters/Research
Likes: Her brother, Sweets, Reading, Sleep(when she manages to get any), D&D, computers
Dislikes: Laziness, bitter, Monsters, Nightmares,
Personality: Emora is very anxious all the time, Finds relaxing hard to do after their family's deaths, Diligent, workoholic, studious, sarcastic
Background: Originally Emora had no idea about ghosts, vampires, wraiths, or all the other things that went bump in the dark until a night she would never erase from her mind. She came home late from her friends house to find a monstrous scene. Her parents being tore into by a strange person with horrifying rows of teeth that belonged to no human. Knowing that her parents were dead instinct told her to find her sister and brother asap. Emora ran for Emilia's room and found her hiding in the closet, when she did she didn't notice she had already alerted the intruder to her presence. He tied them both up and decided he wanted the youngest first because it would be more "fresh". So he left Emora tied up and lined up to be next. As the monster bint into her little sisters throat savagely her twin brother appeared, he was crouched and quiet with a machete she had never seen in his hand. He killed the vamp but it was already too late for Emilia, now all she had left was her twin Emory and the fear and anguish she felt from watching the rest of her family dying and almost dying herself.
Why Did They Join?: Emora was stuck with her brother with no other place to go and him seeking his death almost everyday, how could she leave him?
Keepsakes: She got her fathers favorite book collection they contain everything to do with myth and fantasys as well as his d&d collection, She merged her own wardrobe with her mothers since they were close in sizes,
I think I want to edit my cs’ some more so expect a few changes at some point

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