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Fandom Warriors: Coming Storm (Warrior Cats Fandom)


Demon Matriarch

DV's Warrior Cats RP Hello! Thanks for taking a moment to check this out. First and foremost, it's been a while but I haven't stopped working on stories of all sorts. This is but one of the many upcoming role play ideas I've got on the burners, but this is the first seeing as this was the quickest one to set up. Don't let that comment scare you away though, I take great pride in my work and always strive to make something better. As I continue to become more active on this site I hope my role plays become better as well. That being said, let me explain this one a little before giving the introduction which was written by me and tweaked as needed by my dear friend @NyxNightmare. The role play's official name is "Warriors: Coming Storm" and is a fandom role play about a prophecy received by the medicine cat of the Summit Clan. The prophecy mentions a coming storm of stone and blood and that it must be stopped for the sake of the clans. The clans and their home are all crafted from scratch as I intended this to be completely separate from the Warrior Cats franchise in all but essence. That being said, I did create the territories similar to some extents as well as using the lake location as the core of this universe. The four clans are Summit, Bush, Crag, and Reef. In this particular role play you will play as a member of Summit Clan, whether it be as a warrior or apprentice and be part of the story as it unfolds around you. The other clans will have various impacts, but due to issues discussed with my co-gms, we decided it best to focus on the one clan. All other clan cats will be controlled by myself or one of the other gms as they become necessary for the story. More information, such as territory descriptions and the character sheets, will be provided once there has been enough interest shown. Now, here's the intro...

The medicine cat of Summit Clan, Mistfall, has received a vision from Star Clan. A relentless and fierce storm raged on around the cats. Below them lay a sickening pool of blood that painted their paws a scarlet hue. As the storm continued to roar, stones were picked up by the strong winds and hurled about. A few hits would surely prove fatal. After a few moments, a member of Star Clan approached the medicine cat. “A storm is coming. One of stone and bloodshed.” Mistfall snapped her gaze to the starry cat with an expression of pure horror, “What do you mean? A fatal storm of stone? I don’t understand. This is unlikely anything I've seen before. Are you speaking of a clan? A natural disaster? War? There must be more to make sense of.” Against the medicine cat's wishes, the starry cat began to fade. “A storm of stone is soon to come, when it falls you must save the clans.” Before the medicine cat could reply, they woke with a jolt to the sun rising. Its light rays seeped through the bramble and leaf barriers that formed the den. How she desperately wished to have had a simple dream of munching on a plump mouse instead.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have that I may not have addressed. Keep in mind that this is an interest check, I will not be giving character sheets until enough interest is shown.


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