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Okay, he is one of my LEAST favorite characters. In the first series, I thought he was good. He made mistakes, he did what he thought was right, but wasn’t. He was good because he had flaws. But then for the rest of his life he became the most perfect cat to ever walk the face of the earth and I HATED it


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Honestly, the only reason I can't fall in line with him is because of two reasons:

1) I hear him get talked about like he's one of the best cats that ever lived

2) He gets involved with everyone else's problems and works himself in even though no one was addressing him directly

I know he was the main character for the first arc but even after that, we hear about him way too often. He's involved in a lot more prophecies than usual; the one in 'The Prophecies Begin' and the 'Power of Three'. Even after he dies, he's featured as the one and only cat to ever exist in StarClan. Why is he the only one allowed to deliver prophecies to the living? Another thing — why have we been hearing about his kin for the past 6-7 arcs? There are four other Clans besides ThunderClan around the lake so why hasn't the perspective shifted by now? It's so irritating to hear cats who were never even thought of when Firestar came to the forest talk about him like he's some sort of idol. Can't we move on already?

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