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Fandom Warrior Cats 1x1! CLOSED

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If anyone is in need of some kitty love, i'm here
Hiya! Call me Lilly, or lemon! i'm totally into the warrior cats series (Although i'm only on the 3d book, i know quite a bit about the series), but i also love fantasy.
i DON'T do usually do lovers, sorry. We can talk about that, though, as i might be willing to negotiate.

i enjoy action and adventure!
i have a few OCs, and have a set of fan-made clans i would like to use (all made by me, btw!) i've only been roleplaying for about a year, and i'm not particularly good, but i'm always looking to learn!
i've got tons of free time this summer, so if you're leaving for more than an hour, could you tell me? Anyway, i tend to write about 1 paragraph per turn, sometimes less if i'm just doing a bit of dialog, or nothing much at that moment is happening! Anyway, onto some of my rules!

Boulderclan lives on top of a 'small' mountain (compared to the cats it's not that small haha), and they are the equivalent of Thunderclan

Forestclan lives deep in a large pine forest, and is sorta the equivalent of Shadowclan, except with a little less wrong doing

Willowclan is the equivalent of Riverclan, and live near the waterfall, with their camp under a large weeping willow
Then Windclan, and of course Starclan, are the same.

1. If you aren't LGBTQ+ friendly, then go. i'm open to all people no matter what (so long as you an't no creep)
2. if you care about age, please don't Dm me. i don't share my age, and i don't judge or care how old you are.
3. try to mach my writing, and don't write more than 2 paragraphs, cuz i like to keep it simple.
4. it's okay if you haven't read the whole series, but if you have then: no major spoilers, and be creative. i want new cats, not any old cats from the books.

Ok, well now that you've read the rules and stuff, so go ahead and send me a dm, or comment!
Anyway, i hope you have a great day, and i'll see ya around!

images (4).jpeg
[not my art, just found it on the web, so here's a link!!!!! TheLink. just scroll through]
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